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Could a fight club work
Date of Scene: 15 March 2021
Location: A mysterious warehouse in the warehouse district.
Synopsis: Bane demonstrates a brand new opportunity and Rose encourages him to punch some guy.
Cast of Characters: Bane, Rose Wilson

Bane has posed:
From the outside it appears as an abandon warehouse in a long forgotten rusted out former factory district. On the inside though Bane has set it up fro his own personal venue for fighting there are crude graffit covered dressing rooms, There are cheap bleachers surrounding a handbuilt cage with chainlink fencing secured to wooden posts. and razor wire all along the top to prevent eescape. There is an office built to over look this cage and bleachers. Bane looks around at what he has had built for him.
He's sent out the word through the seedy underworld. 'Come one come all. Live blood sports, come watch, make bets, even enter the cage and show your worth in the ring.' Bane expects a crowd and a few eager fighters hoping to make quick money. Bane also hopes to break a few people willing to risk life for money.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Somebody in the bleachers puts a hang up, "Somebody punch somethin!" and his voice echoes in the warehouse, "Ahem," he says, because his cheering is a little premature. Rose Wilson aka Ravager dressed in her chainmail looks up at this idiot and frowns. She's standing at the bottom of the bleachers and then scans around for this BANE guy, spotting him off in the distance looking all business.

Rose walks over to Bane and glances over at the make-shift ring from his perspective, "Interesting concept," she tells him, "You can call me your next business opportunity," she grins, "I think I can help you with the crowd. And...I think I have a prospect who goes to the same gym as you, big guy," she explains sarcastically. She describes her contact and lifts her hand to demonstrate to Bane how tall this guy is, "Care to make a deal?" she asks.

Bane has posed:
"Oh you mean you've found someone to be champion in my temple? I'm disappointed I was hoping you meant you. Someone with you particular set of skills and such a marketable look would be very profitable. but if you have a big man like you say bring him to me. bring him to the temple. Let me see this big guy." Bane before stepping out towards the ring.

Bane calls out the heckler "I'm sorry to have made you wait but perhaps you'd like to assist me in starting the show? how about you vs me. I'll pay you handsomely for it. Fifty thousand dollars for stepping into the ring. An additional hundred thousand dollars if you can beat me. Come on down!" Bane says beckoning the heckler to come down to the ring.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson walks ahead and sticks next to Bane as he walks down to reply to the heckler, "Uhh, well I'm kinda on break from being Miss Marketable. Yeah, I kinda told this guy he could meet you---I think that's at least a finder's fee," she tells him, "Maybe you already know him. He certainly knows you."

"Yeah! I know you! It's me! Mister Big!" a big guy shouts from the floor of the warehouse. He smirks at Bane and motions him on, "Now that I look at you---Ha! You're not so tough!" he says. He grabs the heckler who was trying to answer Bane's summons and tosses him out of the way.

Rose snickers quietly, "Bane...um c'mon, don't kill him okay?" she asks.

Bane has posed:
"We will discuss your fees later, Ms Wilson. " Bane says to Rose under his breath. Then he address Mr big. "I don't even know who you are. But I was willing to pay to break that rude man. but If you want to fight me and test my metal you are more than welcome to take his place. Step into my ring. Show me 'that I'm not so tough'" Bane says opening the cage door. to invite him in. "Come. fight me"

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson hmms, cause not a lot of people know her real name, so maybe she's undestimating his muscley guy, "Don't kill him I said!" she lets out and sighs.

Mister Big steps past Bane and into the ring, ducking his head through the door, "Yeah, don't kill me, Bane. Good thing you brought the short skinny girl with you to tell you what to do!" he snickers, "Oh, how could you not know Mister Big? You're funny," he comments with a smirk.

"Short, skinny girl?" Rose smirks and looks annoyed.

Mister Big thumps towards Bane and tries to PUNCH him.

Bane has posed:
Bane closes the door to the cage behind him. "I was asked not to kill you so you will not know the touch of Venom tonight." Bane is smirking under his mask excited to stretch his legs and have himself a good fight.
Bane steps inside the big lumbering man's punch and throws a stiff uppercut at Mr Big's gut.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Mister Big oofs and doubles over as Bane punches him but straightens up quickly, smiling at Bane, "That's it?" he asks, pointing to his gut, "Stop hitting like your little girl!" he lets out.

"Little girl?!" Rose frowns, "Will you hit him already, Bane?!?" she shouts. She sounds annoyed.

Mister Big laughs at Rose and tries to shove Bane with his large hands.

Bane has posed:
"You're slow" Bane says as he punches again even harder. "And loud" Bane swings an elbow to the mouth. "are going to show me anything more than just how big string and dumb you are?"

Rose Wilson has posed:
Mister Big erfs and his head whips to the side as Bane elbows him. He wipes his mouth.

"That's it!" Rose says and smiles when Bane hits Mister Big.

Mister Big smirks at Bane and LEAPS at him! Watch out! He's trying to tackle Bane!

Bane has posed:
Bane side steps and swings down with a double ax handle motion to smash Mr big in the neck as he dives in for the the tackle. "never leave your feet voluntarily. "Please do better you're boring me. show me what you can truly do, Make this entertaining for me"

Rose Wilson has posed:
The angry Mister Big leaps and swipes at Bane, missing him with his large muscle arms. Bane punches him and topples him over. He rolls over on the ground and growls up at Bane, "GRRRR!" he lets out. He charges at Bane and tries to drive him into the side of the ring, along with himself!

"Watch out!" Rose blinks.

Bane has posed:
Bane Lets Mr Big tackle him into the wall of the cage. "show me." Bane says waiting to see what the brute can actually do. "I'm curious if youre worth anything. take this chance"

Rose Wilson has posed:
Mister Big tackles himself into Bane and tries to elbow him, "Try this elbow!" she says and then begins to ACCELERATE like he's the Flash or something. He rears back and his fists come flying down at Bane repeatedly! uh oh!

Rose steps around somebody blocking her view and frowns, "He's some kind of freaky fast idiot!"

Bane has posed:
Bane absorbs the elbow and the first few hits but then the fast blows keep coming faster and faster he covers up ansd tries to think of a move.
Bane tries to shoot a double leg take down to put mr Big on the ground. he would then try to mount him and pound him out.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Mister Big starts to laugh as he pummels Bane repeatedly, his fists accelerating with the repeatedly motions. He is so focused or maybe dumb that he doesn't see Bane position for a leg takedown and he's caught offguard, looking pretty stupid as he flops on his backside, "What? Idiot," he mutters. Before he get up, Bane is on his back and presses him to the ground with his massive weight, beginning HIS OWN pummeling. Rose winces as Bane starts to knuckle punch Bane, "Ow...!" she mutters, "Oh! Ow, yikes...Bane, he's down! He's down! You got him!" she lets out. She steps up on the side of the ring and opens the ring door for Bane.

Bane has posed:
Bane gets up poses for the crowd. "He tried He amusing but he is not Bane!" Bane says to the corwd trying to get them into it. "there will be a new fight shortly make sure to place your bets" Bane then walks out of the ring.

"He took awhile to get going but He'll do" Bane says addressing Rose. "What sort of finders fee were you looking for?"

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson offers her mysterious contact card to Bane, "I'm sure we can come to an arrangement," she states, and quotes a few reasonable prices, "I think this will work out, don't you? There's plenty more of these muscle idiots---competitors, I mean," she smiles.