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We're all hungry here
Date of Scene: 13 March 2021
Location: Food Court: Triskelion
Synopsis: Daisy and Elena catch upon telemundo, then discuss the future of the Secret Warriors over chocolate!
Cast of Characters: Elena Rodriguez, Daisy Johnson

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
There's a few places one might reasonably find Elena at any given moment, but the most certain would be the food court. Not just because she's always hungry, though that's true, but also because she's made friends with most of the staff working there. It helps for getting bigger portions, which is important for someone with an immeasurable metabolism.

Sitting at one of the tables with a plate in front of her, she's got her phone set up watching shows from back home. A SHIELD t-shirt, jeans, and her hair pulled back, she's nursing a half a sandwich and chips while staring at the small screen with the occational snort laugh or smirk. The trembling in her left hand has gone down drastically over the last few days, but is still pretty apparent when she doesn't have it laying out flat against the surface of the table, as well.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
It doesn't take a master spy to find out where Elena is. In fact even a probie would most likely have a guess, go where your nose leads you! And so it is that Daisy is walking into the food court, dressed in her usual black and blue uniform and her dark eyes searching the place..

It's true that she has often been called the Bringer of Food. Specially by the duo FitzSimmons, often bribing them with food for her own needs. Chocolate, and often enough takeout. Of course that trying to do the same with Elena is ..., a lot harder. Hard enough that she has given up on trying to fully appease the Colombian. At least where it comes to food. But still, she brings gifts, something for the after-lunch.

So when she approaches it's visible she is carrying a small bag. Goodies!

"Is Carmellia finally going to discover it was her second cousin from her lost uncle's family that's behind it all?" she asks about the show Elena is watching, a brow arching. What? It's not like they haven't watched some shows before!

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Elene glances up from her sandwich when Daisy enters and waves her slightly trembly left hand in greeting. There's plenty of space at the table this afternoon, kind of a slow day for a Saturday. Most people haven't escaped medical in search of food, after all. Other people still have to engage in work! There's only a few benefits from getting injured on the job.

Telemundo and sandwiches in the afternoon is one of them.

"Mhm.. She called their cousin Carlos. He is an investigator for the federales, who have an open case on her uncle." The absurdity of these programs is what keeps drawing people to them! She takes a bite of her sandwich and turns the screen enough that Daisy can see it from a seat nearby. "How you doing?" She asks in her usual husky voice.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The young agent slides in to settle next to Elena, the bag being placed on the table. She notes that trembling hand, lips pressing to a line and she asks, "How have you been holding up?" the question appears to be both directed to the consequences of their last mission. Both physical and emotional ones. "And I brought you some goodies." a beat, "For the afternoon! First you got to finish your lunch..."

She smiles as the screen is turned so she can watch too, "Getting the federales involved, now that's ballsy." And indeed the absurdity was what made it fun. The question though has her turn her eyes up from the screen and miss Carmellia's shenanigans.

"Recovering ..., there's been some troubles that have been keeping me without .., thinking too much on what had happened." her brows furrowing with concern. But she knew she was mostly delaying getting rushed with those feelings. She sighs, "I wanted to check on you though. You took a few big hits during the mission."

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
For after lunch, that's funny! Elena slides the bag over to take a look inside with a flick of her right hand. Leaning up and over to see what Daisy's brought her, "That's what I said, but he is sleeping with Carmella's sister Rosalinda." Fingers flick out in something like a shrug, "Very big family scandel, but love it love."

Dark eyes turn away from the bag to regard her trembling hand, then the agent seated beside her. "That electrical tart zapped me pretty good. Medics think it will pass, just gave me a nice jolt. It getting better though, few days ago I could not even hold my hand out without it shaking violently." It still shakes, but not nearly as bad, when she holds it out.

As for Daisy, "Yeah, but... Don't think what I suffer is anything compared to..-" A small frown curls her lips at the corners, eyes cast down. "Wish we had been able to stop them destroying the village. So many hurt."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Rosalinda is such a hussie. I love her." Is what Daisy replies about the show. Because catching up on those is a tradition. Specially as they have so many episodes and seasons that there is always a never-ending catchup to be done each time. "And we already know they aren't actual sisters, as one is adopted." but which one had been adopted into that rich family?! That was a mystery still.

The bag is opened to reveal Hershey chocolate. Plural. Which means quite a few tablets. Yes, Daisy treats her friend well. But she does quirk a brow when Elena starts talking about the condition of her arms, "Yea, that bitch.. We still got to interrogate her about all this." the one that had 'zapped' Elena.

She nods slowly about the suffering on the once-paradise settlement, "Me too. That should not had been allowed to happen. But we were not prepared for it." a pause and then she finally adds, "..., and that's something I intend to change. Soon. Fury has given me the green light.."

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
"oooo..." With an OH face, Elena reaches in to grab a chocolate with lightning quick snap of her hand into the bag, "Eres la major..." Unwrapping a candy to toss into her open mouth with a big grin. Between the candies and the soaps talk, it's kicking off to be a great deal. Not to mention time with her friend.

It doesn't sour at the mention of Zappy, but there's a noticable hardening of her eyes. Other people got it far worse from her, but Elena still has a bone to pick with that electrically charged, tart.

"No, it should not have happened." As if the Columbian agent knows something she's not specifically saying. Glancing over both shoulders before looking back to Daisy with a second chocolate sliding into her open mouth. "Si? You mean for...?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Damn right I am..." It was perhaps not something Daisy should had expected. That Elena would wait for the afternoon to dig in. So Daisy does the same. Mostly to keep Elena company! Not that she *wants* to eat these delicious Hershey chocolate bars. She takes one and starts on eating, clearly slower than Elena is doing. One needs to savor chocolate!

"Fury has come to the conclusion that we are .., behind where it comes to what's happening around the world. The Inhumans, the mutants, the hate groups that are popping up. He wants a group to exist, within SHIELD, to handle those. A group that can protect and be specialized in dealing with those issues." she explains, "He wants it to be an off-the-books group too, secret warriors that don't have to be held by the same rules as the other Agents and can act more .., directly."

But then she lets out a sigh. "But first thing is .., finding those willing to join and train them." her eyes now fully on Elena, "And how did you feel about doing that with me?"

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
That is definitely one way to capture Elena's attention. She'd cut her teeth doing that kind of work down in Columbia against the cartel! Training soldiers, fighting a shadow war.. It's right up her alley. The excitement is pretty apparent the further Daisy goes along explaining it.

"Que? Yeah?! Of course.. Obviously yes, I would love to do this. We have full green light to start looking for recruits?" Another chocolate disappears into Elena oblivion! All grins, "Do we get cool leather uniforms?" That part's mostly a joke, of course.

"Secret warriors." Repeating that with a bobbing head nod. "I think this is true, though. We are drastically behind the curving. Afterlife proves this. We could have been ready with a threat response before they ever took off." Maybe. There's more that goes into it, obviously.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
A bit of a grin appears on Daisy's expression when Elena seems excited about it, she nodding. "I knew it'd be something that you'd find an interest in. And we do have green light to start looking for recruits. Both within or outside SHIELD. From SHIELD I found a few that can be candidates. Like Nolan, do you know the guy? Big crocodile type? I have worked with him in the past. But there are others.."

She picks on another candy to pop into her mouth, chuckling at the uniforms part. "Leather eh? I think we can arrange it.. But first thing, find candidates. Any suggestions you have will be welcome of course. And then we will have to bust their asses in training, in true SHIELD form." one could only imagine how much of a drill master Daisy can be as she has been trained by May quite extensively. Tremble, recruits!

Then she grins, "And well, this was easy getting my first recruit in. Or should I say partner in crime?" she reaches over to clasp Elena's shoulder for a brief squeeze before her expression sobers a touch about being ready. "Our objective will be to make sure it doesn't happen again. We will be ready."

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Partner in crime!

Elena holds out her right fist for bumping, "I do not know if I've met Nolan, but I've read the file on most that I have clearance for." She says with another bobbing nod! "I'll take another look at the files tonight-" Now that she has a reason to! "- see if any of them stand out as potential recruits." She can be kind of goofy, Elena. Once she's got her mind focused though?

"Then we begin the fun of breaking them in.. The hard way." It's no secret that May took Elena on as a direct SO. Right before they all went to Afterlife, so she's gotten a whole helping of the Melinda May training regimen.

Poor, sweet, don't know what's in store for them, Recruits.

Yoyo grins devilishly. "We will. Plenty of hate out there for us to stay busy, too." Seems like every day brings some new group that's hating on mutants or inhumans.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The enthusiasm with which Elena gets into it is enough to dissipate doubts on Daisy about her being fully prepared for doing this. So she finds herself grinning. "Alright, I will do the same and then we can meet and talk about it soon. And also about those outside SHIELD." she says.

Another glance at the screen. "Woah, Carmellia really went and kissed the federale ... Scandalous..." But a good distraction too!

And with them perhaps being of a keen mind about how training will go and those poor, poor recruits she starts getting up to her feet. "You can keep the bag." because of course she can. It was the whole idea! A nod, "Way too much hatred." she agrees. "But if anything I know we will find a way to protect everyone. It's what SHIELD does." then a sigh. "I need to go take care of business." a roll of her eyes. "Apparently promotions come with responsibility. Who knew..?"

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
"That descarado..." Elena says of Carmellia with a grin and a roll of her eyes, of course she'd tried to kiss him! Another chocolate goes into her mouth, but she goes out of her way to savor it this time. Nodding to Daisy as she begins to stand up, "Congratulations on the promotion, by the way. Maybe you give me an inside view of the paperwork I can expect sometime after my fifty birthday, si?"

Again nodding, she reaches for her phone to snap the case closed in her palm, ready to leave as well. Plate and bag held in one hand, "I'll go start looking at files now. Better than waiting around in the lunchroom." Pushing herself up with a sigh, shoulders rolling. "It is always good to see you, Daisy. Talk soon!"