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A quiet discussion
Date of Scene: 12 March 2021
Location: GIRL Labs
Synopsis: Viv and Riri talk about growing up, showers, and mutual study. Showers and Spacesuits involved!
Cast of Characters: Riri Williams, Vivian Vision

Riri Williams has posed:
     The morning after the sleepover was almost as active as the previous evening, with people rushing to and fro getting ready, heading out into the world to change it as best they could. Discussions of aliens, ships, and whatever else came to mind were had and, finally, late in the evening, those who needed to sleep did, and those who didn't amused themselves with whatever else amused them when they didn't sleep. Thankfully, there were no sharpie markers nearby to doodle upon people, or bowls of warm water to dip hands into, but that may not work and, even then, it's not something that anyone really wanted to test. Blissfully, those who slept were allowed to sleep and, it was getting near ten am before the drives started to spin up in Riri's head. Pushing herself up with a yawn and adjusting her pajama top, she stretches and runs her fingers through her hair, shaking her head with her eyes closed before flopping back to look up at the ceiling, her head going thud against the floor. "Ow." she murmurs halfheartedly, wiping her eyes with one hand.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Of course no matter how late the sleepover ran there was one member of GIRL guaranteed to be awake for the whole thing. Vivian Vision is however used to keeping herself busy while the humans of the world are in sleep mode and her silent watch is perhaps why no pranks got pulled on any of the sleeping supergeniuses.

Sitting cross legged on a chair in a manner that couldn't be comfortable for a normal person but which provides an excellent position for resting a sketchpad on her knees.

"Good morning Riri," she says, keeping her voice low. Some organics get cranky shortly after waking. "There is coffee and leftovers you can have for breakfast if you wish. Or if you'd like to grab a hot shower first that's also acceptable. I can fetch a clean towel if you did not bring one."

Riri Williams has posed:
Riri's eyes flutter as she moves her forearm slightly higher on her forehead to gaze at the painted ceiling of the lab that the GIRLs had 'borrowed' to act as their sleeping abode for the evening. With a grunt, Riri tenses her stomach muscles to sit up and stretch, one arm behind her head, the other straight up, her nightshirt lifting a little as she does before flopping back in the mass of blankets that had been liberated from wherever they were liberated from.

"Good Morning, Viv." Riri's voice is quiet, followed by a cough as she sits up again, rubbing her eyes. "Everyone already gone? I think we were up until three?" She checks her watch. "Four fifteen....yikes. I'm going to be dragging today." The perils of organics on display.

"Coffee. Yes. Shower. Yes. Coffee and shower. Shower and coffee." Riri mumbles a little as she puts her morning in order which, even consisting of two moving parts at this moment, seem to be a little bit complicated as she wakes. "Didn't bring a towel, but yeah..." She nods, pushing herself to her feet, scratching the curve of her backside through her shorts idly, pivoting to look, pointing in a direction. "Shower over there?"

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision bites her lip when Riri does her stretch, then nods. "I volunteered to tidy up," she explains. "Yes, do not mind that it says decontamination shower. We converted it for regular use. You don't have to rush unless you need to be somewhere though. The labs assigned for our use are... well ours to use how we see fit."

The Director of GIRL being the adopted daughter of Janet van Dyne, majority shareholder of Pym Technologies, is certainly a perk when it comes to getting hold of lab space.

"No towel. Does this also mean you need shower gel and shampoo?" Her head tilts to one side. "Do you need special hair products? My own hair doesn't need washing so I am not really familiar with what products people need."

When Riri points the synthezoid teenager turns her head in that direction. Rather too quickly. Trying not to pay too much attention to Riri and her rather relaxed sense of modesty.

Riri Williams has posed:
"Soap, yes. Shampoo..." Riri shakes her head, turning to face Viv on her chair, hands coming up to push her frizzy hair back before it poofs back out just as big as before. "Different people, different hair. As long as mine isn't dirty from sweat or dirt or something, I only really need to wash it about twice a week and condition once a week. So I can get away without shampoo. body wash, on the other hand? That's a daily thing. Sometimes twice daily. Something with shea butter and aloe....makes my skin glow almost as much as yours does if I do it right."

Riri smiles and turns to peer where Riri is pointing, nodding. "Decontamination shower. As long as the pressure's not too high and the temperature isn't straight out of the aquifer, I should be okay. Thanks, Viv." Riri smiles, then starts towards the shower. Just as she reaches the door, nonchalantly she tugs off her top and hangs it by the door as she slips inside, a bare arm extending out to hang shorts there to be gotten later. And, a few seconds after that, the shower comes on with a hiss.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"My skin is always this colour," Vivian points out bashfully, glancing down to let her hair fall forward. Hiding her face a little. "If you just give me a moment then I will fetch you those and you can..." And then Riri just heads in anyway.

Viv frowns. Coughs. Then hops off the chair. "Uhm. Riri?" she says, raising her voice a little to be heard over the water. "Do you not need the towel first?" A pause. "You are aware my eyes are functionally cameras. So I can't come in there to hand it to you, right?" She puts the sketch pad down and sighs. Thankfully most of the essentials are close at hand. There's no point converting a shower without bringing at least a few towels after all.

Riri Williams has posed:
     "Not always!" Riri calls from inside the shower as the steam starts to billow out, requiring an adjustment from the oversized knob (*squeak squeak squeeeeek*) so it's less billowy and scouring and more comfortable and relaxing. Something that'll massage the skin instead of scouring it to the subcutaneous layer. "The little research I've done on synthezoids indicate you've got a good bit of organic in you, which means that you inevitably react to your surroundings. It may not be unconciously, like me, but I did see you blush when I thanked you for the food the other day."

"I need the washcloth and soap as soon as you can get them to me, the towel after I'm done so I can dry off." She doesn't need to be the sole entrant in a wet T-shirt contest, after all! The door opens slightly, Riri's head popping out the gap, the rest of her hidden behind. "Just don't record and upload to various websites and I'll be okay."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I think your sources are not very reliable," Vivian points out. "I do not contain any organic material at all. My body is made to replicate the function of organic material though. I have arteries and veins which I use to distribute materials and shunt heat. And my emotional core subsystems can influence those processes without my direct control. Meaning that I blush when I am embarrassed because that is what a human would do."

There's another long pause.

"It's actually very hard for me to override my emotional core." By this point she has fetched a bag of various toiletries. "In the same way that it's hard for me to not record things I see. As that's linked directly to my memory function and... Well I have a policy about not deleting memories. For personal reasons. I just encrypt them to limit access."

She heads over and, very carefully looking away, waves the bag behind her until she's sure she's close to the door. And just sort of flings it into the shower room.

"May I ask you a personal question Riri? It's just. You do not seem very guarded and I am unsure if that is because you have exhibitionist tendancies or if you do not consider AI the same way you would another human."

She begins looking for a clean towel. "Only I noticed you plan on having a waste removal system in your new suit design combined with a sophisticated computer system that's going to be rather intelligent. Won't that be awkward? When you need to... You know."

Riri Williams has posed:
"I knew www.synthezoidwikiTRUTH.org was too good to be true." Riri calls out from the shower where she's been luxuriating in the spray from several high-pressure showerheads coming at her from all directions. Waste of water? Maybe. Luxurious? Oh, you bet. "Thanks for the info, though. I thought for sure you had some organic bits in you, but that explains a few theories I had going on how you ended up as...you. I mean, just because you're not organic doesn't mean you're not alive. Or a person. It just means you're a different kind." A very pragmatic worldview, it seems.

The bag of toiletries slings past and lands with a thud, Riri scrambling to pick it all up and get it out of the shower before the bag soaks through. Soap, shampoo, shaving cream, a razor. "good choices, all this." she calls out, glancing down at her legs. "Haven't shaved in a few days..." she murmurs, making the choice to do all the grooming she can now because the showers in the silo aren't nearly this nice.

She peeks out of the door as Viv heads over to start searching for a towel, slipping in the water to start soaping up, the conversation happening through a cracked door. "Understandable, the remembering thing. It's like me and my notes - I keep everything, and don't know what'll be useful until I don't have it on hand to reference. Just...well...if you see lil' ol' me au natural on accident, just encrypt that data, if you would? I mean, I don't deliberately show off, but sometimes I get thinking too much and only realize I'm not entirely presentable until it's too late to do anything about it."

Riri leans against the wall of the shower and thinks on the question. "So...no, I'm not an exhibitionist and no, I don't view AI differently than other humans. I just think on other levels sometimes and miss out on the common social niceties. you don't get a lot of friends if you're six years younger than everyone in your college classes."

Thankful for the subject change, Riri starts washing again. "Ironheart 1.0 was the prototype. 2.0 might require me being in it for a lot longer than before. And waste disposal isn't something that people think of when you see the armored suit. Mr. STark has some nanotech stuff to help him with that, but i'm trying to do Ironheart 2.0 without basing the subsystems too much on his technology. Tried to look at NASA's stuff, but that was like wearing diapers." She sighs. "Why would it be awkward? The system won't know any different, and it's a natural process of relieving yourself. Yes, it's normally done in private and the like, but I'm fairly sure that in the middle of a trip across the galaxy, finding a gas station in the middle of space between stars will be kind of a long shot."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I'm around fourteen years younger than everyone at school and at GIRL," Vivian points out. "And I generally do not find the age gap to be an issue." Finding towels doesn't take a long time. She did after all bring a lot of the things through. But she does drag the process out a little to give Riri time. Rushing people seems rude after all! "I will do what you request though. Regarding encryption. Although I will have to make an educated guess as to if a situation is the result of chance or intent unless you provide clear confirmation."

She very carefully throws a few towels over the handle Riri put her things on.

"As for learning about synthezoids... If you really wish to discover more I would not... altogether mind you doing some non-invasive tests. If you wanted. And perhaps you can in return help me with some of my own studies? I am always trying to understand humanity better and many of those tasks function better in a group." She sighs. "It's hard to learn about girl talk for example. When everyone assumes you are human or are your family members."

Riri Williams has posed:
Riri Williams has finished washing and is in the process of lathering up her legs and arms with the shaving cream, being careful to get all the spots before going over them with the pink razor. She likes the way her legs look when they're smooth, not because she's looking forward to bikini season or anything like that. "While that may be the case, color aside, physically, height, weight, body shape and the like, you appear to be a human about the same age, even if chronologically you aren't. So....yeah. Making connections was difficult when everyone had three feet on me and curves and were more interested in dating than doing their homework. I'm not wanting to discount your experiences in the slightest, but I do want to illustrate the differences." She giggles softly, blushing faintly - good thing there's a door between them both. "Well, if you do end up seeing me naked by my intent, it'll be when we're both aware that its going to happen. You don't just spring something like that on a person."

Rinsing off, Riri Williams turns in the shower to make sure all the soap is gone and turns it off, one slim arm reaching out the gap of the door to draw one of the towels in to dry off with, wrapping her hair in it, and then grabbing the other to wrap her body, padding out of the bathroom wrapped in towels, grabbing her pajamas, and heading towards her spot where she was sleeping and, more importantly, where her spare clothes lie hidden inside her messenger bag. Carefree. She'd do this with any of the GIRL members. Now, if one was a boy...probably not, but still!

Sitting down on her pallet cross-legged and somehow remaining decent and covered, she looks over at Viv for a second, nodding. "I...yeah. I think I'd like that. Scratch each other's backs and the like. You'd have access to my notes, of course, so you'd be sure I wasn't trying to do anything nefarious...not that I would, but I like to be careful about things like that. Secrets are secret for reasons, lots of the time."

Vivian Vision has posed:
By the time Riri returns Viv is back in her previous awkward sitting position. At least awkward for anyone who is unable to directly control the way their body functions to remain still for hours at a time. Being synthetic has it's perks!

"With the exception of my Father everyone I interacted with during my earlier years, I had an accelerated speed childhood you see, they disappeared when the simulation failed," she says, looking down. "That's why I don't allow myself to delete information. Because if I do... it would be hard to know where I would stop." She makes an awkward little cough. "Sorry that was.. I did not wish to be depressing."

She shakes her head, then forces a smile. "It is nice that you feel comfortable telling me about yourself." She blinks. "Does your back itch often? I have never needed to scratch. Actually I would be concerned my nails might cause harm or that you'd injure your fingers. My skin is more durable after all."

The blushing subroutine has also engaged again.

"You know I really should.." She turns her chair to face further away. "Give you some privacy and stand outside. Or at the very least project a holographic screen for you."

Riri Williams has posed:
Riri sits quietly on her cushion, reaching up to dry off her hair. Even if she didn't wash it, she still had to be careful to get it dry after the shower otherwise it'd just explode from the moisture and, while afros do look good on her, it's not the look she wanted to go with right now. She listens to Viv's tale and nods after a moment.

"I admit, it's an interesting conundrum you're in. Humans lie on a very specific spot on the scale of memory." She spreads her arms, her towel staying in place because she's magical that way. "On one hand, we have instinct, and on the other, pure thought. Humans..." She draws her hands together, over her heart. "Are somewhere around here in the whole scheme of things. Fallible. We misremember. We forget a lot of things, seemingly by default, while we remember the most trivial things. I mean..." She giggles. "I can remember my phone number when I was eight. What time Scooby Doo came on. The order of shows on TV I watched before school. The schematic of the first radio I built when I was four. Off the top of my head. While other things..." She shakes her head. " I just can't. Maybe it's not a bug, but a feature."

Riri giggles and shakes her head in the negative. "After that shower, no, not in the least. It's a figure of speech. Basically we help each other out. One hand washes the other is another one. A way words go together to say something new Yay language." She looks down at herself in the towel, then over at Viv with her blushing subroutine running. "Holographic screen, please." She says with a giggle, getting to her feet, grasping the knot on her towel. "Three." She winks. "Two." She tugs at the knot. "Better put up the screen on one..." she warns and then. "one."

Vivian Vision has posed:
While Riri might think she's talking quickly the countdown is, in machine terms at least, long enough for Viv to read a book and do her homework for the week. The holograph appears dividing Viv off from the room in a perfect sphere. For the practical reason that Riri might need to get up and fetch something from around the lab and this saves the hassle of moving a big wall around.

"I suspect I am going to have trouble deciding how this social interaction should be accurately filed. I am fairly sure that you are teasing me," she muses. "But as I don't really know much about flirting I could be mistaken." There's a little pause and the sound of the chair spinning.

"While I was not worried you would do something nefarious, like try and create a synthezoid army, it is reassuring that you don't wish to hide any data you will be collecting. Perhaps I'll even be able to use it to better calibrate some of my systems. My flight speed is very slow for use in space for example."

Riri Williams has posed:
In human terms, that's definitely teasing, probably a little flirting, and just long enough for the screen to accidentally go up a split second too slow to avoid getting a glimpse, which almost certainly would trigger that blush response again. Different timeframes means that things that might be surprising to some aren't suprising to others. Ah well.

With the opaque bubble up, Riri dresses quickly, pulling on underwear, her cute bra, a comfortable shirt, pants, socks, and boots. She pokes her head out after about three minutes - an eternity in Viv's time, certainly - and waves. "All dressed. You can drop the bubble now. All decent. Promise."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I bet you probably think it's weird that I can get embarrassed," Vivian says with a frown as she drops the holograph. "Did you know synthezoid programming uses human brain scans as a baseline? It's one of the reasons why we'd make a terrible army. Anyone would be better off with a less organic mind that does what it's told."

"Oh! And while you were.. You know.. I was thinking about the trip into space. If you still have your scanner it might be a good idea to take quite detailed scans of our intended crew so we can make bespoke space suits for everyone. I think Great Aunt Nadia has a Titans issue one," she muses, having spent that three minutes idly sketching away on the pad of paper. Adding to what was already a remarkably detailed drawing of Jupitor.

"But the majority of the other members won't have easy access to suits. And I don't think we want to be using anything clunky like commercially available suits."

Riri Williams has posed:
Putting a white headband around her head, just behind her ears to keep the hair out of her face, Riri shakes her head, her poofy hair responding about a quarter second behind the movement of her head, creating a small wave effect. "Why would I think that? While, yes, you are technologically based instead of organically based, you said so yourself you were based on organic material, and organic material reacts certain ways. Why wouldn't you blush? It's in your code, more or less. Just like our DNA is full of things that don't do anything or are vestigial -- looking at you, appendix and sacrum -- doesn't mean yours isn't either."

Riri Williams has posed:
     "Oh, yeah, totally. I can do suits. Not Ironheart suits, obviously, but definitely something that'll keep the hard vacuum outside and the good warm air inside. Maybe a little protection, too, like an outfit." Riri claps, grins. "I think I have an idea for the next sleepover!"

Vivian Vision has posed:
"According to my diagnostic functions I actually have something called a neuro-spleen," Vivian notes with a shrug. "I'm not entirely clear what it does. Not without running some very power intensive checks anyway. But I assume it's very important. As far as I know nothing in me lacks a function. But then I have additional functionality like phasing and flight."

She idly twirls her hair around her finger.

"It's just the sort of thing humans in human procuded media do I guess. I was directed to watch all of Star Trek and a few other similar shows."

She smiles and nods when Riri says she has something in mind space suit wise. "That's good. I don't know if we'll have artificial gravity or not. Which might influence what functionality needs including. But we should certainly make sure anyone can perform tasks outside the ship safely. Just in case we need to make repairs or explore another space-based alien structure."

Riri Williams has posed:
     "Same with the appendix. It's right off the large intestine right about...here." Riri taps her belly on the right side, just at the waistband of her pants. "As far as we know, i's just there and ocassionally gets infected. Bad design, if you ask me."

Packing her pajamas into the bag, Riri stands and offers a hand. "C'mon. Let's get some breakfast and start sketching out ideas for suits."