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Connecting the dots
Date of Scene: 09 March 2021
Location: Kingston - Miagani Island
Synopsis: Pam and Harley go to meet with a supposed client for one of their bounty hunts but instead it's some Cruella wanting to know why they were messing with their construction in the docks. Diplomacy fails and so they need a quick escape! Luckily someone liked cigarillos!
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, Pamela Isley

Harley Quinn has posed:
It's a nice afternoon in Gotham. One that puts to death all those rumors about it being a gloom and doom city full of rain, darkness, gargoyle-studded cathedrals and-- Well, it's still all that. But as someone wise said it can't rain all the time!

So Harley was streeetching her arms up, looking all smiley in her leather jacket, followed by shorts and high boots, a glitter-puffed scarf about her neck. Because even if police or vigilantes *may* be looking for her she will still look stylish. "I am tellin' ya, Pams." she is going through one of her tales. Those that noone ever knows if they are true or not. "Twas like a ten-foot monstah. Possessing Ron. Ya know Ron, dontcha? The bartender at the Sing Sing karaoke bar?" of course that Harley had pleaded for Pam to go with her to it quite a few times already. "So I had ta sing, Boss Bitch cranked up ta 21 and this samurai guy sliced off it's head.." clearly she is jumping some hoops on her tale.

But soon enough they are approaching their destination, an office building where a proposal for a bounty had been given. Yet the client wanted to meet them face-to-face. Not usual but the money would be good. "Man, I am suwah this next bounty is gonna be awesome." she rubbing her hands. "Specially as I am late in mah side o' the rent for April's.."

Pamela Isley has posed:
Sunlight is certainly welcomed for Pamela Isley. There might even be a slight smile upon her pale green features, framed by those red lips of hers. But, only slight. After all, she has a reputation to keep. She herself is dressed in a more...modest ensemble. Meaning she is not cavorting around with a leotard that may or may not be simply living plants strategically placed. No...today is a pair of black pants, green boots, a white t-shirt with her own leather coat thrown overtop...a black affair with green highlights. Harley said that they should at least look like a team, so the leather jacket was Pam's concession to the role.

And...Pamela is listening as they walk. "A monster. possessing a bartender. Really." A beat. "And the only way to defeat it was to sing bad karaoke." Another pause. "Are you sure this was real or just a dream brought on by one too maybe Mai Tais?" Oh...but the smile widens. Seems Ivy is at least enjoying the story.

Then....arrival. "The client wants to see us personally?" There is hesitation in that voice. "And that doesn't strike you as odd?" Hmm...seems Pammy is over-thinking things again. Those green eyes flicker the outside of the office building...perhaps in search of anything green. Can't be too careful. "Alright...but we should be careful. I mean, it isn't like we don't have law enforcement looking for us." Then...with a sigh, she adds a single word.


Harley Quinn has posed:
"Mmmhmm, have I told ya that leather jacket looks wicked on ya..?" Harley says with clear approval about her friend's choice of clothing. It was also good to see Pamela was taking their bounty hunting business seriously! She liked that, which brought one of those wide grins to the clownette's expression. "No no, see there was this Hermione theah..., she even had a wand.." a roll of her eyes given. "But she actually knew magic, so we needed ta sorta hit it with a big sound wave so it became corporeal."

Yet whatever else of the story gets cut short because indeed they arrive near the entrance to the large office building. One of those that usually houses quite a bunch of different companies all crammed together in the same building. "They should be on the tenth floouh.." then a look at Pam. "Odd?" she quirks a brow, "I mean .., we awhe getting a rep in this biz." she notes, opening her arms wide, "Outta the way Bats and Robs, the new dynamic duo is in town!" a cackle following.

The building is very industrial, in that zone of the city that there's little green even if of course nothing can fully stop some popping here and there, a little grass, or a plant.

On the front desk a smiling receptionist greets them. "Welcome! I was told you were expected! Please..." and she gestures to a couple of burly looking men in black suits who approach. "Follow these gents, they will lead you to your floor." that smile is so white that Harley almost gets dazzled by the teeth, grinning. "How many hours ya spend in front of the mirror practicin' that killa smile, eh?" but she then proceeds on to get into the elevator.

Pamela Isley has posed:
That smile that Pamela was sporting has dissipated into a thin line as the pair enter the building. Maybe it is part of the look....but really it is more that she doesn't trust anyone much, with the exception of one Harley Quinn. And...two muscle-bound mooks in suits just waiting to escort the pair? Oh no...not necessarily a friendly welcome wagon, regardless of how white the receptionist's teeth are.

Still, a nod is given towards the overtly friendly receptionist as Ivy falls in line with Harley to board the elevator. It isn't like the two of them look particularly threatening....but Pam is sure that their reputations precede them. This isn't just two ordinary bounty hunters walking in. This is freaking Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. So...they have to be on their guard. Which means...so does Pamela.

Crowded elevator. Never a fun ride. A glance towards Harley. "Magic, huh?" A callback to the conversation just before. "You know how farfetched that all sounds, right?" Just keep up the small talk. Better to lull the hired help into a false sense of security.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The receptionist continues to look at them while they make their way to the elevator... And really, that smile stays. Is it glued?! It even makes Harley shudder and lean towards Pam. "Creepy. And please don't tell me I sometimes look like that...." she does. But then there are nice, burly man to appreciate.

"Well, look a' that, all those muscles. Rawr." she even makes a little cat paw with her hand, along with a little bitey motion with her mouth. It's followed by a wink to one of the bodyguards who don't seem to find it too funny, just lifting a brow.

Eventually the doors open up and they are lead in. And of course that there is a little elevator music. And does anyone ever dance to those? Harley does... So she is swinging a little to the music when she asks one of the guards, "So, ya evah been hired ta jump out o' a cake?" beat, "Askin foh a friend.." then a wink to Pamela.

"And magic, yep. Cross my heart and hope ta die if it ain't true!" She says, "I think it's even on the papers. They awhe all on a smear campaign against me I tell ya! It's blamin' me foh it." she shakes her head. The world is a very unfair place for clownettes and plant-lovers.

The trip up to the tenth floor goes without incident. No big fight in the elevator! The doors open and they step into an office area, full of smaller offices, doors, they being lead to a particular one. One of the men opens the door without a word and they get into a larger room...

It doesn't seem like a room that's normally used for work, or at least not with any regularity, more like it was just rented. There's a table, a few chairs. Another pair of burly bodyguards and sitting at the table is a woman. White immaculate suit, tall with eastern europe features, white gloves and smoking on a quellazaire. All very old school. There's an heavy smoke scent in the air.

"Welcome." the woman says, "Please, have a seat." all good mannered.

Pamela Isley has posed:
A sideglance is cast towards Harley, then to the guard, then back to Harley with just a single shake of the head in reply. Seems that Pamela isn't too impressed with Muscly McMuscleface there. But the response, to the magic? That warrants a reaction. "Well....if you say it is true." Because Pamela trusts Harley. Probably the only person that Ivy really trusts...which doesn't necessarily bode well for Ivy's friend circle. Which is probably why Harley pulled Ivy out of her terrarium. Yes, little Harley, Pammy is on to your wiles...and she does not mind.

With the ride to the 10th finished, the pair step out....and immediately Pamela is looking for exit points, potted plants, cameras. Really, anything that she can identify as being useful for her, in case things went sideways. Even the room that they are led to, with just the table and a few chairs, sets Pamela on edge. She has been on the wrong end of an ambush enough times to not trust anything she sees.

Least of all the Cruella De'vil wannabe already sitting at the table.

Still...Pamela is supposed to be a good person. So, slowly, she takes a seat at the table, those green eyes flickering to the two guards in front...and most likely remembering there are two more just behind her. Oh...this is not going to be a fun meeting at all...

Harley Quinn has posed:
'Cruella' blows out another long trail of smoke to the room, which makes Harley sort of gag and poke her tongue out. "Ugh, environment friendly aren't ya?", she taking in the room quietly. There's a couple of windows on the sides, along with another door. But other than that it's bereft of any paintings, furniture or anything that tells of this being used with any regularity. The woman smiles and leans forward and even if she may be trying to look nice there's just that predatory little expression in her that tells of bad news.

"What can I say, I do like my smokes." even if her smile is as pearly white as the receptionist. "I am Ivana Stoyanovich." she introduces herself. "And I am glad you were able to join me today. I have heard much about the two of you, but then again who hasn't?"

Harley has sit down as well, giving Pam a little elbow to the side, "See I told ya we weah gettin' a rep.." stage-whispered really. Everyone could hear in that smallish room.

Ivana continues, "I apologize for the ruse, I am not here to hire you for a bounty. Instead I wish to clear any misunderstanding." a beat, "One the two of you were involved in regarding an incident at the pier. You do recall, correct?"

Pamela Isley has posed:
A reputation. They already had one. Not necessarily a really nice reputation, but they had one. Still, Pamela doesn't react in particular to the elbowing. She does, however, narrow her eyes as she regards Ms. Stoyanovich. And her penchant for smoking. And her too-bright smile.

As the incident at the pier is mentioned, there is a notable shift in Ivy's demeanor. Yes, she remembers the pier well. The fact that the workers were less than savory. The eyesore that was under construction. The 'fun' that the construction workers wanted...and the fun that they received. Really, it is a miracle that no one died. At that, the smile that disappeared before slowly graces Pamela's face. But, this one has a decidedly sultry lilt.

Harley would know that look well. It means one thing. Pamela is no longer sitting in the chair. It is time for that reputation to go to work, the one that everyone knows. It is time for Poison Ivy to come to play.

Ivy's leg cross, an elbow resting on the table as she leans forward, fingertips cupping her chin as she peers at the bargain basement Cruella. "Perhaps...." No, she isn't going to give anything easily to Ivana. "I do seem to recall a rather unsavory pair of individuals that should consider themselves lucky they were able to report what was clearly a biased opinion of events."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Ivana's smile remains. If she is scared about the duo's reputation it doesn't show. Or perhaps she simply has a card up her sleeve. Regardless this seems like a dangerous individual. But Pam and Harley have dealt with dangerous individuals for a long time now! Harley only grins when Pam leans forward to match the other woman's posture, "I wouldn't know who you were talking about." she responds. "But one thing is true, unsavory individuals or not, is that there were millions in damage at the site." her expression hardening just a touch. "And that is something we do not accept."

The woman then opens her arms to the side in a smooth gesture, "It is something my esteemed colleagues were wishing to deal with in a more .., definite manner but ..." and she looks between Pam and Harley again, " ... I thought we could settle this in more amicable ways. I'd be willing to let bygones be bygones ..." even if apparently there's always a 'but'. One that she isn't sharing just yet!

As for Harley, she pops some bubblegum out of a pocket, putting it into her mouth and starting to chew. "Don't look at me, lady. I am just heah foh the fireworks." which both meant it was Pam's show to deal with her and that she fully expected this to end in a full-out brawl.

Pamela Isley has posed:
Ivy leans back, her legs crossing as those green eyes flicker from one guard to another. Those eyes reflect amusement...and a definite lack of any other emotion, at least in terms of everyone in the room with the exception of Harley. And....Ivy knows Harley can handle herself. Yet, behind those eyes, with the come-hither stare, the mind is working. Never let it be said that Ivy is an idiot. She knows that there is something Ivana is keeping something close to the chest.

And it is time to find out what.

Ivy first starts with some seemingly casual observations. "Why, I do believe, Miss Quinn, that we have walked into the middle of mob business." The eyes fall upon Ivana. "For, surely, setting up a meeting like this, without having Gotham's finest in sight? That certainly doesn't speak well for current clientele, wouldn't you think?" A hand waves across the room. "With a sparse room, just enough furnishings for this meeting, and at least four guards, not to mention whoever hiding in the adjacent offices? Really, now, do they expect us to be trembling?"

Ivy remains stalward. Like all good sociopaths, she just is not caring right now. However, she does reach out, searching for any minute amount of plantlife she could use in a pinch. A single blade of grass, pollen unwittingly carried in by the guards....the slightest amount of leverage to be ready. Even the tobacco in the cigarettes is considered.

"You obviously feel you have the upper hand in this situation." This time, the words are directed specifically to Ivana. "Otherwise, you would not have gone through such elaborate steps to ensure that we meet. So, how about you tell us what you really want so we can move on from the subtle innuendo and we can get down to business." Ivy's hand shifts, the palm turning upwards towards the ceiling, hovering there as Ivy rests her chin upon her thumb, her index finger lazily pressed against her jawline. "Because really...you could have attacked us in the elevator if you truly wanted, as you say, 'definite' retribution. So...what do you want, really?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley is sitting a bit twisted in her chair, hip to a side, a leg over the other and she making a huge ball of bubblegum before it pops right in a pause during the conversation. "I sense a butt heah..., besides ya." she says, always the diplomatic one. Then a big wide grin as she looks at Ivy, "And I would say you are correct, dear Ivy." she shaking her head slowly. "We are sorta outta the biz now, ya see? Going legit like two nice bounty huntahs. I'd show ya my multipass but ...." she trails off, lifting her shoulders in a shrug.

There isn't a lot of plantlife in this room or nearby, but there's a few vestiges that Pamela can detect on one of the men, cigarillos. And very small traces on the one Ivana is smoking. Yet the one on her seems mostly wasted by now as it's been burning for a time already.

"It's not a question of upper-hand." Ivana states, gesturing with her quellazaire in a airy manner. "We are all civilized here afterall.." to which Harley makes a hand-wobble gesture. Not too sure about that! But Ivana continues, ignoring most of Harley's antics, "I want you out of our business." she says simply, "Out of meddling with the docks and our interests. It's simple, no? I am sure even your addled friend here can understand that, Ms. Isley."

It doesn't seem she likes clownettes much.

Pamela Isley has posed:
"Well now...." Ivy's tone positively coos as Ivana makes her intent known. "Just step aside? Is that all?" Those green eyes shift to regard Harley, amusement glittering within those irises. "Did you hear that, Harl? She just wants us to walk away." The focus flips back towards Ivana. "Honey, you didn't need to call a meeting just for that. I would have been perfectly content to walk away under normal circumstances. I do believe that your lackeys at the site had learned their lesson about how to treat a lady. Especially that larger individual...I believe he called himself Big Ted?" A finger idly curls a lock of flaming red hair. "Yes, I do believe that particular one will know better than to solicit women just taking a walk."

But then, Ivy's tone darkens. "However, I take great offense over the indignity wroth upon my darlings. Your interests, such as they are, conflict with Mother Nature herself. Had your associates simply made proper concessions to the environment, I wouldn't have felt the need to, shall we say, encourage appropriate considerations." Shoulders lift in a casual shrug. She 'allegedly' torn down a building because it offended nature? She has done worse...far, far worse.

"To be perfectly frank, I would not have given the site a second thought. However, this..." A fingertip waves around in the air, indicating the room and everything in it. "This intrigues me. There is something more than what a pile of discarded steel would suggest." Turning towards Harley, Ivy intones. "So, what is your say, Harl? Shall we leave well enough alone and just walk away?" Ivy may have some ideas of her own, but she does wish for the harlequin's input. It is bound to be entertaining.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I am hearin' it.." Harley confirms to Pam but then adds with a positively wicked grin, "But doesn't mean I am listenin'.." because she also knows how Pam is about protecting the green. And besides, this smells of rot all over. More than when she leaves her socks to wash for a couple of weeks or so. And that's sayin' something! So she turns her nose as if the whiff in the air was something truly dire.

Ivana, for her part, doesn't seem to mind too much the darkening tone on Pam. She looks more disappointed than anything. "I thought you'd be able to see the bigger picture here. You are a woman of intelligence afterall, or so they say." she then letting out a brief sigh, "Leave us alone, we leave you alone and that little piece of ..., how do they call it? ArcTerra?" she nods slowly. "You can't stop progress. And besides we do have bigger fish to catch. Of the winged capacity.." is she talking about the Batfolk?

As Harley is asked a question by Ivy though she clears her throat, "Yes, perhaps we should leave all this alone, go back home with oouh tails between ouuh legs and ask foh forgiveness eh? Or NOT!" she lifting a fingertip. "Because let me see if I get this straight, ya think we weah on ta yoh shit so ya call this up, then ya reveal theah's shit goin' on when we weah sorta just passin' by at the time. And then ya go and get all nasty ta my friend Pam heah. I mean, this is sorta callin' foh one of those ol' school beatdowns.."

So she stands up, picks up her chair and twirls to smash it on one of the bodyguards.

As for Ivana, she gestures with her hand and nears it to her QUELLAZAIRE, the smoke that comes out starting to fill the room with more intensity as she slides her chair back and gets up as well.

Pamela Isley has posed:
Never let it be said that Harley doesn't know how to deliver a punchline. Of course, a chair to the face is a stop to whatever negotiations there might have been. Not that there would have been any more talking. Cruella just threatened Pamela's home. Her sanctuary. The reason she hasn't gone homicidal for at least a couple of months now. "Now you done it, Harl. They won't be able to get their security deposit now on this room." Pamela just dropped a joke? Seems Harley is rubbing off on her.

The stench of cigarette smoke fills the room, the cloud of dingy white obscuring vision. Surely it is enough to cause at least some coughing fits....but not for Ivy. "You do realize that I breath carbon dioxide, right?" The smoke also has another effect...a camouflaging aspect that can be both a help and a hinderance. For the moment, it helps Pam as she tumbles out of her chair, crouching low to avoid any would-be haymakers from the remaining three of the four guards in place.

Which allows Ivy to use another skill picked up from her association with the Cupid of Crime. A leg sweep, low and swift, strikes out, aiming to take the guard nearest her to the floor. And, should that happen? Well, then Ivy would just have to comfort the poor man and take away his pain...

With a kiss.

Granted, that will also take away control of his senses and place him under Ivy's control, but there are certainly worse things that could happen.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I dunno..." Harley replies to Pam while nimbly ducking under a tossed haymaker her way, "It's Gotham.." a cartwheel and she delivering a descending kick on the man that was threatening her, hitting right on the top of the head to put him down. " ... think they got insurance coverage options on clownettes gone wild by now!" the man stumbles and she twirls to deliver a snapkick to the man that sends him flying against a wall. Thank you Ivy for all this increased strength!

The smoke does start to claim the room now, making it hard to see, which is a blessing as the man that was trying to catch Pam for a killer hold misses when the woman goes down. And then her foot connects with the man's leg. It makes him stumble out of balance and fall. And when he does? Kissy-kiss! The man struggles but then starts to give control away to the woman's powers...

Ivana's voice is heard, "Kill them! They will pay for this!" clearly this is the kind of woman that doesn't like rudeness. Doors are heard opening, sound of footsteps...

"We need ta get outta heah, Pam!" Then one of the bodyguards crashes against her and sends her to the floor.

Pamela Isley has posed:
"I know! I'm working on it!" The guard is given a tap on the cheek after Ivy releases the kiss. A soft murmur to her new puppet. "Protect us, won't you, darling?" It may only be a short reprieve, considering how many people seem to be after their hide, but perhaps it will be at least enough to get things rolling.

But...they need more. And....that twinge of life from the cigarillos will have to do. A tug, a mental coaxing as Pamela wills the plant to grow from the single seed. The cry of surprise from the guard sporting the smoking habit is enough proof that Ivy's ability has manifested itself.

Then...Harley falls to the floor. "Harley!" Pamela quickly finds her feet, darting across the room to deliver a finely turned foot, powered by her own enhanced strength, to the side of the man's ribs. "Get off!!" A hand extends to her fallen friend. "I told you this was a bad idea!" Couldn't resist that slight dig.

Ivy's mind is a whirlwind, contemplating how they are going to get out of this one. Is there a window? Perhaps....but will that do any good? Maybe. "Do you trust me? Because we are not getting out of this one without some serious risks..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
The man gets up to his feet, now under Ivy's control and after shaking his head a moment as if to figure out why exactly he is doing all this he runs forward to tackle a couple of men that had made their way into the room from the sides. Sounds of battle ensue, one saying. "What are you doing, Mike?!" "Get off!" "Alright I am done with this!"

There is the sound of a gun being cocked ready. Of course that by now the smoke has mostly filled the room rendering any accuracy when shooting moot. But even a stray shot can be dangerous...

Harley ughs, taking a moment to recover and then getting Pam's hand to get up to her feet. "What ya mean a bad idea?!" her voice sounding as if she's having a lot of fun. "We just found out ...." and she swings over one of Ivy's shoulders with quite the nimble pirouette, delivering a roundhouse kick on an approaching goon. " .... that theah's a conspiracy goin' on at the harbor!" conspiracy? Getting a bit ahead of herself it seems...

There is indeed a window on the room, one that was right behind QUELLAZAIRE. Is she still there though?

"Pam, my middle name is danger. Go ahead! Surprise me!" No, it's not. It's Frances.

Pamela Isley has posed:
"Well, I..." A dodge to the left from one fist and Ivy stumbles into an elbow to the ribs..."ooof....I did not need to..." The body connected to the elbow receives a green boot to the groin for his trouble. "...know that." A pause, to catch her breath. "So, let's get out of here."

With the smoke hanging heavy, visibility is definitely a concern. However, there are two places where it seems to be at least brighter, if not hazy. One...is full of voices behind them. No good going that way. but...the other? Directly opposite of them. That...has to be a window. With a flourish of her hand (which is worthless if no one can see it) Ivy calls out to the tobacco plant she managed to sprout from the cigarillos...with the poor guard tangled within. "We need some sunlight my dear!"

The plant responds in kind, the sudden rustling more than enough evidence of its eagerness to please its mother. The leaves spring forward, the main body thickening, elongating, struggling mightly to break through the glass to bask in the sunlight beyond. The cigarillo guard goes along for the ride...perhaps to be used as a battering ram to break free to the great outdoors. And as for Cruella? If she is in front of the window, all the better.

Harley Quinn has posed:
There a loud *woomf*, followed by a yelp, a window crashing and that yelp turns into a fearful scream as the poor cigarillo man gets used as a battering ram to break through and give the dynamic duo a way out! At least he is still glued to the plant so no falling to his death!

Smoking is bad for your health, dear readers.

A shot is heard, wheezing not too far from where they are. It has Harley make a decision! "Hold on, Pam!" and giving no time for refutal she goes and wraps an arm around the poisonous one, starting to run forward with Pam on one arm just before the arriving bodyguards can grab them for a not too nice spanking.

And then there's that sudden rush of fresh air, they can see again. Harley is going 'WEEEEEEEE!', pigtails flying wild as they are now falling down the 10th floor to their demises. At least if there wasn't such a nice plant to serve as a way to keep them from just splatting on the sidewalk.

"I am trustin' ya!"

Pamela Isley has posed:
"Wait just a....whoa!!"

Well, the pair got away...but now the ground is rushing to meet them. But...not for long. The moment that the pair are airborne, a massive tendril from the tobacco plant reaches out, wrapping itself around Harley's waist in much the same matter that Harley has Pam with her own arm. The dark green limb stretches as the weight of the two is applied, slowing their descent much like a bungee cord. The rushing pavement no longer rushes, though it was certainly touch-and-go for a moment, if Ivy's expression was any indication.

Breathless, Ivy speaks out, a hand stroking the vine gingerly. "That's my good baby." Yeah...they just jumped out a window. What the hell?! "Be a dear and lower us down to the ground, if you can?" An offshoot sprouts off, wrapping Ivy in a wide, flat leave while the creaking of explosive growth is in the air. Seems that Smokey here (get it?) is going to do its best to get the pair to the ground.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Hey, yoh plant is bein' all frisky and --" Harley exclaims as Smokey wraps a vine around her. But it's cut short as it works like a bungee and she 'wooooos' before they stabilize and start being lowered down to the floor at a more normal rate. She peeks up at the window where there's still smoke coming out from, a sillouette visible there, coughing. "Damn it, I can't get a clear shot!" to which Harley just grins.

As the plant finally finishes lowering them down to the ground Harley hops off. "We betta get outta heah befoouh those guys find out they can take the elevator ta pursue us." she laughing and then shouting up to them. "YOU DUMB MOOKS!" which is replied by a shot that hits not too far from her. It makes the clownette jump and say in a lower voice. "Mooks...."

But then it's time to go. She tugs on Pamela's hand. "Run, Pamela, ruuuun!" off they go!