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The Dance
Date of Scene: 16 March 2021
Location: Selene's Safehouse
Synopsis: Selene and Elektra spar and at the same time find more about each other. Featuring a special guest, Kraven the schemer.
Cast of Characters: Selene Corvinus, Elektra Natchios

Selene Corvinus has posed:
One of the original reasons Selene had wanted to network with Elektra was to garner her as a valuable contact. After she'd seen what Elektra could do in a fight, Selene knew she'd stumbled across a woman with great skill, a wealth of talent, and a valuable potential asset.

She hadn't, however, expected to enjoy the company of the woman as much as she has learned she does.

Having invited Elektra to stay for a bit at the Semira building for a length of time, one of the options of entertaining each other that was a necessity was Ele attending a fighting match.

Of Death Dealers.

Elektra summarily found herself surrounded by Vampires. When the training session started in full, there was somewhere around 40 of them in attendance within the training rooms of the building. The main room was a large open 'gym' setting with dark walls and well lit sparring mats where a number of the higher ranked Death Dealers were running drills with their people.

Elektra might note just how young all of them look, physically, some even looking like they weren't even out of their teenage years (Like Selene for that matter). Though there were older members mixed in, some who were clearly in their 30s and 40s when they were 'turned'. All were displaying enhanced strength, speed and other attributes though, as the sparring was intense and not like a normal human dojo at all.

When it was all said and done though, the Death Dealers had filtered out and it was just a small handful now of the leaders, Selene and Elektra. Selene had been introducing Elektra to them, sharing the names of her Lieutenants and letting them get to know Ele a bit in return.

But, things were winding down and dressed in black clothing, loose and comfortable, Selene is putting away some of the melee weapons in to their proper places.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
It had been quite a few interesting weeks. From fighting against what she discovered were lycans, discovering about vampires and then discovering more about what Black Sky was. And to boot Elektra had even dispatched a loose end in the form of Han. Had that been the most satisfying part of it all? Close but no, instead it having been the joy of being in the elder vampire's company. They were quite alike, in more ways that she had anticipated at first, and that made it quite the satisfying experience.

Yet today it was a day for observing, watching with attention while the various death dealers trained. There was much that could be gleaned from it, the limits of their power, the techniques. She expected them to follow close to what Selene's own techniques would be. Even if she expected Selene would be in a whole different level from these. "In the Hand.." she notes, ".. we use masks to conceal our own prowess. Our age, or experience. In your case you keep your faces plainly in view." a brief chuckle. "Those seem to be your masks." because who would guess that they could be fighting an older being with the face of a teenager?

She waits until most of them have trickled out of the place, doing the usual niceties to those lieutenants and making sure to remember their names. If anything she was quite the social beast.

Elektra moves to help with picking up weapons, also dressed in dark clothing courtesy of Selene, "They are good." she notes, "But their superhuman abilities do cover a lot about missing technique. It's easy to rely on it heavily."

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene is putting away a pair of matching training swords, black handled with silver blades that are blunted on the edges and tips. She hears Elektra's words and they make her smile even when she's not got her eyes on the other woman.

As she closes the cabinet behind her and turns around, her smile is still there when she starts to walk toward the other. "Likely, yes. But the enemies we're training to primarily fight against are just as strong, just as fast, and just as deadly. If not considerably more-so."

When she reaches where Ele is, she stops and glance sin the way of the training room's exit where the last of the two LTs is leaving. "But that can lead to under-estimating a human opponent." She says as she looks back to Elektra. "Which is why I was curious if you'd be interesting in participating in some of these... in the future." Selene hadn't asked this time, becasue that would be rude.

"It's okay to tell me to piss off though." She adds with a slight grin on her lips.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
A nod of understanding is given about their opponents. Elektra had a taste of it already. And they certainly were no slouches. "You can't afford to hold back." she notes, "But technique often means the difference in winning when strength is evenly matched." The assassin slowly making her way about the gym, elegant fingertips running over some of the weapons in display. She picks up one of the silver blades. "You fight them exclusively with silver?" she asks.

Yet the question has her looking back at Selene and one of those mischievous grins reaching her expression. "I could be convinced." she says, playing hard to get. But by her tone it does seem she is keen about doing so.

"How about we spar..." She then suggests, "... so I can attest how in need you are of some lessons?" there! A challenge! But the amused expression and tone show it was mostly given in a joking manner. Of course that her eyes *do* look dangerous.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene was getting more and more familiar with those dangerous looks from Elektra and she was fond of them. A ghost of a grin remains on her lips as her hands are together in front of her waist with her fingers lightly interlaced between one another, her eyes on the other woman a handful of steps away at the weapons.

"Observing, but not participating, built up a bit of a desire in you to shed some blood then?" Selene asks, holding her grin a moment longer before she notes the silver bladed sword. She nods once to it.

"Idealy." Selene says, walking toward one of the mats which takes her beneath a bright white light shining down from above, adding to the pale shade to her skin but deepning the blacks of her clothing. "Silver is the only way to stop their healing from repairing whatever damage dealt to them. But... a combination of regular weapons, followed by silver, is also effective."

She turns to face Elektra while at the center of the mat now, her hands at her sides. "I would prefer bullets over swords though, at this phase of my life."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"I need little incentive to shed blood, Selene. You already know it." Elektra replies, her smile turning into a faint smirk and she replacing the sword back where it was. No, this was not the kind of spar they would do with weapons. She follows the other woman to the mats, reaching up to take out the upper-part of her loose clothing so she is just with a sleeveless vest under. Much better to fight in.

"And here I was thinking you'd be all about swords." She muses, opening her arms to the sides, "I can't deny their efficiency though, but I am partial towards my Sais." a brief snort escaping her, "Maybe I am a romantic..." but then she chuckles, shaking her head to herself.

More like she is someone who likes to see people dying up close and personal. Or at least did. If one is to believe she is getting 'better'.

"Yet tonight shall we choose a weapon none of us favor? Our own bodies?" She turns slightly to the side, starting to get into a fighting stance.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene remained mostly motionless as Elektra approached her and commented, prepared for the spar. Selene didn't immediately move into a counter ready position either, she just remained as she was for a bit longer.

"I've undoubtedly killed more people, and things, with swords than I have with bullets. But... I've told myself that if I don't change with the times,then I'll be left in the past." A glance is given to the swords and other weaponry, then she looks back to her friend and sparring partner tonight.

"I'm sure I'll kill with them again too. Someday." She shows the hint of a grin and then finally settles in to a fighting stance herslef, her own looking a bit more 'street' than Elektra's in comparison.

"Don't hold back." Selene tells Elektra, her own eyes 'dangerous' now along with her sultry toned voice.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"And if we look too much into the future what will be left of who we were originally, mmm?" Elektra muses in response to Selene's talk about adjusting to present times. She takes in a long breath, exhaling slowly while her body shifts into position, hips adjusting, one leg slightly more forward and her hands in a martial position. The 'street' posture from Selene does have her arch a brow and of course that she comments on it.

"I didn't take you for a thug, Selene." A little ribbing just before hostilities begin. And Selene did say for Elektra to not hold back. Fair enough.

Elektra remains still for just a bit longer, finding her focus, watching those dangerous eyes on Selene just before she snaps forward. It's a sudden motion, almost like a coiled serpent that was gathering energy to pounce, moving swiftly to close in the distance and attempting to hit her in various vital spots, each attack looking dangerous and focused.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene just holds her balled up fists up in front of her and has a little grin show again at Elektra's chiding of her form. In truth, Selene had a number of different fighting forms and stances, as she'd lived for so long and trained under so many different technique's that she was along the lines of a Bruce Lee now, having created her own styyle of fighting (Imagine if Lee had lived to be 650 years old).

The elder vampire is ready for the snap from Elektra's body, the jump, the attack. She's there to intercept the strikes and cast them aside with counter blocks that impact Elektra's limbs with painful stoppages of her momentum, nothing that Elektra isn't used to though.

She does step back a few paces before she takes a moment to roll herself around Elektra and change positions with her on the mat.

A brief pause is shared between them, her brown eyes never leaving the other's. She shifts her stance then and starts to more mirror that of Elektra's own. "I barely even know what style I primarily use any more. Other than 'survival'." She says in a moment of good humor before now SHE is striking at Elektra with grapple attempts and a hope to try and down the woman by off-balancing her!

Elektra will note that her opponent's strength is very deceptive too, but she might be holding some of it back also.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Elektra's specific training, and her drive, has brought her to a quest of constant self-improvement, along with a reckless kind of fighting that holds nothing back. It gives her an edge on many fights, and can sometimes bring her to the same level as stronger opponents. Of course it also shows a lot about who she is. The death wish, that unquenchable anger and passion. All seem to be in display as their arms lock into a dance of their own. Blow after blow. She *does* feel the pain on her limbs though, knowing that Selene is quite stronger than a normal human but that doesn't keep her from continuing to press on for a few more moments.

The shift is followed by Elektra, the turn, the stance that is now so close to hers. It warns her that Selene knows a lot more than just some 'thug' stances. That realization comes *almost* too late as that grappling hand nearly catches hold of one of her sleeves. She spins back, throwing herself back in a backflip, long legs up and slashing as if to keep a distance before she gets back to her stance, eyes on eyes. "Survival. Winning. All good words.." she hisses out.

She throws a side kick aimed to keep the distance before she tries to slide to the side, but then one of her arms is captured!

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene's training had taken place over the past 600+ years. Her training had been specifically gaered toward fighting things that were three times Elektra's size, and at least that much in body weight too...

For those six centuries, the elder vampire was training to get faster, lighter on her feet, and ready to anticipate her enemy's attacks. She was the best at it of her people, so many amazing Vampire warriors throughout the history of the Death Dealers had eventually fallen, while Selene was still going...

So she's there, to block Elektra's attacks and to dance with the woman in defending against them, pushing back here and there but ... is she toying with her?

No, Elektra is good. Far better than a lot of the Death Dealers in the New World Coven, this is why Selene asked her to help train them...

But still, the flip is watched, the woman's kick is anticipated and Selene grabs her by the arm to lock her still for a second. "You're fast." She says in to Ele's ear. "For a human." She lets a grin spread over her pink lips and then pushes the other woman away to let her spin around free again!

Elektra Natchios has posed:
There's something that not even human tenacity can overcome. And that is training time. Elektra knows it, or rather comes to realize it more and more now as they spar. She knows she is outmatched in this, even if good luck in having her admit it! At least without utterly defeating her. Such is her spirit. Yet when her arm is grasped she senses that defeat will come soon...

And then she is released. Those words still linger. For a human. She smirks at those, defiant in both posture and expression. "Careful. Toy with me too much and who knows what I might do..." she adopts a lower stance, closer to the ground. Perhaps trying to not want speed to be too much of a deal. She knows she loses there. Yet even with the bravado on her tone there is that feeling of elation. The challenge. She lived for this. It was clear that Selene was being able to rise her passions in more ways than just one.

She strikes forward, swiftly, keeping low, sweeping strikes with legs and arms just before she lunges to try and grapple!

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene has that little amused expression on her face when they were parted again. Elektra will be getting quite familiar with that look at this point, Selene in a good mood... so it would suggest.

"I'm rather certain I know what you're doing." She tells the other woman as they prepare for more. "You're keeping me busy while you search for weaknesses."

When her opponent comes in again for another volley of attacks, Selene blocks, or dodges and once more changes positions with Elektra on the training mat. "Your best best against an opponent like me is stealth, surprise, and a weapon that can end me. " The Vampire admits to the other woman. "A blade to my throat, severing my head, or a stab to my heart."

Elektra lunges in then for a grapple and Selene meets her with her arms against the other's, her hands on Ele's biceps before going to her shoulders to try to spin her around again and hold her against her chest. "I used to kill without regard... I used to be very angry at anything and everything that wasn't a Vampire..." She says softly, her stamina seemingly bottomless.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Everyone has one." Elektra knows it. In fact she has a few of her own. Which Selene might be learning about as they fight now. "The goal is getting there before your opponent does." the strikes are thrown, deflected, again they dancing on the mats, the sound of their breathing and intensity heard throughout the training room, now empty of others. Just the two of them.

"Are you sure you should be telling me about your weaknesses, Selene?" Some touch of amusement on her lips, "Or do you trust me that much?" which in a way she wasn't *too* sure on how to handle it. In truth she was getting very close to Selene. Something that was very .., uncommon for someone like Elektra. "You are in luck I left my blades in my other pants." it's true, they are back in the room.

They spin together. No music besides the one they hear. That music of the fight, the conflict. One that was so intimate to the two of them. "And now..?" She asks as they struggle, chest to chest, arms trying to gain an advantage, one leg snaking around Selene's to try and topple her. Yet she *is* getting a bit tired now. Certainly no stamina like Selene!

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene isn't having a cake walk here by any means, she's being pushed to keep up with Elektra's explosive speed and agility. Not many on her team have that level of refined training, and it's impressive for how young the woman is that she's sparring with.

Another grin briefly graces Selene's lips before she replies. "Maybe I'm looking for a way out of all of this." She jokes in a grim fashion. "If I were to be taken down, I'd prefer you over one of 'them'."

The split again at least for a moment before Elektra does her sweeping motion and swipes the back of Selene's feet right up off of the mat with a slick sound of whispering material. But Selene doesn't fall alone, she takes Elektra right down with her, on top of her.

She lands with a collapse of thuds as her lims all land on the mat and her eyes shift shut before opening a few moments later. She exhales and huffs a little laugh.

"Besides. I'm not sharing /all/ of my weaknesses." The Vampire says now looking to the other to grin again.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Nor is Elektra, in fact the woman being pushed to her limits to actually be able to keep up. Which is why she has kept the explosive, no holding back way of fighting since minute one. It does take a big toll on her stamina though, for while she has extensive training she also is more used to quick kills, to ambush and surprise. So when they fall down together on the ground the beating of her heart is intense, hammering to those sharp senses on the Vampire.

A way out of all this though? She narrows her eyes. She knows what it means. In fact she *has* had similar thoughts. It's a wonder how similar they are in so many things. And while it's said in a joke.., she spots the traces of truth there. "Maybe we can find that way out." together? Though the tone in a way that implies it not being death.

The reveal that she hasn't shared all those weaknesses brings Elektra out of that more serious moment, that grin appearing on an exhausted face, some of her hair plastered against her sweaty skin, "I have found a few already on my own.." that teasing look is telling.

Her feet try to gain purchase now, she attempting to twist to gain an advantageous position atop the other woman. Yet it proves to be hard considering the exhaustion and Selene's strength. "The same way you have found some of mine."

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene doesn't fight the other from taking the dominant role and position in this state. She lets Elektra sit atop her and just elects to lay there and be 'pinned' to the mat.

She smiles up at her at the offer of mutual discovery of a solution for their shared feelings.. on, everything?

"It would seem so." Selen says at having found weaknesses in the other. A moment goes by then and the two women are left in this state, one pinned to the ground, the leader of the Death Dealers of this place.

Then, a slow clap stops from off to Elektra's right. A man steps out of the shadows, wearing a black suit and a charcoal colored tie, long hair and a dark gaze.


"Well done, Miss Natchios." Kraven says. "Though... if I were a guessing man I may say she seemed to let you win..." He waits a moment, then summons a very very small smile for both of them.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Elektra is left breathing hard atop Selene as she finds that dominant position, watching, whatever that's going through those dangerous eyes a mystery. She is just starting to move. Forward? Closer? But whatever it was she stops when she hears the clap.

An audience. And she didn't hear anyone coming. These vampires are dangerous indeed. She looks up, taking note of the man, and how he appears to be alone tonight. No arm-candy. She offers no smile, only a sharp nod. "Let me guess. Selene never lets you win?" it's as if Elektra can't help herself. Poke the beast!

But she rolls out from atop Selene, up to her feet and extending one arm over for Selene to take it. A warrior's offer. That of a spar well fought.

"I have learned a lot tonight, Selene." Perhaps more than just how strong Selene is. Her posture remains attentive though, and even slightly tense, ready. This man being here is no coincidence so she knows there's more to come.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
When Elektra moves to stand up and offer her a hand, Selene reaches up to wrap her own around the other's wrist to hoist herself up with that help. Standing aside the other woman now, Selene's eyes go to Kraven.

Kraven replies to Elektra with another quick smile, but nothing more. It was a very insincere gesture at that.

HIs eyes go to Selene then. "I hate to break up your cat fight, but Amelia is asking for you again. She's growing impatient." He seems to warn.

Selene exhales and raises her right hand up to stroke her fingers through the locks of her black hair. "I'll call her, as soon as we're done here." She tells him, coldly before her eyes start to go back to Elektra...

Kraven just sighs faintly and then speaks up again. "Nichols and Elias were ambushed. On their way to the mansion. Amelia wants answers."

This, of course, draws Sel's eyes back to the man who'd come to America with her from Hungary. "Were they harmed?"

"Nichols is gone. Elias is injured but recovering." Kraven replies with his hands in front of his lap and his eyes darting from Selene to Elektra, then back to Selene again. "You were supposed to be with them tonight, weren't you?"

That question, doesn't get a direct answer from Selene. She just visibly gets a bit more irritated. "I'll /call/ her, Kraven." She snaps back at him.

He smiles, more pleased this time, and nods his head just once to them both. "Ladies..." He states, one more glance shown to Elektra before he turns to go...

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Elektra takes this time to calm down, to slow her breathing, all that roil of emotions that often come after a good spar. One hand goes over her hair, tossing it back and behind one ear before both arms come to wrap about her waist, one hip thrusted to the side and she looking between the two. No love lost between Kraven and Selene. That much she already knows.

Though right now she listens. Amelia. She has heard that name. The leader. Yet the talk about an ambush has Elektra narrowing her eyes. The jab about Selene supposedly having skipped on duties has Elektra consider the man. He knows a lot about their movements. Mmmm. But then again she *has* been sniffing traitors out of the Hand for a long time.. Besides, it takes a traitor to know another. But maybe it's just a feeling. She discards it, looking back to Selene.

She waits until the man is gone and finally speaks up, "Who knows about those patrols?" she questions, then offers. "And if you need my help ..."

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene seems to be waiting even longer before she offers a reply to Elektra's question, going so far as to walking slowly across the mat toward the equipment shelves to put a few more things back in their place.

"Kraven is well respected amongst the elders. They confide in him, because they consider him to be a tactical genius. He... defeated the leader of the Lycan many years ago."

Selene looks up and over to Ele, tacking on a softer muttered. "Allegedly." She glances back the way he'd come before she looks back to the other woman. "Some have said they've seen him, Lucien, very much still out there. But--" She just shakes her head. "Who can you trust, really."

Selene's things are on a shelf nearby, a leather jacket and her pho9ne. She gathers the phone up and flips it on, the light from the screen bathing her face in a shade of white that makes her skin even more pale. "Your presence would be helpful, but..." She looks back to Ele then.

"I hate to put you at risk, for all of this madness. Sinking you ever further in to a feud that has been ever going for the better part of a thousand years now..." She frowns visibly. "You've enough on your plate, so I've seen..."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Let me guess, he was the only survivor.." Elektra takes a chance. She knows those stories and how they often go. Get the rep so as to get into a high position. But then again, she also knew how to look deeper than what was on the outside. For even if Kraven does look somewhat vain and .., scheming, she also knows he must be very, very dangerous. Both in and out of the battlefield.

"Clearly can't trust anyone." Not even Elektra. But that much was a given. She walks over to place a hand atop Selene's shoulder when she speaks about the risk of she being involved in all of this. "Selene.." her voice gaining an odd inflection to it, more serious. "I wasn't joking when I said we'd find a way together." the assassin stepping forward to close in the distance between them.

"Besides, do you truly expect me to stand to the side while this feud goes on?" If anything Elektra is always in the thickness of it all. Trouble? She welcomes it! "You don't have to face this alone." that last word said with a touch more emphasis to it.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Centuries of dealing with this stuff have mae Selene what she is here and now. She's had people to confide in here and there over that time span, but by and large she's been on her own and entirely left to navigate her way through all of it as such.

Of course she does have some political armor of her own, in that her sire, Viktor, considers her to be much like a daughter and there-by many of the Vampires are afraid to even whisper about Selene, for worry of what those whispers might lead to should they reach the wrong ears.

But yes, it sounded like Kraven might be vying to usurp that power, and it seemed he certainly wanted to be 'on top' of Selene in doing so.

Selene looks back to Elektra and shows her another soft smile. It's a look that says 'thank you' without having to verbalize it. But after a moment, she has to break the stare and look down to her phone.

"I do have to do this alone, however." She says, holding her phone up. "Would you mind meeting me in the dining hall? I shoulnd't be more than a few minutes at most. I have to explain to Amelia that my acquiring a new trainer was more important than me being there on that patrol route... it should be rather... well, yes." She shows a smirk that graces her lips and ghosts awayy a second later.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Elektra can't yet begin to understand exactly the complexity of vampire politics. But she has been finding a few glimpses here and there. The political struggles, always with power in mind. Not so different from her own struggles. Of course that there is a big difference in that they have *ages* to plan. Literally so if needed. Which makes it all the more dangerous. But Elektra isn't one to turn her face away from the fight.

The hand remains there on Selene for a time longer, eyes on her face, taking in her eyes and expression. Her own is one of understanding, the hand squeezing the other woman's shoulder before she lets it drop. "I shall indulge in your wine and your food while I wait." she then says, perhaps trying to bring a bit of levity to the whole situation. "Good luck."

The woman then takes a step back, turning and beginning on her way to the hall. She pauses, a glance over her shoulder and she says to Sel, showing a brief smirk. "Next time don't hold back." a challenge? Or perhaps she wanted to see the full extent of Selene's capacities.

Yet then she steps out, the sound of her pacing echoing in the corridors.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene is left looking back at El for a second longer before she turns to swipe a finger over her phone's screen. Within moments she's got the number dialing and Elektra will hear the faint sounds of her greeting someone on the other end of the connection.


When Elektra reaches the dining hall, she'll find a few tables are seating people in fine clothing, one of them is Kraven's table, and he's seated at the head of it with two women on either side of him.

His eyes rise up from the people at his table to see Elektra striding in and he offers her a smile across the distance of the room, along with a light 'nod' of recognition. One of the two women with him looks over as well, but she doesn't know Ele so she only stares for a moment before looking back to Kraven to lean over to him to 'whisper' to him.

The others are all lost in amongst their group's conversation...

That same male Asian waiter from the other night finds Ele and approaches her with a friendly smile, asking her where she'd like to sit and what she'd like to start off with tonight.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Was Elektra expecting Kraven to be here? Maybe. And did she try to avoid him? Nope! She could had went to her quarters, or do a million other things, but she was aware that the man knew Selene would be talking with Amelia right after. She is responsible for security after all. And Elektra would be alone.

Elektra dips her head in recognition. Just so. But she is polite. It's perhaps a nod somewhat deeper than the one he gives in return to her. She can be respectful as needed.

The waiter is greeted with a smile. "Good evening." then a gesture. "I can sit there." not far at all from the group. Really, Elektra can't help herself. So she strides over, waiting for the waiter to prepare things before she sits. As for what she will have. "Just a glass of wine."

Dark eyes finally settle on Kraven and his company, she studying them in silence for a few moments.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
The waiter even pulls the chair out for Elektra and then prepares her table by putting utensils down for her, even though she only ordered a drink... people change their minds a lot after all. "Wine, coming right up." He says with a friendly smile-- he easily being the nicest person Elektra has seen in this while place.

Kraven lets Elektra settle in, to be polite, before he excuses himself from his evening dinner guests and rises up to walk the short distance to the table she'd chosen. He motions to a chair beside hers. "Mind if I?" He doesn't wait for her answer and just slides himself down in to it, adjusting his suit jacket and smoothing his tie as he does so.

He just sits there a second, his eyes on Elektra, his head slightly tilted. "You're an impressive woman." He tells her. "I can see why Selene has taken an interest in you." He starts off with compliments, so it seems.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Elektra is still feeling the effects of the intense spar, muscles taking a moment to settle, skin still sweaty. In fact she should had headed to take a shower but .., that's not how she rolls. So here she was. Facing the cunning Kraven. She rests one leg up over the other, watching the approach before gesturing. "Please do." a faint, offering smile to her lips. Just distant enough, just polite enough. A diplomat.

Compliments are a good way to start she admits. Apparently the man reserves the snark to when Selene is present. Or maybe he's just changing tactics. "Thank you." she dips her head, looking pleased at the words, "This is all very impressive too.." a gesture to what is around them. "Power. You all seem to exude it. You more than many." see? She can do compliments too. And she means that part. She knows the man has power. No matter how he got that that power. It usually doesn't matter. Just getting it.

"Selene is a very impressive woman too. She cares much for all of you." Even if some don't deserve it. Yet she doesn't say that last part she is thinking. She smiles that dangerous little smile of hers.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
The two women that were with Kraven both looked over to the table taht he moved to to speak to Elektra, but they mostly turn back to the others to keep socializing, all of them dressed in suits or fancy dresses... modernized old world styles, expensive.

Her response to him has him smiling softly again at her as he rests his left elbow on the table, and his right on the back of his chair, his hands in front of him and his fingers interlaced together. "Truly." He says back after a second. "I can't imagine where we'd be without Selene's efforts all of these years." He says it almost spitefully. He's sure great this...

After another moment he tears his gaze from Elektra's and looks around. "But yes, you're right. We're accomplishing a lot here, and those in this Coven are excited for the future of it." He looks back to Elektra then. "Hopefully we can reutn to our home soon too. Selene and I, that is." He shows another quick smile, almost like he's claiming ownership of the Death Dealer.

The waiter returns, with two wine glasses instead of one, offering one to Kraven. He'll start to pour then, Elektra's first.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"I can." Imagine, that is. Elektra does have a vivid imagination, specially where it comes to death! Yet while the man is spiteful Elektra's tone is one of certainty. As if she knew the power Selene represents here. "Trying to challenge her power would be something of a fool's errand though. Though I can't imagine on why anyone would want to do so.." a beat, "Unless they did not have the best interests of your coven at heart." still smiling.

There is a pause when the waiter comes in, she holding her glass up while it's served, inclining her head elegantly so as to signal for the man to stop pouring when it gets about half-full. "Thank you." she does like this nice waiter. A breath of fresh air in all these power struggles she is finding in the coven.

Eventually she returns her attention to Kraven. "Expecting your work here in America to be done soon?" she then asks. "Or simply craving home? How long have you been away?" she doesn't mention it's Hungary. No need to reveal that Selene has spoken about it with her.

She notes that claim of ownership on the man's tone but that just seems to amuse her. As if Selene could be tamed by this man. Her dark eyes fix on the man's.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
The waiter fills Kraven's cup up to a little higher level than Elektra got before he stops and then leaves the bottle for the two of them should they wish to have more of it on their own accord. He steps aside to go to the other tables now to check on them. It's weird... he doesn't seem like he's a vampire, living amongst vampires? This whole operation has an odd flow about it though.

"Selene's been here for the past six years. I've been traveling back and forth since then as well." Kraven replies softly to Elektra's words. "This Coven... isn't like ours back home. It's evolving in its own ways. In ways that our Elders hadn't anticipated. But, much like the country itself, when you branch out in to new territory you discover new dangers, and you have to evolve, or perish." He smiles to Elektra before sipping his new drink.

"Where did you learn to fight like you do?" He then asks outright, yes still locked upon her.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Evolving for the better? Or the worse? It's always good to find new ways to go. How can life be exciting if it's spent locked in the same ways forever?" Clearly Elektra isn't a traditionalist. She takes a brief drink from the wine. Ahhh, just what she needed after this practice. A little bit of indulgence but she doesn't mind. It also sends a message, that she isn't scared of being without her full wits when next to this man.

"What would you do if you led this coven?" she then asks. A bit direct perhaps. But it's also a little poke to see how much he has been thinking about leading. And his ideas for it. If Elektra guesses correctly the man will most likely be thinking about that a *lot*.

As for her training.. "Everywhere. I have been fighting since I was a child." She tells the man. That much is true. But no need to speak of affiliations. "I have had more masters than I can count." even if only one had stayed more prominent in her memory. Master Stick.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
A bit of wine is further enjoyed, a hand run through his long dark hair, and then a light smile at Elektra's question, following her vague explanation about her fighting.

"This Coven?" He asks. His head shakes that away quickly. "That's not for me to say. This is Amelia's child, and it's entirely hers to decide. Myself?" He then asks. "I'm looking to further expand, some day, toward western America. I have aspirations to start a new Coven in California. But... that won't be for some time." He shows another slight smile then. "Our people in Hungary believe that we need to sink back in to the shadows, once the Lycan threat is finally eradicated. Amelia and I believe otherwise. We should expand, further. A Coven in every nation, maybe more. We could be far more than we are, if we'd focus on our strengths, rather than focusing on our weaknesses."Selene likely doesn't agree with that, based on what she's told Elektra, indicating she'd be more likely to be one of the ones who wishes the Covens to stay small and isolated.

He takes another sip of his drink as one of the women at the table he'd been at calls his name in a flirtatious way, waving him toward her. He smiles and nods to her once. Then his eyes move across the room to the entrance, Selene appears in the doorway, walking in with her jacket on. She finds them rather quickly and a flat expression falls on her face as she sees him with Ele.

"Seems your friend is done with her phone call." Kraven says as he stands up and sets his unfinished wine glass down on the table. He adjusts his jacket again and nods down to Elektra.

"Enjoy the rest of your stay here, Miss Natchios." He telsl her. "I hope nothing but the best for you in the days, and weeks to come." Whatever that means. The man then smiles to Selene and waves once to her as he turns to go back to his original place.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Won't that risk discovery from the world at large?" With all the consequences it could bring. Elektra was the type to agree with secrecy more than expansion. There was that saying, 'taking on more than you can chew...' seems like it applied here. But considering she is a damn ninja it's no wonder she likes that seclusion and secrecy so much!

Another drink, a glance to the company the man is keeping and then back. Something does ring there. Ending the lycan threat goes against what the man wants. So there's what Elektra was looking for. The motive.

She sets the glass back on the table when Selene comes in, a glance over a shoulder, a neutral enough nod given in the woman's direction before she addresses Kraven. "May you find what you deserve, Mr. Kraven." she replies smoothly. Still a faint smile to her lips. But she gets up too so as to go join with Selene.

She doesn't ask about how the talk went. No need. Instead she suggests. "Shall we go somewhere else?"

Selene Corvinus has posed:
"It's time to face those consequences." Kraven says moments before he leaves Elektra, answering her question in doing so. But he's gone by the time that Selene joins them again and she gives one stare back to him before she looks to Elektra and nods at the question.

"Very much so." Selene says, reaching out for the bottle of wine and taking it in hand as she turns toward the way they'd come from..

When the start to walk and exit the dining hall, Selene looks over to Elektra. "I'm sorry about that." She tells her. "I didn't know they were dining here this evening. It wasn't on the scheduled events..." She seems off-put by this, but mostly lets it go. She raises the bottle of wine up to sniff at it before looking at the label.

"Expensive." She notes with a smirk, glancing over to the other. "I think Yuun likes you." She chides, meaning the Waiter so it would seem.