5606/Learning the HFC Ropes

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Learning the HFC Ropes
Date of Scene: 16 March 2021
Location: The Rathskeller - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Elektra runs into Viola at the Hellfire Club and tries to determine how much Viola knows of her Maggia father. Viola learns more about the Club's management.
Cast of Characters: Viola Fiore, Elektra Natchios

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola planned the Mardi Gras celebration at the Hellfire Club. It was a first audition for her towards perhaps being hired to run events on a regular basis. Sebastian Shaw has been her primary person in management at the Club that Viola has interacted with about the job. Shaw, and then a number of employees, but none of them are Inner Circle.

And though she's had a tour, Viola is still getting used to the club. There's so much to it. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to events, given the budgets they have been putting towards such parties.

Today she's spending a little time in one of the locations that she had only glimpsed: The Rathskeller. The old world style bar has such a nice quality to it. Viola is sitting at a table with Veronica, another of the rank and file employees. The two are sitting side by side so they can both look at Viola's tablet. Though for the moment it has been pushed aside as they are eating lunch.

"So it sounds like the next event they want me to work is a gathering for President Luthor. I'm not sure any of the details yet, even when it is or how large," Viola says to Veronica. "I doubt open to the public. I'm a little nervous. I have been involved in two parties where Secret Service were at, but that was more like bodyguards for a Senator. Not the level of security they'd require for a Presidential visit."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Elektra finds herself spending some quality time at the Rathskeller tonight. A deserved rest after all the trouble she had been through last few days, shoulder still somewhat stiff from where it had been shot. Yet with some miraculous work from one of Selene's doctors, along with her own meditative rest it was rather close to being fully healed. It didn't mean the pain didn't still linger.

The cosmopolitan she was sipping from was a sure way to soothe her though, just as she liked it, a faint smile to her lips. Maybe she'd have to suggest a raise for the bartender here. Always knowing how she enjoyed it. Faint smile graces her lips as she keeps her thoughts to herself even as she addresses a young man. From an old money family. And where Elektra had some interests. "Of course." she is saying, "Whenever your father has the time do tell him to join me." it's said in a very elegant but also dismissive manner. Just as she has learned to do all these years.


The bartender, Robert, young and well-built is standing near the girls, cleaning some glasses and comments, "Was certainly easier when he wasn't president. And damn he knew how to tip." a grin gracing the man's features. Clearly he was on the end of one or more of those tips.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola flashes a grin over to Robert. "I imagine. The tips here probably beat a month's work most places," she says. She takes a bite of her bratwurst sandwich, dabbing with a napkin after. "This place truly is amazing," Viola, says getting a grin and laugh from Veronica and Robert as they are used to new people reacting like that.

The other woman's eyes drift around the room, taking it all in, her thoughts drifting to different ways it could be used in events, when she spots Elektra not too far away. When their eyes meet she smiles and gives a little nod of her head, not wanting to interrupt more than that.
ola turns to the other two employees as Veronica asks, "Oh, have you met Miss Natchios?"

Viola breaks out in a smile. "I did, though it was actually before I ever got started here. Is she one of the members?"

Robert shakes his head. "No, she's part of management. You'll see her here a fair amount."

This causes Viola's head to tilt to the side in a curious way. "I'm not really very clear on how the management structure works here. Mr. Shaw didn't really explain it other than introducing me to people, letting me know who was helping me, and who was in charge of stocking the alcohol, the cuisine and the like."

Veronica chuckles. "Yes, I don't know any of us have it figured out. There's a board of directors or something. I think? I'm not sure. But basically there's a group of people, any of whom we answer to. Mr. Shaw, Miss Natchios, there's a Mr. Wilson with an eyepatch. Wilson Fisk, you've heard of him. Um, Mr. Merlyn. I'm not really sure who does what amongst them, but Mr. Shaw seems to be in charge most of the time."

Robert heads down near enough to see if Elektra needs her drink refilled, but not too far to interrupt her conversation.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Or a year." Robert leaning over the counter to whisper that. Clearly there's a lot of money running around this club. But what else to expect from this kind of exclusive place? The scent of old money is all over the place.

With Robert angling closer to her field of view Elektra's dark gaze turns up. She is just about to ask for a refill before she catches sight of a familiar face. Ah, there's the event planner. She gets up to her feet, a subtle signal with her head as if to confirm the refill, then a gesture as if to tell he can ready two more for the ones at the bar.

She starts to approach, dark-red dress framing her body, shoulders bare. A faint smile.

"You are Ms. Fiore if I remember correctly, are you not?" her accent noticeable now, "It was quite the party." she says. A pause to take her new Cosmopolitan in hand and she adds. "Mr. Shaw was rather impressed."

Elbow rests on the counter now, she turned to face Viola.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola sits up a little straighter, as does Veronica as Elektra comes down to where they are sitting. Robert gives a nod and moves off to make another drink for the Greek woman. The staff are no doubt as good as they come. Efficient, pleasant, attractive.

The Italian-American young woman's face lights up with a smile for Elektra. "Yes, Viola Fiore," she replies. "Very nice to see you again, Ms. Natchios. And thank you. I was hoping I wouldn't let him down. For an event planner, the Club's venue is a dream come true. Not to mention the opportunity for creativity with what is expected," she says.

Veronica gives Elektra a smile and a little bow of her head. "I'll go ahead and get these out of the way," she says of the plates of food they have finished. She splits her time between waiting in the clubs and bars, and entertaining clients, mostly involved with Viola just to answer questions about the various venues available within the Club.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Of course. And we only aim to bring the best to work with us." The faint smile stays on Elektra's face, tone perfectly pleasant. Is she aware of Viola's connections to the Maggia? Who knows? But considering she was responsible for security till a small while ago ...

"We are looking forward as to how you will surprise us on the next event. Specially if the rumors are true on who might be present." Having the president around was certainly a bolster to any club's reputation. Or a reminder where power lies. Another sip from her Cosmopolitan and she glances towards Veronica. "Thank you, Veronica." clearly she the type to most everyone's name around the place.

With Robert now preparing another Cosmopolitan, this time for Viola, Elektra gestures. "You will join me for a drink, I hope?"

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola's face is easy enough to read as Elektra mentions the guest of honor for the next event. "I never would have dreamed of planning something for the President," Viola says excitedly. "I can only imagine what it is going to be like. The Club admin is already getting me in touch with the White House staff," Viola says.

Veronica smiles at having been mentioned by name, and gives another nod, not interrupting the conversation with a verbal response as she carries the plates away. Viola smiles to her in gratitude and then looks back to Elektra. "Yes, of course, I would love to," she says. Viola picks up her tablet to bring along with her as she rises to follow Elektra to where she was sitting.

"I was just commenting that I didn't really understand the management structure," Viola comments. "Though I'd heard that you were part of... a board of directors for the club. I gather Mr. Shaw is the one in charge overall?" she asks.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Don't forget your drink." Elektra says to the girl once he gets ready to walk back to her table, the woman then promptly starting to wander back to her spot, every step elegant and measured.

Robert gives Viola a thumbs up and a faint smile, "Lots of tips." he whispers, but it's mostly said in a joking manner before the man meanders to the other end of the counter to take care of another order. "I will be right there, Sir." he says.

Elektra settles back down on her seat, one leg over the other and she inclining her head, "The structure has been like this for a while now. One head, in which Mr. Shaw is the leader at the moment and then a few select others who have a hand in various parts of the club." she explains. "I was partially handling some of the security aspects of the club until a while ago." she then smiling, almost as if in appeasement. "It's not a very complicated affair."

A pause then as she studies Viola's features and she comments. "You do not seem new to management. Have you had much experience in the past?"

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore gets her cosmopolitan and accompanies Elektra, taking a seat beside her at the bar. Viola is wearing white today, a white pencil skirt and fitted blouse, just the right amount of elegance and appeal to the garments that the Club might call for from their employees.

She sets the drink on the bar, and her tablet over to the side a little as she focuses on Elektra. "I worked as an assistant to Gloria Marxim starting the end of my sophomore year at Columbia. So I have a few years of directing caterers, waiters, bartenders, musicians, and of course the decorators and cleaning staff," she tells Elektra. "I began handling events myself my senior year, and have been her partner for the last year," Viola continues.

The twenty-three year old gives a soft chuckle. "It isn't Fortune 500 experience. But I feel like I do a fair enough job. Probably from watching my father. He has a number of business interests, and sits on the board of a few places. So I've been lucky to be able to observe him at times with his employees," she says.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The explanation about Viola's experience gained through college is met without much surprise registering on Elektra's face, she nodding as if confirming so. One arm wraps about her waist, the other with the elbow against it and with the cosmopolitan up on her lips. A fairly relaxed posture, "We all do start somewhere."

A faint smile is offered when Vi mentions her family's business. "It has been a time since we have had one of yours accompanying Mr. Manfredi when he visits." she mentions casually, drink placed on the table and her hand now holding her chin.

"It's a good line of business to know more about. It can open many doors." The woman's tone remaining perfectly levelled, watching Viola's features.

Viola Fiore has posed:
The raven-haired young woman smiles and says, "Silvio is my godfather, though my brother and I have always called him 'Uncle'. My father had mentioned to me how wonderful the Club was before. Getting to see it for myself has been really something," Viola comments.

She takes a sip of her drink. "My father doesn't let me get too involved with his work. I know some of the unions that he works with, he'd probably rather not have me around those me," she says with a soft chuckle. "Though he seems more willing to get my brother involved now that he's older. But yes, father helped get me this opportunity, setting things up to meet Mr. Shaw," she says, not giving any overt indication she knows much about her father's line of work.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
With Viola not opening up on how much she knows about her family's line of work it's not as if Elektra will. She simply nods her understanding about the young woman's experience, "Well, I am sure you will have the opportunity to expand your experience, and certainly your views, here at the club." the assassin gesturing with one hand in a vague manner, almost as if there was a secret she wasn't telling.

"There is much to learn, and to do." Another smile gracing her features, "One can even find out things about oneself they weren't aware of." Elektra then allowing a chuckle to escape her lips, "Can be quite mind opening."

Gaze strays from the girl a moment as a pair walks into the bar, offering a bow of their heads to Elektra. One returned by the woman.

Viola Fiore has posed:
There is the faintest bit of color that touches to Viola's cheeks as Elektra speaks of the club expanding views and experiences. "Yes, it seems like the kind of place that... one can find new sides of themselves," Viola agrees, before taking up her drink and taking a health sip of it.

She glances over towards the pair, though not recognizing them. She had the guest list of expected members for Mardi Gras, so has begun to get a fair idea of just how exclusive the Club's clientele is.

"Is there any advice you might give me, about working here? Assuming I'm able to prove my worthiness of that," the young woman asks. She lowers her voice a bit, saying, "I've already seen the importance of discretion. Though if you have any helpful tips, I would be quite grateful for them."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Now Elektra looks a touch amused. Perhaps it's due to Viola asking the assassin for advice out of all people. But she indulges, saying, "Well. I'd say you shouldn't be scared, or reticent, of trying new things." yet she does note the blush, which does make her wonder how much the girl knows by now. "You are at that balancing point in your life in choosing who you want to be."

"And here is certainly the place for it." Elektra muses, "But I am sure you must have had a taste already of our club." a gesture towards the girl, "I can see it in your face."

She drains the rest of her cosmopolitan, setting the glass aside.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola clears her throat softly, eyes lifting up to Elektra. After sharing the other woman's gaze for a few moments, Viola breaks out in soft laughter and looks away, nodding. "I have," she says, glancing down. A small smile turns up her lips at the corners as Viola takes her drink and takes another sip of it, the beverage almost gone.

"I think, perhaps there are details my father would be best not knowing about it. Turn about being fair play and all, right," she says, that touch of color still there.

Veronica passes by, flashing Viola smile as she does, and Robert comes down to see if Elektra would like another drink.