5514/Afterlife Aftermath

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Afterlife Aftermath
Date of Scene: 09 March 2021
Location: 6C - Matt Murdock
Synopsis: Daisy and Matt return home from Afterlife to discuss Daisy's new assignment and find out that someone has been in their place while they've been away.
Cast of Characters: Matthew Murdock, Daisy Johnson

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt had waited patiently at the Triskelion while Daisy met with the Director but as soon as she was done that and the paperwork that followed he was happy to get on their way home. Stopping on the way back to pick up Boxer, they make their way from the elevator with Matt holding Boxer's carrier in one hand and his cane in the other. "Good to be home," he says with a smile for Daisy as leans in to kiss her briefly and hand her the carrier while he dug out his keys to unlock the door.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The clusterfuck that the Afterlife mission had been, the loss of Gonzales and the other Agents along with all the wounded meant it had taken a while for Daisy to be ready, but with all the confusion it also meant that Matt had been pretty much free to hang at the Triskelion without anyone coming with questions or trying to debrief him. Which might have had either Bobbi's or May's finger in it.

Yet eventually Daisy *is* done with the talk and now it's time to walk home. Tears had long dried on her face but within her song remained sad, of loss. Something had broken even if there was a purpose starting to rise up underneath it.

She was mostly quiet during their trip home, though does give Boxer some scritches when she picks up the carrier, "Home.." she murmurs, bittersweet tone to her voice. "Yes, home.."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Key still in the door, Matt stops, turning to Daisy, "Sorry, I guess that is a loaded word right now," he says about home Daisy having lost some semblance of a home with the fall of Afterlife and the dissapearance of her mother. "But glad we made it back, and we'll find you mom, wherever she went," he promises her, before pushing open the door and stepping inside. It doesn't take long to sense something was off, there was the smell of day old food, stale beer, he could feel take out containers on the counter and by the couch, the door to their bedroom was open and he was sure he left it closed but more than that his cabinet was open, the one where he kept his suit.

Rushing to the cabinet he lets his senses bring him the bad news, his bag with his suit was missing. They'd been robbed.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I am hoping so, I just wish I had some idea whether she is okay or not." A beat, "Wherever she may be." A smile is shared up to Matt, one she 'sings' to him when he says they will find her. She stops right after going in, closing the door, not immediately detecting anything wrong and leaning down to release Boxer from the carrier. "There you go, bud..." who then lets out a 'meow' of complaint and sprints off to go explore the house.

Daisy looks up from watching Boxer go, "Mmm? What's wrong?" she follows Matt to the cabinet, seeing the disarray in which the house is at the moment. "Someone was living here.." she notes.

Seeing the cabinet empty she looks up at Matt and then back to it, "Who knew about where your suit was?" mind already going to being Agent Daisy and away from darker thoughts about Afterlife.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt smiles at the song that Daisy sings him through the vibrations they can both feel, though that smile does not last past getting a sense of their apartment, then his lips draw into a thin line. "You, me, Claire, Elektra, maybe Jess," he sniffs the air, "I don't smell anyone though, at least nobody I recognize."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Neither of which sound like they'd do this kind of mess." Daisy notes, a look given out to the living room where the rest of food leftovers are at. She steps out to take a cursory look about the kitchen, perhaps looking for a note of sorts. "Noone that left a note either that I can see." she is starting to worry, opening the fridge to take a look inside and then back out.

Boxer meows again, gnawing on a leftover piece of pizza on the counter, making Daisy sigh. "Come here..." she picks the cat up in her arms, cradling it before returning to join Matt, "I can run prints on the cabinet if you want, I am sure I could sneak it through SHIELD to try and find out who did this." besides, SHIELD's database is quite large.

"It's clearly someone who knows who you are though." hand resting against the man's shoulder and she looking into the cabinet with a small frown.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt seems lost in his thoughts but that hand on his shoulder brings him back to the moment. "Sure," he says about the cabinet. "But if we get a hit on any prints I want it to be us to check it out," he says. "Is that going to be okay with your bosses?" he asks her seriously. "I need to know how they knew where to look. 'And who they might have told about it."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I can run it as my own investigation, so I'd only have me to report to." Daisy reassures Matt. Because you don't take the rebel out of Daisy easily, even with such things as, "And with me having been promoted it should be easier too ..." bending the rules that is. She was still trying to get to terms with what it meant, and the responsibility of it all, but she squeezes Matt's shoulder. "We will figure this out."

Boxer complains with another meow and hops to get to Matt's back and shoulder to sit by there, draping on him like a royal mantle.

"We can never have a moment's peace, can we? But it's the life we chose." she leans forward to rest her forehead against Matt's shoulder, taking in a breath and closing her eyes.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Boxer's clambering onto his shoulder is well timed, bringing him out of the panic that had begun to set in at the thought of discovery and what it might do to his life. Reaching up to give Boxer a little scritch he leans against Daisy as she leans against him. "True," he admits about choosing this life and its many pit falls. "We'll sort this out," he says as much for his sake as Daisy's. "Anyhow let's see what we can find and get this place cleaned up." This was their house and he'd be damned if he let whoever this was ruin their homecoming.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy offers Matt a faint nod and eventually does dislodge herself from him. If anything she had to bounce back from this. The woman runs her hands through her hair and looks out, "Arriving home and already doing house chores, eh?" she smiling faintly. "Do you see now why I lived in a van?" even if her words are meant to be quippy it's clear she is not fully okay. But she feigns it well.

"Just keep your hands out of the cabinet. I think I have a kit tucked in somewhere. Standard agent procedure." She steps out of the room and moves to the living room to start picking up leftovers, discarded beer bottles..

"The lock hadn't been forced either. Think they came in through the entrance to the roof?" Which they hadn't checked yet.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt was struggling too, but he hid it well, smiling at the joke. "I am beginning to see the appeal," he says of living in the van before taking a moment to breathe slow and steady and push down the last of his panic.

"Will do," Matt says, leaning in to kiss Daisy's cheek. "I love you," he says, squeezing her hand a moment and heading up to check the door from the roof. It had been pried open. "They came in from up here. Going to need to get a new door put in, something more sturdy." It was a definite weak point. "The weird thing is though, I can't smell anyone having been here. It's all normal."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The kiss and words make Daisy grin more brightly, being returned by she getting up on tiptoes to place a kiss on the man's lips. A brief one.

"We were gone only a few days so .., the scent shouldn't had dissipated to your senses yet, should it?" Daisy questions, clearly the mystery thickening. She starts trashing out the food and so, a look at some of the boxes, "Similar tastes to you at least even if a lot less hygienic." she notes, eyes roaming at the choices. She quirks a brow. "Even down to the Luke's lemon chicken from the Royal Dragon." well, that's just strange.

She looks up to Matt, "And you *weren't* sneaking out of Afterlife to come eat home so..."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Definitely should be able to smell them, especially here, all the scents here are you, me or Boxer."

There's a smile at the mention of him sneaking back to the city from Afterlife for takeout. "And not bring any back for you? Never," he says. "But at least we know whoever did this had good taste in Chinese food," he remarks in an attempt at humour as he comes back down the stairs. "We still need to find this person though and soon, the longer they're out there the more chance they have to tell people what they found."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"And it also means they were at the Royal Dragon in the last couple of days." Daisy notes, which could be a clue. "Not that I expect them to remember whoever it would be that bought the lemon chicken." a sigh, "And don't think they got cameras."

"Has there been anyone in your past that you weren't able to scent?" She questions, finishing to trash all the food boxes and coming back out to the living room, smiling at Matt at least appearing to be in good spirits. Or trying to at least.

She walks to their room, searching around for her own bag, "Some of your clothes missing too." she states, bringing out her evidence kit to go take care of dusting the cabinet for prints. It shouldn't take long for results when she brought it back to the lab.

"I spoke with Fury." She then comments, "He wants me to lead a new group in SHIELD, an off-the-records group." a beat, "Of people like us.."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Good point," Matt says about the Royal Dragon. "And there are some places around The Kitchen between here and there that have cameras, we might be able... or you might be able to have a look at those and see who we're looking for."

"So I guess that means it's someone my size. And no, I've always been able to smell something from people, but this one's confusing the hell out of me. I have no idea why I can't smell him."

The conversational pivot has him turn, "Yeah?" he asks. "Is that a good thing?" he was still working out how to read SHIELD.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Yea, maybe any of the businesses in front, or the bank." Daisy looks thoughtful while continuing to go through the print dusting, being careful. It was a good way to get her mind out of her own problems too. Even if the downside of it meant that now it was Matt with problems, and serious ones. "And okay, so we have a plan. Prints, look for camera images." a nod. "We will get to this."

The part about the scent is still a puzzle. But for now it was tucked away. She takes in a breath. "It should be. I think Fury understands that we need to keep up with the rest of the world. We need a team that can fight those kind of threats but at the same time also understand powered people and protect them." a pause as she considers, "I feel it's part of my purpose too, something I am meant to do."

It was still hard for her to explain that last part.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt's expression is distant still going over the problem in his head, but he nods. "Glad you feel it's right," he says about the team, turning to her then, hand placed on her shoulder. "You're right person to lead it," he tells her. "Sorry I'm not more excited right now, just," he gestures at the open cabinet. "But once we figure things out, I am definitely going to make sure we celebrate properly," he promises leaning in to kiss her briefly on the lips.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Now to actually start recruiting for it." A smile from Daisy, "Think I will talk with Elena first.." she pauses to deliver a kiss to Matt's lips in return before grinning, "Ahah, found some prints here. So ...." and she starts dusting them up to put the stickers on it to get the prints out. It's all very CSI. "I should have the results in a day. And we can hit the stores tonight?" she suggests.

It probably meant them doing some B&E, but time was of the essence too.

"My suit wasn't messed with." she notes, before asking. "Also, you still got your light suit, right?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Good first pick," Matt agrees. "That superspeed or hers was something else," he says. "Plus she's Catholic, so..." he grins at that before nodding about the print. "Good," he says. "And we can hit the stores tonight if that works. And yeah, still got my light one and I can put together something like my old suit if I need to."