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Medical Care
Date of Scene: 11 March 2021
Location: Batcave
Synopsis: Jason has burgers for everyone, while Dick has a knife wound that Stephanie tends to.
Cast of Characters: Stephanie Brown, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The sound of a Batcycle's engine can be heard entering the Batcave. No need to run it on silent mode, here. Batgirl pulls in, her cape only gently stirring with the wind of her passage given she's not going that fast. She pulls into the vehicle bay, letting the automated systems start refueling it and running diagnostics. She runs a hand over the high tech bike. Still appreciating having one, even if she's been Batgirl for coming up on fourth months now.

Stephanie removes her cowl as she heads for the rest of the Batcave, glancing back as if expecting another arrival at anytime.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason is already here. He shouldn't be.

He lounges back in one of the batcomputer chairs, his red helmet sitting on the counter with his domino mask. The black paint is still smeared around his eyes. He messily works on a Big Belly burger, with a big filled with them sitting nearby. He glances over as Steph rolls in and chuckles a bit, sitting up. "Big night? Or just another routine?"

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing's bike sends a growling rumble through the cave as he pulls in right behind her, the V-10 engine echoing off the walls until he parks it on the platorm and kills the engine, lights between the front wheels fading out as he powers down. He swings off of the bike and heads over towards the main part of the cave.

Spotting Jason, he raises a hand in greeting, calling, "Hey Jason, how's things? Bruce will kill you if you get burger grease in his keyboards." He smirks, ribbing another of Bruce's proteges is pretty much a requirement of the job.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown flashes Jason Todd a smile as he sits there in front of the Batcomputer. "Not a small night at least," she says, waiting then as she hears the rumble of Nightwing's bike arriving. "Dick had a lead on some smugglers. Which turned out to be The Hand. Bit of a fight ensued."

She turns to look towards Dick. "Speaking of, someone needs a few minutes in medical," the blond girl comments. She continues on towards Jason, the medical part of the cave being past and to the side. "So did you bring enough of those for the rest of the class?" she asks as she peers towards Jason's food bag.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason smirks a bit at Dick and shrugs a shoulder. "He can try. Just for that I'm considering giving your burger to Ace." He nudges the bag towards the others with his boot, which is sitting on the edge of the console.

"Things are fine, I guess. Val wants to meet more family since I've met a bunch of hers or something." He's been seeing Valeria Richards for some time now, apparently. "Ah, gotcha," he nods to Stephanie. "I've been dealing with some human traffickers in my part of town. Not a huge operation, but it doesn't need to be."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick nods, "Well, Damian probably wouldn't give him one, don't think the kid eats burgers." He detours up to the Bat Computer platform to grab a burger from the bag, "Thanks Jason. So how informed is she about who we are? I mean, Reed knows us all, is she up to speed on everyone?"

He continues over to the medical area, saying, "Seriously Steph, it's a clean little knife cut, it's fine. You worry too much about these things." He partially unwraps the burger and takes a bite, then plops down into a chair since he already knows what her answer is going to be.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown grabs a burger as well, but doesn't open it yet. "Thanks, will save it until after, going to need some clean hands. And this will be deliciously not clean," she says with a grateful smile to Jason.

She follows Dick over to the medical bay, and though she's about seven or eight years younger, Stephanie doesn't quibble about putting her hands on her hips in a disapproving way and then pointing Dick to the chair. The one he's already heading towards.

She grins and sets down the burger then goes to wash her hands. "That sprayable bandage is fine for short term, but you've got your costume stuck to the cut too," she counters. Once her hands are sterilized she comes over, moving a wide arm rest for Dick to rest his injured arm on. Stephanie gets a non-toxic substance that will dissolve the sprayable bandage and begins applying it.

Jason Todd has posed:
"I don't give out other peoples secrets," Jason grunts. "But she spends a lot of time at the Red Cave, so..." The Red Cave. Also known as a converted garage and apartment. "Can't keep her hands off my bike."

He grunts in return to the appreciation of the burger. He turns to watch Steph work on Dick. "She doesn't even know about my...history, really. Just knows I was a former Robin. Knows I had a falling out with Batman. I'm not really ready to share that yet."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick waves the hand holding the burger, since Steph has taken possession of his other arm, "Didn't mean you were giving things away, just wondering if she knew who we were when you said she wanted to meet more family. You know, would she be meeting Nightwing or Dick Grayson, that kinda thing." He takes another bite, gotta refuel after fighting ninjas. "I mean, I guess it would be Nightwing, she already knows me from when I studied with Reed, now that I think of it."

The spray bandage dissolves easily, leaving the cut partially revealed. His costume is indeed stuck to at least a part of the wound, but other than that it looks fairly simple and clean. No major bleeding ensues, so nothing major was hit.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown doesn't weigh in on the revealing of things, with her being one of the more recent additions to the family. If not officially in the way of the others, at least being included and made to feel like family.

Stephanie carefully wipes the residue of the spray bandage away. She can't help but cause the cut to bleed a little more as she does, not if she's going to get it all off of his arm. "That's a little deeper than I thought," she comments to Dick.

Without looking over, Stephanie comments, seemingly for Jason's benefit. "He had to take on three of them together that were lying in wait, before I could get up onto the roof to help." Perhaps just assuming some comment would eventually be made between the brothers about letting himself get hurt. "Ok, lets get that off," she says of his costume top's sleeve that is sliced open and in the way of being able to wrap up the wound properly.

Jason Todd has posed:
He nods to Dick as he finishes off his burger. "Nightwing for now." Jason sits up in his chair, resting his arms across his knees as he glances about the cave.

"I can head out if you wanna get more of his costume off, Steph." Ah, Jason. Pure class. He brushes his fingers back through his skunk-streaked hair.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick laughs, "I don't think she's thinking in quite that way, Jason. We're fixing a knife wound, not making out in a corner." He chuckles and puts the burger down, retrieving his arm from Steph and reaching down to his waist, stripping the top half of his outfit up and over his head, then dropping it on the table beside him.

"Besides, not like she hasn't seen me swimming before or something, this is hardly a sexy scene." He returns his injured arm to the arm rest, "Here Steph, doctor away. It'll be fine." He recovers his burger and takes another bite.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown gives a snort as she hears the comment from Jason. She swivels her chair around to face him, sticking her tongue at Jason with a faint grin. As Dick is removing his costume top, she's focused on the younger of the two brothers saying, "Right. And of the three of us who was it just pining about his girlfriend?" she teases Jason.

Stephanie signals her agreement with Dick's statement with a nod as she starts to turn back towards her patient. "Right not like I haven't seen-" she says, a pause injected into the words as her eyes fall in Dick sitting there waiting for her. "Ah... seen him before," she agrees, hurrying on with the words after the pause.

She turns away quickly, pulling over a little stand with a tray on it with the things she'll need. She fidgets with them for a few moments, as if making sure nothing is missing.

Finally she turns back towards Dick. Stephanie gets out some antibiotic ointment and says, "I'll try not to hurt," as she gently rubs it over the cut. Touch light enough it actually doesn't hurt.

Jason Todd has posed:
"You've been patched up by the wrong people, then, Dick," Jason says with a shit-eating grin. He finally climbs to his feet and reaches over to grab his helmet. "Burger in there for Bruce and Damian, too, if he'll touch it. Plastic cutlery for Bruce." He brushes his hair back and then slides his helmet on. It seals into place with a CLICK and small HISS.

He crosses the batcave to where his bike is parked, and he slings a leg over it.That is the extent of his goodbye. The bike roars to life, and off the blacksheep goes.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick shrugs a little, "I'm not too worried Steph. I think the knife was probably worse than anything you're going to do, and honestly, I barely felt that anyway. I'm sure you'll do fine." If he noticed her reaction, he isn't saying anything, at least. Rather, he goes back to the burger, giving her the time she needs to work on his arm.

"I feel a little stupid for getting tagged, but I mean, I couldn't let the guy fall, right? Little smuggling is not a reason for someone to die in my opinion." Typical Nightwing, willing to get himself hurt to safeguard the life of a criminal. That's the influence of some of the ridiculously heroic people he's been raised around.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie takes another, closer look at the wound. "Well, I wouldn't put it past them to poison their knives, so best to treat it seriously," she says. "Not that I see any signs, or reaction, that would suggest it was."

She gets a little staple gun that fires surgical staples from the tray and turns back towards Dick. "Says something about him that he'd stab you when you were the only thing keeping him from falling," she comments. She gently gathers the skin on both sides of the cut. "Says something about you too," she adds, looking up to give Dick a small, approving smile before focusing back on what she's doing, then applying the first staple.

It only takes four, and then she adds some of the spray bandage. A more medically amenable form of superglue, really. The staples will help give it extra stability. Not necessary for a normal person, but should Dick get in more fights and take a hit there, the staples may be enough to hold it together when the medical glue alone would not.

She glances back up, blue eyes focusing over on him. "Glad you grabbed backup before going in. I imagine you'd have handled it fine on your own. But better safe and all," she says.

Dick Grayson has posed:
As she cleans and cares for the wound, Dick smiles and watches her work. "I see Barbara's been keeping you up on first aid as well. Don't think a nurse could have done any better." There's no reaction at all as the staples go in, but that's to be expected of any of Batman's proteges, really.

Once she finishes, he flexes his arm from the elbow a couple times and nods, "Yeah, no problem. Thanks Steph." He picks up his costume top and chucks it towards the nearest laundry basket, from whence it will likely return not only clean, but mended as well, knowing Alfred.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The young woman lets out a exhalation that blows a few stray wisps of blond hair away from her face. Though they fall back down onto her cheek again as soon as it passes. "I don't think there's a subject she hasn't grilled me on," Stephanie replies, though her tone is more one of pride than it is of complaint. "This is a pretty handy one though. Can't keep showing up with bruises, after all, or the people in your life are going to wonder what's up," she says.

Stephanie returns things to the tray. She glances back at Dick's arm, making sure it looks good to go. Her eyes drift a little past his arm briefly, and then she stands up, taking the tray to be left where Alfred will later sterilize things and put them back in a new tray ready for the next time they are needed.

The girl moves over to pick up her burger that was left untouched while she tended to Dick's arm. She takes a seat over on the exam bed, legs dangling over the side as she opens it up. She gives him a soft smile as he flexes his arm and then thanks her. "Welcome," she says while shrugging as if it's no big deal. But there's a small smile there up until the point she takes a bite of her burger. "Oh. Oh god. This. This is good," she says.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick takes another bite of his rapidly vanishing burger, "Well, it's unhealthy, so of course it tastes good. That's always how it works. All the unhealthy things always taste the best." He gets up and wanders over to the refrigerator in the cave, pulling out a bottle of water. He grabs a second one and heads back over to Steph, handing one bottle to her as he sits back down.

"So what do you know about Constantine? Bruce doesn't talk about him, so I've only caught tiny snippets about him. Did he do something? I rarely see Bruce react like that to someone."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The bottle of water is taken with a grateful look. "Tell me about it. Why can't Brussel sprouts taste like pizza?" she asks, one hand supporting the query with a gesture.

Stephanie takes another bite, sighing and enjoying the flavor as she eats it. She waits until her mouth is clear before she says, "I don't know a whole lot. Magical, obviously. There's a file on demons that Bruce had me get into after I got clawed. Not a lot in it, but there were a few brief mentions of him, as a source for some of the information.

The young woman looks thoughtful, shifting her weight on the bed to sit more on her side as she draws one leg up, bent at the knee. She's still in her Batgirl costume, all but the cowl. "I can't even really put the why into words. Just I got a feeling maybe he deals with infernal things a little more than Zatanna. Or, focused on them or connected? I don't know, was just a feeling I got after reading it all," she tells him.

She looks thoughtful. "But you know, I have a hard time picturing Bruce's reaction if it wasn't a personality thing. Or unless it was like some story where you come out on the losing end of any exchange. But I doubt he'd let me go if it was that. The comment about showering after though... maybe it's a combination, the personality and just feeling like he's... tied to darker things somehow?"

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick considers that for a few moments, then nods, "Guess that could be it. Add a topic Bruce doesn't know a ton about, which is fairly rare, add in personality and possible ties to darker things and I guess I could see the reaction. Still interesting to see though.

The last bite of the burger vanishes, and the wrapper arcs through the air into a garbage can. He takes a sip of water, then looks over at the young woman sitting on the bed, "I'll keep in touch on the smuggling thing, give you a call if I get word of any more shipments, cause yeah, I'm pretty glad I had backup tonight. I didn't expect the Hand to be out in force like they were."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie is slowly making her way through the burger. She takes another bite of the double patty with extra Belly Buster sauce. A smear of the latter ends up on the corner of her mouth as she chews the burger, savoring the delicious unhealthiness of it.

"I'll let you know what I find, trying to trace back the shipping," she agrees. The younger girl lifts a hand to gesture about something. "While I'm thinking about it... so I had a few things ready for this second go round with Felix Faust. I used sonic batarangs, and some of that special tear gas mixture in pellet form. But also I used those... well I call them vomit bombs because I can't ever remember the chemical's name," she says. A small so bad it tends to induce vomiting in those with about twenty feet.

"They worked really well at first. Though one of Faust's buddies, a druid made of wood, shattered the batarang. And he was also able then to blow the rest back our way. Faust and Fortune were both disabled were it not for him," she says, sighing. "Anyway, I'll expect them to be ready for those next time. So if you can help me think up anything to use on them, I'd appreciate it."