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Trouble in Ibiza Pt. 2
Date of Scene: 18 March 2021
Location: An Island off the coast of Ibiza
Synopsis: All's well that ends well
Cast of Characters: James Proudstar, Ororo Munroe, Samuel Guthrie, Kitty Pryde, Xi'An Coy Manh, Rahne Sinclair

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar claps his hands and smiles, he looks much refreshed after just an hour of rest, "That is a plan, a good plan." We are still in the small, modern villa we're using for the headquarters for this mission. Rooms for all, patio with a pool, Shark on the grill... so much shark. He nods, "Okay, everyone knows what they have to do, so we'll meet at the dock at 9:45pm." The dining room has been repurposed as conspiracy style briefing space with pictures of victims and assailants on the walls, a scale model of the island on the table, and various info available. The shadows have grown long as they discussions have gone on but with consensue reached there is still about 26 hours till the mission is a go... cue the countdown clock and let the montage begin.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
This time is used by Ororo to lay out her dress, shoes and jewelry for the event. Prep the things needed for her hair and make up, make sure it is all ready. Then it is on to enjoy some shark, there is a first time for everything after all, something to drink, and end the evening with a barefoot walk around the villa. When the night is dark enough, she finds her way back to her room to sleep.

The next day however, that is spent in preparation. Make-up goes on first, then there is munching and tea while the curlers in her hair set, and on to pulling that hair into the proper place. Finally the dress and shows, jewelry in place and she heads to the boat.

Ororo's attire is nothing short of breath taking. The evening gown she wears is a long flowing affair of shimmering purple silk that hugs her torso and hips and flares only slightly as it goes to the ground. A slit from the hem to mid-thigh allows her to walk more easily. At the shoulders the straps are narrow and flow down into the plunging neckline that offers a nice vew of her chest, the back dipping low to the small of her back. Sparkling deep purple pumps adorn her feet, glittering in the light with each step she takes. Her neck is decorated with a sparkling choker of diamonds and amythest that matches the bracelet on her right wrist. Her long white hair is pulled up into fanciful curls on the top of her head, the tiniest of little tiara appearing to hold it in place in the front.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will make a call to Roberto, asking him about a good tailor in the area, who can do a quick job, but something that will fit into high society. Once he has a guy he will take James with him, and get the two guys suits made that will fit in "Berto's accountants are going to flip when they see this charge on the emergency card he loaned me. This is going to cost more than six months rent."

James Proudstar has posed:
Once the boys have their clothes in hand they drop by the marina and rent a boat nice enough to get them into the 'dance', it's a bit high end but was all that was left. A cigarette boat, the kind used by ne'er do wells on that 80s hit Miami Vice.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde grabs a little table over in a corner of the villa, her computer set up, her phone beside her for an extra screen. Sweet sweet tunes start playing. Are they coming out of her computer or just falling out of the sky?


Kitty hops up from her computer, dancing around with the grace of the professional dancer she once strove so hard to be before her mutation took her life in a new direction.

   Growin' up, you don't see the writing on the wall
   Passin' by, movin' straight ahead, you knew it all
   But maybe sometime if you feel the pain
   You'll find you're all alone, everything has changed.

   Play the game, you know you can't quit until it's won
   Soldier on, only you can do what must be done
   You know in some way you're a lot like me
   You're just a prisoner and you're tryin' to break free.

Kitty realizes she's been dancing around for the first two verses and still hasn't accomplished anything yet! She hops back down into her chair, typing away. Breaking through firewalls and loading trojans. If she were in a William Gibson novel there'd be a black shark swimming the water of the internet with Kitty astride it's back, diving it down to penetrate the island's cyber defenses.

Kitty snaps her fingers and pats the desk beside her. Lockheed swoops in, delivering a Mountain Dew Code Red like he were the Amazon drone that Jeff Bezos needs. Not the one he deserves. Kitty scoops it up, takes a sip and barely slows in the rhythm of punching the keys of her keyboard.

   I can see a new horizon underneath the blazin' sky
   I'll be where the eagle's flying higher and higher
   Gonna be your man in motion, all I need's this pair of wheels
   Take me where my future's lyin', St. Elmo's fire (Ooh, oooh, oooh)!

Kitty inserts a set of names into the guest list and starts reproducing the invites. She connects back to the servers in the X-men base and grabs pre-created aliases for each person.

Wait they have those?

Damn straight they have those!

By the time they need to start getting ready, Kitty has invites, fake IDs that match the names on the guest list, and suitable covers that will show to anything other than intense investigation by a cyber-skilled foe that these people really exist.

Kitty goes off, getting dressed in a sleek dress, doing her hair and choosing some good flats that are stylish yet mobile. By the time they are ready to go, Kitty has her makeup on and looks like a young, well to do teen, living off daddy's money and the importance of his name that opens doors for her.

Also? She has one sweet 80's style montage completed.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
The knowledge of what is to happen here leads Xi'an Coy Manh to a melancholy 'immediately prior to the preparations' evening. She gazes out on the Mediterranean, wistful perhaps, lost in her own thoughts, memories, sympathies. She finally eats some of the grilled shark during this period and she wishes she could take pictures. Leong and Nga would love the place. But even weeks later, such images would potentially compromise the entire mission. You cannot be too cautious with such things.

But that's the deepening of the night.

In the morning, Shan goes into town in order to buy the highest-legged boots she can obtain and afford, because while the extremely long and gauzy cotton dress she is wearing makes her look like a frumpy tourist, she has to look completely different when they actually go down.

SUCH AS... right now.

Shan is wearing an A-line dress made out of reasonably durable black latex with a high collar and bare arms. This is accompanied by thigh-high boots of black patent leather with about seventeen buckles each along with three inches of heel plus two inches of platform. This, along with a fashion garter, does pretty much disguise the leg. The downside is walking like she's on a ship's deck in high winds. Her hair has been vigorously combed and brushed to a high gloss, which is concealing the librarian hairband's aftereffects.

"You look stunning," Shan says to Ororo as they rendezvous. "Please, catch me if I start toppling over. I feel like I'm on stilts." Kitty gets a beaming smile and a wave, followed by one step forwards to meet her mid-approach-- which Shan swiftly thinks better of.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde goes around distributing fake IDs. Each contains a small sheet with details of them to memories about themselves.

"Ororo," Kitty says, "You're Roan Abioye, owner of one of the largest diamond mines in Namibia. There are rumors about the inclusion of conflict diamonds but they always seem to be hushed up and go away quickly." She passes Ororo her information.

"Shan," Kitty says, "You're Yue Huang Zhao. Daughter of the Huang Zhao coffee importing family along the West Coast and China. I didn't find anyone on the guest list who is likely to have crossed paths with them. There are a few scandalous social media posts alleging a 'tape' that may go public soon, which you have vehemently denied."

Kitty moves on to James Proudstar. "Captain Jason Martin, former US Army, dishonorably discharged. Your name surfaced in relation to three different private military contractors, though all three deny you were employed with them. Retired at a surprisingly young age and bought an island off Martha's Vineyard."

"Sam," Kitty says, smiling at him. "We're keeping you close to home. Kirk Randolph, whose father made a killing in barley futures and became primary supplier to a number of well known whiskey distillers in Kentucky," she says. "You have a string of lawsuits by hotels whose rooms you wrecked, each settled quietly out of court by your family."

"Rahne," Kitty says. "You are Emelia VanderSloss of the Glastonbury VanderSlosses. Their grandfather was a simple soldier in World War II, who returned very wealthy. Rumor spoke of looted artwork from European museums," Kitty says. Unable to suppress a frown even if it's just a cover. "The VanderSlosses bought themselves a castle and began a shipping company. One of their ships was sunk in a suspicious manner just before an Italian customs boat could board and search them, leading to rumors of smuggling."

Kitty looks to see if those work for everyone. "As for me, I'm Annabelle Rothchild. Born in New York, but second cousin to the Duchess of Sutherland. A number of photos attributed to me as the photographer have been suppressed, but there are enough copies out there that I seem the kind of person who might be interested in purchasing someone pretty enough."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo nods to Kitty, repeating the name once to herself before looking to the others as they get their new names. It tickled her a little to be someone else for an evening, even if it was an important mission with an important purpose.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Shan takes her identification details and looks at the card. "... I look hot in this ID photo," she says. "/How did you do that./"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde leans over Shan's shoulder to take a look at the picture again. "Are you kidding?" Kitty asks Shan with a warm grin. "Like there's a picture of you that isn't hot? Just changed up your clothing a bit to a designer outfit, a little touch up on the hair style to be something slightly more pretentious, but killer," she says.

Kitty looks over at Lockheed as he is looking back at her expectantly. "Sorry pal. Don't think taking a cat to the party would work. You're going to have stay nearby on your own and keep an eye out for trouble. But don't get spotted." She gives the little dragon a little head rub on the skin around his horn, the dragon leaning into the touch.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar is the last to arrive at the boat and is in place to help all the ladies into said conveyance. His hair is still wet from swimming out to the island to set the explosives, and place the ribs; but drying quickly in the Mediterranean breeze. He takes the ID from Kitty with a nod, "Thanks. These are great, best I've seen. Yeah, you're the back up. Okay, everyone ready?"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie nods a bit and says "Didn't think Ah could handle a fake accent?" He jokes a bit to her, and looks over to the bunch "We need to arrive on this boat, or they got a pick up place, we need to meet them at?"

James Proudstar has posed:
The night is clear and beautiful as the boat heads out over the water towards the island, on any normal night this would be a gorgeous ride, under star filled skies but on this night the light pollution from the megapalooze event drowns any hope of stars, the bright spotlights paint wash out the starts and paint their own pictures in the sky. It has a much less organic beauty but beauty nonetheless halfway there you can feel the base coming at you over the water.

    The arrival and entrance go uneventfully, a slip is found, and the heroes fake ids hold up to muster. It's not long before everyone is on the dance floor the music is hot and the DJ is world class, there's multiple levels and you can barely notice the security overwatch if you're not looking for it, the mages hidden in the shadows and the robotic assault troops are perfectly disguised as dance automatons. The lowest level even has a foam party going on.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Moving with elegance and purpose, Ororo puts on the persona she is presenting for the evening and moves to mingle. Those who ask about her are given her code name, but other than that she offers only coy smiles and promises to reveal more later, it's always later, there are too many things to do at the party to waste time on idle chit chat.

Moving to find just the right spot, Ororo proceeds to get her groove on, dancing and bopping to the way too loud music and pretending with skill that she's enjoying it, not that the dress allows for too many fancy moves. With a dress like that however, she doesn't need many.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty, or Annabelle, makes her way into the party, splitting off from the others after the boat ride over so they don't appear as a group other than in sharing a ride. By the time she's through the security and has made the walk up to the house, she has a young man whose arm she is on, laughing and swapping stories about some of the more sordid night life in Ibiza.

Within the party, the girl with just enough connection to nobility to be interesting but not to actually be anyone other than the idle rich, wanders the house. Admiring it, stopping for a drink or to talk to people.

Annabelle eventually hits the dance floor. It's like throwing a fish into water. She thrives out in the middle of the pulsing beat. Body moving as if the music were flowing through her. She flirts and is flirted with, and at one point a young woman comes over to her. "Pardon," she says in a French accent. "My friend... mentioned you were Annabelle Rothchild. I zaw a few photos that I think might have been yours, non?"

Annabelle smiles to the other young woman. "And what did you think of them?"

"Exciting," the blond girl says, giving Kitty-Anabelle a smile. That makes Kitty smile as well. She dances close with the other girl for a little bit, before the two whisper to one another. They head off the dance floor together.

A little later Kitty can be seen leaving a coat closet. Swiping her phone to look at some photos and then flashing a smile back over her shoulder before disappearing back into the crowd. The French girl emerges, straightening her dress.

Kitty sends the photos off to Warren. She'll have some splainin' to do when she gets back.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will move around with the others. Sam's movements are with the music. He will look around the group, and as the party boy, he will head down towards the bottom level. He will find a place to make sure his jacket is ok, unbuttoning his shirt, and heads into the foam party. He dances around down there for a bit making sure to get all the angles where things maybe hidden away from the higher levels.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
"Oh, you're just saying that to flatter me," Shan tells Kitty. "And because it's true. Still, I don't remember ever making THIS face." (It is something of a death glare, but this has happened more often than Shan wants to admit.)

On the boat, Shan tries to say some things in the tone of 'Yue'. This is mostly her trying to put on a different accent, or the ghost of it, in a third language. She also holds tightly onto a railing because of her aforementioned ridiculous boots. Once there, though, she finds out that she's gotten a better bearing, and she walks off, into the club, after a brief mental check in with people - if you're in a jam, it seems, shout and Shan will hear you! if you use your thoughts. not aloud. aloud would not work

"Be careful in there," Shan murmurs to Sam as he approaches the depths of the foam party. She lingers, not there, but in a little drink-compatible island near the ramp heading down to that bottom level, leaning against a table and doing her best to imitate the face on the ID.

Which leads to drinks just sort of appearing near her. She makes little sneers at people, experimentally.

With some abstract envy, she watches Kitty -- until someone puts a hand on her shoulder, squeezes once, and then -- freezes.

"You will want to forget all of the little gossipy nasty remarks on the tip of your tongue, little boy," Shan says to a gentleman in a blazer jacket and no shirt who could be compared to 'Roberto, if he was born in Taipei instead of Brazil, and also was not an awesome mutant.'

Mr. Little Boy raises his hand. "Holy-- it really IS you!"

"Yes," 'Yue' confirms.

"Can I get a self" "no."

Mr. Little Boy marches off, shaking his head.

After this, and some consideration, as well as a shift in the tempo of the music, Shan starts to move leisurely towards the dance floor. She takes her first actual sip of one drink. Hopefully, only the usual drugs.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde continues to wander the party. Her phone, once brought out, snaps pictures of beautiful people. In one or two cases she gets her subjects to pose in interesting ways that, were this a public setting, would definitely walk the line if not cross it.

In truth though she's using her phone to check any networks, to identify those she's guessed at being bidders from the guest list. Checking for their phone's communications with the nearest cell tower. One idiot left his bluetooth enabled, and soon Kitty has downloaded everything from his phone.

A few of the pictures she snaps are of those people, added evidence. Though she begins making her way to her place for when things start to go from party to unplanned mayhem. Ready to set out in search of the missing kids.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar is in the midst of his own personal nightmare, he flashes a panicked look at.. no one. It's not that Jim isn't a good dancer quite the opposite, he was alway one of the strongest male dancers in Ms. Hunter's dance class but being surrounded by so many soft and squishy type human in such close quarters, he takes up too much space, i takes all his agility to avoid them, without seeming to. Jim doesn't stay on the the dance floor long but Captain James Martin wouldn't, so James takes advantage of his id and assumes the high ground and surveys the exits. He has eyes on all of you and even catches a nose full of our quarry He takes note of the defense and sizes up the soldiers even dressing a few down, those though least disciplined are going to be the ones he's going through, leaving a hole in the formation.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Roan looks to be enjoying herself, moving from the dance floor to being a slow saunter around, hips swinging from the heels she's wearing while she looks around. Collecting a drink, she sips sparingly at it as she goes, observing the locations where guests are permitted and where they are not, where the guards are, disguised or not. Her circuit is slow and casual, pausing from time to time to chat with someone who might say something to her, but over all she has a purpose to cover as much ground as possible to discern the best possible location for what comes next.

She knows she could clear this place in seconds if she really wanted to, that explosions weren't required, a good hard storm would drive these socialites into the house or onto the boats, but that would mean they stayed and they needed to not be on the island. So she waited, finding the perfect spot that she could see most locations and waits for the moment that cover was required.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will not stay in the foam pit long, he makes sure he knows whats down there and makes his way back to his jacket throwing it on over his foamy wet clothes. He will move to grab a drink as well. The young man will sip the drink, and heads towards the Music getting close enough to try to hit something or such if needed when they make a go.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne, with her preparation in mind and a simple green peasant dress, took the information well enough. She put on her outfit and an auburn wig, which she originally looked at askance, but which actually suits her fairly well. Not playing her up, her natural body and petite size makes her look young, almost ridiculously so. She looks less like a hero and more like one of the kids. Which might potentially be a bonus.

With her story in mind, she's managed to get into the party but is doing an absolutely brilliant job of pretending to be awkward and confused. So, basically, a kid. Emilia VanderSloss is on site! She does not seem to be mingling well though.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Shan, or 'Yue', undulates herself to downtempo electronica, raising her bare arms gradually above her head and letting her eyes roll back in her head. (Occasionally she peeks down but these chunk-ass heavy boots are holding up fine.) It's a little sweaty, but not unpleasantly so.

She glances sideways at a tall Spanish woman. ... But...; no, she tells herself, relax. Just let them think you're made of ice if they care at all.

While undulating more or less in place, it is PSI CHECK IN TIME.

To Kitty: <<I think that guy with the shaved head might be a suspect. I sense the wrong kind of thinking from him, but I don't know if I can dig in. Image him?>>

To Sam: <<Have you found an opening? I think there may be a man with a shaved head heading down there soon... he might be a suspect.>>

To Rahne: <<Try the little banh mi's. It's pretty loud, huh?>>

and finally, to Storm: <<I am pretty sure that those dancing robots are not Japanese atmosphere objects. Have you spotted all of them?>>

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo-Roan continues her slow meandering pace, sauntering along with her drink and counting out the not-japanese robots, taking the time to pause even and look around to ensure she has the exact number and locations to share back. Normally this sort of undercover work wasn't her style, her unique appearance made it difficult to blend in, but in a setting like this she was no more different than the pink haired lady who couldn't dance or the green haired man who had already had one too many drinks.

James Proudstar has posed:
Then the clock strikes 11 and the exuplosions go off. At first upeouple think it's a fireworks or lightshow but the lights fail and James smiles as he smells fear on the breeze. Then there's another exuplosion in the marina and several boats are burning. James reaches out for Shan as best he can

    <<Shan - Tell Kitty to cut through the building and I'll hook up with her around back>>

    <<Storm should call in the fog and back uup Sam on the automations. Sam need to get in the air and take out those automatons. Rahne should be going upuup and we'll find those kids.>>

     The soldiers are trying to keeup control of the crowd and the mages are uproviding light, marking them as bright targets in a sea of humanity. Jim takes out the three soldiers nearest to himself and upicks uup on of their rifles into the air, that and a well tossed flash bang are enough to turn the crowd into a riot as they go streaming for the exits.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Dropping the drink onto a table just before the clock strikes eleven, Ororo has herself in her chosen location as the explosions sound through the night. At the voices in her mind, she extends her arms slightly out to her sides and draws on the moisture off the ocean and the air to begin forming the fog. It is a slight mist at first, then slowly grows into a thick, soupy mess that rolls in off the water and onto the land. Her body begins to hover slightly off the ground as this happens, eyes immediately going to the nearest location of the first automaton. The clear night sky makes this part a little more difficult, but by her will clouds begin to roll in from out at sea. A rolling clap of thunder sounds in distance, and moments later another. The storm is building, time to remove some machines.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
James comes in a little faintly. Shan's face tightens. (This is completely in character for Yue.) <<Understood.>>

More psi messages! A quick flash, like fireflies in the astral plane.

<<Kitty-- James wants you around the back. Clip through a robot if you can?>>

<<Ororo, Sam, I think you will have to get high up and disable these big boys. And it's time for the fog and chill.>>

<<Rahne, it's time to search. Use your senses to find those children -- sing out if you find opposition you can't handle!>>

Shan glances at her wrist and immediately starts walking off the dance floor towards the ladies' room, because her plan is to lurk in the vestibule and not get shot by a robot. But for better or worse,

Bang! Piff! Darkness! Terror!

"AAAAAIIIEEEEH YOU IDIOTS!! YOU RUINED MY PARTY!" cries out 'Yue' in the darkening gloom. (And she keeps trying to head towards her planned point of cover. Hopefully nobody blindsides her!!)

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde catches Karma's thoughts and thinks back to her, << Alright, will meet you there. >> She then begins moving forward, for the first few steps showing the wonder that those who thought the explosion was some kind of entertainment show.

However as things begin to happen that make that seem unlikely, she starts to feign fear. Kitty rushes about, one of many people scattering as if not quite sure which way to go.

She steps out and sees one of the automatons in front of her, blocking her way around to the back of the building. As it turns towards her, she starts and holds her hands up in front of her mouth like she might scream.

After pretending to be someone who just wants to be somewhere safe, she hurries along the way, looking about to make sure no one from the island's security is about to see her. As soon as the automaton turns on to look at other fleeing guests, Kitty makes a left turn, looping around behind the robot for a few feet. From there she runs towards it, but each steps her upwards like she were jogging up a slope.

The pretty French girl who was in the closet with 'Anabelle' steps out of a door, eyes widening at the sight of the large armed robot. And then suddenly the photographer that she let take naughty pictures of her runs through the robot's head like she were a ghost.

The French girl faints dead away, leaving Kitty shaking her head. "Seriously, that's what you get for letting a stranger photograph you like that," she murmurs to herself as she moves around the back to meet James Proudstar.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
The sound of an explosion slaps Rahne like a hand to the face. She stumbles under it; apparently even in human form her hearing is top-notch. Which is, on occasion, not the best thing to have going for you.

She straightens up, holding onto a table. She was about to look into the little things she'd been told to try eating, but she spends a moment with the palm of her hand pressed to her right ear, trying to get them to stop ringing.

Then, a bit behind the rest of the team, she gets her message, and a sudden look on her face stabs anyone watching. Disappointment, real and deep. She was enjoying being in this dress. <<But..>> she manages to send back, a little bit of something hurt in the tone. She knew that her job wasn't to be Emilia for long. To be anyone but who she really is.

Then she does her job, climbing to a window and prying it open. She doesn't need much space. But she leaves the nice dress behind, tossing it to the ground outside, purposefully into the mud. The wig follows it.

A moment later she's gone, and Wolfsbane prowls, running with her nose active. To save the children.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will take a few steps, and he gets to be shock and awe, with a roar of his blast field, he will take to the air catching the first of the robots in the chest, and lifting it up and off the ground, the young man carries the metal man out over the ocean before dropping it into the ocean, and coming around to draw fire, and heading for the next robot.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
It doesn't take long for the clouds to build and the lightning to strike, reaching from the darkness of the sky toward the ground where the automatons are.

Ororo continues to lift herself higher into the night sky, a purple petal, making herself a taget a for the automaton's to focus on if they choose to in an attempt to draw their attention away from the others.

A funnel of wind begins to form around her body, moving fast and furious like miniature tornado, a shield against the bullets that come her way.

With each crack of lightning pulled from the clouds, the thunder echos instantly through the night. She is focused entirely on ensuring those machines are brought down and the rest of the team can reach their mission objectives.

James Proudstar has posed:
James slides to a stop behind the main building nodding to Kitty. "We've got to do our best to stay with Rahne." James leads the way and moves with enough speed to keep Rahne in sight while Kitty can keep him insight. It seems the security forces were not ready for an all out mutant assault as their response is disjunctured and mainly aimed at dealing with the massive riot at the islands center. The night breeze is rich with the smell of cordite and humanity but those kids are in there, and after learning the scents the trail is obvious, we're heading towards the beach, to a remote-ish corner of the island. The temple structure There's little security here as the secrecy was their best defense. There is a mage on the front steps in a gray cloak but he barely has time to register the dark furred wolf before he is dropped the silver knife in his chest not meant to wound. James looks askance at Kitty but he knows first hand how dangerous an uncheck mage can be. Then there are other people more familiar coming out of the temple structure, several of the bidders were in the process of picking up their merchandise and have decided to flee in the chaos. Right into the rescue team.
    Back at the riot formally known as a dance party. Three of the robots are gone but the two remaining have begun to scan the skies. The fog is interfering with their systems, but they find Ororo. The security team is over whelmed and the riot is raging flooding over barricades and around trooper avoiding control and containment seeking the only exit the burning marina.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Bidders are exiting the Temple, a few of them with packages in the forms of youths, some of them even smaller than Rahne was, just a moment ago. Vehicles start, headlights lighting the night, and a wave of people head toward them, their avenue to freedom. If the bidders can only get there, they can split up, vanish into the world.

They round the corner, approaching the car park, and every one of them draws to a sudden stop. There are some things you do not run directly into the path of. A speeding train, an avalanche.

An enraged wolf, snarling, hackles raised. There is something very, very primal in the sound that comes from it, the headlights somehow making it look...red. The wolf's eyes shine yellow, unnaturally, in the dimness.

Then from behind one of the chauffeurs decides to earn his keep. A car aims itself at Wolfsbane, the tires screeching, and bears down on her. As she holds the bidders at bay.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
The car speeds towards Wolfsbane and --

The brakes screech!

A moment earlier, a thought had sung out: <<Kitty, car! --Got him!>> The em-dash of triumph came when Yue - or perhaps more accurately, KARMA - reached out from within the press of the crowd, having been borne along and opted to go with the flow with the occasional mild tamp on panic and despond. But now all of her focus is on that driver as the wheel is jerked and the hand brake engaged hard enough to make something produce an evil smell of smoke.

The driver looks out of the driver's side window towards the wolf. His eyes are glazed... and one of them flickers. He must be having some kind of spasm. (Or is he... winking?)

<<Should we use the car?>> Karma proposes to Kitty and Rahne. <<I don't know if it is bullet proof, but it's something at least.>>

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie aims himself for one of the remaining robots, looking to plow through it and the house behind it. Even though some of these folks are evil scum bags, some maybe just normal scumbags, and Sam is trying to limit the damage to the civilians. He will blast through the robot as it's bullets bounce of his blast field as he is neigh invulnerable when blasting (TM).

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty sees the car rushing for WOlfsbane and she's about to head that direction when she hears the message from Xi'an. <<Roger that,>> Kitty responds, the young woman starting forward in a sprint for the bidders, several of whom are dragging the children in restraints of various types.

When it comes to the roles on the X-men, Kitty often takes on scouting, rescuing hostages, retrieving items or dealing with electronic countermeasures and security. It's less often that she gets involved in the fights, though it does happen. And today is one of those times.

Rarely do her ninjutsu skills get used. Something Kitty rarely shows for reasons that probably few have learned. But this? Kidnapping these mutant children? And after Kitty was herself kidnapped along with Nori before the X-men and Antman saved her? The Jewish girl's ire is up.

She wades amongst the bidders, attacking knees and striking with her fingers into people's throats. Larger man attack her and she just phases through them only to deliver a knee to their groin and then another to their head as they bend over.

The bidders are going down quickly, until soon there are only kidnapped mutants left conscious. "We're here to get you," Kitty says, and then says in French that they are friends.

<< Karma, we need to get them over to the docks to take the boat out. If you want to use the car, we'll have a lot to transport, sure.>>

Ororo Munroe has posed:
The tornado whipping around Ororo's body keeps the bullets at bay, and though she watches Sam's progress her attention is pulled to the docks. Pulling rain from the clouds that were already formed was easy enough, and with her mind she reaches into the clouds and lets the downpour commence. At first focused over the dock, but like any storm the rain spreads slowly across the island as a whole. The natural weather patterns would hate her for this, and she would pay the price later, but the fires raging below were far too dangerous to leave.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar gives a low whistle as he watches Kitty dispatch the bidders. He glances towards the chaffeurs who are standing next to the cars, and James drops one man and crushes the engine block, scaring the second into fleeing into the woods. leaving two functioning cars, "Let's load everyone up and we can get them to the ribs down by the beach. <<Shan, have Sam pick you up and Storm can meet us back on the coast.>>

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Kitty stepping in makes the growling stop, but the wolf does not move. THOU SHALT NOT PASS is the message, and it doesn't take words or a wizard to make them clear.

But the moment that the children are free, the wolf licks the air, then turns and lopes towards them. It seems almost to have shrunk in the moment, seeming more like a doggie. But she was scary a moment before, and she smells the fear on the kids.

She lifts her head, sniffing. Then begins the search, to see if others are still to be found. No child shall be lost.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
On the way, as the children sleep, Ororo takes a moment to pet the 'puppy' while watching the children.

James Proudstar has posed:
The site is clear and the message is referred through Shan and confirmed by Proudstar. The kids are loaded into the SUV, they all cluster around Rahne trusting the puppers before any of the strange humans. The bidders are zip tied and left with the incriminating information. The SUV arrives at the beach a few miles away James is already unfolding and inflating the RIBs, not really a normal means of conveyance for the X-Men. Though John showed Jimmy how they worked and showed Scott the same as an option. The kids are loaded in still clustered around Rahne, and as Sam, now arrived with Shan, pushes the boat off shore. In he distance on the marina side of the Island a small fleet of police boats and coast guard can be seen. The X-men head out to sea, towards the open waters where the faint outline of the Blackbird is visible.