5561/The hunt for a May

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The hunt for a May
Date of Scene: 12 March 2021
Location: Athletics: Triskelion
Synopsis: Daisy goes to look for May after the Afterlife mission. They agree that May should go talk with Jemma about her terrigenesis and some more about the mystery of the Cavalry is revealed.
Cast of Characters: Melinda May, Daisy Johnson

Melinda May has posed:
Agent training doesn't stop just because the world is under threat and weirdness is going down somewhere in the Great City of New York. If it did, there would be no agent training. Ever.

Thus, it may not be a surprise to find May in the gym, polishing the skills of some mid-level STRIKE team agents. Having just finished a session, she dismisses the small squadron smartly and moves to pick up a towel, wiping down the back of her neck before grabbing a swallow of water from her nearby bottle.

Aside from the natural flush of exertion, her expression is largely untroubled -- as it has been ever since her return from Afterlife. There's no scowl on it, no sense of irritation at someone's failure or subtle pride in their success. Nothing that remotely smacks of her usual attitude.

And, indeed, the greatest proof of it likely comes from the conversation of the quartet as they leave the gym:

"Geez, Harker, what was that crap in the last bout, huh? You trying to show off or something?"

"What? It was just a bit of fun, that's all. Besides, May didn't object."

"Hey, anyone else think she was in a seriously good mood, today?"

"Hah. Yeah, she didn't deathglare Ryan even once."

"Maybe she's getting laid, or something."

"Oh, hell. You did not just go there..."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
To say that the mission at Afterlife had gone completely off-rails was an understatement. A Director dead, a failed objective. But yet life had to go on. Wallowing in despair was something that the old Skye could had fallen into in the past. But Daisy had gone through too much to stop. And she did have a renewed sense of purpose after her time at Afterlife and her meeting with Fury after.

And that purpose also meant to go look for those that were their friends, their family, one in specific due to what she had witnessed during the battle at Afterlife, May going through terrigenesis.

So she takes a deep breath and makes her way to the gym, the hunt having provided results when she learned of May being in the middle of a class. She catches the tail-end of that convo, a look at the Agents and a mute nod before she steps in.

Yea, she certainly wasn't the usual May. How could she be? Going through terrigenesis changed someone to the core. She knew. Catching sight of the asian woman she then starts to approach, lifting one hand in greeting. "Hey May. Good that I can finally catch you." alone, it seems to imply.

Melinda May has posed:
May turns as she hears Daisy's voice. She doesn't smile her usual ghost of a smile, nor does she scowl. Perhaps most telling of all, the usual shadows that haunt her eyes have eased, the habitual tension of repressed anger or refocussed grief in her body -- both to be expected after what happened in Afterlife, Terragenesis aside -- having given way to a subtler tension of an observational altertness, instead. She nods her greeting to Daisy, as disinclined to needless words as ever. "Daisy." Nevertheless, she raises her bottle slightly in a gesture of acknowledgement before taking another sip.

"Congratulations on your promotion." The subtle sense of pride she should be feeling -- would be feeling -- is absent. But the acknowledgement of the achievement is there, regardless. So, perhaps she's not entirely disassociated with what's going on in the lives of people around her.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
With the years and missions they have shared together Daisy has come to know of those cues in May. Very subtle but normally there, and the kind that would make Daisy smile. Yet right now they are missing, the most notable being indeed the absence of any tension in those eyes. She had come to be used to that, aware that there was a past she wasn't fully aware of. But wasn't an Agent's life like that? Specially one as long lived as May was.

But nothing? Clearly something wasn't normal. "Thank you." she replies, almost as if following a formality. "I am hoping this will help m- our people to finally find a place. Or at least that we'll be able to protect them." even if first a team had to be assembled.

There is just no point in beating around the bush with May though so she goes directly to it, "I saw what happened at the meeting May. With you, and Director Gonzales.." a beat, "Do you understand what happened to you?" another brief pause before she asks, "And have you told anyone about it so far?"

Melinda May has posed:
Yeah. Funny, that. May hasn't actually made any transition in her thinking to the idea that *she* is an Inhuman. That Daisy's people are her people. Thought hasn't remotely crossed her mind. Still, the blink she gives as Daisy questions her about it is more... mildly curious than surprised. More 'Huhn... that's a new thought' and less 'What the hell are you talking about'.

"I... don't suppose I have," she says slowly. "I wrote my AAR. And I spoke to Fury about Bobbi. That's it." Does she understand it? No. Not really. Because her memories of it are mixed up in the falling debris of a plaster building. She saw Gonzales shatter and some distant part of her brain realizes she should have died the same way, but she didn't. She hasn't really questioned it... oddly enough. "I don't feel any different, really."

She doesn't feel much of anything at all.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"But you are different." No doubt on Daisy's voice when she says that, concern visible on her eyes and her arms folding about her waist. She casts a brief look around the gym and suggests. "Maybe we should go and talk somewhere a bit more private?" clearly she not wanting this to become widespread knowledge around the trisk.

Walls have ears!

"You saw what happened to the Director. The same was to happen to you but .., it didn't. And you know why. Something has awakened in you, and it's not something you need to be ashamed of, or try to hide."

It was something Daisy had done when she had first gotten her powers, and perhaps she thinking there would be a bit of that in May's demeanor. Even if she knew there *was* something off about her. "But even if you don't feel any alteration in you, how do you feel about it all? About what happened?"

Melinda May has posed:
"I haven't had any strange powers show up," May replies, nevertheless inclined to walk with Daisy when she suggests they go some place more private. The Asian woman has never much been one for airing her dirty laundry in public, anyway. "And, I'm not ashamed... I just... didn't think about it it." There's truth in what she says. Certainly, there are none of the subtle clues that would suggest she's lying or otherwise deflecting.

"I think. I don't know." She shrugs, flinging the towel so it hooks over her shoulder as she walks. "I remember they wanted to kill me. They didn't say it. It was in their body language when they spoke about our use of force." Her lips purse faintly. "It makes sense, really. It's what I do. Then, the missiles hit. There was a lot of dust. Gozales... shattered. And I grabbed a gun to defend Jiaying." Her ears rise faintly. "I have photos of you. He was trying to give them to Jiaying." There's something mechanical about the account, however.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
When May speaks of strange powers Daisy just shakes her head, "None that you may have noticed perhaps. And sometimes they may not just be a power, could be simply a change in yourself. Even if from what Jiaying said.., they all have a purpose." which meant it perhaps wasn't as random as a mutation.

She listens to the report about it with a raised brow. She knew most of it even if the part about the photos has her ask, "Pictures? To my mother?" that surprises her, but then she smiles gently. "The Director was a good man." full of heart in her words. Of course that actually thinking about it all makes her eyes go misty, still too close to the event to be able to talk for a long time about it without her emotions coming up. She rubs her forearm over her eyes, continuing to lead them through the corridors until eventually they reach a small side room, normally used for Agents to decompress after a training. She walks in, letting May do the same before closing the door. They'd have privacy there.

"And I can't believe you just told me all that without a single ounce of emotion in your voice. I know you care, no matter how sometimes you may look as if not. But if anything you care more than most of us. Can't you see it? The old May would had questioned what she went through, would had felt the loss of Gonzales, of all that happened. You are different, and we are going to find out what it is." she pointing a finger at the older agent.

Melinda May has posed:
As the door closes and Daisy rounds on her -- abeit not unkindly -- May blinks mildly again. She moves away, closer to a chair, which she merely leans against. Her expression is faintly perplexed. "I don't feel upset," she admits. "I don't really feel much of anything." And she says more as if it were a curiosity than a crisis.

"They cleared me in medical," she tells the younger agent. Of course, they didn't take her blood, either. Now, there's the slightest hint of a frown, though it still has that sense of calm remark rather than concern or uncertainty. "Perhaps I should have them look me over again. I just don't want to waste anyone's time."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
It's when May says that she doesn't feel much of anything that it sort of clicks. Daisy blinks once, regarding the other agent more curiously and approaches. "What do you mean nothing? As in .., not feeling upset on how the mission went? On the death? Nothing...?" the behavior would make sense if that was so. But now she was frowning too, thoughtful. "Maybe.., that was what changed.."

The dark-haired agent approaches May, "You should." this about having her be looked over again, "Either speak with Bobbi, or Jemma. You know they are the most competent for it. Just to be certain about what's going on." she murmurs. "Even if you do not yet want to report it upstairs.."

"I care about you, May. And you are not .., well. But who could be after what happened..?" She takes a breath, reaching to try and place a hand on the woman's shoulder.

Melinda May has posed:
May doesn't object to Daisy's hand on her shoulder. And for just a moment, a flicker of a concern races through her eyes. "I'll talk to Jemma," she says. "Bobbi isn't well, either. I'd rather not add to her stress." The fact they didn't have to pick Bobbi up off the floor after the mission at the hospital is unusual, as far as she's concerned, even if it's not entirely surprising since there was no combat involved.

Still, there's part of May that remembers Bobbi's grief in Nepal, on top of her physical unsteadiness. It's why she went to Fury afterward. Of course, when she went to Fury, she was calm, cool, and collected, rather than snarky, angry, and demanding. So, it's possible the Director may be aware something happened to Agent May, too.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
They seem to be in agreement about Bobbi, Daisy nodding slowly about her assessment. Bobbi *did* go somewhat native during the stay there, and she still had to catch up with the woman after it. She lets out a sigh but at least there is a glimmer of a smile when she spots that concern on May's gaze. Means May is still there! Hopefully... The hand withdraws.

"Good." She then finally says about talking to Jemma. "She and Fitz, you know they helped me in the past. They can do the same with you too. And I am here for whatever is required, even if it may just to get a beating out in the mat." she teases, perhaps trying to bring some levity to the situation.

Or gauging to see if May reacts at all at her attempt of a joke. They are spies afterall!

Melinda May has posed:
As Daisy's hand withdraws, May nods. "I remember," she admits, not really reacting to the teasing. There's a beat, however. "I doubt I'll need new guantlets, however." In any other moment, that would a note of teasing in return. Now, it's more just an observation.

Still, her thoughts are clearly working through the situation. "I'll try to speak with them soon. I don't really want to risk being sidelined. I prefer being busy." And she has a heavy caseload. It's simple practicality that dictates that preference now, rather than her usual desire to avoid too much time to sit and think.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The part about the gauntlets has Daisy snort and she shakes her head, "I shouldn't need then anymore either. Fitz will be devastated." specially if she doesn't go as often to the lab to get the gauntlets fixed or tuned as normally she brings bribes in the form of either chocolate or takeout. Sometimes even both! Yet that tone doesn't go undetected, and she presses her lips to a line, thoughtful.

It's the part about being sidelined that brings her to talk again. "I know that feeling well.." she had the same concern at the time. Feeling her time with SHIELD could be over if she couldn't take a hold of her powers. "Alright, lets get that figured soon. Which speaking of, Director Fury tasked me with creating a group, off-the-records one that would gather other powered beings, Agents or not, to act to protect both Inhumans and others. In this climate, we can't really afford to stay without intervening anymore." she says, "I will need your help with it."

She starts on her way to the door.

Melinda May has posed:
May cants her head slightly at the news about the team. A considering look crosses her face. "You'll have it," she agrees. She'd help her even if she wasn't currently in the middle of a non-emotional crisis. "I don't know if the Inhumans will appreciate my presence. They made it very clear they did not think highly of me. But if you think I can help, I will."

She purses her lips slightly. There are no emotions limiting her, now. In other words, no filters. "I made a hard call once. I've paid for it every day since. But that's not what they wanted to hear." Which means she said nothing, of course. May usually says nothing.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy stops on her way to the door, shaking her head briefly. "I have had no contact with the other Inhumans after we left." she says, by the tone most likely not even her mother. "What we will do is something different though, the time for us to hide has ended. And besides..." she looking at May, "... you are an Inhuman as well." faint smile given to the other woman.

She turns back to May, stopping to reach for the door. It's perhaps a bit disconcerting having May opening up about something. It's usually the other way around. "You mean when you were meeting with my m-, Jiaying?" her brows furrow in thought, "I have always known you carried a lot on your shoulders, but that's our life isn't it? Doing the hard decisions, hoping it was the right one, and surviving to continue doing what we do." it was certainly easier said than done.

Melinda May has posed:
May gives an off-hand shrug. "There's a reason they call me the Cavalry," she says. "The stories at the academy are wrong." But that's really all she thinks needs to be said about it. She pushes off the chair as Daisy goes to leave. "I respect your mother, though. She's had to make some hard calls, too. Hydra hasn't done us any favours."

Hydra never does.

She moves to lay her hand on the upper part of the door, pulling it open a little more for Daisy to head out. "I'll find Jemma and speak with her. Let you know what she says."