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Some Nights You Just Need A Drink
Date of Scene: 11 March 2021
Location: Luke's Bar
Synopsis: Viola stops by Luke's Bar for a drink after seeing Mysterio's attack on a street fair. Danny Rank is nursing his wounds and the two talk about heroes and villains.
Cast of Characters: Danny Rand, Viola Fiore

Danny Rand has posed:
It's been a rough night. Danny, as The Immortal Iron Fist, Defender of Kun Lun, Fighter of Ninjas and Dealer of Justic went out on patrol to give a couple other Defenders a break. He did well, but got mixed up in a gang fight just outside of Harlem. He put down the violence, but they didn't take it too kindly or go easy. Its nothing that won't heal quickly, given who he is, but he has a few cuts, bruises, and a shiner. He made his way to Luke's Bar to change into a spare set of street clothes and has now settled onto one of the stools, nursing a drink and trying to get his thoughts in order.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Outside the bar, a young woman of about twenty three walks with a man of similar age. She's wearing black pants and a blouse with a leather jacket over it. He's in jeans and a button up shirt.

They stand outside the bar for about five minutes and then a black sedan pulls up. A discussion is had, the man seeming to want the young woman to go in the car with him. But in the end he climbs in without her and the car departs. She looks around only briefly before heading for the bar and coming inside.

Viola glances around, giving the bar one of those thorough looks that tend to indicate it is someone's first time in a place. She walks over to take a seat at the bar. There's one empty seat between herself and Danny Rand.

When Roy Healy comes over to take her order, Viola tells him, "Let me have a glass of Maker's Mark? Thanks." She rests her arms on the bar, hands moving to clasp one another. Her fingers fidget, grasping and releasing continually, while the man in the later years of his life goes and pours her drink and brings it back to her. "Danny, you good?" he asks, checking with the blond-haired man.

Danny Rand has posed:
Danny's street clothes, in this situation, are just a beat up t-shirt, jeans and some shoes that are a bit over-worn, seeming a far shine from his usual, rich-boy fare, but he always liked it like that.

"Yeah man," he replies, "I'm good." He gives an amused grin, "You should see the other guys?" he suggests, in an attempt to be light hearted. He's bruised, but maybe oddly doesn't seem to be moving with any less grace than the Iron Fist usually uses. He of course also notices the newcomer, giving her a brief glance that that takes in enough of her features he can identify her later if she ends up being a secret ninja or something.

Viola Fiore has posed:
The young woman picks up the glass of whiskey and takes the kind of healthy drink that one usually sees either from an alcoholic who has been without a drink for awhile, or someone that's turning to the whiskey to steel their nerves after something troubling.

Viola glances around the bar again finally, the conversation between Roy and Danny drawing her attention over to him. She notes the bruises and scrapes and gets a sympathetic look.

Upon the TV, the news cuts in, showing a photo of Mysterio in an inset beside the news anchor. The bartender turns up the volume enough they can hear about how Mysterio attacked a street fair, but was captured.

Roy notices how much Viola drank, and brings the bottle back over to top her off. "You ok?" he asks Viola.

She nods back to him. "Yeah, just a little shook up. It's been a pretty unbelievable week," she says, tone making it unbelievable in a not good way.

Danny Rand has posed:
"I think this town has 10 unbelievable things before Tuesday," Danny says. He watches her take down the whiskey like it was water. His brow raises lightly, but he doesn't ask what's troubling her. Instead, he briefly looks up at the TV. "Isn't that the fishbowl guy who usually fights with Spider-man? Wonder why he'd do in a street fair." He lets out a quiet breath, thinking if he'd been there he might could've helped a bit.

Viola Fiore has posed:
After that first, large drink, the young woman has slowed her consumption of the whiskey. Smaller sips. Though she holds to the glass with both hands.

As Danny Rand comments on the news report about the attack, Viola swings her eyes back up to the TV. "I don't know. It didn't make any sense to me. He turned people into horses. Not even real horses. They were kind of cartoonish. But the people still were thinking like themselves, and so were freaking out, running everywhere," Viola says. He'll have to pick up along the way that from the sounds of it, she was there, as Viola doesn't ever mention that clearly.

She takes another sip of her whiskey. "It could have been worse. Just a lot to go through this week."

Danny Rand has posed:
Danny's naive a lot of times, but he can put clues together. "You were there?" He asks, taking a quick sip of his own drink. "At this Fair? And he spent his time making people look like... cartoon horses?" Well, that's a new one. "Did a cape end up stopping him, or the cops just put him away." His money is on a SuperHero.

He leans back just a bit, and winces faintly, having forgotten he took a bat-to-the-side during the fight. Or, a chain. One of the two.

Viola Fiore has posed:
The Italian-American young woman lets out a sigh, and takes another small sip of her whiskey before answering. "Yes, I was there. I was up on a ride when it went down. But my boyf-" she says before cutting the word off. "My ex that I'm too stupid to not go do things with now and then," she amends, "was there in the crowd that got zapped. Or, I heard him say something about illusion, so I guess it didn't really change anyone?" she says, turning the last part into a question rather than a statement.

"Whatever it was, he was pretty shook up by it. Yes, some hero sponsored by a tire store that I hadn't heard of before, came out and fought him. Mysterio melted part of a building trying to shoot the hero, but got caught in the end. Police showed up and took him away," she says.

Viola looks over at Danny more closely. "Are you sure that you're ok?" she asks him again, spotting that wince as the man shifts in his seat.

Danny Rand has posed:
He doesn't interupt her as she discusses the events, just shakes his head lightly. "Yeah, I think I read somewhere that he's just a weird, illusion dude. Shame he's a bit crazy, probably could have a profitable career in the movie or entertainment industries, to be honest. Usually these guys have schemes though, weird that it's turning people to cartoons." He shrugs, "But who can tell what goes on in their heads. I wouldn't want to, honestly." He also adds, "Tire sponsored hero? You know what, you're right, that's just a weird one."

At the question, he lets out a very soft chuckle. "Oh, I'm fine. Or, I will be, after a long shower, some tea and a good night's rest."

Viola Fiore has posed:
The young woman's expression shows some concern for Danny, but when he indicates he's fine, she doesn't push it further.

The news moves on to another story. No one was hurt, no property was destroyed, so it doesn't warrant very much time on TV. Viola glances up and sees they are talking sports now, and she looks back down at her glass again, taking another sip.

"Sunday," she says, drawing a small breath, and offering her thoughts unsolicited. "There was shoot out at a marina I was by. And, well, The Hulk ended up breaking up the firefight. But the gasoline pump was hit. And he grabbed me and leaped me out of there just as it blew up," Viola says.

She pauses, and takes another, slightly larger sip of her drink, then looks back to Danny. "So, just to warn you. It might not be safe to be around me this week, the way it's going."

Danny Rand has posed:
"Yikes," Danny says, "Sounds like you HAVE had a week." He rubs the back of his neck lightly, "But hey, any week you can walk away from, right? Maybe its one of those things that'll make a good story, in hindsight." Danny doesn't particularly believe that, but it's peppy and upbeat. "And I wouldn't worry about me. But my friend might be upset if a Super Villain came in and wrecked his bar, so maybe hold off on bad luck curses." He looks around a bit, and then grins to the bartender, "At least till the Weekend, right?"

Viola Fiore has posed:
Roy grins back to Danny. "Yeah, let Luke hand that stuff," the older man says as he grabs a towel and wipes down the bar. Viola looks over to Roy and says, "Oh I thought maybe you were Luke."

She gets a shake of Roy's head in response. "Nah he's like," Roy says, holding his hand up really high to indicate Luke's height. "And really," he adds, gesturing in a way that suggests he might be a weightlifter or something. "And he's got a tan which is far more year round than me," Roy says with a chuckle.

Viola ends up chuckling softly and nodding. She looks back to Danny. "I'll do my best not to call down my bad luck on the place," she says. "I'll have to go find a field of clover and look for one with four leaves or something," she says.

Danny Rand has posed:
"Yeah, Luke's a bit... bigger." Danny says with a wider grin now. "Pretty good bouncer when the place needs it." He doesn't mention the super strength and bullet proof, but mostly because Luke told him to stop telling folks stuff they didn't need to know. "Clovers? If its as bad as you say, you'll probably find some Leprechaun based villain. Actually," he pauses, thinking, "Is there one of those? We should have villan and hero trading cards to keep score of all the themes at this point.""

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore breaks out in a warm chuckle. "Oh, thank you, I needed that," she says of the laughter that Danny brought out. "I don't know, there probably is. Can hardly keep any of that straight. Just kind of hope those sorts of things don't happen to any of us, you know," she tells him.

Another small sip of her whiskey is taken. "I actually did meet Aquaman not too long ago. I do event planning. And there's a... it's kind of an exclusive high end club, that had me do their Mardi Gras party as a job audition." Danny Rand can probably piece together she's talking about the Hellfire Club since they had such a party. "Anyway, it turned out he was there and ended up talking with him a bit. Heroes can be really nice, down-to-earth people as it turns out. Or maybe he's down-to-ocean?"

Danny Rand has posed:
"Hmm," Danny says, thinking a long moment, "The Lepre-Con. He's a sneaky con-man, short, had his parents disown him, now he gets money any way he can." He chuckles, "I should stop making up villains, or I might see them on the news or something." He waves to the TV again, indicating the news from earlier.

Danny does pick up on it, but he does his best not to show it. "I think bottom of the ocean still counts as Earth. Actually, literally, more down to earth that most folk since, you know, it's /way/ down there." He pauses, "Met any other heroes? I've seen a few myself, but I don't know that I've been to a fancy party with them."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola takes another sip of the whiskey and then sets the glass down. She isn't the biggest thing, and the alcohol is starting to give her a nice buzz. Which after the incident earlier tonight is much appreciated by the Italian-American young woman. Just what she came in for.

"Hmm. Actually yes. I saw the Flash at the Zoo in Central Park," she says. "That was just last week actually. He was just... wandering through with like, a dozen hot dogs to eat. I guess he must burn through the calories. And I've seen a number of mutants but I don't know if any of them were heroes," she says thoughtfully. "The one CEO with the wings, Warren Worthington? Saw him at a coffee house one day. Seeing him just land and take off was kind of thrilling. The Battle for New York didn't really have too much happen in my neighborhood. I was going to school at Columbia at the time, just saw it from afar and then went down into the subway tunnels with everyone else."

She looks over to Danny. "Who have you seen?" she asks.

Danny Rand has posed:
"Like I said, mine's just glimpses here and there," Danny says. Well, he lies, obviously, "Saw Spider-man swinging over a few times." True, web-head will occasionally swoop past his office in Rand Tower. "And I've seen the Devil in Hell's Kitchen a time or two. Punched out some guys dressed like Ninjas." He rolls his shoulders. "Nothing Avenger level, really. No sea kings either," He muses. "Though, week's young yet. You seem to be right-place-right-time for a lot of these." Now that he says it out loud, it does seem a little curious. "Hm, have you ever considered maybe you have a secret hero or villain in the family? Might be the reason heroes keep popping up? Or, could be coincidence."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore lets out a laugh of delight. "Oh, my little brother? He can't stop playing video games long enough to have a life, let alone be a hero. I swear he's going to flunk out of college at the rate he's going," she says, shaking her head.

She looks down at her glass, picking it back up and taking a slightly larger sip than the last few. "There's nothing wrong with a quiet, normal life. I have a job that I like. I am extremely grateful I didn't get exploded thanks to the Hulk. And, wow, does he ever get some bad press. I mean, yes he did kind of... smash the bad guys. There was a car I think he threw. But I probably wouldn't be here without him, right? Well, I shouldn't complain. I mean those people are out there literally risking their lives to help us," Viola says finally.

She gives a little lift of her glass. "So here's to the heroes<' she says in toast, and if Danny raises a glass with her, with clink it to his before drinking.

Danny Rand has posed:
He does lift his as well, grinning, "For the heroes. Even the ones we don't know about." He sips his a bit more, then glances at his watch which seems to be worth way more than his outfit is letting on. "I should probably head home," he says. "Been a bit of a long night on my end of things as well, and I believe I could use that long sleep I mentioned earlier." He rises, sliding a bit of money over to the barkeep, even though Luke will often tell him how no-good his money is here. "For what it's worth, this place is a pretty good place to unwind your nerves," he tells Viola and waves, heading toward the door with a "See you around."