5559/Spring cleaning the back yard

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Spring cleaning the back yard
Date of Scene: 12 March 2021
Location: Avengers Mansion - Back Yard
Synopsis: After a brief hello, many hands make light work.
Cast of Characters: Vision, Wanda Maximoff

Vision has posed:
Practicing the habit when leaving the house, even to the back yard, Vision is wearing the holographic disguise of Victor Shade. Dirty blonde hair, a dark sweater, khaki slacks... A perfect disguise were he not seated against one of the large old oaks with his brow furrowed at the holographic screen projecting upward from his palm. The same task could be accomplished internally, but there's something about reading the screen that helps him get 'In Character' to address Climatewatch email.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The weather has held its warmth, or rather, its promise of warmth for the last few days. No hint of rain, which means the landscapers are out in force. Woe betide any who have allergies to fresh cut (winter) grass, or hedge clippings. The *whrrrrrr* of chainsaws, of hedge trimmers can be heard throughout the mansion's large (in NYC standards) back yard.

Work has almost concluded on fixing up the random, storm tossed detritus strewn about the yard, courtesy of an Avenger-level fight with the dimensional-shifted creature that had lived within those hallowed(?) halls.

The weather, therefore, brings out one of those veterans of the creature-war, dressed for the weather. A large red sweater hangs upon her shoulders, tailored jeans end in a pair of flat tennis shoes. Red hair hangs down, unfettered, and as she does make her way out, green eyes are wary.

One step, two, and Wanda is on the back porch, looking out across the landscape. Her gaze lands upon the lone 'not hired help', sitting under one of the older oak trees in NYC. Her hands jamb into her pockets deeply, and she takes a breath, as if willing herself forward in order to join the human race.

Wanda's steps take her as far as the pool, however; the center of the scene of the crime, and she stops, her attention moving to the empty, concrete lined pool. Not a lot of water in there, thanks to winterizing. Her head tilts as if seeing something, or perhaps nothing before she begins her path once more to the lone figure.

Vision has posed:
Perpetually eager to join the human race himself, Vision takes note of the approaching steps and catches sight of one of the Maximoff twins. Internally, he does some cursory research to familiarize himself with just who is approaching. The holographic screen projection vanishes as his eyes go distant for a few moments, microexpressions flickering across his features.

He rises from his seated position near the tree and opens his mouth for a greeting ? closes it, then resets, "Ms. Maximoff, I..." he pauses, considering that he probably should have waited on names, then presses on awkwardly, "I am - Hello. I am Victor Shade. Or, you might have heard me referenced as Vision." There. Maybe it wasn't that awkward.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda pauses in her step, more in her own self-doubt that this may be a bad idea in that she's bothering someone on an obviously nice day than for the fact that the sandy-haired gentleman has risen to greet her. Emerald eyes study the man before she offers a half smile, and tucks a piece of hair behind her ears. "Victor Shade," her voice carries a distinct Eastern European lilt, and she nods, her eyes narrowing ever so slightly, "I have heard of you."

She finishes the cross of the yard so they're not calling out across any expanse, and her smile remains, slight though it may be. And it does lighten her features; all in all, friendly. "Please, call me Wanda."

Her hands are still deep in her pockets, and she twists around to take in the back of the mansion in gesture. "Welcome, or should I say, welcome back?" The twist resolves and she looks back, "Yard is a little messy, my apologies." She's taking the blame, "I was planning on fixing pool today."

Vision has posed:
A quick expression of puzzlement crosses his features. A small polite smile with furrowed brows. He looks first to the pool, then back to the woman, "I'm sorry, the pool?" His cursory review of internal logs did not mention Wanda's duties regarding lawn and/or pool maintenance.

Rather than dig too deeply into responsibilities or necessities or swimming weather, Vision strives to be useful: "Might I be of some assistance, then? Or do you just...?" He briefly pantomimes a vaguely arcane hand gesture gleaned from some past photo of the woman in action.

By way of explanation, he adds, "Apologies. I reviewed some of your public records for reference, but I'm afraid I don't understand what's documented of your... capabilities. It seems unclear."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
There's something.. different about him, something that keeps that ghost of a smile on her face. Wanda's trying to place it, for even as confusion strikes his countenance, she simply doesn't feel the waves that would usually accompany something like that. And, as much as she tries to ward off the emotions of others, it does cause something of a swell within. And here?


Brows rise quizzically, before lets out a soft laugh, the stress and strain of tight back muscles relaxing, even as she recalls the fight. "Look up JARVIS' logs for .." there is a pause as she mentally counts back before, "two weeks ago?" Even she's not all that certain. "We were fighting dimensional creature in mansion. Last fight was out here, which is why so messy. Pool was center." Wanda gestures at the swimming pool, open handed and devoid of any red wisps of magic. "Was difficult, but destroyed creature. Stark, Steven, Dr Banner.. Dr Pym and Nadia." And herself.

"No more creature trying to pull anyone to side dimension."

Vision has posed:
Briefly accessing the mentioned log, Vision takes on a thoughtful expression. Impressive. As well as humble, apparently, he muses, noting her lack of self-aggrandizement. "Well then. Congratulations and my thanks. I would not want to return home merely to be pulled into a side dimension."

Offering a quirk of a smile, he adds, "Though it might make for a fascinating trip, would it not?" Curiosity has yet to kill the synthezoid. With that, he begins making decisive strides back toward the pool, his holographic disguise melting away and turning deep grey and crimson.

Rising silently into the air, Vision pivots and calls back to Wanda, "Let's repair a pool, then. How can I be of assistance?"