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Cats and Canaries
Date of Scene: 12 March 2021
Location: Ruins -- Roosevelt Island
Synopsis: Catman goes to meet a contact and ends up meeting Black Canary!
Cast of Characters: Thomas Blake, Dinah Lance

Thomas Blake has posed:
Alchemax. Like Roxxon or LexCorp without the warmth. They buy and sell countries, small ones but still.

Catman declared war on them. TL; DR. They hired CM and he stole stuff from LexCorp. LexCorp hired CM to steal it back and destroy their mainframe. The correct mature thing to do would be to hire CM again to pull some shenanigans on old Baldie. Thomas would have made good money, stimulated the economy, however, they were spoilsports and tried to kill him.

The bat would have told them bad idea.

Several months into his war what is the score? Catman has not disrupted operations or diminished profits.

No. Instead he shadowed execs and delivered some very indelicate photos and such to their wives. Six divorces pending. One morals charge pending. Upper tier so scared they're peeing themselves whenever they see a shadow.

Now on Roosevelt Island Thomas Blake waits for a contact offering him money for some inside info on Alchemax stock. Actually it's doing well. Maybe he should buy some? He waits, a shadow among shadows for his buyer to arrive.

Dinah Lance has posed:
What Catman doesn't know, is that while the senior execs are all on calls with their lawyers, a few of the upcoming junior execs have managed to circle the wagons. So to speak. They've called in help from another quarter.

Technically speaking, the call to the Justice League was even legit. A corporate raider, breaking and entering, destruction of property... all of which promised detriment to the economy. The JLA isn't stupid, however. Alchemax has been on their radar for years, and not for their humanitarian efforts.

So when a problem becomes tangled with too many stories and too many layers, you send in someone who can unravel it. A detective. Acting on the tip of the stock informant, another agent arrives on Roosevelt Island. Dressed in black leather and fishnets. With her bike.

Riding over from the teleport drop point, Black Canary finds a good place to observe the transaction.

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake watches the new arrival. Who brings a motorcycle to a tiny island? Did the buyer send some entertainment over? Catman studies the new arrival, her movement, her build. Hunh. A supes cosplayer? Who is she supposed to be? Well she's too short to play Wonder Woman. That line of thinking ends as he sees the 'too short' woman wrestle her bike over a broken section of pavement, showing a surprising amount of muscle. Finally her face is lit for a moment.

"Fuck. FUCK. FUCK!!!" Yes stupid, it's Black Canary. She used to room with Satanna. Forget the buy...

Wait a damned minute. Yeah the buy is down the toilet but... the night is still young.

"Do you need help finding a parking spot for your bike, little lady?" Catman steps out of the shadows.

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah Lance switches off the bike, dropping the kickstand and dismounting in a smooth, practiced motion. She pivots, and when she turns to face Catman there's a smile on her face. Hands on her hips, she cocks her stance and the black jacket shifts to bare a little shoulder.

"Well this is all making a lot more sense now." she quips back. "Not really the best neighborhood to go out for a walk, wouldn't you say? But you don't look like you're here for the fresh air. Or the scenery."

The heroine pauses for a moment to look him over. "You wanna start off by comparing stories? Because I'll bet the truth is somewhere in the middle of this one."

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake smirks. He pauses a moment to look /her/ over. Make that two, no three moments.

"Why not? I haven't done anything illegal. Got no warrants. I mean, I'm not a rat but if you know who is running crying to the JL, I should set you straight. Eh you mind taking off your jacket? So I can make sure you're not wearing a wire. A guy can't be too careful these days. Oh and let me know who sent you. I want to send them a muffin basket. I could've drawn that Blue Bug guy or the Amazon or...the Bat. So yeah, jut slide the jacket down, please."

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah Lance smirks, folding her arms and shaking her head as she's checked out. "No, that's the thing. You haven't really -done- anything illegal. But companies like Alchemax don't call the Justice League unless they've got a problem that's too big for their private security army to handle." She shrugs, then, slipping out of the jacket and dangling it from a fingertip. Nope, not a lot of ROOM for a wire in that outfit. "Then again, the JLA doesn't get involved in corporations' internal issues, either. But let's say we're curious about this one." She pauses, giving a slow turn that's almost a pirouette. "You gonna frisk me?"

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake grins. "Now, that would be downright rude. Besides... you could say I got grabby and were justified in beating on me, searching me all that. I heard you took down Taskmaster. I'm not taking you lightly for all my flirty ways. That's fine." He goes over to a fallen, level piece of concrete and sweeps his cape over it. "Want to sit and get comfy? I promise to behave. I want to tell you some stuff. I've been trying to find someone to tell. You're the first good guy to show enough brains to listen. Besides its a nice night." He pats the concrete block invitingly.

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah Lance laughs at his response, blue eyes bright behind the mask. She shrugs at the mention of Taskmaster, hooking the jacket on a handlebar of the bike. "Don't believe everything you hear." she replies. Although in this case it's true enough. Looking almost flattered when he spreads his cape, she steps up and settles quite openly. "Sure thing. And I'm -sure- you'll behave." Because otherwise she'll break something. "So you're the reason Alchemax has most of their senior execs fighting court cases." the woman declares. "Their successors didn't seem overly concerned about the loss of leadership, so much as potential impact to the bottom line. And their own necks, of course." She looks up at him, then. "But you're not the sort of guy who'd do this for fun, either."

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake shrugs. "I admit nothing and you would be amazed what I've done for fun, Blue Eyes. Let's say I... found this drive. It has some very nasty images on it comes from an Alchemax hard drive. Let the Bat check it out. they're experimenting on Mutant kids. I met one that got away, I won't say who. So while I admit to nothing... these are the guys the League should be after. And the X-Men. But you try to find them. Hah! Got no time for a mere human. Here for you. Mission done. You come away with important info! Take that crime!"

"So my plans fell through. You doing anything more tonight? I mean I need to change but you're ready to go clubbing. We can hit the Hellfire Club and get some steaks." He breathes in deeply.

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah Lance tilts her head when he leans in and sniffs, her own nostrils flaring as the little blonde chuckles. "So you're giving me the hard drive, just like that? No questions asked, no quarter given." Her head turns to look at him more directly, then. "I don't think you understand how this whole good-guy, bad-guy thing is supposed to work, Cat. Not that I'm going to look at gift horse in the mouth." She takes the hard drive and puts it... no, better just hold it. "Hellfire Club? Seriously?" Yeah, she's definitely more of a Chinese take-out person. Or street vendor chilidogs.

"How much time do you need?" What the hell, right?