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Twasn't me!
Date of Scene: 11 March 2021
Location: April's Apartment
Synopsis: Harley gets lectured by her roommate due to all the news coming out in the papers about her! Unfair!
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, April O'Neil

Harley Quinn has posed:
Night abates chez April. A quiet affair without the clownette around, she hasn't been about last couple of days which left April with Bud and Lou to take care of. Not that they aren't independent hyenas, trained to hunt food by climbing to the highest of cabinets in the kitchen to dig out for food. And somehow she must have taught them to open the fridge because they took care of a nice piece of meat as well.

Harley is coming back after those two days. But does she go through the front door? Nope! She climbs up the outside, over to that window that leads to her room, doing it in the way she did around a year ago when she slinked inside all full of sewer water and mud after escaping Arkham.

Bud and Lou are at the living room, lounging as is their right. But soon enough one lifts it's head, ears perked and tail bouncing.

Is Harley on the approach?

April O'Neil has posed:
April had never had pets before, of any kind, but she'd adapted to Bud and Lou pretty quickly. They seemed to WANT to listen to her, for whatever reason, maybe it's just her positive reinforcement! Either way, the three got along pretty good, even if she had to scold them when they acted out regardless here and there.

But in the now, April is in her room. She's been preparing to go out tonight and with the weather warming up to a more comfortable levle, she's able to get her tshirts out of the boxes again. Slipping one on, April pulls her hair out of the back of hte neck of it and lets it drape down behind her shoulders.

She catches sight of the hyenas moving out in the living room and pulls her bedroom door open to step out and look around. "Harley?" She calls out, walking toward Bud whose on his feet...

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley finishes climbing up to her room window. Now just a matter of sliding the window up and .... A traitorous hyena leaps and bounds out of the living room with a yelp, dashing towards Harley's room and sticking her nose right out the window when the clownette opens it.

So what happens is a Harley being slobbered with a tongue and slipping. "Buuuuud....!" She cries out to the traitor!

There is the sound of something breaking, of a foot slipping. A very human yelp and then there's a clownette dangerously close to falling, hanging on by fingertips to the window sill. "Go back in, ya buffooon!" she admonishes the hyena, struggling to find balance...

April O'Neil has posed:
April is only half way toward Bud when he starts to bound toward the Clownette's bedroom, April's old office. So naturally the jig is up, as they say, and when Harley manages to get herself back inside to argue witht he hyena, she'll no doubt be able tos ee her bedroom doorway graced with the form of April. Dressed in a white tshirt with a local band's logo on the chest, a pair of blue jeans, and white socks on her feet, April just folds her arms over her stomach and leans against the door frame.

"Oh look, it's the jail bird." April says in a dry tone of voice, smirking at Harley as Lou now shoves his way past April's hip and in to the bedroom too!

"Welcome back." April adds then. "Are the cops hot on yoru heels?" Uh oh, she's definitely heard the news... which makes sense, since she's a NEWS REPORTER.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Sitting on the floor is indeed Harley when April steps in, trying to fight off a very tenacious hyena who slobbers at her face, soon enough joined by the other. Oh great.. "Oh, I missed ya two, ya big babies." big wide smile on her lips, fingers racking through the hyenas's fur. When she catches sight of April by the door and with those arms crossed she lowers her gaze away. Shame? Or perhaps waiting for a look of disappointment? But she manages a faint smile, even through the dry tone on April. "So uh.., ya saw the news I s'ppose." the mention of cops making her peer out the window and then closing it swiftly.

"Look, I know how this is gonna sound, but I am innocent!" she gesturing with her hands, a pause. "Well, sorta innocent, not really in a sense of ...." a beat, " ... That reporter of the Gazette is out ta get me! Those things didn't happen in that manner!" she appears flustered.

April O'Neil has posed:
April remains just leaning there in Harley's bedroom doorway up until she hears the excuses start to come up. It makes her unfold her arms and just shake her head. "Harley..." She says in that judgemental way. "You're gonna get your ass thrown back in to Arkham, or some place worse. Maybe a place that actually has it's shit together and doesn't let ya crawl out of a sewage pipe like Shawshank!"

"Worse yet, you're gonna get /me/ thrown in one too." April rolls her eyes and just turns back toward the living room. "So why don't you tell me how you're innocent, and how I shouldn't just... I dunno... call the cops /before/ they beat down my door and smash all my windows with tear gas cannisters."

April walks back in to the living room, because it's not that far away, they have conversations between the rooms all the time.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Et tu, April?!

Harley blinks a couple of times, lower lip actually trembling. "Ya wouldn't call 'em, would ya?" she asks, perhaps not too certain now, again that fear returning about being dumped out. She pushes herself up to her feet, dusting off her leather jacket and jeans. Rather normal clothing for what is her usual. But maybe that's the whole point, going UNDERCOVER.

"Look, we weah most celebratin' a bounty having gone well when we went across some construction yard on Gotham. Near the docks, used ta be a place wheah me and Ivy went ta when we weah younger. Turns out they are transformin' it into some .., I don't even know."

She sighs, walking out. "So there were those guys there, workers supposedly, but I have seen 'em up to no good before. You know me, I know every crook in Gotham. And they started bein' real nasty ta Ivy and anotha girl who was theah." she explains. "So things got a lil heated, they wanted ta hurt us! But then Ivy got a bit carried away.."

April O'Neil has posed:
There was a time where Harley Quinn scared the hell out of April, that first podcast had been pretty difficult to even concentrate during. Harley was intimidating and had a lot of information out there about how 'crazy' she is. Some of it may be true, but som eof it wasn't either. April had learned who Harley really was, or so she assumed, and she considered her the closest friend she had these days.

Back in the living room now, April collapses on to the sofa chair and turns to get her phone off of the end table she'd left it on this morning.

She listens to Harley's words and-- wait is she calling the cops?

"Ivy isn't interested in being anything but just as criminally slanted as she used to be, Harley." April declares, whether she knows that's true or not, Ivy STILL scares April.

"I get that she's your friend, and that you maybe saw good intentions in what was going on, but... there's people in this world that want your head, Harley. They'll do whatever it takes to get you back in jail." April looks up from her phone to the Clownette. "Include laying about you, or me, to make that happen."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"But that's not even the worst o' it..!" Harley says all of a sudden, lifting a finger up as if what she had to say next was of the utmost importance. "Couple days ago we weah called to this office buildin' by some supposed client who wanted ta hire us for a bounty but instead theah was this Cruella Deville type brandishin' a quellazaire of all things!"

A pause, she looks at the phone. Lips press together. Is April indeed calling the cops? She would tell Harley right? And if that had been done a year ago, or even six months back, Harley would certainly feel she was being betrayed all over again by someone she thought would never do so. Yet it's been a year and in many ways April is perhaps her best friend.

So she decides to trust. Which is perhaps quite the step forward by the clownette.

"And you awhe right. People are lyin'. In fact we weah called by that Cruella because she wanted us OUT of her business. Apparently she thought we weah hitting on her turf. Theah's something rotten goin' on at those docks in Gotham, I tell ya..."

April O'Neil has posed:
April is in the business of getting news out to the people and because of this, what Harley says only gets that side of her to react. She sets her phone down on her thigh, having been apparently just checking the time, and looks over to Harley.

"You don't have to be the one to bust the place up and stop whatever is going on in there though, Harleys." April says back. "You could just... find evidence to prove it, and expose them to the public. Let the system do all the hard work for you." Harley's wise enough to know there's ups and downs to that, especially with corrupt Gotham cops and public officials.

"It's what I do!" April says with a bit of gusto to her words. "I try to find the evidence to expose the crooks, and let them get melted by the consequences of their own dumb actions. Or... I mean... that's what I /hope/ to do." Harley is also wise enough to know April's broken in to a number of places to put herself at risk to get the 'news'.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"The system?!" Harley waves her hands up in the air, voice just a touch altered. "It's Gotham! Why d'ya think they awhe so acceptin' o' a guy dressed as a bat protectin' it? Because they know ya can't get stuff done the 'right' manner!" clearly she is not a fan of trusting the system. Unless it's Arkham's system. So fallible, so open to her escapes!

"And findin' evidence means bustin' into places too. I have seen yoh stories, ya get into the thick o' danger too!" She complaints, pointing an accusatory finger at her friend, "And I am startin' this with an handicap, who's gonna believe me? You do because yoh awhe my friend but who else? I am expectin' ta get a bat flying in through the window at any moment and it's terrifyin' me. Last thing I wanted ta do was ta be puttin' you in danger..." not that she thinks about that when she is getting into trouble.

"Aftah last time I just know they will be comin' aftah me though. And Ivy."

April O'Neil has posed:
April's right elbow goes down to the arm of the sofa chair she's seated in, he puts her hand in to her auburn locks and just leans there like that as she listens to Harley's reply. She comes to curve her hand down the side of her face and put her chin against the palm of her hand, her eyes glance over to Harley.

"I'll give you that." She says about how she puts herself in danger too. "But there's a differences in that my reputation helps prove my right, where yours... well, it might not. Especially if you got Pamela Ivy as your sidekick in all of this."

April inhales.

April exhales.

She shakes her head and drops her hand down to her lap. She leans forward then and scoots to the edge of the chair to reach for her sneakers. "I'm just worried, about you, and admittedly me too. Ever since I went to see that Lawyer I've had the notion that I'm gonna end up in jail too because of all the crazy stuff that happens around us, all, the, time."

Harley Quinn has posed:
It was true enough. She had been a criminal in the past, and one of the worst kind. And even if she *did* seem to have taken a new page in her life trouble appeared to follow her. As if Harley was a magnet for chaos. She takes in a breath, folding her arms together and still continuing to stand, perhaps too nervous to be settling down.

"I have a few avenues ta pursue on this..." She then suggests, lifting a finger. "One is ta go shakedown that reporter and see who's payin' him to do the dirty about me." a second finger. "Also find out who rented that floor we went to. Might lead us somewheah.." then a third finger. "Failin' that theah's always askin' my old contacts." a beat, "And I could use yoh help.."

"I wouldn't let 'em ya take ya ta jail, April." She says with all the determination she can muster. "Besides, ya nevah been part o' the actual uh .., sorta bendin' the rules. Except when ya weah helpin' me a rob a bank in the past. But that was foh a good cause!"

Harley finally makes the important question. "How hot was the lawyer?"

April O'Neil has posed:
While Harley says all of this, April is leaned forward and putting her shoes on. Tying the laces and sorting out the tongues of the darn things cause they always slide over to the insides of her feet for some damn reason...

When she finishes she sits up again and smirks at her roommate. "I'll help, if it keeps things on the level. But we gotta play it smart, we need like... body cams on all the time to record what we're doing, and what's happening to us. That way we're able to easily prove that we were staying within the legal realm, at least... as much as we can? I dunno. If this reporter has something out for you, we should /both/ talk to him. Otherwise it looks like you're there to rough him up, but ya know, I'm a reporter too... it should make him more comfortable to talk."

April pushes her hair back over her shoulders again, then sets her hands down on top of her knees. "Yeah, time travel crimes don't count. Right?" She states with a smirk.