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A Night For Pool
Date of Scene: 12 March 2021
Location: Shooters - Chelsea
Synopsis: Shooting pool, with friends for Stephanie, and with his partner from GCPD for Dick, turns into taking down a peg someone who needed it.
Cast of Characters: Stephanie Brown, Dick Grayson

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie almost didn't end up at Shooters tonight. Many of her nights are spent studying, trying to keep her grades up and prove herself worthy of the scholarships that miraculously materialized in time for her to be able to attend Gotham University. Many of the others are spent fulfilling a drive to help people and see justice done that grew out of her own unusual home life.

Though an honest measure of truth would also throw in that she just doesn't have that many friends at the University. For the blond coed, college has turned out to be much the same as high school was when it comes to the people she's met.

But there are a few small bright spots in that dire social life of hers. One of them is named Francisco Gracia, and at the moment he's coming back to a pool table with a pitcher in one hand and a bunch of glasses in the other. He's also the reason that Stephanie is here tonight, having caught her as she was leaving campus on her way home, and insisting that she come out.

Francisco navigates through the crowd. He's a fairly big man, with a build like an offensive lineman. Big more so than ripped. But people get out of his way as he returns to the pool table with his liquid bounty.

"Fresh round coming up," he says, setting down the glasses and beginning to pour one.

Stephanie drifts over that way, only to have a stunning brunette step in front of her and reach out for the first beer. "Thank you Francisco," the brunette says in an overly sweet voice.

"Welcome Jordanna," Francisco replies, and then pours another beer, passing it to Stephanie this time. "So, same teams?" he asks, looking over at the fourth person with them, a young man of average height named Duncan.

Stephanie nods and looks to Duncan. "We'll take them this time," she says as she takes a sip of the beer and then moves to begin racking the balls on the pool table.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick Grayson makes his way through the crowd to the pool table his partner has staked a claim on. More than familiar with the way Shooter's works, the usually clean cop turns a blind eye to the drinks in possession of probably underage students. Once he arrives, he shakes Matt's hand and says, "Haven't been in this place for a while. Looks just like it did before I left... some things don't change, I guess."

He takes a look around the crowded room and catches sight of a familiar blonde at a nearby table. Noting the cup in her hand, he grins and decides not to go bother her just now. Instead, he pours a beer from the pitcher his partner already has sitting by the table and racks up the balls so Matt can break.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Over at Stephanie's table, the balls are set up for eight ball and she stows the wooden rack out of the way. Jordanna grabs the cue ball, saying, "I'll break." She takes a drink of her beer and then moves over to place the white ball where she wants and then chalks up a stick.

Francisco looks over to Steph. "Aren't you glad you came out now?" he asks her. "Much better than doing homework. You've got the whole weekend for that."

An acknowledging nod is given by Stephanie. "Much better. Though I'll still have to make up for it over the rest of the weekend," she tells the tall Latino, while her pool partner Duncan stands at her side.

A scoffing laugh is given by Jordanna. "Yeah, saw how much red your philosophy paper had on it when the prof handed them back," the beautiful brunette says towards Stephanie, though eyeing the pool table as she gets ready to break. "You probably need as much time as you can get."

The sound of the balls being struck and bouncing around the pool table covers any sound of Stephanie's teeth grinding. Francisco glances to the blond and gives a tiny shrug of his shoulders. Stephanie hasn't seemed to notice yet anyone else in the place that she's familiar with. She takes a drink of her beer as Jordanna says, "Sank one a stripe. And got an easy shot on another. Aren't you glad you're my partner?"

Francisco nods as he looks at the coed with the stunning figure. "That's one way of putting it," he says.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Matt's break, coincidentally, also sinks a stripe. He sinks his next shot as well, but misses the one after that. Dick steps up to the table, takes his shot and runs the next 3 balls before a shot barely misses, passing the cue back to Matt.

Dick takes a drink of his beer, looking over towards Steph's table to keep tabs on what the young blonde is up to. He can't necessarily hear what Jordanna is saying, but his training lets him recognize Steph's body language when the brunette makes one of her comments. He shakes his head, perhaps remembering his college days when not all of his 'friends' could really claim that title. There's always one in every group, it seems.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The game progresses at Stephanie's table. She and Duncan are solids and Stephanie lets him shoot first. By the time it come back to them they are still two balls behind, though the table is starting to clear out a bit.

Stephanie walks around the table, deciding what to shoot at. Jordanna has stopped paying attention, a hand on Francisco's arm as he leans against a pole near their table.

Her mind made up, Stephanie rubs a little chalk near where her thumb and forefinger meet, and leans down. She rests the cue on her hand but then pauses a moment, spotting Dick Grayson not too far across the room. When he next looks over her way, she flashes him a bit of a grin.

"Come on, already. Are you going to shoot or what?" Jordanna complains. Stephanie casts a look over towards the beautiful coed and then focuses on her shot. She sinks a solid, and receives a high-five from Duncan as she rounds the table to head to the head other end. "Nice shot, partner," he tells her.

Stephanie moves down to the end of the table nearest to Dick. She shoots a ball towards the far corner pocket but it clips another ball on the wall and misses.

Stephanie groans and stands up, then turns to look back over towards Dick's table again.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Matt sinks another two shots before missing one, bringing Dick back to the table. He makes a quiet comment to Dick, looking in the direction of Stephanie's table. Dick looks over after the comment, raises an eyebrow slightly, then says something back to Matt before moving to take his shot.

Glancing up at Matt for a moment, he turns his attention to the table and sinks four shots in quick succession, missing his last as he looks over towards Stephanie's table again. Matt moves up to the table, commenting, "Didn't know you were a shark, Grayson."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
"Didn't know you were a shark, Francisco," Duncan says to the Latino as he sinks three balls in a row. Jordanna ended up getting distracted talking to some guys, doing a hair flip and flirting with them, until Stephanie and Duncan had to him to just go ahead and shoot for her.

Francisco chuckles. "Beginner's luck," he assures them. "Eight ball in the corner pocket." He lines up the shot just as Jordanna sees the game has gone on without her. "Hey isn't it my shot!?" she calls just as the large freshman is taking the shot. He miss hits the cue ball and scratches.

Duncan and Stephanie high-five while Jordanna quietly berates Francisco. He just stands quietly and takes it.

Stephanie grabs her glass, leaning against the corner of the table and looking over to see how Dick's game is going. She takes a sip of the beer. "Boy this would be embarrassing to get arrested for," she says with a laugh.

"What's that?" Duncan asks her, taking a drink of his own beer and leaning against the table beside her.

"Oh nothing," Stephanie says. "Just glad we have someone along the bartenders serve," she tells Duncan, the pair clinking glasses and drinking again.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Matt makes only one shot before missing, giving Dick the table. He sinks his last ball, calls far corner for the eight ball and puts it there. He shakes Matt's hand and the man racks up the balls, Dick moving around the table to take up position to break. Glancing over at Steph's table, he catches the blonde's eye and smiles, giving her a little salute with his glass. He's not about to go over and be the old guy putting a damper on Steph's night out with her friends.

Not, however, being above a little showing off, he twirls the pool cue like a bo staff, drops it to the table and breaks, sinking three balls. Since two were stripes, he proceeds to run five more before getting caught behind a mass of solids and ceding the table to Matt. As the man moves up to his first shot, he complains, "Christ Grayson, I thought you grew up in a mansion, not a pool hall."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie sees the little salute given her way and she flashes a grin back across the room to Dick. Francisco goes to rack the balls on their table while the blond coed watches Dick Grayson breaking over on his table.

"That might be the finest ass I've seen in my life," Jordanna's voice says from behind Stephanie, causing the latter to turn and see that, yes, Jordanna is indeed looking the same direction. If with a slightly different focus.

Stephanie glances over to Francisco but he doesn't seem to have heard the comment. "Probably should take a picture of it. I hear guys love that," she tells Jordanna before taking her glass over to get a refill from the pitcher.

Jordanna eyes Dick sinking shot after shot. She pulls out her phone and points it his way when his back is to her. As she clicks a picture and puts it away, Stepahnie turns back to see it. "Oh my god I can't believe you did that," she says, palm going to her forehead.

Jordanna turns back to get her pool cue. "That's right, and that's why you're a loser, Blondie. L-O-O-S-E-R."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Being that the part of him being filmed was the polar opposite from where his eyes are, Dick missed the entire exchange between the two coeds. Matt also misses it, as he is focused on the table, where he is currently far behind. So Jordanna's butt filming goes unnoticed by the two cops, at least. Matt makes a couple of shots, then a third, before yielding the table to Dick, who again sinks his last three shots and the eight.

With a laugh, Matt runs his hand through his hair and then shakes his head, "Ok, it doesn't take me long to learn my lesson. Grayson, you are way better at this then I am, and I'm no glutton for punishment. Besides, my wife will kill me if I don't get home at a decent area at least one night this week." He shakes hands with Dick, finishes his beer and heads out.

Dick watches him go, then looks over at Steph and shrugs a little. It seems he's used to this sort of thing. Since he still has the table, he racks up the balls and moves around to break... practice makes perfect, after all. That's something drilled into him from the first he could remember.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The game at Stephanie's table doesn't last very long. Both sides sink a ball on each shot but not a second. Until it gets around to Duncan's turn. He misses his shot, and put a little bit of oomph into it. The resulting chain reactions of balls hitting one another result in the eight ball falling into a side pocket.

Jordanna laughs, pointing at Duncan. "Hey, it was close," Stephanie tells Duncan, giving him a little elbow in the ribs and getting a grateful grin back from the wiry-haired boy that his partner isn't upset.

Duncan finishes off his beer and says, "Going to hit the head, back in a minute." He heads off to the bathroom, while Francisco tops off everyone else's beers, finishing off the pitcher. "Time for another one," he says.

Jordanna grabs his arm and says, "Come on, I'll go with you. See us together enough and they'll be sure to serve me from now on," she says to Francisco with a grin. The Latino glances back to Stephanie who just gives him look that says, 'what else are you going to do?'

The others move off, for drinks or for the bathroom, leaving Stephanie there by herself. She grabs a light jacket and tosses it on the table so no one takes the table if she leaves it unattended. Well, unless they take the jacket. And she wanders over to where Dick is by himself at the other table. "Nice shooting there. Bludhaven Slim they call you, isn't it?" she asks Dick.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick mimes pushing a hat back on his head like in old movies, then grins, "As good a nickname as any, I suppose. Your friends bail on you? I managed to drive my partner home to his wife. I just never quite manage to play down to normal levels." He sinks a shot that he barely bothers to look at, then looks back to her.

"Or are they just hitting up the bar? I imagine you'll be glad to have them back, so you don't have to hang out with the old guy here." He considers her for a moment, then adds, "Well, except the brunette, I imagine you wouldn't mind her leaving, if I'm any judge of body language. She's stuck to the other two that you do actually like, I take it?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie lets out a sigh of commiseration. "Over achievers," she says with a soft tsking sound and a shake of her head. "Oh so that was the partner?" she asks, taking a sip from her beer after. "And with a wife. So not going to go drag you off to the My Alibi strip club after work then?" Stephanie asks, before she pauses and does a dramatic head turn like a detective delivering a line on a TV show. One eyebrow raising, she asks, "Or does that make him /more/ likely to take you?"

She smiles and looks down at Dick's table, gauging where the next shots are at. "They went to get another pitcher. And to the bathroom. Duncan made the mistake, broke the seal earlier," she says. "Now he has to pee after every glass."

Stephanie glances off towards the bar, the direction that Francisco and Jordanna went. "Heh. Jordanna. Yeah, you picked up on that from over here? I doubt she'll post the video online. Or, if she does, we can get Barbara to take it down."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick chuckles, "Yeah, not too sure on that one yet, we haven't been matched up all that long, so I'm not sure if he's the strip club type or not. Fairly sure I'm not though. Though I will of course, go to keep up appearances, you know how it is." He sighs exaggeratedly, then shrugs, "The things we do to fit in."

He nods, winking at her while saying, "I'll let things go, I know how Gotham work sometimes. Just make sure you and your friends are safe to get home, ok? If you need money for a cab, let me know. And is that her name? Yeah, I could read it from way over here, pretty much any time she opened her mouth you tensed right up." He is, as he quite often is, in big brother mode. After a few seconds, he raises an eyebrow and asks, "What video?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie's face show's nothing but sympathy for Dick as he remarks on how he might be forced to go and look at women without their clothing. She reaches out to rest her hand on Dick's upper chest near his shoulder. In a serious voice, she offers Dick the advice, "Be strong. You'll be surprised just how much you're capable of enduring." She swallows as if dealing with some emotion. "And as always, thank you for your service, detective."

Behind her, Francisco and Jordanna return with a pitcher of beer. He picks up the jacket saving the pool table, while Jordanna looks around the bar. She spies Stephanie over there as the blond girl is pulling her hand away.

Stephanie says, "Oh, she thinks you're hot and so she took a video of you on one of your shots. You know, the pool table kind of... people bend over," she says, bending her fingers at the knuckle to demonstrate.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick Grayson puts on his official cop face when she thanks him, looking down at he hand before nodding while keeping a deadpan look, "Quite all right ma'am, we're here to serve."

He glances over at Jordanna, then murmurs, "Well then, let's have a little fun with her, make her night a little worse." He snakes an arm around her waist, pulls her close and kisses her right on the lips. He turns her slightly so her back to to Jordanna, then slides his hand down, grabbing her butt.

Against her lips, he whispers, "Think she's jealous yet? Or does it need anything else?" It's obvious that to start, at least, he's doing this to give her something to gloat to Jordanna about.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Jordanna's eyes go wide as she sees the handsome man, who she dubbed Great Ass when she posted the video, take Blondie in his arms and kiss her. Francisco looks up and steps over beside Jordanna, watching too. "Huh. Guess she made a new friend, huh?" he comments to Jordanna before turning back to pour himself a beer. The brunette girl's eyes bore holes in Stephanie.

Stephanie's eyes, meanwhile, have fluttered as she finds the man's arms around her and his lips against hers. One of her hands goes back to Dick, resting on his shoulder as he turns her to where Jordanna can't see their lips. After a moment, she slides her fingers up, the tips going into the back of his hair.

"I think," she murmurs back, words split by a softly panted breath, "the whole club is jealous," Stephanie finishes.

His hand sliding down causes Jordanna's eyes to narrow and she turns away with a huff. Francisco says something to her and Jordanna moves over to slide her arm around Francisco's waist. Duncan comes back just then, looking at the two of them, and then to Francisco more specifically. Francisco's look back seems to say, don't ask.

"You... are the best, Dick Grayson," Stephanie murmurs against him.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick finally lets her go once a stolen glance shows Jordanna has stopped staring and turned to Francisco. Keeping his head bent close to hers, he murmers, "I aim to please, Miss Brown. I think you have a little ammo over her now." He chuckles, "Imagine if she knew who I actually was. She strikes me as the type my money would impress more than my butt does."

He releases her and steps back slightly with a boyish grin. She's too young for him, but that was still fun. Don't get to make out with a coed every day, even if it is just to make her bitchy friend jealous. "And imagine if someone remembers me coming to your place for our date the other night. I bet her head would explode"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie keeps her head near to Dick's, and can't stop a small, warm laugh. "Her head might explode, yes. Literally explode," Stephanie says, eyes looking up into Dick's. "I don't know that I could do that to her. But... thank you," Stephanie tells him, giving Dick a grateful smile.

As he lets her go, Stephanie stands back straight again. Her fingers slip down from his hair, and briefly along his shoulder before pulling back. She has her back to Jordanna, but assumes she's looking as Stephanie makes that little lingering touch. And Jordanna is. Even if she's got her arm around Francisco, she's watching out of the corner of her eye.

"You'll have to give me some pool lessons sometime," she tells him. Her cheeks have just a bit of color in them, and she's breathing a slight bit heavily at the moment. "I'm holding my own over there, but never really been my best game."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick smiles at her warmly, but with almost a touch of regret in his eyes, as if he wishes things could be different. "No no, thank you. I thought the most fun I'd have tonight was playing pool. This is a much better finish to the evening." His tone is light, but he's looking at her a bit questioningly.

Finally he shakes his head and smiles. "As for lessons, anytime Steph, you know that. Here or at the Mansion, because of course Bruce has a pool table he never uses, it goes with all the other leisure equipment he never uses." He glances back over to Steph's friends, then adds, "Go play with your friends, but remember what I said about getting home safe, ok? I'm gonna turn in early, got another lead I need to look into tomorrow."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The young woman smiles at Dick's answer about lessons. "Perfect," she tells him, shining that smile to him. "Yep, we'll be ok. All of us live close to campus." Stephanie's place is just down a couple of blocks, the bar itself being very close to the campus as well.

"Alright, go get yourself some sleep," she says, backing away from Dick a little bit. Glancing over her shoulder towards her friends and seeing a sour look on Jordanna's face. Stephanie turns back to Dick, doing her best to not break out in laughter. She winks at him and gives a little finger wave to him before turning and going over to rejoin her friends.