5554/Thursday Night at the Wilsons

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Thursday Night at the Wilsons
Date of Scene: 12 March 2021
Location: Slade Wilson's Suite - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Slade and Rose Wilson catch up a bit and talk ninjas.
Cast of Characters: Slade Wilson, Rose Wilson

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson is waiting for a visit from his errant and sometimes rebellious daughter. He's wearing a black turtleneck and slacks, his eyepatch in place. His snow-white hair is neatly trimmed, as are his goattee. He smoked a vintage Cuban cigar while he waited, listening to some Tchaikovsky on his record player. Old times had passed away long ago, but the pleasures of years gone by could still be savored.

He has a small present on the desk, a gift for her birthday which had passed recently without them crossing paths. When the attendant knocks on the door, he gives hte proper signal and Rose is led in by a faceless servant, the mask hiding their features and leaving them blank as father and daughter are left alone.

"Rose. It's good to see you. I hope you've been well," he offers, approaching with arms outstretched, offering an embrace but not forcing it. Wilsons had a habit of being touchy sometimes.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson looks at Slade strangely as he tries to hug her but she puts her hand out while she squints at him, "Check in time huh?" she asks him sarcastically. She shoves her hands into her jeans and adds, "I hate this Club. I hate dealing with it," she whines like a true teen. She glances back at the door and then looks back at Slade again.

"I have something I need to tell you that I found in Cambodia. It's strange and...it's getting stranger," she begins to tell him, stopping her little story as she waits to see if he's ready to pay attention to her or not, "Do you want to hear it...?" she asks him. Her relationship with her father is not the best but at least she's speaking to him.

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson shakes the hand, "You can't blame a father for trying," he says with a hint of a smirk on his features. "Happy birthday, by the way. I know I'm late, Wintergreen forgot to remind me. It's a new knife. Ceramic. Get through any metal detector, cut through flesh like butter. You're welcome."

He settles into a comfortable chair. He doesn't particular care about her opinions about the club. She only got to be here at all because he asked her be given permission. "I'm always interested to hear about strange things. Have a seat. Would you like something to drink?"

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson frowns a bit as she looks down at the present, "Yeah late," she notes smirkily, as if she expected nothing less. She unwraps the present without too much fanfare and then looks at the knife in the box. She puts it back down and sits on a chair at the table next to it. At least she doesn't give him any more grief about it, that's at least something.

"Drink? No, you need to listen to this. I went back to the old place where Mom lived. You guys must have left there in a hurry because I found some old stuff. It was like a vacation or some shit. Just me, though. I thought I was being followed and these assholes followed me back here to New York. I don't know how they did it. They must have known me right from the start. So I found a little later they are ninjas---the Foot Clan. Yeah, they're really assholes. Anyway, long story short, Shaw gave me some help but the Punisher killed them so I'm back to square one."."

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson draws his cigar from the ashtray, taking a long draw from it and letting the smoke billow out of his nostrils. The lighting in here is somewhat dim, closer to candlelight than anything electric. He prefers it that way.

"I wish you wouldn't dwell on the past, Rose," he says. "The Foot Clan are quite formidable, in their own fashion, especially their leader. I haven't dealt with them directly, but I've certainly heard their reputation and seen enough of their bloody handiwork. I'm surprised you'd associate with someone like Frank Castle. I presumed he was beneath your moral standards," he says with a bit of a snort.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson smirks and pffts, throwing her hand out defensively, "What? I didn't associate with him," she states aggressively, as if quite defensive about that point.

"He popped up and shot everybody when I was chasing this Foot Clan idiot. I just want them to stop following me. It's annoying," she states.

"Their leader? Yeah, he's an asshole too but I haven't seen him pop up yet. He probably told them to follow me. I hate ninjas."

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson nods, "Ninjas tend to be treacherous by nature. They believe utterly in deceptions. They have no respect for anyone but members of their own clan and even then they turn on each other constantly. The Foot aren't quite as dangers as The Hand, but both are less potent than the League of Shadows," he sighs.

"If you would like me to look into the matter, I can see if they have a specific vendetta against you and inquire about getting your account, so to speak, cleared."

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson frowns, "I don't need you to help me!" she lets out. She sighs and plays with her knife box with her hand idly, probably thinking it's hopeless to debate with Slade.

"It's your fault anyway. I think they're a little upset at you for something. And they know I'm your daughter or something. Yeah, that sucks."

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson shrugs, "Then they're too afraid to come to me about it. They're very foolish if they think striking at you will hurt me. Don't get me wrong, I do care about you, Rose. But I'm also fully aware you can take care of yourself. I only asked so that I could feel involved. A father does like to help his little girl out from time to time, even if she is hateful towards him most of the time."

"So, you didn't want my help. Were you warning me, then? Because I wouldn't expect that of you either."

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson smirks, "I wish people would stop telling me what they want me to be," she comments blandly and then frowns, "I don't know what I want. I just want to be left alone. Don't kill everybody please?" she asks him.

"Cause that won't work. Not this time. There's something special about these ninjas."

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson shrugs, "I kill people for a living, Rose. But I don't tend to do it unless I'm being paid. Unless, of course, someone really pisses me off."

"What's so special about them, then? They just don't die easily? Because I've seen plenty of that. Just means you have to try harder."

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson smirks, "I don't kill people anymore. I promised my friends," she whines and sighs. She leans back in her chair casually.

"Well I could swear it's the same ninjas. Some of them I've stabbed and they look fine when I see them later on. I think they're magic ninjas or zombie ninjas or something shitty like that. That's why I talked to Blade this one time. You know Blade right?" she asks.

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade nods, "By reputation, although I haven't made a personal acquaintance yet. And if you're so against killing, what are you doing stabbing ninjas? Shouldn't you be...I don't know, gently buffeting them with light kicks? Shooting them with darts?" he says with a bemused expression.

"I understand what you've promised your friends. I just don't want you getting killed for their ideals. Many of your friends have vast superhuman abilities beyond what either of us possess. It's easy for them to play it safe. They don't risk as much."

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson sighs, "I can take care of myself!" she lets out and crosses her arms indignantly. She smirks a bit and then mutters, "Well if they're zombies, stabbing doesn't technically count as killing, so don't shit on me for that. Besides, he got up," she tells him smartly.

"Yeah, they've got powers. Everybody's different. I think Blade can stop them but the Big Boss is gonna be an issue."

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson smiles, "That's definitely something hero types do, look for loopholes to let them chop heads off," he teases. He takes a sip of the whiskey at his other hand, closing his eye and swallowing, savoring the burn as it goes down before the blue eye opens again.

"Big bosses usually are. Would you like some assistance with this one, or were you just wanting to show off to me that you could do it?"

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson smirks, "Shut up," she mutters, "So mean," she adds. She keeps frowning as he tries to embarrass her, "I'm not showing off," she tells him defensively.

"But you know this shithead, so tell me how to deal with him. And I'll go deal with him. That's all," she explains.

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson nods, "I am mean. Extremely mean. That's what it takes to survive and endure, especially in my business. Being nice is all fine and dandy for your friends around the clubhouse, but mean will keep you alive out in the field a lot longer. Mercy is for the weak, my dear."

"As for the Foot's leader, my understanding is that he's a highly skilled martial artist and fighter. Certainly out of your league in close combat. I would suggest terminating him from a distance but, since that's not your style, I would suggest putting him in the crosshairs of someone even more dangerous. I'd offer myself, but you don't seem to want that."

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson squints at Slade and pffts again, "Out of my league? What?" she asks him, "No way. What's he like Superman or Batman or some shit?" she asks him, cause that really would be out of her league.

"Fine, I'll think about what I want to do," she explains, frowning in a determined way, probably planning something in spite of her father's warning.

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson might be a little bit facetious but not entirely, "You're still only 19, Rose. You're formidable, as deadly as you can be, but you don't have the experience that comes with decades of training and combat. You'll get there, I've no doubt, and you might take him with the proper firearms. But if you got in a close-up fight, yes, I believe he would take you apart. You might survive, given our gifts, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't bleed you a great deal first."

"There's always someone bigger and badder, my dear. Even for me. Although there are not many that qualify as such anymore."

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson smirks, "Why doesn't he attack me then if he's so badass? Pfft, yeah cause he's not all that probably," she muses and then shrugs.

"Fine, I hear you. Stop lecturing me. He's really tough. Yeah okay, whatever. I won't take him on then. I'll come up with a plan," she explains, "I will."

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson nods, "I know you will. I'm not denigrating your abilities, Rose. Frankly, I think you slum it with some of your so-called allies, who are little more than superpowered clowns pretending at heroism. But that's your cross to bear, not mine," he says. Of course, he tried to kill a few of those clowns in the past, as well, but that was an earlier time. Rose is a primary reason why they get a pass from him now.

"Good luck, then. And if you need me or my resources, you have my number. I'd be more than happy to swoop in and save the day," he chuckles.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson stands up abruptly and rolls her eyes at his antics, "Just stay out of it. I can handle it," she tells him yet again. She sighs, "Slumming it? Whatever," she mutters, looking a little embarrassed that he'd claim her friends were so low on the totem pole.

"Okay I'm leaving," she tells him and snatches her little gift and tucks it under her arm.

Slade Wilson has posed:
Slade Wilson calls out, "My door's always open, Rose. When you're ready to do business, you just let me know."