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Twist and Shout!
Date of Scene: 11 March 2021
Location: Lady Cha Cha's
Synopsis: Accident prone people and dance lessons. What could go wrong?
Cast of Characters: Ted Kord, Joan Wright

Ted Kord has posed:
I am Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle. I have a black belt. I serve with the Justice League. I build incredible machines.

I stuck dancing with a woman who has... thickness and no sense of rhythm, but a natural talent for finding my instep that some villains would pay to see. I am dancing with this lovely, dangerous woman because my best friend said she was going to be late. We're a half hour into our ballroom dancing lessons and the teacher decided I know enough to pair me up every woman who showed up without a partner. A few guys too. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I get away to get some water and start texting. Fast.

<<WTF happened? Where RU? Ted>>

Tomorrow I endorse a new line of emojis with pissy expressions. The standard ones are weak. <<Making me dance with adipose people who are crippling me wrse thn te Madmen! FFS!>>

I also shouldn't have worn my special blue tux. She said she was working late but I thought she was leaving. I hope she's okay so I can kill her.

Joan Wright has posed:
To be fair, Joan got notice of said dance lessons a bit late. Sufficient enough time to get out of a typical appointment but - Well, when a building is at risk of falling down, you are capable of stopping that, AND are made aware of the fact, you MAKE the time to ensure that it doesn't.

So, side trip done. Joan finally makes it to Lady Cha Cha's. While not in formal attire, she is at least not wearing construction gear. The khaki dress pants she wears only has four pockets to them and they are paired decently with the light blue dress shirt. Not quite pristine, there is some dust from the building problem previously described.

As she comes in, she glances around for Ted. He's not hard to find. She knows by now to look for the bluest of the blue outfits when trying to find him. But the tux, still gets a bit of a brow raise. She looks to the other people to make sure she didn't miss a dress code.

Ted Kord has posed:
She didn't. I'm an idiot. I heard 'ballroom' and I figured tux. There's... probably a joke in there but I'm just glad to see her. Joan takes care of me in social situations. I have merely saved her from plane crashes, alienLego monsters and the odd thug and villain. Oh, my drones like her too.

Ted hurries towards Joan heading off a predatory senior. He fiddles with his phone but... it isn't like you can recall a text message.

Wait, ted built the dang phones. He does indeed delete the text. Replacing it with a gif of the Bug firing fireworks. Yes. He's allowed. Read your Terms of Service.

Ted grabs Joan by the hands, gently to indicate she's with him. "I'm so glad you made it. I see you wore blue! How nice."

Joan Wright has posed:
As Joan is looking towards Ted, she doesn't see the older gent heading towards her until Ted crosses in front of him. She glances behind her to see if someone else came in after her and turns her head back upon finding none. As Ted comes in grabbing her hands, she sneaks a glance towards the other man who seems to be backing up. Well, at least one awkward situation averted.

She smiles at the comment about the blue shirt. "Yes. Looks like we match again." The smile fades a bit. "How much time did I miss?"

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord walks Joan to the dance floor. "Thirty minutes -and three broken toes... I've been in brawls less strenuous than this -with Black Canary! She's actually very nice. She's actually a sweetheart." He stops to await further instructions.

Joan Wright has posed:
"Oh." Joan grimaces as she is lead to the floor. "I'm sorry. There was a work emergency as I was coming out the door. Nothing on the verge of collapse now but I'd avoid Orchard and Delancey tonight."

She glances to the others, "I guess from the toe thing I'm not too far behind?"

Ted Kord has posed:
Some time later...

"I am telling you Beulah body checked me! I been body checked." He helps Joan to a chair. "Let me check your ankle? I've twisted every part of my body at some point. Or gotten it twisted. Some of those seniors are savages." He sits down next to Joan and glares at the dance floor. "Kord Co has a 24 hour Urgent Care if that helps..."

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan winces as she waddles over, using Ted to lessen the amount of weight she puts upon her foot. "Maybe... I should just sit for a bit and we check on it in a bit?" She suggests, sitting down once she reaches the chair, "Eee- Maybe it can be walked off?" Just... not right this second.

She looks over to an older woman in a blood red dress and heels. "At least I know who to avoid on the dance floor next time."

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord looks where Joan is staring. "Telling , you, the Crimson Dancer, B-list villain in the sixties. I could ask J'Onn about her. Terpsichorean Terrorist was her nick name. She could crush a brick between her knees. She was supposed to had died in a tap dancing mishap when she tried to hold Fred Astaire for ransom."

Pregnant pause.

"The fiend."

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan is quiet, looking to Ted as he mentions the incident involving Fed Astaire, giving a slow nod. Hmm. Seems that would have made the news or someth-

"...Oh! A joke!"

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord looks back at Joan.

"Not when you got through with it. But I appreciate the recognition." He pats her on the knee. "Superheroes make terrible jokes... we're good at banter, but not jokes. I wonder why that is? Some think they're funny but... no. Not intentionally. " He looks at her for a long moment.

"I make stuff dangerous for you. I bought you Legos and presto Brickhead, not once but twice. I invite you for dumplings and we nearly get lunched by the restaurant staff, then you get kidnapped by Abbott and Costello. I take you on a plane ride and we crash and are thought dead. How does this end? I just invite danger into your life. Maybe we should go back to just being business associates -unless you want me to build you power armor. This is not... I'm being serious."

Joan Wright has posed:
The architect is tempted to respond back to the banter comment but the look on Ted's face gives her pause. As he goes through his observations.

"Ok you're wrong on a few counts." Joan replies, shaking her head, lifting a hand up to pat Ted's shoulder in assurance. "First off, you didn't buy the LEGOs. You regifted them. Second off. If I wasn't in the plane crash I'd have been responding to that WORK email and encountered your doppelganger directly. Which, based from what we saw would have been MUCH worse. Today I ran to a building on the verge of collapse to stop it from doing so. This is normal for me."

She leans back in her seat, "Face it Ted. My job is dangerous. With or without you. It's my choice. So stop worrying."