5535/What's better than a drug deal at a church

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What's better than a drug deal at a church
Date of Scene: 10 March 2021
Location: Queen of Heaven - Derelict Church
Synopsis: Spider-man webs his way through finding some interesting bad guy power-up juice.
Cast of Characters: Madigan Belle, Peter Parker

Madigan Belle has posed:
It's dark, and it is Brooklyn, so naturally there's a drug deal going down somewhere. This one though is bigger than most. It's a lot of Fuzzy Friendlies. This drug is part cocaine, part exctasy, and definitely some rohypnol tossed in for good measure. Users often find that the fun packages of comic pages folded up to contain the pill hide a powerful drug that has been sold at some local parties and raves. The name comes from the good feeling generated, everyone is a friend, and you don't really remember what you end up doing for the evening. A bad combination if you aren't aware of what you are taking.

About 8 men dressed up in the stylings of the Irish Mob have a ransacked UHaul truck with a few palettes of the stuff. Currently, they're waiting for the leader of a small gang to show up and make the purchase. What else would you use a church for? Sacred ground doesn't work on drug dealers.

Each of the mobsters have a leather jacket, that's standard uniform, some black slacks, thick accents and some rather ruffian type melee weapons. Crowbars, bats, that kind of thing, but they don't really seem to be sporting guns except 1, who just has a small revolver tucked into the back of his pants. Clearly they aren't worried about the gang that's showing up to get their goods.

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter and Aunt May are Irish. May Reilly's mother came down from County Cork, trying to escape the polio pandemic.

Which makes this kinda sting a little. The McOwan crime family was muscling into the drug trade run by the Russkies in Little Odessa, and party drugs were big earners these days.

Spider-Man didn't really have "contacts" as much as he had "friends." Although he was never welcome at any criminal gathering, he was also known for giving people a fair shake. Watching out for the little guy. And one of those little guys, Liam McCormick, had some info on the deal. His only request was that he go easy on his big brother. "Dasn't hurt him, please," had been the request.

So right now, an extra set of eyes was observing from a cracked spar of what used to be the roof, waiting for the money men. In this case, women - a girl gang run by a smart, savage young lady called the Wasp Queen. She wouldn't be here, but her Wasps would be accompanied by their lawyer, who was handling the money.

Patience is a virtue. It had given him the time to pick out Donny. He figured spiriting him away with a webline would keep his promise to Liam.
Nothing to do now but wait.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Where these fun party drugs were coming from would be anyone's guess, but right now the deal was set to go. A couple of the men who were standing around, could be identified as members of the O'Neill family, though just 3 of them and they look to be the ones with more of a serious look on their face and tone, "Tommy, get that there door open fer the ladies." It is a boisterous comment, the U-Haul having been backed up right to one of the broken walls where it could be used to be a showcase.

The Wasps showed up, right on time, and that was confirmed by the fella who checked his watch and gave a great big smile, "Right on time. Oi ain't never been so happy to see a Missus." He looked around, and then the door to the truck was raised up to allow the insides to be viewed. Tommy O'Neill, one of the drivers and also the person who throws the back of the truck up after it is backed up appropriately. The other two O'Neills lesser known folks.

This looks like it is a deal between the McOwans and The Wasps, but being supported for some reason by the O'Neills. It is street knowledge that for the past couple years they've been inventing some drug cocktails for the streets, parties, and selling it to whomever wants to buy. Even other Irish families.

Peter Parker has posed:
The lawyer, a whip-thin, whip-smart Asian woman, steps forward wearing a suit and carrying the briefcase. "Good business is never something we turn down, but we brought our own chemist to test the product."

TTommy grinned and side-eyed Donny. "The little twist could use a little unwinding, I think."
Donny nodded, but kept looking around. Liam hadn't wanted him to get involved, but family sometimes had to take the backseat to Family.
TTommy picked up one of the ziploc bags, filled to the top with tiny smaller bags, each holding a pill inside a thin square of newsprint. He strolled over to the lawyer, grinning. "Bring her on. She can have a go."
The lawyer nodded, and another Wasp walked up with a small plastic vial with a white cap. She took one of the little bags, then dropped the pill into the vial, closed the cap, and shook it vigorously. The liquid inside went suddenly jet-black.
The chemist nodded, and the lawyer smiled to TTommy. "NOW, we can do business."
    Tommy looked back to Donny to reassure him...but he wasn't there. He frowned. Be like Donny to take the piss by taking a piss. He turned back to face the lawyer, and saw two Wasps in the back of the nave suddenly shoot up into the darkness like they had jetpacks strapped to their backs.

He knew immediately a moment before the voice came from above.

"Hey...YOU'RE not the Pope!"

Madigan Belle has posed:
The McOwan muscle is immediately looking up, the O'Neill goons are a little more sudden in motion. The three of them are immediately headed into or around the truck. Protect the product, not the muscle nor the buyers for that matter. Gripping their weapons there's quite a few of them who are ready.

One particularly nervous looking guy is looking around, looking at the Wasps, looking at the truck, then turns and starts to run, "I'm not gettin' involved!" He shouts as he just throws down his weapon and takes to bolting through the building, running as fast as he can go.

Metas, supers, costumed heroes of all types aren't like the cops. Cops you can beat up, cops you can shoot, cops you can drive a car into and they stop coming after you. Costumed heroes often just pick up the car and throw it. This guy is out, if he gets very far. The lead man speaks up, "Alright boys, back it up, let's stick together." Looking around, squinty eyed, trying to get a fix on the person, thing, whatever made the comment. Then he pulls out his revolver and aims at what he thinks might be the culprit, "Whoever you are, stay back, or I'll shoot."

To the side, he says, "Tommy, get the car, we've delivered. The product is now theirs." If he can see the hero speaking up from above, he'll start to unload. Even at a shadow.

Peter Parker has posed:
The lawyer has a gun of her own, a compact .380. A lady's gun, Tommy would call it. She isn't the one to spot him first, but the chemist does.
"SPIDER-MAN!" she calls out, and many are jolted into action at the word, and then the .380 and the hand holding it is covered in webbing, yanked to the right, and then she is a package webbed to the wall.
Many of them start shooting even though they can't see him. Because with lead being sprayed like a hose, SOMETHING has to hit the guy. A trio of Wasps are suddenly webbed together as Spider-Man leaps over them, firing nets of webbing that either gun up hands or pin feet to the ground. As he lands, he webs the briefcase to the street and looks up at the collected group, Wasps and Irish with an enemy in common.
"So...who's up for TAG?'

Madigan Belle has posed:
Blam blam blam! Repeated, makes for six shots as the lead McOwan, Sean McOwan, shoots. Off in the distance though, the two goons who are part of the O'Neill family pull out syringes. They are stabbing themselves in the leg and injecting a reddish liquid. One of them grabs at the granite superstructure. He strains for a moment, grunting, and then tears with his bare hands a large and heavy chunk of granite. It is all too soon being tossed in Spider-Man's direction.

With that being tossed over his family member's head, the second O'Neill goon is charging straight toward Spider-Man but at a speed much slower than the granite. "I'll play..." He shouts out.

Some of the McOwans who were going to run away, to try and escape, are bolstered by the bravado of their Irish compatriots. Tommy, meanwhile, is starting up a car in the distance, and putting it into gear. There's a loud roar of the engine as he starts to swing the car around, lights flaring off in the distance, clearly trying to bring it over to be the getaway vehicle of choice for his family.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man is still webbing up the truck, making sure no one gets out with anything, when the Spider-Sense SQUALLS in his head and he ducks to avoid airborne concrete. He jumps back, looks to where it came from, and...

Hey! Those guys were a LOT SMALLER two minutes ago!
Wonder later, fight NOW. The one rushing him is getting close, going for a haymaker that would send his jaw to Jersey.
Spider-Man, however, has a lot of Quick. And Quick counds for a lot.

He dodges the swing, then responds with a hard, fast strike to the arm, another one to the leg, and then a right cross to the guy's jaw...

Madigan Belle has posed:
The concrete is tossed, then that guy is coming in with the others who are going to attempt a dog pile. Well, everyone except our two lead drug dealers. Sean McOwan and Tommy O'Neill. The truck is getting gummed up, along with the drugs inside, but the get away car is on its way. After all, they intended on giving the truck over to The Wasps anyhow.

The first goon who charges in is swinging with no more skill than a typical goon who grew up rough on the streets. So, quick serves Spider-man well. A hit to the arm causes a groan, but a lot less than one might expect. The two follow up strikes, though, from Spider-man send this guy kneel down on the leg, then get toppled over on the ground. One powered up goon down.

Then the horde comes, a handful of unpowered men with makeshift clubs of various types, and one powered up goon who is closing in, waiting for the others to move in on Spider-man so he can get in for some cheap shots.

Meanwhile, Tommy and his car are arriving, brakes being squealed as the car jolts to a stop on the other side of the Church's walls. Sean McOwan isn't even making a sound, letting his fellas take the fall and keep the unintended distraction going as he starts to climb into the car with his empty revolver.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man saw them come.
Hmmm...mob formation, clustered together, melee weapons. Move to the left, use the terrain to keep them off-guard? Stay here, use the Sunflower stance to take them on?

Ah, the heck with it...

And just like that, the whole fershlugginer mess of them were covered in webbing.

"Ah, now you get to be good, GOOD friYIII!"

He jumped up as the other Goon Grande entered the arena, the ham fist coming within an inch of his head. Since he needed that head to put the mask on, he jumped back 20 feet to land on the wall of the church.

"Of COURSE you realize THIS MEANS WAR..." he intoned.

Madigan Belle has posed:
The leap from Spider-Man happens quickly, and moves him a decent distance away. 20 feet is a long ways for a normal person to jump. The fisty McFist goon just squats a few inches and then zoooOOoOoOoing. He is like a super spring, jumping, a terribly large jump. He goes up though more than straight and is soon arcing coming down toward Spider-Man. His own inexperience showing he doesn't normally have this kind of strength.

While the strong goon is taking care of keeping Spider-Man busy, the two leads are now together in a car, and wheels are squealing as it takes off into the neighborhood leaving the remaining goons to their fate.

Peter Parker has posed:
He was coming down hard, the punch was perfect. Okay...move inside, left, cross, then uppercut. That should work.

The goon swung, only Spidey's head wasn't polite enough to hold still. He was to the left?
The right cross hit with the force of a magnum bullet, rocking the goon's head to the opposite side, and then the punch rising under his chin completed the process of stunning him and blocked blood flow to his brain.

As the goon fell, Spider-Man webbed him down and glanced around.
He lost the ringleaders, but the rest of them were here, the drugs were here, and the money was here. That had to be good enough.

He dialed up 911, and sent them the details, location, and what could be found.

Madigan Belle has posed:
On the ground are two syringes with just a few drops left of the reddish colored viscous liquid that was inside of them. There's no labels or anything on them, but there are the goons who used them. They're out cold, hopefully the drug will wear off before the police show up.

The cops, of course, will take up the charge and make it down to the scene as soon as they can. It takes them 10 minutes to get there, lights going, sirens loud. Soon after their arrival there will be tape to signify the crime scene, handcuffs on perps, and a lot of them have history.

Donny isn't present, he's off where ever Spider-Man brought him in the first place. Whatever evidence Spider-man wants to take before the cops show will also be gone. And decidedly, Tommy O'Neill and Sean McOwan, still without cell bars ruining their night. Whoever they answer to though, probably aren't going to be happy with how things went down.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man does inject a couple of drops of the stuff into a vial, sticking the vial in his backpack. "You, my little friend, have a date with a mass spectrometer."

It wasn't perfect, but they never were...