5567/Reunited and it feeeeeels so goooood!

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Reunited and it feeeeeels so goooood!
Date of Scene: 13 March 2021
Location: Gotham Streets and Undisclosed Location
Synopsis: Mother and daughter reunited. Tears and tissues used. HAPPY ENDING?
Cast of Characters: Phoebe Beacon, Achilles

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Makin' my way downtown, walking fast, faces past, and I'm homebound...

    Phoebe had gone to plead her case to the schoolboard in the morning (which amounted to little, since she didn't have a parent present), and in lieu of heading directly home to the base of the Outsiders in Gotham, she had elected to walk around, now that she was relatively free to do so. She wore a light jacket, in leather, a dark watchcap over her carefully braided hair, earbuds in as she walks, pausing for a moment at a street vendor's cart to see if they had any vegetarian options. A few people recognize her, but stopped paying attention after the 'happy ending' she had. Now? She's just another girl on the streets.

    And that's really how she preferred it.

Achilles has posed:
    Happy Endings are not always as happy as people assume. However, things can sometimes get at least semi-good as opposed to ultra-happy. However, as someone who had Phoebe's contact information, Angelo was informed that Caroline was ready for visitors. So he decided to make sure she got a good one.
     A text was sent to Phoebe, asking her to meet him outside the local Starbuck's. So he sets it up that he is standing out front with a frozen drink in each hand. Both French Vanilla flavored too. Just waiting for the meeting he arranged.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    No, sometimes happy endings aren't.

    She felt her phone buzz, and she pulls up the bit of Wayne Tech, swiping her thumb accross the reader, and she felt her heart start beating faster.

    She turns, ducking down an alley, climbing up a fire escape, crossing a couple of rooftops before she hops down a fire escape, hops off a steel dumpster, comes around the corner of the new alleyway skidding on her sneakers, and comes up behind the agent.

    "Agent Tampambulos! What a surprise!" she cheerily calls out.

Achilles has posed:
    Jumping just a little bit.. more like a small flinch, Angelo turns and smiles. "French Vanilla okay?" he asks as he holds the drink out. "And I thought you might come with me for a drive. There is a certain woman who is well enough for visitors and I thought that maybe, just maybe it might be a good idea for her first visitor to be her daughter. Any thoughts on that?" he asks.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    There is, of course, a rather cheery feeling that preceeds Phoebe's approach.

    "French Vanilla is perfect -- thank you." Phoebe replies, and she grasps the warm drink in her hands with a happy sound. "Certainly... but I'll warn you, any funny business and I have some people on speed dial." she warns in a friendly fashion, the dark-eyed girl looking up at Angelo.

    "Thank you again, by the way."

Achilles has posed:
    Holding his now free hand up defensively, Angelo nods, "Well, I'd hate to be on the receiving end of anything your friends might do in your defense." he offers before gesturing to his car. "Door is unlocked. Feel free to check in with whomever you need to check in with. I may be old, but I am certainly not a dirty old man."
    That said, he heads towards the car and moves around the back side to get to the driver's door.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "... I was not thinking that. More thinking 'brought in for questioning by Shield'." Phoebe replies to the Greek, and she gets in, tucking her backpack at her feet before she types a quick message.

    "Good to go. Just wanted to let my roommates know to let my dog out."

Achilles has posed:
    Laughing, Angelo shakes his head, "Okay. I can see how that could be a concern as well." he says as he reaches to start the car up. "We're heading for a helicopter ride to the facility. I thought it best... given the situation at the time, if she was kept at an undisclosed location, for her safety."
    He grins and turns his head her way, "So, buckle up, eh?" he asks before pulling out into traffic.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Valid concern, not everyone is so.... well. Altruistic. And Gotham life tends to make you suspicious of people being nice to you." Phoebe admits quietly, buckled in safe and secure in his car.

Achilles has posed:
    "Full disclosure, I live in Brooklyn these days. I was just passing through Gotham when I heard about the case and kinda... well I have a real bad problem. I am incapable of standing by and letting things go badly." offers Angelo as he drives along, making a few turns before pulling up to a helipad near the river. "Okay, here we are. The facility is not in Gotham. Again, I didn't feel like Gotham was safe at the time." he adds before getting out.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "... Gotham isn't safe at any time." Phoebe replies and she looks up at the helipad, and it's clear that there's a little discomfort. "... but it especially wasn't, for her, there. Do you know if they tracked down who was poisoning her?" she questions softly, unclipping and getting out of the car, grabbing her backpack as she gives a side-eye to the helicopter, unsure.

    "... I know the feeling, though, about being incapable of standing by and just... letting the bad stuff happen. My dad couldn't do that either. He was an EMT and a firefighter."

Achilles has posed:
    "Ah, a -real- hero." offers Angelo. He nods, "See, I am just an administrative manager who joined up with a government agency. I've never been the kind of hero that an EMT or Firefighter is."
    He strides over to the chopper. On the side, it reads MPS (Myrmidon Personal Security). "The facility is about a half hour flight away. I figured you'd want the fastest possible way to get there, and I don't have the Flash on speed dial."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    It. Takes. *Everything* in Phoebe to not say 'I've got Impulse's number.'

    Bart probably wouldn't like being used as a one-up. She just gives a smile, and looks at the helicopter.

    "So, that's not SHIELD's? Or is it secretly SHIELD's?" she questions instead, awkwardly approaching the chopper. "... never been in a helicopter before."

Achilles has posed:
    "Nope. That's mine." Angelo says as he gestures to the chopper. "Well, my company's." he admits with a chuckle. "I didn't actually -use- SHIELD resources for your mother. I wanted to play it close to my chest. Figured it was safer for her if I was the only one who knew where to find her. Well, myself and the medical specialists I hired." Some people take being rich for granted. Especially when you've been rich for three thousand years. "But as I said, I couldn't just let bad things happen. Everyone was so focused on the fake family, that nobody seemed to be trying to make sure your -real- mom survived. So.." he shrugs as he opens the back door of the chopper and holds it for her. "..I just did what I could to make sure you still had a family when you got home."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    ... "So you've been paying for her? This entire time?" Phoebe asks, looking almost aghast. "That... that's probably going to be hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions-- I thought --" she trails off a moment, and she looks taken aback. SOmeone personally spending all that money on her when she can't really do anything for them apparently is not something she enjoys.

    "... thank you." she states, and seems to relax as she climbs into the back seat of the chopper, and attempts to figure out how to put on all the seat restraints.

Achilles has posed:
    Reaching up a hand, Angelo rubs the back of his neck. He didn't mean to reveal that -he- paid for it. He grimaces and shrugs, "Do me a favor?" he asks, "Don't tell your mother that I paid for it?" he asks. "I didn't do it to make someone feel like they owe me, or to get any glory. That's not who I am.." and he leaves off the unspoken 'anymore'... though especially perceptive folks can likely hear it anyway.
    But he climbs in and helps with the restraints, and then the headset. "Once she is secure, he secures himself and puts his own headset on... setting it on a private channel with hers. "Sometimes we do the right thing because it's right. And... because I know how important my own mother was to me. So I did not want you to come home and not have your own mother anymore. I just couldn't let that happen. So..." he shrugs. "Don't worry about the cost. I'm stupid rich." he adds.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    She's set up with the headset. She feels a bit odd with the big set on, but realizes that it's probably going to get loud. She grasps her seat a moment, and turns to Angelo before she reaches into her packpack, and produces a pair of sunglasses, and puts them on. Now the look is complete.

    "So you didn't do it for the recognition, but because you miss your mom?" she questions, a little doubt in her voice, but she seems to be satisfied with the answer.

    "... thank you. She's... she is the most important person in the world to me... but I won't tell her you're behind it if you don't tell her about just who showed up to the party to get me out, sound good?"

Achilles has posed:
    "What? You mean a police SWAT team didn't find you?" asks Angelo, all innocence and such. Okay, so it's a bit of a joking overacting job. But he nods, "Deal." he states as he sits back. And as expected, the engine grows louder and louder... but then it's not the engine, but the sound of the rotors beating the air as the vehicle lifts off the ground and begins flying towards its destination. "Oh, and enjoy the view. I hope you don't mind heights." he adds.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "... I'm terrified of flying." Phoebe admits quietly, and she grasps her seat a moment, peering out the window overlooking the river as they take off.

    "So then you not only work for SHIELD, but you... own Myrmidon Security? Don't they do like, bodyguards and stuff?" she asks almost casually.

Achilles has posed:
    "Yep. That's what I was doing when I got the interest of SHIELD. Turns out.. it's a funny story. But some of my guys were protecting someone we didn't know was dirty. SHIELD was investigating, and when I didn't back down the moment they told me... over the phone mind you, that they were SHIELD... because anyone could claim to be anyone on the phone you realize... anyhow, we kinda butted heads."
    Angelo is speaking now, telling a story to try to distract the passenger from her fear of flying. "So anyway, their agent was all hot and bothered. Kinda like she hated my guts. But when they presented me with official documentation, I cooperated and actually helped the investigation. It felt good to take down someone like that... so.." he shrugs, "It turns out I have some... unique skills and experiences and they offered me a position." He grins then as the chopper banks gently towards the facility in the nearby countryside. "How could I say no?"

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Heh... yeah, skills and experiences are a thing, aren't they?" Phoebe states, and then looks to Angelo, and then back out over the countryside, giving a nervous sound as the chopper banks, and she holds on tighter to her seat, her knuckles going a bit pale.

    "... kind of like when I got to experience some of the culture at the Embassy. I was offered a chance to meet the ambassador of the Amazons, and how could I pass it up? They're.... they're good friends of mine, now. I borrow books from the Embassy, because it's as close as I'll get to touching ancient Greece... kinda one of those mythology nerds."

Achilles has posed:
    Yeah. Mythology. Right. Good thing -nobody- knows his face around in the modern day. As such, he hopes that his -real- secret is still safe here. Though, the mention of the Amazons does make him wince... just a little bit. I mean he apologized to Diana when he first met her in the modern day but he still feels bad. I mean he killed her cousin and in the fight, managed to fall in love with her. What? It's weird.
    Either way, he just nods and says, "I am glad you have good friends. From what I know, the Amazons are good friends to have. And terrible enemies."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "... and I know it's not all mythology, some of it's allegorical but Diana has assured me that there are pegasi and I've met Ferdinand and he's a very good person... for a Minotaur." she gives a grin. It's not well known, but not exactly secret. He was even at a party!

    "I know. As much as I'm sure some of my friends wanted to wreck the place I was being held... I think if they were not so busy with other things, the Amazons might have."

Achilles has posed:
    Nodding his head, Angelo says, "Much of it was allegorical but... yeah. I mean Herakles, and Thor, and other figures we thought totally mythical have been proven to be real. So why not pegasii and minotaurs?" he asks.
    But he seems to have succeeded at distracting the girl from her fear of flying.
    Then he points, "There we go. Connor, give us a nice gentle landing eh?" he asks the pilot before leaning back to relax. In goes the chopper... the pilot doing his best job of a soft landing.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "I haven't met Herakles or Thor, but I have met someone who claimed he was one of Zeus's children. Who'm I to judge?" Phoebe shrugs, and she holds onto her seat, still distracted a little bit as she's gently brought down.

    And incidentally, cannot get out of the chopper fast enough!

    "So, do you like ancient Greek stuff too? Most people don't refer to him as Herakles. Most call him Hercules."

Achilles has posed:
    Another mistake. Angelo is making a lot of those. But he nods, "I mean, would I have named my company Myrmidon if I didn't like Greek mythology?" he asks. Yeah, that's a good lie... or half truth. "I'm something of a history student as well as a cop these days. Part of my special skill set. I mean aside from being stupid rich. That has a quality all of its own after all."
    He says this after climbing out of the chopper, "See?" he asks with a gesture back to it. "All good. Safe and sound. Now, let's head inside eh?" he asks as he moves for the door and meets the Doctor named Joel inside it. "Is everything ready?" he asks. "I imagine your patient will experience a bit of an elevated pulse from the surprise we're springing on her."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    To be fair, most highschool students aren't secretly taking college courses while expelled from highschool. Phoebe's pretty sharp.

    "Maybe you really like ants?" she jokes to Angelo with a smile, and she looks to the little private hospital, and takes a deep breath, following him in slowly.

    She didn't like hospitals as a general rule. Angelo might notice that there is a sharp decline in the 'happy feeling' that surrounds her as she tries to tamp down on her own powers.

    Joel looks up, and gives a smile, going to shake Angelo's hand.

    "Mr. Tampambulos, things are set up. We're monitoring the continuing situation."

    A passing nurse's aid hands Angelo a cup of coffee.

Achilles has posed:
    "Or I have a thing for naming my security professionals after the best professional soldiers in the mythical stories of Greece?" Angelo replies about the ants. "But yeah. I suppose I could really like ants." He smirks at that and turns to regard Joel.
    He recognizes Phoebe's unease, but does his best to project confidence.
    He nods to the Doctor and accepts the coffee. "Thanks! Maybe a beverage for Ms. Beacon here?" he asks before he steps forward and says, "Unless you just want to go surprise your mom right now." he adds with a gesture towards a door down the hall.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "... I don't think I could stomah-- I left my coffee in Gotham." she states, and she gives a soft huff of breath,a nd then straightens herself out, looking to the door down the hall, and she gives a nod.

    As she steps off, Joel comes closer to Angelo.

    "So, that's the returned daughter? Doesn't look too worse for wear." he states, and sips his own black coffee.

    And then he hands Angelo a box of tissues.

    The door opens, and closes. Inside the room, Phoebe halts a moment, and takes a deep breath to steady herself. She steps forward into the room, and sees her mother, still hooked up to monitors, but she's able to hold a book in her hands. A printed out picture of Phoebe, captured from a video call, is in a little frame at her bedside.

    "Hello, Joyce -- a little early for dinner isn't--" she trails off a moment, and Caroline Beacon looks up to Phoebe.

    "... Phoebe?" she whispers out, and the younger girl cries out "MOM!"

    The two embrace.

    And everyone outside the room, Angelo included, might just feel that upwelling of good feels come back, sharp as a knife and sweet as honey. Surely, Phoebe was no normal girl.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Doctor, ah... we have some very unusual readings coming from the patient's room." one of the nurses states, and brings up a monitor. "Production of protiens has gone through the roof -- like the skin grafts are healing on fast forward!"

Achilles has posed:
    Tissues. Thoughtful. Angelo gives a silent nod of thanks before he follows Phoebe into the room. He waits a moment and lets them embrace. Of course... that is when Angelo says softly, "Surprise."
    And then he steps closer and sets the tissues beside the two women before stepping aside and sitting down in the room's small chair.
    He glances over and gestures that the others should step out of the room. But hearing that, he says, "For the record, non-disclosure is still in effect. None of these readings leave this place."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe looks embarrassed a moment, but then takes off her hat, and hugs her mom just a little tighter.

    Caroline looks... invigourated. Better than she even looked this morning.

    "Thank you, Angelo!" Caroline states quietly from her bed, before Phoebe just... breaks down.

    Her shoulders shudder. She curls her fingers against Caroline's shoulders, and all the stress and thoughts seem to leave her body. The readings continue to skyrocket. Even Angelo would feel more... refreshed. Energetic. Light.

    "I'm sorry, I am so sorry Mom, I thought I lost you forever. I just..."

Achilles has posed:
    If Angelo did all of this for anything, it was entirely for seeing this moment. This moment that he wishes that he could find his own mother. I mean she's a water nymph.. who the hell knows where she is at? Either way, he just smiles and keeps silent. He would not dream of breaking into the moment. I mean he's not going to walk out. But he's not going to say anything to get in the way. At Caroline's thanks, he just nods his head with a smile.
    His rule? If a family can be saved, they should be. Biology does not make a person a parent. Love does. That's his take on it.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    And Family was ever so important.

    With the Doctor and the Nurse reminded of the NDA, they're quiet, busying themselves with other things.

    Phoebe is still shaking, but she straightens up, Caroline reaching up to handle the braids.

    "Did Kiara do these? They're nice and tight." she comments.

    "... you hate it when I wear my hair in braids." Phoebe replies with a small laugh.

    "... beats not seeing you." Caroline replies, and they both look over to Angelo, with Phoebe then pulling a chair by hooking her toes around the leg, and pulling it close, still holding her mom's hand.

    "Agent Tampambulos has been giving me updates on how you're recovering -- being rescued by SWAT must have been so scary! My poor girl." Caroline raises a hand to Phoebe's cheek, wiping away her tears. "But he promised me he'd bring you back."

Achilles has posed:
    "I don't make promises lightly, and I -always- keep them." says Angelo softly. "And every child needs their mother. Every mother also needs their child. It's... symbiotic you might say." he adds softly.
    "And as you heard, I have instructed everyone to keep any information about anything happening in here to themselves. Nothing will be shared, and I will insure all recordings of anything... unusual, get deleted the moment you two return home."
    A pause, and he adds, "I have taken the liberty of securing a town house for the next six months in your name Caroline. Three bedrooms, so there's enough space. That should give you time to get back on your feet and take over the payments if you want to keep that place, or to find a new place if you prefer."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "You... you really didn't have to. Angelo." Caroline states with a blink, surprised. She didn't feel any pain -- but she's decided it's probably just adreniline and dopamine, "I'm sure the house is--"

    "... granddad ordered it demolished. It's a hole in the ground at the moment, Mom." Phoebe remarks quietly, and she rubs the back of her neck. "That's not livable. I've been crashing with some friends since I got expelled."

    "... you mean you've been *couchsurfing* and I've been in the hospital?! Phoebe Amelia Beacon!"

    "IT's fine mom! They had a spare room! Me and Scout have been there!"

    "Oh?" The social studies teacher raises her eyebrow a moment, her lips pursing a moment. "And do they know about your funny... thing?" Caroline asks.

    Phoebe lets her eyes go wide.

Achilles has posed:
    Nope. Not speaking up again. Nope nope nope. But... sigh.
    Angelo shakes his head and says, "She is okay Caroline. I haven't been exactly -spying- on her. But I've been keeping a rough eye out for her. When you get out of here, the town house will be waiting for you. I know you want to get back to your life. If I can help in any way, please tell me."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "... the fact that your mom's white, Phoebe. What kind of trouble have you been into since I've been here?" Caroline asks, exasperated.

    Phoebe relaxes, visibly, and she gives her mom's hand another squeeze. "Agent Tampambulos and my friends have been looking out for me. Things are fine." Phoebe states gently.

    "All right..." Caroline trails off. And then she looks to Angelo, and smiles up to him.

    "Well then, we'll have to have everyone over for dinner once I'm up and about to say thank you!" she smiles. "I make a mean ratatouille, and a fabulous vegan meatloaf!"