5532/Stolen Trinkets: James Proudstar

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Stolen Trinkets: James Proudstar
Date of Scene: 10 March 2021
Location: Student Gardens
Synopsis: In seeking her own truth, Ruth accompanies James on a vision quest and learns a shocking revelation in regards to his tribe.
Cast of Characters: Ruth Aldine, James Proudstar

Ruth Aldine has posed:
A future undefined.

One of the paths lead Ruth to a future of a life long lived. A woman, in her forties or fifties, standing by as she watches the large machines dig into the foundation of a mansion as two glowing spirits stand by. Her arms were folded about her chest. Her blindfold was nary in sight; she embraced the way she looked finally, but most of all, she was alive!

But how was she going to get there if she didn't go through the entire roster of those who lived in the mansion?

No one was free from the gentle assault and machinations of Ruth Aldine, resident seer. Things have gone missing, wrapped in cloth as to not touch the surfaces of those private trinkets, stored away until she dreamt it was time to take that long walk into either the past, slightly distant present, or extremely far away future.

The dream was as such, she floats along in white cloth to a door. The door itself glows. Alarms. Runes. Wards. Magic. It even carried a different smell to sight unseen, her senses keen. But nevermind that. A small, personal item taken, and she leaves.

And while the dream does not fit reality she followed those steps. Knowing that soon enough, the person of which the item belongs will come calling.

And in the garden she waits; legs crossed upon the stolen chairs she had taken from the recreation room, both planted facing each other. Ruana wrapped around her shoulders to keep the slight chill of the area at bay. Mackey-Tag chased his tail until he grew bored, and wandered in through the side door to find either a toilet bowl to drink out of or a snack.

Ruth Aldine is alone.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar comes down the path from the mansion. The big man dressed for the warmer weather, tee shirt and jeans. He had smelt the intrusion almost immediately. But he himself didnt know enough of the eards to know if theyd been tripped. He set his bag down and searched the room the few items Yana kept there were untouched, good but he found the bracelet was gone. So small a thing but it was his, from his brother, she couldnt just take it. His brother that sche was less but still there. He closed his eyes and followed the scent, he was pretty sure he knew but trusted his nose more, Halfway down the path he see the chair. That head of steam evaporates. The Apache people sre of both worlds, this one and the one beyond. James has bern taught to beware seers, "Ruth, just because Im gone a few days doesnt mean you can take my stuff." He approaches and sits scroos from her. "I mean you should be cateful, there are dangerous things in there."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
The meditation wasn't short at all. But it allowed her to still and quiet her mind. Any and all surprises may come, but she knew that it wouldn't, not today.

That's why, when James cleared the door she pushes the chair out with a light movement of her foot, the bracelet, not worn, cupped in her hand part-way and wrapped around her knuckles. She smiles, her shoulders lifted in a slight shrug.

"It was pretty, sorry." Her strange speech, bland but there. "I know." Her hand gestures out, the one holding the bead for him to take a seat. "Sorry, yes. I need your help, and I .. sorry, knew no other way to ask. Thank you." She says, bowing her head just a little. "Sit a while?"

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar raises his eyebrows and gets that feeling he did when the grandmothers would tell him to sit, the really old ones who smelled of mushrooms and had cataracts.
    He takes the bracelet and nods, "It is," Jim smiles, "It wasmy brother's. what help do you need?" He sits gingerly but the chair creaks

Ruth Aldine has posed:
As James takes the bracelet and settles in, Ruth looks towards the ground upon both sides, using her telekinesis to shove the chair gently forward until both of their knees touch. "I need to know how to survive." And it was simple as that. Though, she finds herself telling more of what she constantly sees the more she attempts to figure out the path that she takes.

"Two years. I die." She seemed sure of it, her jaw tensing as she reaches out a hand again so that he could take it. "Walk with me." It was clear that he was eager to help... though, Ruth wasn't sure what part of James' life she was going to see.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar blinks and frowns and then there is the path. The path stretching to the unknown. To the undiscovered country to the dark places and we walk, "Ruth, what is this place?"
    You can ferl the sudden shadow the primal fear of the bird and we watch it stretch out in front of us. The bird is here to help.
    Then we're at a funeral, the x-men are there gathered around a casket, all the heros are present its heros memorial The casket falls open and it's empty. Magneto turns to face us. Hes not there, hes not in the land of your ancestors

Ruth Aldine has posed:
To the outside world, it would look like Ruth and James are having some oddball staring contest. But here?

Vision quest.

This was absolutely not what Ruth intended, but it was -welcomed-.

It was here that Ruth took on an entirely different appearance, her eyes were actually present, brown with long lashes. The blindfold that she usually wear, gone. She can see just like any other as she walks James' path with him, now his guide, keeping a close connection with the larger man by hanging onto the crook of his elbow.

"I.. don't know." Ruth admits. "Your power, is my power, is your power." They were sharing.

But the events that were seen here, she was clearly missing. She was not along the throngs of the living, and whomever was in the casket was gone. Looking up towards the bird, she smiles, but remains unnerved at this new experience.

"Who?" Ruth asks James, and then the bird. "Who, sorry, is not here?"

James Proudstar has posed:
We walk on and the shades are close, its cold but the the bird is with us and we are safe. Im holding your arm. A young girl meets us at a crosswords, you can feel the power coming off her and she calls you by name. "Very good Ruth! You got this one to listen? I am impressed, girl." She bows lto you. "I'm Nori."
     James smiles "that was the aunties name" and gets wacked on his head for it. "I am the auntie, the casket was for the one who began this journey, John. Now this lunkhead is the one to finish it. The good one, he will eclipse his brother and take back the name. The Thunderbird told me himself." Nori indicates the bird, "This path isnt safe with out the queen. Take the longer way. Keep his feet on the path Ruth, this one tends to wander.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
It was a shock to see another person there, one that talks. But she could feel it, almost a certain kinship with the young woman, one that relaxes her even more as the nerves get her. It was a comfort. "Hello Nori, yes!" Ruth was excited, while she did hear of another like her, exactly like her, she's yet to conjure the woman up in her dreams.

"Mr. James, yes, is helping me." She offers up to Nori, but then nothing else. She was sure that the woman knew what she was getting at. While there was the urge to take the more dangerous path, she kept wise and tugged James on to the shorter one. "Come. Yes. Your ancestors are watching." And Ruth was all too excited. This was an honor! But.. she does remember the conversation they've had in the backyard.. John. His brother..?

"James, sorry.. why did she call you the good one? Was your brother bad?"

James Proudstar has posed:
Nori walks with us as we make our way forward, among the graves"Graveyard, makes sense Savage. Death hangs off you, brother, family, friends, even your queen died once, will this one pay the price?" You can feel Jim stiffen at that.
     Nori nods and touches your arm. "See, thats why, this one, even the fates themselves wont move."
     "John Proudstar was the best man I ever knew." Jim speaks firmly but Nori scoffs, "Was! But where is he now? What is he now?" James darkens but Nori continued, "Not like these restless dead, no not at all. These you need to put to slerp James, one tribe must conquer the other."Theyre gathering close and eager suckibg away warmth and right before the crash of thunder that is the birds call resounds through the place ypu hear James call out , "Mother?!"

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Ruth had always wondered what James and Illyana had gotten up to, but she was afraid to look. She was sure that if she did peek, they would see, and quite possibly snatch her through the void. That was real fear, which shivered through her as she sticks close to both Nori and James. Walk straight, keep the path through the tombstones..

"Me pay the price?" She asks of Nori, but.. she knew she wouldn't die here.. or did she.. was this one of the many deaths she had seen?

The argument between the two relatives had her head dashing back and forth, the awkwardness felt, which has Ruth looking to the bird for comfort. "We will be okay.." She assures the spirit animal, who.. if allowed and wanted, was telepathically offered a shoulder to ride upon.

Though, as James begins to call for his mother, Ruth holds tight. "No." Her voice was firm, not commanding, but confident. "Do not leave us."

James Proudstar has posed:
Nori claps her hands and smiles, The bird comes to you and wraps itself around you, pushing back the cold.
    There are quick flashes of men in suits and an evil as old as the world and the Needee, people, dancing, Dancing with the apache at their heart. "The Apache are the adversary but the Apache are the needee. Not the adversary of the Needee, the adversary to whom?"
     And then the bird is pulling you up up and away, back to this world and as you part you her Nori, "We shall talk again Ruth, but remind that one to dance, Dance with his tribe." Then we're back in our chairs and there is a hawk on the back of yours. It calls just a regular bird and hops to the ground pulling ss fat grub from. the garden soil. Then flapping away.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Warmth and comfort, the wings of the spirit animal felt like home. Save for the flashes that she gets soon after. They were quick but imprinted, her hand reaching to touch her head, just in time to disconnect away from James and into the real world where they were. For a moment, the vision of Ruth wavers, just in time to hear Nori's voice. Words of the wise.

And as soon as they leave her lips, her soul was snatched by the real world and back into her body that jars her to life. She takes in a deep inhale, scooting her leg away from James to break contact, then doubling over to breathe it out. She didn't find what she wanted, but hopefully they both found what they needed.

And then..

"Go dance with your people." Ruth manages to say, clear as day, no weird speech needed.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar has his head downcast there are tears in his, "I hope that helped... ?" His voice is quiet, "Ruth, my tribe is dead."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
They both seemed to be in a little bit of a sort, and sadly, Ruth could commiserate. She reaches out to lightly, and rather awkwardly, pats James' shoulder, determined to never speak of this unless prompted and forced.

"You will see them again." She nods faintly, then stands to give the man a proper hug. "You will avenge them soon if need be, yes?" A good question that asks for an answer, and an offer of assistance. "We're going to see them again."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles anf helps Ruth to stand, " I have nrver heard Nori speak to anyone as an equal." He hugs her gingerly, "Yes, we will. We will put them to rest, peaceful rest and take revenge for what was done." His voice is hard and dark.