5571/Seeking Equipment - FOR SCIENCE!

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Seeking Equipment - FOR SCIENCE!
Date of Scene: 13 March 2021
Location: Steelworks
Synopsis: Weird and Interesting meeting.
Cast of Characters: Natasha Irons, Madigan Belle, Thomas Blake

Natasha Irons has posed:
Steelworks wasn't exactly the place most people would go to when looking for lab equipment. Of course, it was a well known labratory owned and operated by John Henry Irons. The man set it up originally to work on a his armor to help out none other than Superman. Publically, however, it is a well known robotics, electronics, and engineering lab with a vast array of equipment that can work on many different things. There's also a chemical division (after all, power sources, environmental controls, and sealed systems require more than just mechanic engineering). As such, they do have a lot of different equipment.

If one needed equipment of high caliber faster than ordering, the first thing you might do is ask local labratories if they had spare equipment that could be sold or perhaps used equipment that.

Right now, one of the few people in the building is Natasha Irons, niece of John Henry and something of a inventor. She currently has on a pair of loose fitting cargo pants, boots, a pair of large work gloves and a tank top. Her hair is pulled back in dreads even as some AC/DC plays in the background. The girl is currently working with what appears to be a simple liquid, electricity being arced through it to cause it to go into different shapes. Anyone approaching the building would be directed to a phone connected directly to her lab.

Madigan Belle has posed:
With her leg braces on and the crutch in hand, Madi was off. She wanted stuff soon, and perhaps even custom made. When asking around there was a constant trend about 'hey you should check in on Steelworks they don't usually but may be able to help' kind of situation. And getting around town was a bunch of Uber app requests and then waiting, uber request, waiting to be transported. This was her life and today was no different.

The place is, at the very least, interesting and there's activity going on. Work. Madi manages to get herself up to the phone and she looks at it at first, then quirks her mouth, "Hello? Hello. Hi. Just saying hello, have some interest in talking about equipment. Oh, wait, I should really introduce myself. I'm Madigan. Madi for short, I'm working on building up a lab. Can you... oh, who is on the other side of this phone anyhow?"

She's talking quickly and only giving small pauses between her words, "Helloooooooooooo? Anyone there?" Then she waits, smiling, as if phones transferred that information, "This is a cool place." And then she's really waiting for a response.

Natasha Irons has posed:
The young woman at the other end of the line takes a minute to pick up. She really didn't expect any calls and blinks as she hears the bing interrupt her music. She reaches over to pick up an ear piece and puts it into her ear before pushing a button to hear the last part of Madi's little push of words. She blinks as she hears the girl going on and then clears her throat, "Hey, sorry, yeah. This is Natasha. Natasha Irons." She states, "Thanks for saying this is a cool place and all but what can I help you with?" She looks back to her work, idly pushing a button and watching as the liquid shapes up into a cube before pushing another and it turns into a sphere before getting all spiky.

"I didn't really expect anyone to come by or just randomly tell me how cool our labs are."

Madigan Belle has posed:
Working through the phone, Madi offers up in quick words, "Oh! Great, glad I could help compliment the place. It is truth, though I was kind of being sorta pointed in your general direction by people. They said you might have some parts, pieces, equipment, or whatnot that you might not be needing or using and that maybe I could purchase, rent, borrow them for a very important and utmost highly demanding task that I'm doing." A pause, as she tilts her head at that. Madigan is thinking.

Then she says aloud, "Yep, that's what I was thinking. So, anyhow, no worries, it isn't exactly random, I mean, from all of the other conversations I've been having they kind of recommended talking to you. Maybe you even have an equipment distributor you could point me in the direction of, but I sort of need stuff soooooooon. This feels like I'm talking to someone in prison, I've never had that experience, thanks!"

Natasha Irons has posed:
A blink at the girl's responses and then she shakes her head a little, "Look, why don't I just buzz you in, ok?" She asks and then shakes her head as she reaches over to a console and pushes a few buttons. A moment later, a door opens near Madigan and Natasha adds, "Just go through that door, my lab is at the end of the hallway, ok?" She asks and then pushes a button on the ear piece ending the conversation and waits for the arrival of Madi.

The lab itself is a rather big place. It's about half as big as a high school gymnasium, including a high ceiling. There's a section that seems to be just open with a floor of pure cement that has scorch marks on it. There are a few mechanical limbs near that area. Several long tables dominate the rest of the lab with multiple pieces of equipment all about. Currently, a large rectangular glass box contains a floating black liquid in the center of it, seated near which is Natasha Irons. Currently, AC/DC plays in the background.

Madigan Belle has posed:
The door gets the buzz, and the phone conversation ends. Madi is holding onto the receiver still, blinks a few times, and then ohs, aloud, and puts the handset back where she got it. Gripping her crutch she starts her slow walking style, moving her hips rather exaggeratedly to swing her legs more than walk, each step being supported by the braces locking in place so she can rotate the alternate leg, then she continues in that way all the way to the door.

Once she's there, opening it and making her way inside is just as slow. It takes her a while to make it through the hallway and finally get into the lab. Calling out as she makes her way inside, "Helloooooooo. Nat? Natasha? Lady Irons, what do you go by?" She questions, while smiling big, big enough that her bright white teeth are probably even visible at distance, she's getting closer but is still calling out. "Biiiiiiiiiig place! Thanks for letting me in."

Natasha Irons has posed:
A blink at the girl as she comes in and she stares a little, looking the girl over before shaking her head some and going back to her work, "Nat or Natasha is fine." She looks at the box carefully before pushing a comple of buttons and the liquid in the chamber falls back into a dish below. She turns her gaze back to Madi and stands up, "So, what do you go by?" She asks even as she walks over through the lab and then looks around, nodding about the place being big. SHe doesn't really think much about it herself but then you get used to it. She turns her gaze back to Madigan.

"You said you were looking for some lab equipment? We really aren't in the business of selling it but we might have some in storage depending on what you need." She then pauses, "And why." She nods her head and then shrugs.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"I'm Madigan, or Madi, it is shorter and easier to say. And it doesn't get as many questions about 'where is that from?'" Madi snickers a bit at the comment as she's finally close enough to talk at more of a normal volume. "Great! Well, I'm looking because I have a very important cause that I am working on. First, I need some gene sequencers, top of the line, fast fast fast, ones, you know, something hooked up to multiple connected computers to run in... well, sequence." She snort laughs and pushes up her glasses a moment, then adds. "Oh, and less dire, but still quick, are some chemistry vats, lab equipment, stuff that's pretty durable and will survive some extra heating for puritifyin' things."

A pause and she grins big, "I have a friend of mine, good friend, probably best friend, he's on a big of a drug dependency thing, and I need to work out a solution to his problem. It isn't going to be so easy as to just be like, wham bam thank you ma'am here's some run of the mill heroin, or methadone. It isn't that kind of a situation where I could just pop him into a rehab and be done with it, but it is something like, working on something quick to get you off what you are on else doooOOooOOm. And that's bad news bear."

Thomas Blake has posed:
Harvey the fixer is going to hear about this. The last sale he set up resulted in Black Canary showing up. This milk run to Madigan Belle resulted in an ambush and injuries. It was getting hard to make a living. This comes of twisting Alchemax by the short hairs...

Dammit, he'd do it again. they're used to pushing little people around and he was not a little person. He really wanted a shower and a rest but this package was to be delivered to Madigan herself. He was well paid and Alchemax was not interfering with him doing his job. On hearing from some guards where she was heading, Thomas tracked her... here.

"Oh... FML," he mutters. Okay diplomacy is called for. Thomas limps in and asks a friendly looking security guy for help.

Natasha Irons has posed:
"Well, we don't have any form of gene sequencer but the rest..." She pauses and blinks a few times at Madi, "You want to make drugs?" She asks and crosses her arms over her chest, "I mean, it sounds like you are doing a good deed but you want to make drugs?" She tilts her head and then shakes her head, "I can't be a part of that. I mean, I'm not some expert in the field of biology but making drugs to cure drugs doesn't sound right. That and how can I know you aren't just making drugs and are trying to fast talk me?" Meanwhile at the front.

"And just who are you?" A middle aged security guard asks, the man standing on a segway and eyeing Thomas with all the distrust of a typical rent a cop. He just got this job after leaving his job at the mall and Paul was not going to have one put over on him by some random bum off the street, "This is Steelworks Labratory and I can't just let any random person in." He nods and leans forward 'menacingly' on his segway..

Madigan Belle has posed:
Taking in a breath and then letting it out in a kerfluffle making her hair bounce about her face and over her glasses for a moment. She quirks her mouth to the side, and then to the other side, "You are right, of course, you can't trust just some random person coming in to try and fast talk you. And I do talk" A pause, "Fast. Though, in the realm of medicine, it is pretty much entirely the process to use drugs to treat drugs. Even drug addiction, often times that is called a weaning process, or you can use a drug to counter another drug's withdrawal symptoms, et cetera."

With a bit of a shrug though she says, "That's fine though, I don't mind if you don't have anything to sell me, I get that. You are, after all, utilizing a lot of things to likely save the life of others damaged by drug addiction. What -is it- that you do, here? Maybe there's a more ..." She looks up toward the ceiling, squinting, like she is thinking, "Focused request that I could ask of you that doesn't have to do with modern medical practices?"

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake glares at the man, reading his tag -P. Blart. He looks like a Blart.

"I am... a messenger and have an urgent delivery for my client who is supposed... to be seeing your boss. I'm a little under the weather and would like to go home. I have no reason to enter this building, if you will just send work to your boss to send her guest out to get it. Or I can make a scene and let everyone know I'm here." Thomas slips a fifty into P. Blart's hand, leaning in to mutter his finishing threat. "For you consideration and kind attention. Thank you officer."

Natasha Irons has posed:
A blink and Natasha sighs, shaking her head, "I don't know about all this but you are really trying to talk me into something here." She states and then gestures, "As for what we do? Advanced robotics and mechanical engineering. Some of our work could go into limb replacement in the future. We are attempting to make that and more here. So yeah, we do get into the medical stuff." She shrugs, "In a round about way." She then looks over at the window as she hears a shout before blinking and shaking her head and looking back to Madi, "Look, I want to help your friend but I can't openly sell you stuff for the purpose you are saying. Do you understand?"

"SIR!" The fifty gets thrown on the ground and the segway rolls 'menacingly' forward, "I am not some corrupt officer looking to be bought!" The man nods his head, "I am a duly appointed security official for Steelworks and I take my job very seriously!" He then stands up straight in the segway and then clears his throat, "That being said, I will call up to the lab and /see/ if I can help you out." He then glares and rolls toward a phone before looking back at Thomas, "Don't insult me again, though."

Madigan Belle has posed:
Smiling big, Madi goes, "Ohhhhhhh, got it." And she nods her head a few times, "Well, maybe you can give me a number I could text in the future for any discussions on your medical equipment stuff?" And she looks down to her legs and then back up to Natasha, "I mean, I could personally be a client on some level. At some point, for sure, though I kind of like my legs. They just don't work..." She pauses and looks back over her shoulder, kind of squinting in one direction then back to Natasha.

Quirking her mouth to one side, then the other, she adds, "I work with this cool little group of women who are all doing science stuff. I know someone else who is an engineer of sorts. Maybe I could introduce you to her, she's also big into ... machines, and whatnot. She flies around in some kind of suit thingie, from time to time, but that's not really the important part, the important part is that she works on stuff like you sound like you do." Fishing out her phone she hands it over, "Just text your number and then we can keep in communication about that, if nothing else. Always willing to help." Big grin.

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake glares after the officer as he leaves. He growls softly in his throat. Ponders yanking the fat fool off his Segway by the belt. But he is doing what was asked.

Amd that is asking a lot of a long suffering innocent belt.

"You could have made your point handing it back to me." How many such people had he pulverized over the years? Give them a little authority and the wage slave prove they are just as bad their employers. He leaves the fifty where it lies.

Natasha Irons has posed:
"Hold on." A blink as she pushes her ear piece and waits. She blinks, "Yeah, she's here." She then blinks, "Just...Paul just send him up." She then pauses and rolls her eyes, "Paul, I get it. You're doing your job but you can just send him up. OK, I can handle one guy." She then shakes her head and looks to Madi with a smile, "Yeah, sorry, that's cool. I would love to meet her." She nods her head, "I'm usually here or at school. Sometimes I go out but I can be found here." She gives Madi her number, "Now, some guy is outside asking for you. He's gonna be let in by security but just letting you know. I don't know if he is asking really for you but seems like it."

Meanwhile, down below, Paul rolls up on his segway and gives Thomas his serious face and nods his head, "You can go up. Last door at the end of hte hallway." A button is pushed on his belt and a door buzzes open, "But I'm down here. Watching." He nods and points both fingers at his eyes before pointing them both at Thomas.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Huh, really? Interesting." Madi offers and is just quirking her mouth to the side, and then looks back over her shoulder, "Someone looking for me? I hope it isn't my Uncle he's always barging in at the wrong moment. There was this time I screamed in the bath cause I was like watching this hilariously great horror film and he just comes busting in thinking I fell or something." A shake of her head, "Boy was he embarrassed."

A little bit of a chuckle as she takes back her phone after the number is in, "Well, anyhow, if you find some equipment dealer or whatever and you think they could help me, go ahead and ..." A pause, "Oh, right, I mean, nevermind. Don't even send an equipment dealer my way or anything." And she gives a few big winks to Natasha.

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake enters the lab. A big guy in a reddish brown jacket. He whistles at the equipment, not knowing it's purpose but knowing it's costly. He walks over to Madigan. "Hello ladies I'm sorry to interrupt your little meeting. I was asked to bring Madigan some urgent news regarding her projects. Excuse me a moment, Miss." He moves closer to Madigan to give her a hug.

He says in a whisper, "Someone didn't want you to have this..." He sticks a small package into her pocket. "They shot me with a dart annnnd I am just going to head off to an Urgent Care now because clearly you are the wrong person to lean on. Have a nice day..." He wobbles a bit and says, "Sorry to interrupt Ms. Irons. Fine work you're doing here with... science."

Natasha Irons has posed:
A smirk at Madigan and then Thomas comes in. Natasha squints at him, not really sure who this guy is but she casually has shifted a bracelet on her wrist down to her palm and it tightens around her hand. She nods to him, "Sure." Natasha takes a step back to give them a small amount of privacy. She's not dumb though and she can hear that there is some kind of whispering going on. She tilts her head, not sure what was said but still not sure this guy or even this gal can be trusted. It could be a trap. She just casually keeps ready as she waits to see how Madigan reacts.

"Oh, yeah, thanks." She nods her head to Thomas as he starts to wobble and tilts her head, looking again to Madi.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Yeah, I was just saying that this place was pretty interesting." Madi offers and takes the hug with some ease, even though she has to rely on someone not knocking her over from her situation. Then she waits for Thomas to stop hugging her before she hrms, "Well, thank you for the update on the information." And she looks over to Natasha offering small grimace, "I have just gotten to know you and all but this is pretty urgent, it sounds like, and I should head back to my lab and check in on things. Thank you so much for your hospitality though." Big grin, as she adds to that, "I will happily get you and my friend Riri to meet up. She's young but cool still. Not that kids can't be cool, but ya know, some youngins are just..." She rolls her eyes, and then leaves them wide open, "Craaaaazy." Face back to neutral as she grips her crutch to start heading out.

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake follows Madigan. He drags a little but manages to keep up with her, calling a good-bye to Natasha.

She's... I thought I was crazy but... why doesn't she just ask Reed Richards or that Ant Doctor for help. He fights another wave of dizziness, biting his cheek to stay focused. What was on that dart?

He realizes he made a very bad impression, like this. He usually works on making no impression. He whispers, "Got anything on you to keep my upright?"