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Snack Shack
Date of Scene: 08 March 2021
Location: Food Court: Triskelion
Synopsis: Elena and Ward have lunch and negotiate the future reveal of the hither unnamed shop of coffee
Cast of Characters: Elena Rodriguez, Grant Ward

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
It's only been a day since everyone returned from Afterlife, which is plenty enough time for YoYo to be cleared for be cleared to get some caloric intake. In all fairness, she was fine with the food they were providing her in medical, but as soon as her hands started working again, she wanted something with a bit more substance! That substance being chicken and waffles.

Sitting at one of the benchs with a plate loaded with both, the Columbian's left hand twitches periodically. Frequent enough that it's worth mentioning. Her right hand seems fine, though. She's able to work a fork, which is all she needs it for right now.

Wearing a black tanktop, cargo pants, and boots, she has her dark hair pulled into a tight ponytail.

Grant Ward has posed:
It has not been a long time for Agent Ward himself since his return from an extended undercover mission in Siberia, and he had bene talking the last week or so to settle back into what was considered /normal/ Triskelion activities. He was enjoying the time back, but truth be told he was a man who always had to be doing something. Idle time made him restless, but he would never admit that.

He had spent the better part of the day completing a report and relaxing in his suite, but the desire to get out of said suite and being hungry had brought him to the Trisklelion's cafeteria. With a tray of food in hand, which consists of black coffee, some mash potato, corn and chicken (none of it touching) he looks about the cafeteria for a place to sit.

His eyes eventually fall on Elena and he makes his way towards her, pausing next to her table in his jeans and white-tshirt. "Expecting company?" A simple question.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Elena isn't exactly anti-social as a rule, but she's not a welcoming sort either. Most agents leave her alone while she's eating, at the very least. It's safer that way. Hands can get bitten. Some people are serious about their food... YoYo is one of them.

Dark eyes flick up and to the side at Grant, perking a brow that has a butterfly bandage across a fresh wound that splits through the manicured brow. "Eres bienvenida." Pointing at a seat across the table with the prongs of her fork extended out. Immediately slicing through the waffle on her plate to plug into her mouth with a small bit of chicken.

"I know you. Grant... Agent Ward." Nodding as if confirming it for herself. "You are away for many months, si?"

Grant Ward has posed:
"Si, muchos meses." He then switches to English as he sits down, setting the tray carefully upon the table and settling into the seat across from her. It was also well-known that Agent Grant Ward often ate alone as well, and for wahetver reason of rumor or urban legend, nobody usually chose to sit with him either; something he really paid no mind to.

"Siberia. Wonderful place. Vacation dreamland. Seriously underrated." He takes a sip of the coffee and then holds it in front of him. "And I know you Agent Rodriguez, but only in the sense of what I have had access to. So...I figured what better chance to get to know the /real/ Elena a bit if not over a pile of cafeteria food."

He takes another sip and lowers the mug to the table. "Don't worry. I am not going ask about your recent mission. Not the time or the place. The last thing I want to do after returning from an assignment is talk about it."

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
"Siberia." Elena's expression speaks volumes. "Never been, probably too cold though. Sounds like a cold place." More food in her mouth. One thing is universally true of YoYo, she can pack away calories. More than twice her body weight per day if the rumors are true... but anyone whose ever seen her work out knows why.

"Mi gusta." Regarding skipping out on conversations about recent mission events. The plate is pushed away once she's finished her last bite. The cup of coffee too after it's drained, in favor of wiping her mouth with the corners of a napkin. "Curious who the real Elena is you speaking of. Not sure I know that woman at all."

Only the hint of a grin here.

Grant Ward has posed:
Grant idly picks at the food on the plate, but has made no real effort to pick any of it up on his fork and actually take a bite. His fingers wrap around the warm mug of coffee still tho. "Well I guess I walked into that one. I guess the real Elena would be..um..." The usually well-spoken and methodical Agent Ward seems to be searching for the words. He fianlly settles on. "Is this coffee Columbian?" I A rhetorical question, unless she actually chosees to answert it.

"Alright then. Let's find out. Agent Grant Ward on assignment: "Quien es Elena?". Another small sip is taken and he leans back in his chair, watching her a moment. "An entire afternoon to yourself with nobody to answer to. What are yoing gong to do?"

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Elena sits back some, just at arms length, and only enough to cross her legs beneath the table before leaning back against it on folded arms laid across the surface. Pensive, almost serious, expression with the hint of a smirk. Implied. It's in the eyes. "No, that is most certainly not Columbian coffee." Pointing with a jerk of a finger in the direction of the mug.

But that wasn't the real meal, which is served shortly there after and has her brow raised. "A pizza and netflix. I really like NARCOS, even if it is all mierda.. My uncle knew Pablo. He was a prick." Eyes tighten, less grinning implied. "Maybe something funny, like The Crew. Kevin James is an amusing fat man. Very American."

Grant Ward has posed:
At the mention of the coffee not being Columbian, Ward simply shrugs and takes another sip. He never said he was a coffee expert, tho he did always drink it black. "Well...then sometime you will have to show me the best coffee the city has to offer, because clearly I have no taste for such a thing." He actually smiles slightly from behind the rim of the mug.

As the /real/ meal is set upon the table, Ward also raises a brow, no reaching for a bite of his own. "A pizza and Netflix. A reasonable answer.."

He takes another bite and watches her a moment. "See..so we know you are someone who enjoys American comedy with something good to eat. This is progress." He smikes again and lowers the fork to the plate. "As you know this job is never easy." He gestures to the mark on her head. "Those heal...on the outside. Just make sure you take care of what's on the inside. That can be harder to heal."

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Elena watches Ward unblinking for several seconds, then laughs to herself and shakes her head. Two fingers, right hand, touch her brow "This is nothing." It's not dismissive of injuries, or even the situation that caused them, but then Columbian isn't exactly world reknowned for being the safest place in the world.

To prove this fact, at least about the small gash being nothing, she lifts her left hand. Which is trembling from about mid-forearm to the ends of her fingers. The only reason it stopped at all was because she had it laid flat on the table.

He wasn't talking about physical wounds, though. "I do like comedies. And I do not think I would call pizza good food. Acceptable substitute for it, though." As for coffee, "There is a little place in New York that has a great espresso."

Grant Ward has posed:
HIs eyes fall to the raised hand, noticing the trembling, but trying his best to not make it to obvious that he is staring at it. He was aware of the condition with her hands, but he was not about to bring it up. As she lays it on the table and it stops shaking, he reaches for his food again and takes another bite. "Well that would depend on yuor definition of good food. Are we speaking of food that is good for you phyically or good for you because it makes you feel better."

He idly points the fork at her. " I could argue that the food that you enjoy eating does just as much for you..." He pauses in thought and then shakes his head and shifts the topic once again. "So this great little place in the city? How does one go about finding such a place? WOuld I need a coffee guide to bring me there? If so...I may just have to find one."

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
It's a newer development, her trembling hand. The right one seems fine, at least by comparison to the left, but she's still keenly aware of both. Elena glances at her left when the middle digit jumps without her command, then turns those eyes up to Ward. "All food is good food in its own way, then?" That is smirk worthy, for sure.

As is his tap dancing around the coffee shop she'd mentioned. "Depends on where you expect to find the guide, que no?" Picking at a bit of waffle that remains on her plate, she lays it on her tongue to chew away. "It is off in a hidden spot, though. Probably will need a guide."

Grant Ward has posed:
"Your clever game is not lost on me Agent Rodriguez. You see, by not revealing the name of this secfret coffee shop, there is no easy way for me to discover the location of the greatest up of coffee in the NYC area. I mean I could go about to every shop in the entire city and try them all. Aside from a massive influx of caffeine, the amount of time needed to do so would be immeasurable." He is actually hiding a smile.

He picks up the coffee that he clesrly knows is complete and utter garbage at this time and takes another sip, his eyes narrowing as he speaks. "So...a guide would most certainly be needed if I even hope to sample this Columbian elixir from the Gods. Seeing as you know the name of the place and its location, you would seem the logical choice. And then in response to the service of which your provided me..." He places the mug down. "You just want free coffee." There is a genuine smile now.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Elena smirks wider at Ward's twist of words, "You're dangerous." She muses jokingly, perking a brow just so at him as he works his way through the paticulars of his plan given information she's provided. "Alright, Agent Ward. I suppose I have painted myself into a corner, mmm? I shall accept the responsibility of leading you to this coffee den, but..." Raising a trembling finger on a trembling left hand, "I will expect full payment of coffee, by your own agreement."

Grant Ward has posed:
Ward makes no visible notice of the trembling hand. It is not something he wishes to inquire about, not fully knowing the level of comfort she has with the current condition. "Ah you see Senorita. It is not that simple." He leans forward, placing his elbows on the table and continues to speak in the logical way he is known to speak in; yet this time purely out of humor. "Payment is in coffee yes. However, I must first determine if the coffee is to my liking. If it is not, then your information is useless to me and /payment/ may need re-nogotiation."

He sips his apparent crap-coffee again and smiles from behind the rim. "Are you willing to risk revealing this secret place in hope you could earn a free coffee out of it? Is it that good Ms. Rodriguez?"

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
"Really dangerous." Elena decides after Ward's last renegociations mid negociation. She's not lost her grin, however, "Alright. Si. I agree to these terms, but if you try to break agreement based on variables out of my control- for instance pretending you've not been conmovido hasta las lágrimas just to get out of payment.. I shall be very cross." The finger, still trembling, remains elevated and pointed at him.

Her right hand extends across the table to shake, however. Only twitching once.

"It is settled. We shall see how true your taste buds are when confronted by the best coffee in all of New York City."

Grant Ward has posed:
Grant smiles ever so slightly and does not lean back from his elbows. Dangerous? He has been told that numerous times, but not exactly over coffee negotiations. He raises his own hand to shake her to seal the deal as irt were, pausing a moment to state. "Moved to tears? That may be difficult. I have tremendous control over my emotions. I am able to bury them so deep that some even claim I have none." He shrugs casually and then shakes the hands, gripping it gently, but in a well-gripped handshake.

"This place must have a name worthy of it's product. Probably something like Love You A Latte or Orgasmic Grinds." He release the handshake and leans back. "I am trusting you Agent Rodriguez. You have deemed that the risk is worth the reward. I like that."

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
"Love you a latte..." Elena actually laughs, a hoarse sound to match her slightly hoarse voice. "That's clever.. very clever. You sure you did not miss a calling in marketing?" She wonders teasingly, slapping at his hand post shake and sliding off the bench in the same motion. "Alright, I should get back to medical before someone comes looking for me. We will have this adventure in coffee soon as I am clear to leave facility, si?" Her trembling left hand is slipped into her pocket. Which is clear enough indication that it bothers her more than she lets on.

Grant Ward has posed:
Grant remains seated as ELena rises to get back to medical, that plate of food in front of him still needs a bit of attention and he seems to not care about eating alone. He looks up to her and the placing of her hand into her pocket stating softly. "I look forward to it. I shall continue to drink swill so that the experience is more enlightening." He raises gthe mug and takes a sip, a smile from behind the rim. However, before she departs he states to her. "Don't hide something where there is no shame Ms. Rodriguez." She is given a wink.