5588/Let the tests begin

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Let the tests begin
Date of Scene: 14 March 2021
Location: G.I.R.L Labs Madi's Area
Synopsis: Sciene is made, friend maybe is made if that's even possible
Cast of Characters: Shannon Davis, Madigan Belle

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis was very uncomfortable coming to G.I.R.L for a variety of reasons, but this was where the tech stuff she needed was, so there was no better alternative. It was a place for geniuses after all. She activates whatever entrance system they have set up and waits for Madi to buzz her in and allow her to make her way over towards the labs. She's as usual wearing a white hoodie and jeans, nothing special besides the fact she always carried her makeshift kusari in her hoodie pocket, which is left near the door when she enters the lab.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Genetics! Go! Madi quickly buzzes in the only person who is coming to visit her and Shannon is getting a pass straight to Madi's lab area and no where else. Security is tight. Once Shannon arrives, Madi waves to her, "Heya." From across a room of boxes, some unhooked up lab equipment, and more. Though what's setup is at least relevant. "Alright, so, we're going to take some blood, marrow samples, spinal fluid, hair, you know, random bits from here and there so I can blend it all up, and get a genetic soup." She offers before adding, "Only here for the equipment though, once we have the tests going prolly want other... tests... to happen elsewhere. You know, where I won't owe millions of dollars worth of damages." A chuckle as she's just waving in the direction of a seat.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis chuckles, she liked that last bit. "I like anything that would create millions of dollars in damage." She says with an animal-like grin. She approaches and spreads her arms. "Go for it, take all you want. I don't care -what- you do to me, as long as it gets me stronger and stronger." Her voice dripped with a palpable thirst, it wasn't exactly a pure thirst for power. It was more complex than that, but in practice, that's what it came down to. She needed to be stronger to achieve what her soul screamed for.

She does narrow her eyes though. "But don't think I'm just some kind of fool who will turn into science sludge once you get tired of me. I'm paying very close attention that our goals are aligned. As long as what you're wanting to do is in favor of making me strong then we're good." She says very firmly before taking off her Hoodie, she imagined that was required at least for the spinal fluid. The act of doing so seems to make her very irritated at something, it wasn't that she was taking it off, it was something else she seemed to remember.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Well, it is fully within the realm of possibilities that with enough testing and trials you -will- become a sludge of nothing but genetic material lying around. Might be sentient, might not." A shrug comes from Madi's shoulders as she is looking around a table in her lab and ah-hahs when she finds the thick big needle. "Alright, let's do the spinal fluid first. You cannot move during this, so, um, maybe we should strap you into the chair?" Looking around she quirks her mouth to the side, and then points to some medical straps, "Then we can unstrap you and get the rest?"

Big grin, showing off teeth, and she is making her way slowly to the chair that has an open back and a pad for shoulders. So, it's ideal to get at the lower back, even though it isn't a medical chair. "My goal -isn't- to make you sludge. Though, if you were sludge and stronger than you are now, it'd be kind of a win-win. You could even slip under doors. I mean, gotta think of the possibilities!" She exclaims positively, "All in the wake of science. Right? Right. Okay, could you grab those straps? Then I can lock you in."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis squinted at Madi, but she had a good point. "I don't care if I become a sludge as long as I'm the most powerful fucking sludge in the world that will strike terror in the heart of mankind." She replies sharply. She didn't like the idea of being strapped down for Madi, as she still had no real proof that making her stronger is really what the scientist wanted. "Strap my upper body and then just give me something to hold on to or tug." She replies, lying back on the table with the bunch of straps. She straps one over her chest and leaves it loose enough to slip out of but tight enough that she could push against it if it came to resisting the pain. She did have very high pain tolerance after all. The adrenaline was already tingling at the back of her head.

She turns to Madi with a fiery look. "Make me strong. I will come back from the depths of hell if I have to in case you kill me. I have no doubt I'll become a demon." She wasn't sure if Madi was like Hank and adhered to total denial of the supernatural, but she had seen it herself.

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's a big smile, "Great! We're on the same page then." As to what specifically? Who knows, as Madi lets you start strapping yourself in. She waits, and wonders, "Hey, are Disney songs good for you? Me too! Great." And she pulls out her phone and starts her Disney Song play list that starts playing through some wireless speakers about in the lab. "I love these songs. They are so upbeat, some of them kind of sad, and you know, all of them are focused so heavily on the Princesses who are just -the best-." Confidence builder, but her eyes squint some at the strap job. "That's loose."

Reaching out she tugs on the upper one, just to get it an extra notch, "I mean..." Chuckling and shaking her head, "This..." Holding up the needle, "Is gonna hurt like you are giving birth out of your back. Which, I've seen, though that was just a tiny bit of a mix-up. In early tests." A pause, "Smile? I'm not sure what you say before a spinal drain, never done this on a living person. But - hold on to this..."

She hands over a Furby doll. "And I'm only joking around with you, trying to ease your sense of concern. I love demons, so we can only hope." Stab. Yep. While talking she just quickly moves, and needle goes in, "Don't... move." She says whisper quiet, as she starts to drain some fluid.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis was already pumped full of adrenaline by the time the needle went in, that was a good method Madi was using. She sucks in air and contracts, staying perfectly stiff and still. It's unclear how much pain she's feeling, but had Madi seen some of her fights before, she'd probably want to research what was wrong with this girl's adrenal glands. She was just relentless. In reality it was the result of conditioning them to release more and more and more adrenaline over the years.

She stays still and waits, and waits some more, she barely even breathes until Madi tells her that it's over, she wants this to work so much it completely overpowers her sense of self-preservation like a bulldozer. Her eyes burn throughout the whole thing, they do say someone obsessed with something is capable of going farther than anyone ever thought possible. "I...want to...win as me...not demon...so make sure...you don't mess up..." She says between gritted teeth.

Madigan Belle has posed:
It takes a while, probably feels like longer for Madi, you can't just suck out a bunch of fluid all that quickly. It isn't one of those things. You have to have patience. And Madi is humming to the Disney song that's playing currently until fiiiiiiiinally, it is over. "Done, jeez." Then she pulls the needle out, after saying she was done. Probably the wrong order, but in quick succession she's got a gauze all taped up over the spot, draws a few hearts on the tape as well. Just to add to it. Since, well, she's back there and bored.

"Alright, that's that." Then yank, a hair, and she then, and only then, lets the strap go. "Marrow is... tough to get at, and really bad. That we probably don't want to do here, but we can certainly do the blood. I mean, we could do the marrow, I have the right needles for it. Always gotta have a variety, you know, just in case. Never know when something might just 'pop up'."

And then she blinks a few times, and comes around to be in front, now that the strap is freed up Shannon can move around as much as she likes, "I mean, it'd still be you. You'd just be a demon. That's not that bad, better color skin, maybe some tail action going on, you know? Demon." She wiggles her fingers and makes an OoooOOoOoOoooh sound. Then, quirking her mouth to the side she looks up and furrows her brow, "Or is that a ghost? Ghosts aren't anywhere near as cool. So, let's shoot for modding you, but a good silver medal would be a demon! Bronze is that sentient super strong sludge. Deal?"

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis chuckles softly, exhaling in relief once the procedure is done. "If it's like that, then sure, I guess it wouldn't be too bad." She nods at the girl, seeming to relax some. "If you got them then let's just get it out of the way. I take it you don't have anesthetics here? You'll really have to strap me in then." She was, indeed, obsessed, no sane person would agree to put themselves through something like that unless it was a matter of life and death. To her, it might as well be, so she wanted it out of the way. "Do the blood too. Get what you need." She says while lying back.

She grits her teeth, she could only think back to one point in her mind, the first time she saw the other her in the news. That was what filled her heart with so much rage. She wanted that power and it was flaunted in front of her, by herself, it was so absurd it made her blood boil. She was going to demolish anything in her way, even herself, to live the greatest highs, and feel the best sensations of excitement and awesomeness that she dreamed of. She was going to become a monolith before all others who claim themselves 'super'.

Madigan Belle has posed:
It takes Madi a bit of time to get back to the table, she's storing the contents she got out of Shannon's back and then was looking for other things. Gathering up another thicker needle and then also a smaller one that is much more common for things like blood. "Anesthetics?" A questions and she shakes her head, "No, I wouldn't benefit from them, don't even work on me." A roll of her eyes, as if you were asking for her benefit.

Then she comes back over, it is all slow and she's got some bandages and everything. "So, which arm is your dominant arm?" And she grabs another chair and brings it over so she can at least sit. It is hard enough for her to bend over without falling over, so with a chair, she's at least somewhat grounded and has something to grab and pull herself back up from even a mildly leaned over position.

There's a pause, "What I'll be able to do is take what you have, and then be able to whirr it around in some machines. Then I can make a concoction with other abilities and mix it with what I learn. Then bam, inject it into you and you'll have some of those things. Once we get the right dialing down, we'll know exactly how much oomph we need to get you where you wanna be. And we may have to ... do this to other people, you know, to get a wider understanding of abilities. I'm assuming you'll be fine with that. Since, you have this all thought out, and all."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis frowns a bit, realizing how much of a maniac this woman really was. She offers up her left arm without answering the question. "I see. Well, there's no going back for me at this point, so I guess I might as well. I was already planning on pulverizing everyone before my path and grinding hero or villain alike into the ground. So beating up some people to get their genetics isn't really that different from what I want. Just extra steps." She breathes heavily, now cold sweat was running down her back, she did not think she had ever felt so much pain, and it was so terrifying that it was comparable to her battle highs. "I know we've been all pleasant and nice to each other so far since we kind of want the same but, let me make this perfectly clear: I can and will kill you with my bare hands if you try to steal my powers. You're smart so you probably figured this out already, with how obsessed with strength I am, it should be obvious. It's not a threat, I just want to make sure we're on the same page. That's how much it's going to piss me off." She says with a light wag of her head.

She squeezes herself back on the table and straps herself in. Her breathing was so fast it was like she was about to explode but she still had that fixated, furious expression on her face. Every bit of pain, effort, fear and danger she was facing was to reach that one spot, a spot beyond even what she saw on TV. A spot beyond a lifetime of war and suffering. The peak of the mountain.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Nope, no point at all." Madi says with still a pretty big grin on her face as she looks at you maneuver yourself to better suit her own needs. Then she hmmms and looks between the arms, since you didn't tell her which one, she just goes for the left one assuming that's your non-dominant arm. She had waited until you were strapped in and all that, but she then is stabbing in and nodding her head as she keeps going, far past where blood would just be drawn, "Uh huh, yep, I get it. No worries. I won't 'steal' your powers." She offers as her only form of consolation.

There is a pause though and she hrmmmms, "Though, I do sure like it when people are trying to kill me." A little shrug, as she sighs out with a big exhale, "But this -one- time, I'll try not to give any reason for you to do that." A couple more excited nods and then the needle finally hits bone, "Oooh, we've hit treasure!" And then she's going further in, wiggling the needle back and forth until she finally gets it where she needs it, gritting her teeth as this takes some effort on her part, and then she's taking marrow.

That's done pretty quickly but it might feel like it took a long time, "Whew." And she wipes her own forehead, shaking her head, "I need a moment. Tuckers me out, all this work. So, what's your favorite movie?"

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis quirks an eyebrow, she did not like the way the woman said that. "I can clearly see you're trying to warp the wording around." But what she says next truly surprises the girl. "You -do-? You're the only one I've met who ALSO likes that. I fucking love the sensation, there's nothing better than a life or death fighAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AAaaAAa" Her sentence is cut short as the needle punches through the bone and starts messing with the marrow. She gets a brief blackout where she deliriously sees her future self. Her other arm tries to reach up to grab the imaginary woman while she babbles incoherently between screams.

By the time it's over she flops back on the table, breathing heavily and covered in sweat, her vision slowly becoming clear again from the center to the outsides. She's just speechless for a while, it kind of took all the energy out of her, but it kicks in a few moments later with an intense tingle in her brain. "FHhhuuuuckkshhthhthsit." She tries to swear, a bit stunned still. "Alright...then. Well, as I said, you can do whatever...huff...as long as it powers me...huff...up." She says reassuringly and out of breath with a nod. She doesn't super like how, well, crazy the woman seemed but I guess that was necessary for the job. "Akira." She replies after a long while, figuring she might as well go with it. "What now?"

Madigan Belle has posed:
During the brief blackout, Madi has enough time to also super speed her way to getting blood. So, she does it. And there's a few nods, "All done." As Shannon wakes up, big bright smile from the wide-eyed red head, "Life or death fights? Oh, no, I just like imagining all the gore all over the place. You know, people being crushed, exploded, ripped apart. It all makes for a big mess. And who doesn't like messes? It's like spaghetti. All swirled around and such." She chuckles at that, enough to make her shoulders rise and fall quickly with the sound.

"Akira, is your favorite movie?" A grimace on her face, as she can't hide her clear and utter dislike for the film. Then she speaks through clamped teeth, "Oh, that's... great... cinema." And then looks left, then right, and Under the Sea comes on from The Little Mermaid, and she's saved! "This song, is great!" Smiling again big as she starts singing along with it. It takes a few lines in the song before she's able to answer your question.

"Now? Oh, uh, we have to let the machines kind of work. Could take hours to days depending on how complex your genetic structure is. I mean, if you are like an ant, could be done pretty super fast, but pretty doubtful. Right? You aren't some kind of transhumanistic uplifted ant species are you? Favorite animal? Color? Please don't say blue. I'll hate you if you say blue." But she leans in, tilting her head in interest.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis frowns at Madi once more, she figures this woman was some kind of crazy masochist. "I guess we're just not very compatible. What's yours? Something Disney I guess? If you like gore and blood I don't understand the reaction to Akira." She says with a light skeptical chuckle at the end. She did like have these weird questions asked somehow, because it did give her a kind of sense on how this absolute madness made manifest worked. "Uh. Animal. I guess...orcas are pretty hardcore. Color would be white. And no I'm just a human who can launch things with her hands." She replies with a soft, tired sigh. She leans back and takes the time to rest after the strain she had been put through.

She stares a bit seriously at Madi, pondering upon this relationship, but it was the fastest track to power as it seemed. "I'm going to assume you've never found anyone to do this to before. I also would like to know the next step after the machine sciency stuff is done. You'll figure out how my powers work or something? Then you'll go and see if you can power up something about them? As far as I understand there's a limited number of active mutant cells in my hands, if you could make them multiply it should increase my launching power."

Madigan Belle has posed:
Staring right at you, from pretty close, since Madi is sitting and still kind of leaning over you, she puts her arm up on the table and leans her chin against it smiling and listening. "Favorite movie? Hells yeah, Disney something, jeez. Who -doesn't- like Beauty and the Beast?" She scoffs lightly, smiling with her eyes wide enough to say, 'that is mad if someone didn't'. And then she adds, "Though I totally like the Beast before he transformed, after that... well" Rolling her eyes she sighs, "Who wants to be married to some blonde guy? Huh? Versus The Beast? I mean, stupid, right? Right."

"White isn't a bad color, it's actually pretty good if you are going to be in a fight. Shows off the fight pretty well. You should wear more white, I like the hoodie, I should get a white hoodie." Then she's on her phone for a moment, and taps at a few things before, she sets it down. If you see her screen she's ordering a hoodie off Amazon, that happens to be white, all in quick order. "Orcas? Yeah, they are cool. I like'em. Good, you have at least good tastes in sea monsters."

A bit of a laugh after that and she sighs, leaning more heavily on her hand as she watches you, eyes wide and she's staring, still, with only the occasional distraction sending her eyes to dart one direction or another behind her glasses. "Huh? Oh, no, we actually didn't need any of that stuff to really test things in you, but it helps for me to understand your current genetic structure. And I like looking at genes, I find you can really get to know someone that way." A little shrug at that and she nods, "Cool power, though."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis breathes in deeply then exhales slowly. "Right." It's like you had to have a degree in psychology to talk to this woman properly. "I'm picking up some vibes from you here that I think I understand." She rubs her chin thoughtfully. "I'm not sure where my degree of monstrous stops for aesthetics. I guess I do rather like the imposing look of 'I'm gonna fuck your day up' of being really freaky looking, but still looking plenty human so that the person in question knows that it's entirely because of a rational choice and not that I'm just some animal." She replies with a finger wagging up and down idly. "I guess demon is a fairly close fit. Animal people are overdone, I personally think." She decides to humor the woman with some attempts at talking, rather than just sheer madness. "I guess my power is pretty cool, but it's weak as shit right now." She adds after a long pause, a depressed, VERY depressed tone to her voice, but she had the feeling Madi wasn't actually capable of picking up on that.

She slides off the table, assuming she gets to unstrap herself, and stands up a bit wobbly. "So, what do I do now? Go home and come back later? I need to know what where we're going with this."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"You get it!" Madi exclaims and lifts both of her hands above her head, thrusting them up in the air in an exuberant response, "Exactly! See, I knew we were just like two alien eggs in a pod, just waiting to burst out of someone's chest together." She giggles a bit, big grin on her face still as she rocks back and forth, letting her arms come down to her sides. Still rocking in her seat though she's got a lot of energy just waiting to erupt.

There's some hmmming, as she tilts her head back and forth, eyes wide open, like tick - tock, tick - tock, and then her eyes get big, "Is it like telekinesis? I've never injected someone with their own power before, I wonder if that would work, or get you some boost by a telekinetic property. Hmmmm, interesting, yes, I think, no, that wouldn't work, super strength could help, but maybe both, then its mechanical and telekinetic energies being applied, oh, of course! We could do a cocktail."

Then she pauses, looking back to you, "Huh? Oh, home, right, silly, we can't stay here, can we? That'd be totally awkward. Are you doing anything? Watching a movie? Playing games? Are you going to eat something? Do you make food? Would you make food for me? Could I come along, I bet you I win at any game." All in fast words one idea after the next.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis watches with slow blinking eyes, she has to wonder at some point if the woman is asking her out and if she was even capable of that. "Right, yes, I'm glad we're on the same page then. Uh. I don't know about injecting but maybe if you can make them multiply organically. Superstrength might make it just more worth punching people in the face, unless you mean mixing the superstrength gene in with my mutation, then I guess it would work. It's not telekinesis. It's normal kinetic acceleration. I can just make it appear inside whatever I'm touching as if it had been accelerated in that direction, there's no impact or anything, just pure energy moving them that way. So for example, I can't *blast* someone with it, I'd have to make them go flying into something hard to damage them." She explains quite simply, letting Madi get a feeling of it by poking her on the arm and letting out a light pulse, it makes her arm move back slightly if she allows it, as if it had moved on its own with no external force.

"Okay, so. I can't cook, no. I can microwave some stuff, maybe make pasta. I got kicked out of my house so I wander a lot since I don't like using the apartment that was given out to me for personal reasons. Are you sure you don't have to work on anything and can just leave the machines going? I mean. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next. I kind of go around looking for trouble a lot because I need to train and strengthen my powers."

Madigan Belle has posed:
Tilting her head even further to the side, Madi just says, "I mean, your power. It resembles telekinesis. Imparting kinetic energy to something else without the proper mechanical acceleration." And she hand waves in the air and looks back to the machines then over to Shannon, "Watch them? Noooooo, that'd be terribly boring." And then you pulse her arm and it goes sideways some and her eyes get big, she looks over at it and then her mouth gapes open, "Whoa." Momentarily stunned with awe, Madi then turns back to look at Shannon, "That is totally like telekinesis! I mean, without the distance part."

She calms and says, "I'm okay with microwaved food, or a corner food trailer or truck thingie as well. You know, eat while we walk, and look for trouble. Whatevs. I'm down for anything." Except doing something alone?

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis sighs sharply, a frustrated look on her face. "If only it were telekinesis. It's just pushing. Though I think the key difference is that the cells in my hand generate and transfer the energy in, while in the case of telekinesis it's just, unknown brain stuff that makes it levitate." She complains, turning towards the exit and starting to walk slowly. "I guess you can come along. I spend a lot of time just working out my powers by accelerating the ground or walls. I'm hoping eventually I'll hit a breakthrough point and they'll get stronger. Maybe stimulate them enough to make more cells mutate, I don't know." She waves of Madi to come along and starts heading out of the lab. "Wasn't there a japanese dude who shows up causing trouble sometimes? I kinda wanted to fight him." She comments as they walk, slowly probably.

Madigan Belle has posed:
One hand grips her crutch, and the other grabs at the side of the table. Between the two Madi is able to get herself to her feet, and then she's following along. It's slow but smooth movement, she's got her swaying legs well practiced and letting the leg braces lock in place to keep her up as she pivots the weight to the other leg and swings it forward. Yes, it is slow, but she's managed for however long, and it shows she's gotten in a lot of practice. "Huh? You practice your power? Like, trying to exercise it? Mayyyyyybe that'll work, if it's related to muscles or something in your brain holding you back. Otherwise, waste of time."

She agrees with herself with a few nods, "A Japanese dude? Who causes trouble? Here? I dunno, maybe Godzilla. So, why don't you like demons? They are super attractive, and some of them have tentacles, and others really super sharp teeth. I mean, even some have both! That's like, a double whammy in terms of awesome."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis shakes her head. "No, Dr. Mccoy said they can be developed. And we don't know how it works. If the cells are generating energy it's possible I can condition them to start increasing their output. And I do like demons, well, depending on the type. And no- Pretty sure Godzilla is just a movie...I mean an actual dude who's from japan. I don't know villains very well." She says with a vague gesture of her hands dismissively. "If it's something in my brain holding me back I will beat myself to death. I don't know. Doesn't sound like me. The point here is that I want to show the world tha-" She stops herself, letting the air exhale out of her open mouth before she closes it firmly. "Nevermind." She forgot she had given up on that particular dream, now it was just about being strong and doing things that made her feel awesome.

It finally strikes her then, she tilts a head lightly at Madi. "So, if you can manipulate genes and all of that, why haven't you done that to yourself?" She nods towards the leg braces.

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's a name she may have read or seen in some text, but she isn't sure if this is one and the same. Madi nods her head in response to the words, "Well, like, mutations are strange. They might be influenced or responding to a particular muscle movement, so training it can make it stronger. Or, like you said, maybe it is that you learn to enforce the power better." Then she adds, "There are a lot of thins though in the brain that could be holding you back. Like, a lot a lot. The brain controls all sorts of things. I could poke around in there if you ever wanted me to, I'm no neurosurgeon but ... how hard can it be?"

And then she gets the question, and she quirks her mouth to the side, "Welllll, it isn't that easy. I'd have to re-write my genes to have nerves in places I don't right now. And what would that do? What other side effect would I have? I mean, it could mean nothing, or it could mean that I have big fat feet. My feet are cute, I don't want to lose those. Maybe I lose my awesome red hair? Or, worse..." A scared look on her face, eyes wide, lip trembling, "I stop being able to eat all the treats I want." A physical shiver goes through her in a moment of slight imagined panic.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis was extremely not reassured by how hesitant Madi was to experiment on herself, that was not a good sign. "Right. I guess it'll be fine if you're careful instead of going poking around randomly like a madwoman like I know you want to." She says with a light frown, stopping at a hotdog stand and buying two of them. She offers one to Madi, waiting for her to take it to start on her own. "But yeah, like you said. I need more practice, I need to learn how to control it more too. There's a lot of ways I could improve them that would make them infinitely deadlier." She sighs again at the end, if only she got there. "I keep trying because it's the only thing I can do I guess. That and find fights to push myself. That's why I wanna fight the japanese dude. Though anyone would work as long as they're not super powerful. Though I do kinda wish I had some kinda bulletproof vest. My arm still hurts on those spots I got shot."

Madigan Belle has posed:
The hot dogs, Madi grabs one and then is reaching for the second one when it is kept. Confusion strikes her face, but she quirks her mouth to the side and then starts eating. She is done with her hot dog in quick order, big bites, quick chews, and is able to talk by the time Shannon is done talking about it. "You are so lame when you talk about how weak you are. That's why you can't do anything with it. Lameness breeds failure." A few nods to that and Madi adds, "If you start thinking about how you can use your ability, better, not just stronger, you'll be able to kill people more easily. Like, think about taking an anatomy class, learn about the deadliest places to hit a person. Find really really sharp things that you can keep on your person. Find tough and really rare materials, like diamonds, or vibranium, and steal it. You know. Work toward those goals, seems a lot easier than magically being stronger." A pause and she grins big, "Not that I won't stop looking for a way to geneticist it up, just saying, with what you have now you could totally kill more people than you are currently. Just by being smarter."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis nods with her head going side to side. "Yes, yes, I've considered all of that." She gets extremely serious. "I don't have the level of control to make people's blood flow backwards. Or make their liver explode by directing all the momentum into it. I can knock them out by tapping them on the forehead and making the brain rattle but that's about it." She crosses her arms thoughtfully. "I'm not going after those things yet because they're not what are going to give me the push I need. I don't want to be 'can kill cops and shitty heroes easily' level. I want to stand at the very top. Do you think I could fight Superman by flinging diamonds at him?"

"I'd be doing all of those things if I was satisfied with my weight level, but I'm not. I was born with a power that screams 'stick to taking out thugs' but I want to take out alien emperors, y'know? I want to grind the surface of the earth with the face of every hero and villain ever born." She says while exhaling through her nose a few times. It's not exactly a murderous psychopathic speech, she just wants to beat them, it's an almost innocent savagery that emanates from her. "Also what the heck is a vibranium?" She was born with a decent brain but zero ability to study and take information in at a decent pace. "I could certainly use the most dense material possible, but I NEED to power up my launching strength at the very least. Right now you could get the same result by throwing whatever it is if you do it well.

A hand slowly extends itself, one finger is lightly placed over Madi's eyebrow, then slides down to stand in front of her eye. "Don't think I can't use my power properly though. I know what a baseball pitch's worth of strength into an eyeball can do when none of it is mitigated by impact mechanics."

Madigan Belle has posed:
With the words, and you holding onto a second hot dog, Madi is eyeballing that hot dog, but she doesn't take it. Instead she pulls from a pocket a half eaten chocolate bar, the wrapper folded over the half she hadn't consumed earlier, then she's munching on that. Done. She's listening, but mostly watching the food.

"Got it. You want to be able to kill superman. Don't you worry, we'll figure out a way, even if we have to kidnap a relative of his, or him himself." And she nods her head a few times, before quirking her mouth back and forth. When that hand comes up to her face and a finger is in front of her eye, she ooohs and reaches up to take off her glasses. Then she holds her eyes really wide open as that finger is just moments away from impacting her face. "Are you going to explode my eye? Wait a second, can you film it on my phone?" She focuses on that finger so close to her eyeball, but isn't moving away, and is biting the tip of her tongue, waiting.

"Can I just say, I am so like, digging you right now. Oh! Great idea, you could practice on me. Throw stuff at me, it isn't like I can run really fast, but I'm pretty good at catching stuff. Huh?" Her eyes kind of de-focus and focus again but now past the finger, toward Shannon, she's grinning big while holding the tip of her tongue. "What do you say?"

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis firstly starts with a confused huff. "Uh, no I don't think we should kidnap his relatives. Well, you are correct in saying I want to be able to kill him, but I'm not going to KILL him, I want to just beat him. In a straight up fight, there's being smart and using your powers and resources right and there's just dirty stuff like kidnapping his relative and making him kill himself." She slowly extends the hotdog and hands it to Madi.

From there she stares at the girl with mild concern. "Uh, no. Why would I do that? Don't you NEED your eye? God, you are one weird chick." She's mostly depressed with herself now, seeing the kind of person she was relying entirely on. "I don't think that's very safe, but I suppose if we use non-lethal stuff it really won't be much of an issue. I guess I can try to train my control with that.

She is now visibly very concerned about Madi, the more they talk the weirder the woman gets. "Ugh, come here for a sec." She grabs Madi and ever so gently drags her into an alley out of sight. From her hoodie pocket she pulls out her makeshift kusari. A rope tied to what was a loop made out of lead, clearly cut into the shape of a loop and adjusted for her. "This is what I came up with, seemed like the most fitting weapon if I needed to survive someone. The loop lets me hold on to get more charge." She grabs the loop very hard, then there's a THUNK, which is the sound of her power activating. Then a light woooosh as the thing charges for a few moments. When it's released it flies away several times faster than it would have if she launched it at 15 newtons.

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's a little confusion in Madi's expression as you talk about beating someone, being able to kill, but not kill, it's all a lot of hub bub. And she furrows her brow as you talk, "Uhhh, okay. I mean, how would you know you 'could' kill him if you don't? That just makes no sense, but I see, you just want to hurt him a lot. Got it. You need clearer goals, there's a lot of wishy washy in your-"

She stops talking as soon as the hot dog is handed over to her, eyes wide, and she's already taken a bite of it as she says, "Shthank yuu." Chew chew chew, "I'm so hungry..." She shakes her head a little then just keeps eating it while you talk to her and she nods her head, mouth full, to your question. Then she swallows, and speaks, "I -do- need my eye to see from it, but it might be worth it, I've never seen an eye explode before. Except in the movies, of course, would be great to understand all the things that happens."

At this point though, she's realized you aren't going to explode her eye so she puts back on her glasses an grins big. "Yeah, you could. I could also like hold up targets, you know? Oooh, I should get clothing covered in targets, then like see if you can tag them. Control, it's important. So, hitting me just enough, right? To make the target but also not hard enough to kill me. That's like, that's control. I'll be your Sauron and you can be my Sarumon."

Taken into the alley she looks around, finishing off the hot dog and chewing as the explanation is happening. Then she turns her head to watch the thing fling out. "Does it always take you so long to charge it? Is the charging time based upon weight? Can you charge something suuuuuuper long to make it fly even faster?"

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis quirks an eyebrow worriedly but nods. "I guess so, that is a very good idea actually, I've never practiced my aim properly before." She did wonder how effective that would be if the girl could only move so fast, but her aim wasn't that great anyways. "I'm not going to do anything to cripple you, I don't have any reason to." She replies with a frown before moving on to the next questions. She pulls the weight back and catches it neatly. "Yes, the charge rate is always the same. Weight only affects how fast the thing goes, everything gets charged with the same amount of force at the same rate, be it the entire planet or a coin. I can charge something for a very long time but it needs to be strapped down. I once charged Wonder Woman so much she shot herself straight through a giant rock colossus."

She grins a little remembering that, it was the height of her heroing career. "There is a limit, which is when I get exhausted, but that takes like, at least ten minutes. I can't control the direction or anything though, it always goes outwards from where I'm touching the thing. I did learn how to only use part of my hand to accelerate the object instead of it all, though. So I can poke your eye and make it bounce into the back of your skull. You go and get the suit ready and we might be able to change that though. Send me a message and i'll come visit when you're ready.