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Raccoon Rescue Go
Date of Scene: 13 March 2021
Location: Exterior - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Girl saved. Raccoon not saved.
Cast of Characters: Irina-As17, Gwen Stacy, Dick Grayson, Heather Danielson, Telford Porter, Natasha Cranston, Frank Castle, Damian Wayne

Irina-As17 has posed:
Gwen can finally spot the towering building, appropriately visible and positioned. She had been not only in a race against time but a race against another hybrid chopper, which seemed to be arriving more or less along with her. It was just about minute earlier than her. From within six kevlar-armored figures jump out before it lands and the back open, the footsoldiers start getting ready to move out. Two of the six figures spot Gwen coming in and extend their right arms, bracing them. There's the boom of gunfire and a pair of shotgun shells are fired towards her.

While about a dozen soldiers pour out from the back, another one of the figures picks up a grenade launcher and starts trying to take aim at the rapidly closing in spider. Of all soldiers present, only the initial six seem different, be it strange colors under their armor or animal parts poking out here and there.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Ghost Spider was in a race against time, both to dodge incoming attackers but also to bring the raccoon girl in to the Titans tower both for protection but also to figure out what was wrong with her. Irina was hooked up on Gwen's back, apparently unconscious while she sent requests through the comms in her mask (thank you Spiderman for the tech!).

<<Incoming Ghost Spider with a friend. Need backup, right next to the tower and-->> the sound of gunfire. <<...damn it.>>

Spider sense goes all crazy as shots ring through the air, she taking an abrupt turn in the air by ways of pulling on a web to bring her out of the way, sending her sliding across the floor and behind a car as more firepower peppers around her and into the vehicle, the sound of windows being broken heard by the bullets.

The one with the rocket launcher takes priority and she sends a bolt of web towards the figure to try and stop it from shooting it. "Explosions are forbidden in the Titans tower!" she quips, jumping forward and up as she sends another web to try and go past the six troopers.

"Hey, are you awake Irina?" She asks over her shoulder to the racoon girl.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 is extremely not awake. She's very cold and limp, with extremely faint breathing. The poison did seem to be taking its time as opposed to a variety of toxic chemicals that would have killed her in minutes, so she was fine for the time being. Just not for very long

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing is on the roof of the tower in response to Gwen's warning. He's looking different today, his costume more armored and teched out than usual. Perhaps the biggest difference is made obvious when he spots the helicopter and jumps off the tower.

<<Nightwing in position, coming in from above.>>

Gliding wings extend from the armored backpack of the suit, and he angles down towards the attacking forces. One arm snaps out ahead of him, and with a hiss of compressed gas, a tranq dart fires from the high tech bracer towards one of the shotgunners.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    When the call came in, Heather was actually in her office. And by.. in her office, I mean at the pool. The rooftop pool. She spends more time there than she does in her room it seems. She's either there, working out, or out in the field really. That's about the extent of her tower usage. She was in the water when it happened, and she didn't hear it at first.
    But as she came up to get air, she heard her comm squawking, and rushed over to get out and grab it.
    So she's a bit behind the curve. However, the sound of gunfire is difficult to mistake for anything else, and she grabs a towel as she rushes to the edge of the rooftop closest to the sounds.
    Lifting her comm, she says, "I have eyes on. They're on the ground out front. Nightwing, think I can get a lift down? Otherwise, it's the fast painful way." she says as she holds out a hand his way. Hoping she can do it the -less- painful way.

Telford Porter has posed:
While relaxing in his crib in mutant town, Telford gets a text from one of his associates in the brotherhood alerting him to the news. Attack on Titans Tower! The police are urging citizens to avoid the area while the heroes handle the situation. Traffic is being re-routed from the area, it all works like a smoothly oiled machine because super-villain attacks are so commonplace these days and after Loki's invasion, cities learned to be prepared for anything.

For his part, Telford Porter, AKA: Vanisher, leaps into action! Pants, long coat, utility belt, backpack, and finally a rolling cooler as if he was planning on having a tailgate party. Then Telford porter vanishes from mutant town with a soft vt sound and appears on the beach to the side of the tower. He takes out binoculars and looks over the scene from a distance. "Ok, Titans, how can I help you, help me, make some money today?" he wonders to himself aloud.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    The first hint that this ambush isn't going quite as smoothly as they'd hoped is when a black-gloved hand and wraps around the wrist of the soldier wrestling the grenade launcher and pulls hard, pivoting him around what seems to be a point in mid-air before throwing him into the side of the van.

    The black-clad figure that blurs into visibility like mist and shadow becoming solid is somewhat familiar to the Spider.

    "This kind of ordnance is not authorized by Animal Control," the Shadow comments, before lashing out with a kick to the temple of the former grenadier and turning to face the other goons.

    As Nightwing lands, he receives a nod. "Their masters' information security leaves something to be desired. My apologies for not calling ahead." they comment before turning toward Gwen. "Get her to safety. We will deal with these."

Irina-As17 has posed:
The armed forces rush in from behind and start forming a firing line in a concave towards the tower entrance, well behind the grouped six. Nightwing is very fortunate for two reasons. The one he fires at has the least armor coverage, the others have something similar to batman, this one is very swollen looking and rounded. This makes for lots of space between the armor. Secondly, as might be guessed by his build, he does not have the kind of metabolism to just shrug it off like some might, so he goes down right there with a croak.

The grenade launcher seems discarded without regard, however, once her leg impacts the head of the one she was facing Natasha feels a strange solidness and an abrupt, extremely powerful impact back. He smiles at her and she can see he is some sort of goat-ish creature. He's not sure what the hell is going on, so he takes out a pistol and begins firing into the black mass forming, to test what it even was. The detail is that he kicks backwards and practically launches himself 30ft away from her in a gust of wind.

Gwen's webs seem to have been prepared for, as a figure that had been in the back suddenly flashes forwards and appears in front of her target in a huge burst of speed, similar to Irina's, but drastically faster. There's a swathe of flames as twin mounts on his wrists detonate a very powerful burning agent to dissolve it. His thick leathery, lizard-like skin seems barely bothered by the heat.

Troops are instructed to keep Gwen pinned by constant automatic gunfire, peppering the whole area around her and her cover. Telford can probably guess there's a true treasure trove of equipment to be taken from the soldiers and chopper both.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
With the arrival of reinforcements Gwen grins under her mask, saying towards the Shadow. "You do like the dramatic entrances, don't you..?" a thumbs up offered as she swings about, trying to dodge both the fire from behind and the ones in front of her. Hard task. But that spatial awareness and danger sense do make miracles, the spidery-one nimbly turning and flipping, taking advantage of cover and buildings to continue on her approach to the tower.

"She has been poisoned." She calls out to those in ear range and in comms, "I need to get her inside to--" the burning of her webs comes unexpectedly, eyes widening and she starting to fall down to the ground at speed without her anchors to keep her airborne.

This is going to hurt.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing did indeed extend a hand to Heather when she requested, swinging her around in front of him against his chest so as not to throw his balance off. The landing is a touch harder than expected... it's new tech, so he's not used to passengers yet. He releases Heather as his feet hit the ground and he rolls, coming up with his batons in hand as the wings retract.

<<One down. They're not human, so lets even the odds.>>

A flick of switches charges the batons with enough electricity to stun an ox, and he takes two steps and leaps forward, turning his momentum into a roll that comes up in front of one of the enemies, batons striking out in an attack pattern that flashes with zaps of electricity each time they are blocked or connect.

Telford Porter has posed:
Honestly, when Vanisher heard Attack on Titans Tower on the news he thought, giant robot, alien invasion, space lasers or witches using valuable spell-books he could pilfer but look at these guys... It's just... people with guns. Not even space-guns! Guns are nice all, and he'll steal them if he has nothing better to get away with, but you would think Titan Tower would inspire something more creative. Why would they ever think this would work? No, this can't be the plan. This must be a distraction...

Speaking of distractions, hey, look, it's an attractive woman falling to her death from a building. This looks like a job for Superman... but since he's not here, Telford lets go of his cooler and his binoculars letting them fall to the sand on the beach as he vanishes.

Gwen is having a weird day already but it gets stranger as she plummets towards the ground and a bald man appears in front of her, also falling tattooed, head-first towards the pavement, "Hi." He says reaching out to touch her shoulder. Suddenly, the world turns right side up as they appear just above the pavement, their falling momentum becoming rising momentum they both shoot up into the air about four feet before gravity drains away the force and then they fall straight back down. "Love the outfit."

Frank Castle has posed:
Out of nowhere, there's a loud *BBBBRRRRRRTTTTT* that sounds for miles. The source? The street, a black, non-descript van. A Non-descript van with a minigun coming out through the roof.

The target? The engine and fan blades on that chopper. It's a short burst... but for an M134? A short burst with custom tooled anti-armor shells is still nothing to joke about.

It's also extremely accurate, with the Punisher aiming it, assisted by targeting AI.

"I got no idea what's going on here, but shooting up the city is a hard fuck no from me, boys." Punisher grates as he watches the show from below for now, checking the situation for more targets.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    "Proper appearances are important," the Shadow points out -- and then there's briefly no more time to banter as the goat person opens fire. The cloaked figure twists away from the shots in a spinning, ducking motion that wouldn't look too far out of place on a dance floor -- and when it finishes turning, it's holding two guns of its own, returning fire. In deference to the scion of the Bat-family present, the fire is aimed at the goat-man's kneecaps.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Grinning on her way down, Heather loves this. She has her towel wrapped about her waist like a sarong, but the bikini top is pretty much her fighting uniform today. Her bare feet strike the pavement and she goes running awkwardly the moment she touches the ground.
    "Thanks!" she calls back to Nightwing as she continues her movement, charging at one of the larger augmented soldier types.
    "EXCUSE ME!" she calls out before slamming into him with superhuman strength and force. It must be weird to see the skinny blonde teen slam into someone with the sort of force that a speeding pickup truck could generate... and both of them bounce back off of one another. "Oh hey. You're big!" she calls out before she grins and charges back in to kick at the guy's shin as hard as she can.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Nightwing finds his particular opponent doing something unexpectedly inhuman even within this context. The swing goes through thin air as the body bends away from it at an impossible angle, like some kind of snake was inside the suit, yet he could clearly see fur. They do seem to be insulated to some extent, as future strikes that glance enough to discharge some electricity in doesn't seem to have full effect. At this range he's locked in a high speed battle, with his opponent clenching a fist and popping out a large blade from the wrist, which he swipes at very high speeds. Were he not so proficient at combat he'd be dead in seconds.

Gwen and Telford have to find cover fast as the very confused troops take a delay, but soon start to find their targets again, and turn to shooting towards them again. That is, until they hear the fearsome noise of a minigun working, they know its not theirs so they drop to the ground, prone. They're extremely confused, but after some shouting two of them turn towards Frank's vehicle, reload, and start unloading in quick bursts. The chopper nearby jumps back and forth as the engine explodes and the rotators go flying into the air.

Natasha is able to trade shots quite well, with her abilities and gun skills she keeps the pressure. The man seems to be constantly somewhere else though, each time he touches the ground he skips, like a graceful gazelle, because that is what he was. He accelerates somewhere else and fires in mid-air, trying to get a shot on her. On a risky manouver, he lands and launches himself upwards at an arc, moving to fly over her cover and shoot at her from above, unloading his own pistols.

The man she approaches has arms longer than a human should and much fur covering them, eyes trail her movements very closely as she approaches and charges. Two hands come together in a practiced blocking movement that catches her punch. It sends him skidding backwards a ways, wincing visibly, but at that moment one thing is made absolutely clear. Every single one of these soldiers were drastically superior to Irina. On their left shoulderplates could be seen the following inscriptions in red for identification in battle: BS03 BS07 BS015 BS022 BS023 BS034. There was only a slight different in strength between the two of them as it seemed, which he wanted to make up for by utilizing his spiny ally, who lunges forwards to try and drive a spike through one of Heather's feet and throw her footwork off.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Some people when they get teleported for the first time they disoriented. Gwen though? It was just a shift in perspective. Falling one second, up and balanced the next. And quite impeccable balance she has. The surprise comes from that intervention though, and towards the tattooed man. "Hey.." she replies, giving him a thumbs up. "Thanks for the help. Vanisher, ain't it?" she asks, breathing hard under the mask, moving aside from the line of fire of a certain minigun fired by Frank. She reaches to try and pull Telford out of the way too. "This is turning into a warzone!" she mutters.

Seeing the rest of the Titans engaging on the various animal-troopers it means it's time for her to go and try to get inside, specially as the minigun is offering them good cover too. "Nightwing, Knockout, I am going to make a run for it. Can you keep them off me?" a look to Vanisher, "Care offering them a hand..?" and then she is off, not really waiting for an answer.

Ballet slippers carry her fast and nimbly, running low to the ground as bullets continue to pepper the ground around her, but at this point she is putting her trust in her teammates and in her danger sense, starting to get closer and closer to the tower. She tosses a web, gluing it to the entrance of it and pulling herself in.

Flying spider!

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    While overhead leaps look spectacular and dramatic, there is a reason most people don't use them - once you push off your trajectory becomes entirely predictable, and while it does let you bypass an enemy's cover it also means that said enemy has a perfectly clear shot back at you.

    Natasha isn't surprised and isn't shocked - and she puts several rounds into both shoulders as he passes overhead trying to line up his shot.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    *SCHUNK!* Yes. That is the sound of the spine going through Heather's foot and into the ground. Her blue eyes narrow.. not from the pain. But from frustration. She glances towards the one that shot her, points a hand and says, "I'll get back to you."
    Then she just lifts her foot, ripping the spine out of her body... mostly healed by the time she gets it back to the ground. She looks to the big guy and then hears Gwen.
    "On it!" she calls out as she turns and charges into the path between Gwen and the majority of the enemies. The exploding chopper makes her eyes go wide. And then her brain registers the designations on these things. "Relax everyone. These guys are just full of BS." she adds as a joke to try to keep folks motivated. What? She thinks of herself as the morale officer of the ship that is the Titans Team. But she spreads her arms out and says, "Come get some!" as she basically stands as a tiny skinny blonde wall between Gwen and the others....

Telford Porter has posed:
Helping is such a lose turn of phrase. Sure, Telford could port over there and disarm the bad guys or teleport them to a prison or throw them into the arctic ocean but then what would the heroes have left to do? They live for fighting bad guys and getting shot at! He's not going to take that away from them! He's going to let them take all the bullets and punches and bruises because that makes them happy and he cares about their happiness... also he's not getting paid so screw them they will take what they can get.

VT! Vanisher vanishes and appears inside the crashing helicopter. Putting his hand on the helmet of the pilot and grabbing anyone else he can reach at the same time, he teleports them all to the top of S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters building using the same down turning to up trick he used to save the spider. As they all land in a tumble and roll on the roof he gashes open his hairless eye-ridge. Unlike Gwen, the flipping and ragdolling isn't something he is used to, "Don't worry! You're safe!" he says then he just lays there and waits for the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to come find them. "Perfectly safe." he says as the world spins around in his perception.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing is glad he's wearing his new, heavier armor today when it becomes clear just how inhuman his opponent is. Still, he's quite used to punching above his league, and has been trained by some of the best in the world. Still, there's at least one injured person to help, and things are getting a little out of hand.

<<Initiate defense protocol Alpha-2. Hold fire until I say.>>

Automated turrets rise from bushes and rocks scattered across the island, turning to orient on the invading forces as he marks them with the HUD in his mask. His amplified voice booms out, "This would be a good time to surrender."

Frank Castle has posed:
As the gunfire starts to come his way, the Punisher ducks down from manually aiming the minigun and moves into the driver cabin, setting the mount to automatic aiming as the targeting computer bring up a visual of the area and the Battle Van starts to casually autodrive itself forward.

Anyone who pops their head up who doesn't have a dance partner gets a burst of minigun fire... and unlike the Titans and friends, HIS shells are lethal.

Of course, he's making sure no civilians or Titans get hit, so he leaves those who are engaged alone. The Punisher isn't trying to splatter any 'superheroes'.

Today, anyway.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Up until now there were two of the six that did barely anything, there was a specific reason for that. One of them was currently high in the air, using a visor to scan across the island and pinpoint the turrets. Last he was seen burning through Gwen's webs, but he had taken a sudden turn and ran up a surface to launch himself into the air. The second was the spiney boy. It was barely visible before, but now his entire armor was shredded to pieces with huge spines growing out of his body. The same visor fills up with targets and her closes his eyes, clenches, then fires. There's a hail of armor-piercing spines at the turrets, all of them being targetted simutaneously, though depleting his reserves of spines. Frank gets about three of them lodged randomly at the turret of his personal killing machine to at least keep it from moving around and firing if possible.

The gazelle-man spins several times in the air and lands with a heavy thud. He draws a deep, pained breath and grunts, pressing both hooves to the ground. He accelerates massively like a missile, launching his strongest attack and final resort at the woman, a superspeed headbutt.

About half of the other twelve soldiers are shot to pieces as they try various things, from shooting to running to sneaking away. The rest give up, but they weren't the main course anyways, the experimental six modified soldiers barely bat an eye.

The pilots fall to their knees and thank Telford like a deity, they almost shat their pants during the attack. Not quite as hardened as the ones that were selected for the hybridizing project.

There might, of course, be some time for some of the turrets to shoot in between this mayhem, but that was the point of wearing armor. It'd depend on how Dick's system worked, it was most likely that they would fire back upon the spined man and since his armor was ruined, would pump him full of holes before getting shot full of spikes themselves. However, he did have to also simultaneously deal with a flexible furry man attempting to slice him stomach to neck with a wide knuckle dagger. In fact, it didn't seem that ANY of the animal warriors were particularly worried about their potential mortality. Whether that was just arrogance or if there was a different reason was the question.

Heather gets what she wanted, direction diverted to her. The furred long-armed man grabs and rips off the remaining blade of the double propellers. His arm pulls waaaay back behind him, like a baseball player, then it goes flying at her in a way that would make Captain Boomerang consider retirement. That does mean all the attention was off Gwen just long enough for her to get inside and finally be able to take a breather, no attacks coming at her for the time being.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Ever see what the T-1000 looked like when it was almost ripped in half? Heather has never taken this kind of damage before. But her entire torso is split from the shoulder down to her stomach. Yep, it hurts. Her hands come up and... well it's weird, but somehow she holds that bikini top on with her hands as she falls over backwards, already starting to heal.
    But she is still alive and yet... not exactly active right now. "Go.." she croaks into her comm unit as she lies there, body knitting itself back together. It really is disgusting though. Blood everywhere.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
With the turrets all popping up around her Gwen glances back at Nightwing, "Bringing the big guns, eh?" then dodging another shot and a ..., spine? The spine-launching comes as a surprise to the Ghost Spider but she carries on, spinning another web to latch onto and 'flies' over right to the entrance of the tower. No time to lose!

She runs over to the entrance steps and inside past the gates. It's not exactly like her to leave the others fighting and she going for the safety of the tower but ..., she had to try and save the raccoon girl.

"Alright, time for the labs.." She runs up the place and off to where Nadia usually makes her home, swiftly dropping Irina on a patient bed inside the labs and fetching some medical tools.

"Hope you don't mind needles.." She murmurs to the unconscious girl, preparing to draw blood so she can try and prepare some kind of antidote to the poison inside her.

<<I am inside, trying to find a cure for her. Keep me posted.>> She says through comms.

Frank Castle has posed:
The servos for the minigun aiming module are encased, but those spines can still limit movement. The targeting system is set to standby... and instead, two light machine guns pop out of the sides of the Battle Van as the Punisher turns to aim one at the man in the sky, and one at the remaining soldiers.

*CRACKCRACKCRACKCRACKCRACK* Dual machine gun mounts fire at their intended targets, even while Frank moves to pry the spines from the mounted minigun with a crowbar.

"Micro, I got some minor damage to the structure of the m134. Gonna need the garage prepped for this." He mutters as he works on yanking.

Dick Grayson has posed:
It's not so much the guns as the minimissiles from the turrets that are likely to ruin the day of even armored opponents, though Nightwing has not designated the target he's fighting, nor any that are in hand-to hand range of another hero, as he's not big on blowing up friends and allies. As Spiney Norman prepares to fire off at everything around him, Nightwing commands the turrets to fire. Alpha-2 is nonlethal, so the bullets are rubber and the missiles concussion blasts.

Against his own opponent, he steps up his attack, suddenly clicking the batons together base to base to form a staff that he spins into a new attack pattern, blocking the blade with a flourish as he rolls past his opponent and attempts to get a crippling hit in from another angle.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    His target is exposed, standing in the open, and entirely too slow to have a hope of evading in time. The gazelle man braces for the impact... And is surprised as hell when he passes straight through, the image dissolving behind him. He only has a moment to glance to his left where the Shadow is /actually/ standing... And then he impacts the side of the helicopter, hard enough to break through the hull and lodge himself there.

    "Stay." the Shadow commands, then turns toward the spinethrower -- it's clearly the most dangerous enemy remaining, but right now it seems to have spent its main weapons, so this is a good time to disable it before it can recover.

Irina-As17 has posed:
So far the team had fortunate fights, picking enemies they did well against and were able to handle without much issue. This was not the case anymore for Dick, he was fighting what was essentially a furry noodle with knives on his fists and highly enhanced senses. Due to the advantage of being able to predict and contort his body away from blows, as well as the highly enhanced agility, he was meeting Nightwing quite head on, the two of them trading attacks back and forth.

The gazelle man's head would have been an enormously dangerous weapon, had it not been turned at the hull of the chopper, and dented it in, completely trapping him there.

The machinegun fire is a problem, so the lizardman was covering himself against it by the time his descent began. In order to do so he uses his very heat resistant and durable carapace, and absurd speed, to set off small detonators that fling his incredibly lightweight body around like a leaf. This makes him look like a fly zooming around the sky before curling into a ball and rolling his way over the ground behind some cover to dissipate the force.

On the other hand the long-armed man has ripped one of the wings of the chopper off and set it down to help soften up the impacts, stray bullets punching into his kevlar but the damage was further reduced by his massively increased muscle density. What he was doing was protecting spine man, who was picking himself off the ground a bit wobbly but mostly undamaged. That's where the durability of the squad really was.

There's a long pause like that before the spined man roars out, squelching noises of what can be assumed, spines growing, can be heard. About three seconds later he comes flying out, a spiralling gust around him due to the sheer speed of the throw his long-armed friend had given him. He flies directly straight at the tower and punches a hole through the glass, cratering a wall. He pulls himself free and cracks his neck, going off to look for the medical ward.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Drawing blood from Irina Gwen gets on to study it, getting it on a glass slab to look it under the microscope. She knew she was under stress of having to do it fast enough, but she was a geneticist, and a good one at that. So what she finds next has her blink. "Interesting...." a pause, "But there should be compatibility.."

She leans back from the microscope, going over to the computer to look on a file to make sure. And indeed, there was a match there on blood.

So with some luck... <<Nightwing, this might sound weird but .., can you bring me some of Knockout's blood?>>

Frank Castle has posed:
Durable enough for machinegun fire. That's fine.

Punisher has other tools.

While the machine guns are doing their work, he grabs a shoulder mounted rocket launcher (a custom design, from the looks of it) and aims it right for the hole the spined man made... and launches a shell in there.

It explodes just inside, a gigantic electrical storm lights up the street as a massive taser bomb goes off inside. Electrical sparks can be see flitting about as it does it's work.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Titans Tower is, among other things, a bastion of law and order for Metropolis, the giant T in the skyline is both a decree to the citizens of Metropolis, and to the country, that they are protected. When such a symbol is attacked, it can be much more of a symbol of chaos.

  Robin had been away from the Tower for some months now, choosing to dissociate himself with the team.

  Until, someone dared to attack the symbol of justice.

  The halls of Titans Tower were set up in ways that made it easy for someone to hide themselves, and Robin had made good on these areas as he moved up from the sublevels.

  The young hero released a grapple line, inverting himself and sliding down the line behind the spiny man, searching for the medbay. Muted colors of gold, green, and crimson able to be seen just a little in the darkness of the dim halls of Titans Tower. "Hey asshole." His eyelets glowed white, an intimidation tactic the bats used to their advantage. "Titans Only past this point." Immediately, he dislodged himself from the grapple line, throwing flashing batarangs to either side of the intruder.

  Damian had heard the shell entering the hole where Spine had entered, once the batarangs were thrown, Damian's arms grasped his cape, and his hood was brought up. Holding the cape out for a moment giving that trademark Batman-esque look before he bowed down and kept himself safe, electricity arcing around the cape and hood, keeping Damian from being zapped and his equipment safe from the ESD.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    With the spine man well beyond Natasha's reach, she rounds on the creature that's keeping Nightwing busy, moving up behind to let Nightwing know she's coming. A quick run-up sprint for momentum turns into a dive and flip at the last moment to land a pair of boots to the back of its head. It's entirely possible the creature will hear her coming, but taking all the angles into account there's only one direction it could dodge in, and Nightwing is in a position to exploit that...

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing sees he's getting nowhere in this fight and changes tactics. One hand flashes to his belt and tosses a sonic wingding at the noodle's feet. He's not trying to hit it, just activate the sonic assault in hopes that these things have enhanced senses to go with their physical abilities. The screeching tone is loud enough to hurt even normal humans, so if they have enhanced senses, this should have quite the effect.

<<Little busy Gwen. Fight's not going great.>>

This was not really a great time for the girls to be on Themyscira, he thinks. We could kind of use Troia or Raven just now.

Irina-As17 has posed:
firstly, the spiny boy falls to his knees as the electricty passes, leaving a horrible burnt smell.Steam comes off its body and some of the spines fall off. It was blind and also stunned but it was indeed, still not dead. With a animal-esque mixture of grunting and groaning it starts randomly shooting spines around, punching through the walls and ceiling, flailing spiky arms about to try and catch his opponent, but very slowly. The secret seemed to be not only his massive durability but also a regenerative factor behind it. It would be up to Damian to finish him off in time.

Natasha's feet impact the back of the soldier's head, she finds incredible resistance, as despite the fact he was the lowest numbered here, he still seemed to have a significant amount of extra strength. It still doesns't stop him from being smashed face-first into the ground. While not fully knocked out the back of the head is where the senses are located as far a the brain goes, that plus the sonic attack made him unable to find his footing or move his body with decent coordination, flailing on the ground.

Something seems to change that causes the long-armed man to roar in rage, screaming a stream of curses and pointing out in a random direction. There were no signs of the lizard, who seemed to be their leader. This operation would either succeed based on Spiny or fail, he was no longer needed, and so, was discarded.

He does the only thing he can muster which is grab the entire wing he's holding and hurl it at Punisher's ride, before falling backwards sprawled out.

Now Gwen can notice several interesting things. First is the fact that Irina's genetic code is mutating extremely fast, rapidly changing through her entire body. Upon inspection her hair was now black to a normal blonde, her tail was gone, so was her raccoon 'mask' and her claws. The mutant cells were rapidly being restored to a normal human state, and almost at the same exact rate, were being destroyed by the poison. If she were to guesstimate the poison was about fifteen or so minutes behind, and with her powers completely gone, that was about the lifetime she had.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing raises his staff and brings it down hard on the stunned noodle, shooting for a good bout of unconsciousness. Keeping Gwen's request in mind now that he no longer has an opponent in front of him, he nods his thanks to Natasha, but is already running to where Knockout is recovering on the ground, wincing at the extent of the damage.

However, as she is visibly healing even as he looks her over, he stays on mission and pulls an empty capsule from his belt, flipping the top open and scooping up some of the copious amount of her blood that's currently all over the area, seals it and runs for the Tower.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Fifteen minutes. Gwen can work with that. And with Nightwing telling her that the fight isn't going well it's time for her to take matters in her own hands. "Don't go anywhere.." she tells the raccoon girl, fetching a few syringes and then it's time to go back OUT of the tower. And you know what? Why use the door?

She runs to the nearby window, opening it swiftly and ..., is that Nightwing running back?

She was about to jump out to go catch some blood herself but instead she calls out, <<Nightwing! Up here!>> and if he looks she will shoot a web, aimed at him to try and pull him up to her.

Express elevator Gwen!

Frank Castle has posed:

Just as Frank has the last spine out, he ducks back into the Battle Van as the wing *SLAMS* into the side of the vehicle with a loud *CLANG*. It's extremely loud, as it's a massive wing thrown against a solid plate of small armed rated armor plating. It's enough force to lift the Van a couple inches, before it slams back down into the ground.

Unfortunately for the Titans, that also forces the targeting AI working the machine guns to reset, going to standby due to the wild external changes.

The Battle Van sits there, doing nothing for a moment as Frank moves back to the drivers cabin, and starts to drive forward, towards the chopper itself.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian's hand reaches up towards his utility belt, and removes a grapple cartridge, the line unspooling fast as he disengages the door, they used an advanced aircraft cable for grapples, rated much higher than any one member of the Batfam would weigh. The cable wrapped around his fist, and the batarang-grapple held in his left hand.

  Robin waited for the soldier to turn around enough to run up his back, loop the cable around his neck, and using his legs as leverage, tightening the cable to cut off circulation to the massive werehedgehog.

  Robin kept a tight grip on the garotte, not intending on killing this thing, but he knew there was a point where the creature would pass out, and shortly after that point, was death. He kept paying attention to stop at the right time.

Irina-As17 has posed:
There's a rather long wait due to the regenerative factors keeping the mutant alive, but eventually it goes limp and unconscious. His buddy downstairs gets shocked right out of his senses as well, and the leader was by now, practically in another state you could say. He was fast and long gone. With the blood being elevatored up to the medbay Gwen had all she needed to perform the procedure. Just a drop of filtered poison into the blood, then transfusion after a short wait would effectively turn it into anti-venom.

Frank Castle has posed:
The Battle Van still has the minigun out, and the Punisher walks out of the drivers cabin via the side door. He immediately jumps up to look into the cockpit of the helicopter... stares for a moment, then heads for the Van again.

As the Punisher is about to get into the drivers seat again, he stops, and looks over a trenchcoated shoulder to Dick, "Nice work, kid." He states, flatly, before he hops up.

A moment later, the minigun retracts, and the Punisher heads out.