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A Terrible Price to Pay
Date of Scene: 15 March 2021
Location: Outdoor Museum, Bronx, NYC
Synopsis: Hellboy and Morrigan enter the realm of the Chainer of Souls with the portal closing behind them while Mike and Hank watch.
Cast of Characters: Hellboy, Morrigan MacIntyre, Hank Pym, Michael Hannigan

Hellboy has posed:
So, it has come to this. Hellboy has occasionally...(cough) bent the rules when doing things for the Greater Good, reports have been fudged, test results lost but generally speaking he has always been a good guy. And he believes he is, but this is...not the same thing.

He has checked the books and the fae he met in the basement seems to be right. He has no doubt that smarter people than him, real wizards could maybe MAYBE find another way in to the break into the Chainer of Soul's private domain, but he hadn't even been able to find some crazy insane spell that he could ask one of his many arcane friends to try. Nothing. Nada. Nilch. Zip. And the neodruids were politically POWERFUL in the arcane community. And with SHIELD and WAND under a belljar and SHIELD on the run and the US army frelling around, the higher ups in WAND were keeping their mouth shuts and their heads down and hoping that the thing would just go away. Hellboy knew better, he had seen the looks on the SHIELD agents faces, and this was not going to go away.

So he had to kick over a hornet's nest. And so he was prepared to steal a few things. As it was, the securing of secondary WAND sites from the US military outside the Triskelion had been devolved to him and as such he had...er..."borrowed" a few more items than his monthly limit might allow to prepare himself.

The druids stood well within site and rando people walked by and ooood and aaaad feeling the heavy duty magical tingle from the thing. On theh surface, it looked rediculously unguarded. Anyone in the know would understand it was anything but mystically.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's not a stranger to the Mystic Arts, being a Master means you pick up a few things over the years. Or a lot of things. The Irish woman is dressed for a night at the musuem and looking much like her name sake in a black tea length dress that's accented with a red belt and fire engine red heels. Her hair is braided back from her face and left to fall down her back in the riot of curls that it is. She's procured herself a drink and Michael is walking with her as they look over things. Michael had decided since break was extended that he'd drag her out to see this. "You could have went on vacation you know." she states to the tall blond nordic looking man. He just chuckles at her, "Yeah I could have...then we'd miss seeing this." he nods to where a group is currently looking at the Opal.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym is sitting on top of a decorative gargoyle, arrayed in his Yellowjacket costume, Bo, the winged ant, beside him. He watches the neo-pagans and the gem and then finds his eye drawn to the willowy ginger in black and her tall friend. Bo raises an antenna questioning, following Hank's eyes.

//Thor has a kid, Great Pym?//

Hank answers curtly, //Good call but I think not.// He returns to watching and waiting, wondering when Hannigan will show up. Absently he pulls a pipe out of his boot and knocks it again the head of the concrete statue.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike's not a stranger to ... mystic shit. Would he say he's a master? Hell no. But, eh he manages. And sometimes he ends up saving someone's butt.

Perhaps that is why he is here as well. He wasn't rushed over by the assistant of a similar name. Nope. Instead he got a call from Hank. Probably because Hank knows of Mike's past successes with museums. (Ugh.)

Donning the purplish black feathery attire he is accoustomed to, the raven quietly glides in under the evening sky. Perching upon one of the more common statues. Notably not part of the display everyone is oohing and ahing over tonight. Black eyes glimpse around, looking for Hank.

Hellboy has posed:
Rule number one in the business? Don't freak out the Mundanes. That means, subtle when you can do it and in this case a large guy in a big Blue Monster dressed in an air conditioned Sully costume, which granted has crap for visibility but is using a bit of borrowed SHIELD tech magic to give him 360 vision inside of the mask who gets the attention of small children and stops for selfies (its a skill he's picked up himself and knows how to do as himself) moseys in to the area, and rolls what looks like a plastic easer egg into the middle of the impromptu museam. It seems innoucous and to the non mystic, it is...but to anyone with any degree of mystic senses, the Thumbalina Dust mixed with Drider cobwebs creates the effect of a mystical Flash Bang of titanic variety, overwhelming any mystic senses with titanic amounts.

The druids hold their hands to their heads; eyes and ears moaning in confusion and pain while Hellboy walks towards the Opal. He knows this isnt that easy, but the druids are a challenge in numbers and taking them out is half the battle. Whatever mystical or physical muscle they brought to bear (and he knows someone is here because surprising the super divinatory order is almost impossible) is of course the next problem. He takes a good long look around for anyone ELSE affected besides the druids.

The regular folks look with concern at the druids, one older lady offering some Tylenol.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan looks up to her assistant, even if she's in heels he's still taller than she is, "Clara probably would have liked the vacation though. I know that you guys are on the verge of house closing and things." she muses to him. "She's actually out of town with work so I wanted to at least get out instead of working on case studies." Einar muses to Morrigan. The redhead is distracted by the big Sully that appears and she looks thrilled for a moment, "Kitty." she whispers to her assistant and points at Hellboy in disguise.

Then the mystical flashbang goes off in her face and Morrigan's eyes roll back white as the grip on the glass loosens. Sending it to the ground and smashing. "Ein..." she reaches out a hand blindly as she reels from being overwhelmed. The redhead barely manages to grip his arm as her knees buckle.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym is neither amused nor affected by the mystic flash bang. He tenses as the druids begin screaming and he wonders what it is that affected them and no him... and not even everyone on the floor? He jumps onto the ant and Baudelaire flies him down to the floor. Okay... no idea what a kiddie costume like that is doing here. A clear gas mask slips down over his lower face. He sees Mo collapse as he flies down on Bo, then jumps from the ant to flit the rest of the way to land on the case holding the jewel. Okay big man... let's see if my hunch is right.

Bo circles around Mo, worriedly if you're hip to ant body language.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
The raven's head slowly tilts, looking to the costumed monster. The children coming in for photos does give the bird a little sense of mirth. To those who may for some reason be studying darkly colored birds instead of Opals this evening, they may even spot the faintest hint of a smile. That is until the druids and Morrigan collapses.

The f-. The bird flaps its wings, flying up off the statue which probably would seem normal being people just suddenly started screaming around the poor avian. Probably startled the poor thing. The head turns, looking around for the potential source. Now WHAT does not belong in this picture?

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy looks around a moment, spots Morrigan and frowns. He certainly didnt mean to hurt her, and is glad it will only be temporary, but wonders how the druids got her into this? As it is, he looks around...shocked no one is pulling guns or turning into monsters or...weird.

The raven draws his attention of course, because ravens are a popular thing for mages to turn into but the lack of pain and writhing on the ground makes him think its just a bird. He doesnt notice Hank on top of the stand, because while the Shield tech highlights the tiny devices, and Hellboy was hardened against the effect due to preparation, his vision is still a LITTLE spotty and he doesnt notice the tiny little markings on goggoes. "Huh." He was not expecting that to be that easy and still doesnt REALLY expect that but he moves to the case and takes a small ordinary looking broom and brushes it on the glass. Again, to anyone who has non blinded senses it would seem totally normal and empty but the FOOM as the layered spells the druids lay on the case are instantly dispelled. Still, it should be fairly obvious that "Sully" is up to something to Hank and Mike.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Einar hands off his glass to a passing guest and reaches down to place a firm grip on Morrigan's forearm, "Doctor MacIntyre!" he whispers frantically as he hefts her back to a semi standing position. Bo is given a smile, "Bo, you're welcome company." he tells him. Meanwhile he's look around for Bo's owner, but doesn't see him. The man does manage to get Morrigan standing again.

Morrigan's hands clench tightly and then her fingers slowly unfurl, trying to lessen the pain and try not to blast a hole in something. "Einar...I suggest moving mortals and no magicals towards an exit." the woman states as fangs are bared in a grimace.

Hank Pym has posed:
If Hank has learned one thing in his long career, when things seem to be going easy, you've overlooked something. At the moment Hank is one such something. In a fraction of a second he jumps from the case growing to full size. The cybernetics he wears do their job and he stays conscious. Growing to normal size he throws a punch at the blue monster as he flies at him. He does pull his punch somewhat. It might be an ordinary person there. A full grow fu punch would seriously injure them. Still he thinks he does a good job of it. It should flatten your ordinary thug, let alone an arcane bookworm.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Whelp. The amazingly growing man leaping from the case onto the costumed monster ignoring the potential medical emergencies in favor of looking at a rock is quite obvious. And as for the percieved intention towards said opal? Very much so.

Ignored initially and with the monster's intent sulleyed by a yellow jacket. The raven uses the opportunity to swoop down towards the case. Fortunately with whatever the heck Hellboy did to it already happening it's just an ordinary glass case. All the better for the bird to swoop down, go through the glass, and snatch the opal.

It's simple really. When there's a quarrel over something. The best thing to do is to remove it. Really. simple.

Or maybe not. As the bird starts flies into the air with it. The eyes open wide as he actually can FEEL this. "What the f***?!"

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy would swear at Mike more but is too busy trying to get his senses back after being clocked upside the head with the thing that hit him while still recovering from the flash bang. At the strength level Hank uses it doesnt send him back because he has a TON of mass, and Hank might feel like hitting a brick wall, but it still knocks his head back and HURTS like a son of a bitch. He is still briefly reeling and unable to use any of the toys that he brought with him to deal with...OK he didnt expect to deal with Ant Men...but he does have things to deal with muscle.


He hasnt even seen Morrigan bare her fangs yet.

The druids are MUCH slower to recover from their stunning.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Oh there's Hank and...Mike? Morrigan's disoriented still. She's not been smacked in the face by magic in awhile. Not sense that one incident in Sanctum Santorum. But that's a different story. Einar moves away, ushering people out of the way of the chaos. She watches Hank hit Kitty and there's a frown, "Hey...he's my fav..." and then she hears the 'Ow' from the suit.

Her eyes glow bright neon violet and she rises a few feet off the ground and floats over to Hellboy, a dainty hand comes up and THUNKS the top of the head of Sully, "WHAT ARE /YOU/ DOING?!" she asks in an echoing voice. She doesn't attack, but it probably feels like a scolding.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym lands on his feet and drops into a judo stance. Okay. Maybe soft techniques. He wasted his grow fu move. Let's see what the big guy is going to do next.

"I'm a lot bigger than I look big guy. Fair warning." He can fire stinger blasts in this rig too. No warning about those yet. He frowns and looks up at Mo.

"Morrigan, clear out. Give me some room!" Also she looks fabulous but that doesn't get mentioned either.

This is where being in a team works to your advantage. He's watching her for a moment. If you have to watch the other guy, one of you shouldn't be there. In this case it might be Hank.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Ok ok ok. The raven's flying. He's got a pretty strong opal based fix going on and he's not sure if he's more worried or PUMPED. But he's not sure what else to do other than to KEEP FLYING and keep the thing out of reach of the Disney Monster.

Ok think.

He's in the sky. His FRIENDS are down below with the guy who wants the opal that he is currently holding. And oh gosh this thing is kind of freaking him out.

Dream travel the sucker far far away from here and come back? Oh lord no. There's just so much wrong with that plan, he doesn't know where to start.

Go back down and help fight? NO. Then he'll be bringing that thing back in reach of the blue monster.




Dammit. Now would be a good time to have gotten some type of commlink or something to kind of coordinate these spur of the moment decisions.

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy cringes, "I'm saving a soul in an alternate dimension, I know these guys and they arent gonna give it up. There isnt any other wa...oh stop that! Ow!" He cringes at the lecture more than the punch and looks at Hank. He's read the SHIELD files on him and has seen video of what he can do. Hell, he thinks Hank is awesome but this is not a fanboy moment.

What would a villain do?

OK, terrible idea, what would a plucky anti hero do?

He has quite a few items in his bag of tr-oh yeah. That'll do.

He reaches into his pocket and takes out a small music box and opens the lid. The etherial ballerina on it comes to life as it plays music and suddenly becomes an emerald green shadow of herself as she flies right at Mike, clearly moving to steal that Opal from his beak and she is FAST

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives a bit of a contemplation. A soul? Who or what? "Did they pass in their time or was it out of the timeline that was given to them?" she asks. It might be a perplexing question to some, but Sorcerors were odd creatures in themselves. "Those Druids are going to be pissed off when they regain their senses." she points out. Her eyes lose the glow, "Can we come up with a peaceful reso..." she is cut off by the damn fairy.

"HB DON'T YOU MOVE!" she grumps as she disappears, blinking out of the spot where she is and heading towards Mike, "Give me the stone!" she cries out as she blinks back in behind the fairy."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym's eyes widen a bit. He backs off and says, "HB... Mo knows you? Saving a single soul is the most BS story a crook could make up. A crook would say you're trying to stop an evil Squid god from rising, tell me the name of the dimension and squid... All right. I'll give you a chance to hear more." He adapts a more neutral stance. "Any tricks and you're going to have to transport a twelve ton opal."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Is som-



Wings flap and the raven starts moving. While the ballerina has speed and flight. The raven has flight and, arial acrobatics. As the figure gets close, the bird loops in flight to avoid the creature. GotToHide.GotToHide.GotToHide.GotToHide. Wait! Of course!

He's on the verge of fading from view when the oddest of sights comes to view. Is that the principal of Happy Harbor flying behind the fairy?!

...Oh right she did mention wards earlier. Probably should have registered then. Flight's not that far off.

The bird puts on the air brakes. Standing in air to look to Morrigan.


The bird ducks allowing for the Fairy to buzz on by. Whelp. Alright. The bird spits the stone out of his mouth into his wing. He hands it over to Morrigan. Good riddance.

That stone creeped him out.

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy blinks. Oh that's not good. He knows Glitterbelle isnt going to be able to get that out of Mo's hands. Not even close. He starts moving to Mo. He does NOT want to take it from her hands...but the truth is? He doesnt need to.

"It's a soul taken and frozen in amber for a dark perverted ritual trapped for 60 years and taken by the Chainer of souls. I'm sorry Mo, I really am?"

He starts to chant in Latin, "The way is open
The way is swept
The way is open
The way is kept

" The opal starts to glow,"

"The way is open, the way is kept," he keeps repeating it faster and faster and faster, and faster as a portal opens about five feet in front of Morrigan as Hellboy hailmary begins to run towards it. "Sorry! Sorrysorrysorry" the Druids, you see are 'waking up' and are NOT happy....the opal is...kind of hot, not burning but getting hotter and hotter.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan sends a little shock of energy through the air, causing the fairy to go askew for a moment, giving her time to look over things, "Sorry little one, but not today." she states as she watches Mike in his raven form. "Thank you." she accepts the stone with cold fingers and floats back to the ground. But the Cambion is speaking Latin and her eyes ignite in that electric violet again, "No!" she chokes out as the stone starts to grow hotter and hotter and the portal opens just feet in front of her.

"IT BETTER HAVE A NICE VIEW!" she shrieks as she hits the portal and disappears.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym tries to make a grab for the monster and Mo, growing to extend his reach.

Not. Fast. Enough. His fingers close on empty though tingly air. Well so much for awesome. His new bud is gone. Does she have her serum with her? Is she going to fight shoggoths or whatever in heels and evening wear? He brings a fist down on the floor shaking the people immediately adjacent. "M*****f*****! You better not die, Mo!" Oh she is getting an earful when he sees her!

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Stone handed over and with nothing left to protect, the raven lingers a bit in the sky, shaking off the icky feeling of that stone. Ew. Unfortunately the time spent lingering is sufficient amount of time for Morrigan to get some distance. Which ends up leading to an unpleasant realization.


The bird zooms down towards the portal, in time to fly through nothing as the portal closes, mimicking the fairy's flyby earlier. He smacks into the ground. "F***!"

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy runs through the portal and says "Sorry Mo, SORRY! REALLY sorry, how did that happen? That wasn't supposed to-" and with that Hellboy is GONE.

The druids wake up and they try to immediately reverse the spell. They don't succeed as it closes as Mike is left behind while the Opal pulses, releasing a tremdous pulse of magical energy going....SOMEWHERE....

The druids are not happy.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
The raven groans as he lifts a wing, peeling his body off of the ground. As he pops back into form he takes a look around and frowns before leaving with Hank and Bo to see if there's anything that can be done. Right now, he's not sure what they will be able to do. But he is sure of a few things...

The druids are not happy. Hank is not happy. Mike is not happy. To add to this, The blue monster guy is now trapped on the other side of the portal with a VERY MUCH NOT HAPPY Morrigan. If that guy was happy with what he accomplished, he's PROBABLY not going to be happy when Morrigan's done with him. Principals can be scary beings.

Even without the magic.