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Clueless Detectives
Date of Scene: 10 March 2021
Location: X-Factor Investigations
Synopsis: Clueless Detectives - Or skillful spies, Rachel and Theresa manage to successfully stop a blackmailer.
Cast of Characters: Rachel Summers, Theresa Cassidy

Rachel Summers has posed:
It's been, on the whole, a fairly unique day at X-Factor investigations. Jamie Madrox, who usually is around all the time, was actually out helping on a different case, leaving the detective agency open for Theresa and Rachel to accept a unique case. The old saying, when it rains, it pours, was certainly true!

The young woman was quite the pitiful case, she was an inspiring actress who had been influenced to take a few not so nice nude shots, and was now being blackmailed by a very unscrupulous talent agent who held those photos against her. The task was simple, or at least, it seemed so. Find the photos and the negatives, destroy them, and leave without the talent agent from knowing.

The trouble? The talent agent was only in town for a very limited time /and/ he was staying at one of the most lavish and secure hotel in the city.

This lead Rachel and Theresa on one course only. Dress up as hotel staff, go through the agent's room, get the evidence and get out again. ...

It is this reason that one Rachel Summers is currently standing in one of the hotel's service rooms, gazing down at the dress she's supposed to wear with a disgusted expression on her face. "How can people wear this sort of thing!?" She bemoans to Theresa. The outfit is a simple bland, beige skirt that is a little /too/ high, complete with thick soled heels, a white apron, and of course - protective yellow gloves.

"I'm not wearing this." Rachel continues to whine outwards.

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
Theresa seems to have no problem in pulling on the 'disguise'. Sure, it's not the most flattering thing, or comfortable thing, but if it gets the job done? Then it'll do. It. Will. Do ... Hopefully!

The Irish Lass is just finishing her look by pulling her hair into a simple pony-tail when Rachel expresses (whines) her irritation at this whole thing!

It prompts a rather amused look from Terry as she slides a look right on over to Rachel, "Pfft.", is her initial response, "This ain't so bad, lass. Seriously. It could be worse! We could look like hookers. I don't think either one o'us want t'look like workin' girls, aye?"

She pats her hair one last time and then straightens her skirt, apron and generally makes sure her outfit looks straight and neat. "I suppose ye could psychic everyone t'think ye look like a maid if ye really don't want t'dress the part?"

"Let's just hope no one really expects us t'clean toliets. Have ye ever seen some o'these hotels? Even these posh posh types." Yeah, it's obviously not good in Terry's mind as she wrinkles her nose in *clear* disgust.

Rachel Summers has posed:
Complete horror begins to cross over Rachel's expression at the idea of actually having to do -MAID- work! "Clean. Toilets?" Rachel's expression does not change from the look of complete terror at even the idea of such a thing. A shiver runs down her spine, as Rachel does a quick presto-change-o and finally relents to wearing the outfit of one of the hotel's staff. Her own short locks don't need to be put into a bun, though she does create a make-shift headband to keep the short locks at least in some what of a symblance of order.

With a snort, both at how she looks in the outfit, as well as this entire scenario, Rachel can't help but state the same thing she told the client. (And very bluntly, mind you.) "I still don't understand. So she's in the nude, it shouldn't be that big of a deal."

Adjusting the headband just a bit more, Rachel's hand reaches towards the doorknob, pausing a moment to cast her thoughts outwards. "Okay, no one is in the hallway, but we still need to steal one of those keys from an actual worker. I can sense someone in about two rooms over, cleaning the bed. I'll keep watch, you get the key, how's that sound?"

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
Terry cannot help the laugh that bursts out of her when she spies Rachel's horrified expression. Though honestly Terry would have a similar expression if they really did have to clean toliets. Just ugh.

Thankfulyl, there are other things to focus on like how to explain the whole blackmail and nudity issue to Ray so she understands. Terry's eyebrows pinch together for a moment as she considers just what to say. "Well, ye know there's a double standard here." Meaning this particular dimension. "Men can do whatever the hell they like, but women not so much. Ye gotta be proper and good and godly and if'n ye aren't -" She snaps her fingers, "- Then ye are a terrible terrible person and a good thing should never happen t'ye. If her manager let those photos out that would just prove t'the world that the lass is a horrible person."

"It'd be like if someone found out we were mutants. It would be the end o'the world for us."

There, hopefully that helps.

"Aye, I can get the card." Terry agrees and before the Irish Lass steps out of the service room she adds, "Remember act like ye belong. As long as ye do that no one will ask you any questions."

With that advice given Terry steps oh-so-confidently out of the service room. Honestly, it's almost like she's done things like this before (she has). Once outside she makes her way the room two doors down. Confidently she knocks on the door before she swings it open, "Lass, got word that it's yuir break time. I'm here t'finish for ye."

And while it's perhaps unexpected - break time that is - the woman within the room doesn't question it. You never ever question break time. The other woman smiles and says, "Thanks!", and just like that the other woman steps past Terry and goes for the door. As she steps past, Terry neatly dips her head into the woman's pocket and pulls free the service card.

Only after she's gone does the Irish lass say, "Ha, got ye."

The service cart the other woman was using is likewise taken. Might as well make it look good.

"Ready when ye are."

Rachel Summers has posed:
Standing to one side, leaning against the wall not at ALL conspicuously. Rachel stands with her arms crossed, 'listening' to how easily Theresa manages to not only get the woman to leave, but steals the card and the cart. As the maid moves on past Rachel, slightly pushed to just mind her own business, does Rachel stop leaning against the wall to cast an appreciative glance at Siryn.

"Now that." Rachel states, "Was impressive to watch and listen to. I have a suspicion you might have done this kind of thing before." The grin is there then fades as Rachel squares her shoulders. It's only then does she finally acknowledge Theresa's wisdom on this entire 'nudity' thing. "I suppose that makes sense." Rachel agrees. "Though it just really makes me want to tear this guy a new one." Rachel hates bullies. She. Really. Really. Hates bullies.

A few floors up the two go, finally at the top floor, Rachel wheels the cart out, walking like a confident and very much in control individual. The idea of quiet and just 'do your job' is really a foreign concept for Rachel.

With a conspicuous glance over her shoulder to Theresa, Rachel tilts her head to the doorway of the manager. "This is it. Room two, top floor. I can sense a few minds in there, though I think they're just security. Suggestions?"

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
Rachel's question of has she done this before earns something of a grin this particular day.

Otherwise days it might have prompted a scowl, but today not so much. Siryn is using her not-so-up-and-up skillset for something good, so the guilt isn't quite so high today.

"Oh aye, let us rip him a new one. A pity we couldn't bring the lass. She's the one who deserves to give the final blow." But she can't be here Terry and Ray will *definitely* give the man what he's due. A good whallop upside the head.

Confidence, is again the key here, and Terry follows quite confidently with Ray. Up until Ray reveals security likely being there. "Well - I say we try the quiet way first, eh? Tell them it's time t'clean the rooms and such. T'give us twenty minutes."

"And if that doesn't work we improvise?" She looks to Ray now with raised eyebrows, "I saw quite o'few fire alarms along this hallway. All we gotta do is pull one."

And while Terry sidles closer to the door she doesn't knock yet. She waits to see how Ray likes her plan.

Rachel Summers has posed:
Rachel is probably the least likely individual to care about anyone's past (given her own). So it only increases Rachel's appreciation of Theresa's skill set. "Nice." Is Rachel's answer, approving wholeheartedly of this entire scenario.

At the idea of giving the talent agent a good wallop creates a devilish grin upon Rachel's expression. "Now that is certainly talking my language." Ah, to plot such great ideas, making him think he's a dog, to forcing him to punch himself into unconsciousness.. there are so many fantastic ways that are non-lethal. Right, can't kill him. Damn it all.

Standing just to the side of the door, Rachel's left hand lifts upwards, rubbing her jaw thoughtfully at Theresa's ideas. "Sounds good. Start off more professional, then try another tactic."

Squaring her shoulders, Rachel's hand lifts upwards, rapping on the door in a strong and very quick manner. Of course, she completely forgets (or maybe doesn't know) she should probably say 'house keeping' afterwards. Hopefully Theresa will pick up Rachel's slack.

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
While Terry may not know Rachel's whole background, Siryn is thankful that Ray doesn't seem too upset over her slippery-fingers.

Sometimes people do get upset over that. Sometimes even Terry gets upset - you know, let's just not go there right now. It will only lead down a bad road for the Irish Lass.

Thankfully, Rachel's forgotten 'housekeeping' causes Terry to bring her attention right back front and center. In a louder than normal voice, Terry says, "Housekeeping!"

She gives Rachel a quick thumbs-up before her attention returns to the door. Now all they need is for everyone to clear the room.

"Maybe they'll go get a bite t'eat. Make it easy on all us." Mutters the red-head as she waits for someone to answer, or the door to open.

Even if the 'manager' does deserve to punch himself in the face over and over and over again. Make sure to loosen a few teeth as well. It's always about looks with them, after all.

Rachel Summers has posed:
Inside the room there's a chorus of noise coming from the security guards, who all mutter about - their voices muffled and indistinct. Finally, the door swings open and a couple tall, beefy individuals cast their gaze down at Theresa and Rachel. "Hurry it up, yeah, we aint got all day here, boss needs the room back in thirty. Got it, toots? Thirty minutes."

With that, the two beefy security men begin to 'escort' a weaselly looking man in a very expensive suit towards the elevator doors. The man's gaze lingers on both Theresa and Rachel, though for some reason he stumbles as he does so, tripping over his own two feet to land harshly on his hands and knees.

Quickly plucked up again, the man swiftly heads towards the elevator not looking back, nor seeing the ever so villainous gleam to Rachel's expression. She isn't even trying to hide it. "Letcherous jerk."

With that, Rachel gestures for Theresa to enter first, and will then enter herself, casting her gaze about the room. "So where would he put the evidence?"

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
It really is hard not to give the weasely toad a look. A really mean look. Perhaps a disgusted one, as well.

But Rachel and Terry are professionals!


Who cares that they're only like two week old professionals.

Terry's expression stays relatively flat and 'bored' as she watches the security guards pull the man up. The only rise they do get out of the Irish Lass is when they call her toots. That brings a faint roll of her eyes only AFTER Ray and Terry are inside.

"Toots. The feck." Mutters the woman, before she turns her attention to the room. "Well, there could be a safe in the room, so let's check for that. Otherwise ye look for briefcases, suitcases and I'll look beneath the mattresses, and inside the pillows."

And with that said Terry steps over to the bed a look of disgust already pinching her expression tight, "And if ye find any books let's make sure they're not stashed inside."

Rachel Summers has posed:
Oh yeah. Professionals! Rachel forgets these things at times. She does need to be reminded, ever so often. With a distinct, "No kidding." To the idea of being called 'toots', Rachel then begins to rummage through the man's belongings. At least. Telekinetically. She isn't touching a thing in this room through her own hands, even with yellow plastic gloves being worn on her fingers.

The room's safe is situated by the bed side and is, currently, closed, allowing Theresa the chance to open it - if she so desires.

As for Rachel, her search is still ongoing, going through suitcases with occasional sounds of disgust, to lifting up the mattress of the bed to check /under/ the bed itself. "Any luck?" She inquires, casting her glance back at Theresa.

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
You know at the sight of Ray using her TK? That just causes Terry to say, "Ye be cheatin'.", but her words are said with a good dose of wry amusement and possibly jealously. Oh, who's Terry kidding, it's definitely jealousy.

No one should touch any of this man's personal items. It's just gross.


"Well, there's definitely a safe." Terry says as she considers the hotel lockbox with a critical eye, "If'n they aren't out here hopefully they'll be in there. Let us offer up a prayer right now to Jesus, Mary and Joseph, that we find nothin' terrible or scary within." Well, beyond the pictures. As long as they find those, Terry would be a-ok, anything else and she's going to sonic scream it to the next universe.

"We may need yuir TK t'help with the tumblers, but lemme give it a whirl."

The first number Terry tries is the ROOM number. Cause she wouldn't put it past the man to not pick a new PIN for the safe.

Rachel Summers has posed:
Situating the bed back into place, Rachel does remember that they are here, supposedly, to clean the room and avoid any suspicion back onto the client. Thus as the bed is placed back into position, the sheets and blankets are swiftly tucked neatly into place with almost a military precision. You really could bounce a quarter on them!

For the cheating comment, Rachel's dry answer is to idly lift her brows. "When you got it.." Her voice is filled with amusement, even as Rachel turns towards the room and the mess she'd made of everything going through the man's belongings.

While Theresa works on the safe, Rachel swiftly begins to clean up, moving clothing back to where they were, and getting the room into a state of some-what decency. The door to the bathroom is closed and remains so. There are just some places Rachel refuses to go into. Thirty minutes isn't enough time for the hotel staff, obviously.

The tumblers begin to click into place with the use of the room number and with an audible 'click', the door to the safe swings open revealing a few documents inside. There are a number of names on each document, along with pictures, information about the man's 'client', and each document also contains a USB drive. The safe's last item is a laptop computer.

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
It's a good thing Rachel can tidy everything back up so quickly, because really, no one wants to do that by hand.

No one.

At the click, Terry exclaims, "Ah ha! What a dumbass man.", mutters the Irish Lass even as she pulls the safe open. "He kept the room number as the code."

"I suppose I shouldn't say I'm surprised, but really man, why invite someone t'steal yuir stuff so easily?"

With a shake of her head Siryn reaches in and pulls out all that can be found. Silently she whistles, "Look at this, Rachel. It looks like our guy ain't only just blackmailing our lass. There's more names."

After she inspects each document Terry immediately handst hem over to Rachel, so she too can look at it. Then out comes the laptop and Siryn wastes no time in opening said laptop up. Now let's see if a password is required.

Rachel Summers has posed:
Finally, Rachel is satisfied that the room looks in a some-what orderly and semi 'cleaned' manner, leaving her to turn about and step over to where Theresa is going through the safe's documents. As the items are passed over to Rachel, her fingers idly flip through them one by one, finally finding their client's information, the pictures and a usb drive with the client's name on it. "Got it. Well done." Rachel announces, idly glancing through the other documents with a curious look over. "Seems this creep has a LOT of people that he's blackmailing."

The laptop pops on and asks for a password, leaving Rachel to scowl mightily at it. "I know someone who can hack into that, if Jamie can't." Rachel states, thinking about Kitty (well, and Doug really).

"Lets take all of these back to the office, give the client her pictures and information, and then lets see what Jamie has to say we do next." Tilting her head towards the door, Rachel hisses. "But we need to hurry, they're in the elevator heading back up."

Theresa Cassidy has posed:
"What a disgustin' creeper this man is." Mutters Terry again and when the laptop asks for a password the Irish woman scowls deeply at it.

Scowls. Deeply.

But that doesn't seem to scare the laptop into admitting what its password is and so, Terry closes the lid with a thunk.

"Good. I can't say I'm the best with these sorts o'things." Hacking she means. "Sure, I can navigate them just find, but I have none o'the patience t'figure it all out."

She'd say more, but then Ray reveals they're heading back up. "Feck! Let's get goin' then." And just like that Terry slaps the safe closed and clears the numbers upon the lock. Then she bustles the laptop over to their cart and hides it beneath the cleaning supplies and fresh towels.

"I'm good if ye are!"

Rachel Summers has posed:
With a bob of her head, Rachel begins to head out - then pauses and casts a gaze at the safe. With a devilish grin, she resets the tumbler, using a very random set of numbers, before turning and hurrying on out, closing the door behind her. By the time the elevator opens and the men get out, both Theresa and Rachel are in an adjoining elevator heading back down. "Should take them a bit to figure out that the safe's lock has been reset." Rachel announces, "And even more time for them to get hotel staff to come up and help them out. Which should give us enough time to change and make good our escape."

Which - they do, leaving the cart back in on the floor they left it from, changing back into their street clothes and making good on their escape - Theresa and Rachel have successfully managed to succeed in their first case. Huzzah!