5513/Afterlife: Shh it's a Secret Warriors

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Afterlife: Shh it's a Secret Warriors
Date of Scene: 09 March 2021
Location: Director's Office: Triskelion
Synopsis: Agent Johnson promoted to specialist and is asked to head up a new group - The Secret Warriors. She accepts.
Cast of Characters: Nick Fury, Daisy Johnson

Nick Fury has posed:
    Agent Morse barely had time to breath before she was writing up her report on Afterlife. With Gonzales dead, it's a big deal. And now Fury has summoned Agent Johnson to his office. Alone. The man is wearing his street wear still; that long leather jacket hiding who knows what kind of gadgets and weaponry. He turns his chair like a super villain toward the door when he hears his field agent entering.

    "Agent Johnson. I have heard a great many things about you, especially this last year." He motions to the other chair, "Please, take a seat." The large windows let in a lot of light, but from the outside are impervious to most munitions and look like just another part of the cement walls. Best of both worlds. The room is somewhat sparse of interesting things these days, though he's never been one to sit idle for long in any SHIELD base.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Tears had long dried up during the trip back from Afterlife. She was in that state in-between, in that eye of the storm in which she had yet to fully process all that had happened. All the death, Gonzales dead, May becoming an Inhuman and Hydra. Of course it had to be them. She knew she was just a step away from being overwhelmed by all that storm of emotions. But right now?

She had a meeting with the Director.

Daisy walks into the room slowly, taking in the room, the windows before focusing on the man himself. "Director Fury." she nods her head in respect, voice raspy. The offered seat makes it so she walks to it, settling down. "Thank you." the drain of emotions right now is visible, clearly the young agent shaken by the recent events.

Nick Fury has posed:
    The man looks her over with one eye and nods his head, "You have just experienced what we in this business call a clusterfuck. Or as the soldiers of years past called fubar. You have my sympathies agent. But it's our job to keep our head above the water no matter how bad it gets."

    He leans forward and rests his elbows on his desk, cupping his hands together, "You can take some time off if you need it, but you may have noticed, this fight is just heating up." He picks up and twirls his tablet around - it's the report from Agent Morse. The full unredacted version. It's many many pages long.

    "You've probably noticed the world is getting a little crazy these days. The US Government has senators openly calling for policing of Mutants, their real agenda is written on their sleeve. Then there's the Friends of Humanity.. did I say that right? .. the Brotherhood, and The Watchdogs too. Add on top of that this brutal attack on Inhumans by HYDRA and Afterlife's capabilities itself..."

    He shakes his head, not liking the conclusions he's been coming to. "Agent Johnson, SHIELD is ill equiped to fight these battles. Every Inhuman, Metahuman, X-Men, and who knows what else out there, untrained, is as dangerous as our best level 4 field agents who have been training for years. Do you get what I'm saying... Quake?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I saw the movie.." Daisy blurts out about the fubar. Because of course she saw some 80s movie. Try growing up on an orphanage! But she does eventually nod, "It's what I am trying to do." as it was the kind of clusterfuck that hit her in quite a personal manner.

Her dark gaze goes down to the tablet and she picks it up to skim over it, thoughtful while she listens, "I might need a day." she admits about the time off. "But other than that, I should be ready to return to fully duty." voice gaining some firmness. And as they talk about the dangers plaguing both mutants and inhumans she nods slowly. "It is something I have been working on, with contacts in mutant town and also in the Brotherhood.." which she still had to follow on, but she had been sidetracked by going to Afterlife.

It's what the Director says next that has her lifting a brow, "I.., believe I do? Are you talking about creating a group of our own?" she questions.

Nick Fury has posed:
    Fury watches her closely, reading the exhaustion on her face and the determination that quickly follows after it. She's been through the crucible, which doesn't happen to every field agent. "I am Agent Johnson. Right now it seems SHIELD is in the minority in thinking that may be, just may be, everyone on this planet deserves to be treated as equals. Strange huh? SHIELD isn't just about protecting one group or another, we protect everybody. Whether it's humans attacking mutants, or mutants attacking humans - we stop it before it escalates and if it escalates.. well that's why we've got the Avengers."

    There's a small smirk of achievement on his lips when he says that. "Which means this new group has to be a secret. I need you to lead this new group, my secret warriors. Find them, recruit them, lead them. What do you think the difference is between a level 4 operations agent and a level 5 operations agent?"

    Fury puts a hand in to his pocket and slides a new lanyard across the desk.

    Johnson, Daisy
    Operations - Specialist
    Clearance Level 5

    "Because if you pick that lanyard up you damn well better know...," he says with all seriousness on his face. How often do you get to choose if you want a promotion or not. For level six and above, it's common, for a field agent, this is a new thing. "It says specialist because you know the most about Inhumans in SHIELD. That makes you special Agent Johnson. To me."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
It was true enough, SHIELD was on that balance of protecting what was right, but it also meant trying their best to solve things peacefully. It weren't easy waters to navigate. The proposition is heard, brows furrowed, considering it.. And while the impetuous Daisy (Or was it Skye) of a few years back would had snatched the lanyard without a second thought that doesn't happen with the Daisy of now.

Secret Warriors, mmm? She considers the implications of having such a group in SHIELD, but also what she knew was her purpose now. To find and save what Inhumans she could, so they had a chance they might never have had in the past. Yes, this was what she had to do.

"I will do it, Sir." She reaches forward, hand clasping around the lanyard, "I will make it my purpose."

It was time for the Inhumans to find a home.

Nick Fury has posed:
    Fury nods at her thoughtful hesitation. When she takes the lanyard he sits back for just a moment. Relieved it seems. Who else could get trust to do this job? He leans forward again and says, "Now Agent. It's time for you to learn the most valuable skill you will ever have as a level 5 specialist."

    He lifts up a finger and stares her in the face, "Look them confidently in the eye and say -- Don't worry, I know what to do." It's true, she must have heard specialists say something like that a million times by now and hadn't even registered that it's the level 5's who have the answers.. and if they don't have them, they get them.

    The veil lifted, who knows how often the specialist didn't actually know at the time and was just bluffing it to assert their necessary authority over the situation.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"So, sort of a white lie.." Daisy says it in that rebellious, not-SHIELD-Academy-trained sense of hers, a brow quirking just so. But it could imply she is getting some of her mojo back, specially with a renewed sense of purpose. She looks down at the lanyard in her hand for a few seconds before wrapping her hand around it and lifting her gaze back to the Director. "I will remember it."

And now it all made sense as all those blasted specialists always seemed to say the same thing and have all the answers. Damn it!

"Do you have any suggestions as to whom should join this team, Sir?" She then asks.

Nick Fury has posed:
    "It's only a lie if you can't get the answers in a timely manner," he says with another small smirk. "Don't just remember it, practice it. You'll find the agents on any team you're in will freak out a whole lot less if the person with the higher rank than them seems competent and confident," he says seriously.

    Then he stands up and walks around from his side of the desk and offers his hand, "Special Agent Johnson, I think that's a question that I don't need to worry about, you will know what to do." Then he offers her the door out of his office.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy appears to take that to heart, nodding firmly and rises up to her feet, "Can't say the added responsibility won't feel.., different." because she was getting used to being the rebel or young one of the 'gang'.

Yet when the man approaches and offers his hand she takes it for a shake, "Yes, don't worry Sir. I will know what to do." with all the confidence in the world.

It was time for a new chapter.