5608/Lunch time is a brief respite for the weary

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Lunch time is a brief respite for the weary
Date of Scene: 16 March 2021
Location: Food Court: Triskelion
Synopsis: Bobbi, Peggy, and new agent Miura catch up in the food hall. Don't salute.
Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Peggy Carter, Koga Miura

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi makes her way in to the food court and gets a set of sandwiches and a soup from the kitchen as well as water. A very boring lunch by most respects. She finds a free table and settles down. Dressed today in her business suit - partly because she's not going out in to the field but also because she is going to a law enforcement convention soon.

    The things you're asked to do in this job are quite varied and interesting. Sometimes it doesn't feel like necessary work but she trusts in Fury to not waste her or their other agents time. There's likely to be some bonus to going to this convention.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Make up helps with looking exhausted, but doesn't exactly hide it all. Peggy's not even bothering to pin curl her hair at night these days, flying off to too many places, juggling the safe houses and all the off-the-books SHIELD work with her regular tasks, and simply too deeply worried about it all. So, her hair is in tight rolls down the side of her head and pinned back at the base of her neck, which might be a part of what makes her face look more drawn. But maybe she is just that tired.

She's still trying to show her face around SHIELD fairly often, so no one gets too suspicious. That means, tonight is a token lunch at the cafeteria. She walks in, wearing one of her usual swing dresses and not tac suit for field work. She scoops by, getting whatever the quickest, easiest warmth thing is and some tea. She doesn't hover over it like a woman really interested in food.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi looks up when she sees the always stylish Peggy make her way in to the cafeteria. She gives her a wave and says, "Peggy, come join me?" A sandwich is lifted to her nose so she can sniff it and she puts it back down, "Tuna. It'll do." The bowl of soup is drawn in front of her and she blows ripples across its surface to cool it down. She's not in Japan, she can't slurp it loudly here.

    "You look like you've been burning the candle at both ends," she remarks and takes out her tablet and lanyard and phone and places them on the table next to her. Her shiny new lanyard that says Commander Morse, Level 8. The tablet is locked at the moment of course.

Peggy Carter has posed:
"Sure. I could use a bit of company that isn't on the clock." Peggy's crisp British accent clips out gently. Her dark eyes then flicker across Bobbi's frame and face, studying with just a bit of worry behind her gaze. She's trying not to hover, but she knows the woman is out of field work and does *care*. "Good to see you up and about, even if I hear they've chained you to a desk." Peggy offers with some sympathetic distaste behind her voice. She knows she'd be going insane if she was grounded.

She then settles in with her tray, giving a casual wave off of the comment about her burning the candle, "Just a bit of jet lag and then the mess Jemma and I were cleaning up until well after midnight. I've been through worse." Those are all slight lies, very casual and well practiced ones, but lies.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "What mess was that?," she queries and smiles. The soup is potato and leek and she is so here for this. Sipsip. "I mean, it's not quite as bad as that. I know there's going to be a lot more paperwork and when it comes to making decisions, I have no one to turn to anymore. But Hand, Coulson, Garrett.. they all go out with their teams all the time. So I figure I'll do the same. I just won't be the one kicking in the doors anymore."

    "You, Jemma, heck even Lance is keeping odd hours and who knows what he's up to in his apartment. He's been staying with me and even went and got his TV. He has the good TV for watching marbles," she adds to clarify why that'd be done. Still, it was done. Bobbi knows he's up to something but hasn't poked her nose in to it - because trust. Issues. She has trust issues. So does Lance. It's a common spy trait.

    "But I also need to choose someone to be my Level 7 and do my old job. That's going to be difficult. Thankfully that's 99% on Hill. But she keeps sending me agent records to see if I'd consider them or not. I'm not going to lie, all the good ones are taken. We may have to promote a level 6 up.."

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga is pretty... well... new. And he's currently looking for a spot to sit and either people he knows or that might know something or other. His own lanyard just says 'agent' on it. No real special rank or anything. That's lead him to getting the tuna as well, since he knows tuna at least, and some soup. Being in a foreign country can kinda make even cafeteria food look weird at times.

    And then he finds at least some people that look at least a bit agreeable. He approaches Peggy and Bobbi's table. "Um, hi? Do you mind if I sit with you two? I'm new. Mostly. Well, new to the building and location?" He rubs the back of his head not holding the tray.

Peggy Carter has posed:
A little groan escapes Peggy's lips as Bobbi asks about what it was, "Uh...you can read the report later, no doubt, but trust me when I say Vampires. Bloody *vampires*...no pun intended. It was... messy. But we managed to evacuate most of the innocents and put down a few of the monsters so..." Peggy gives a smile that is a little too wide eyed. "100 years old and I'm still seeing new things in this job." She shakes her head quietly.

Then she's hearing the commentary about Lance and her expression closes down some. She clearly knows something. Maybe everything. But her words are chosen very carefully, calm and even. Not meant for any SHIELD official ears. "I'm certain it's nothing SHIELD command should worry about. Maybe he's simply exterminating some rodents or other... annoying infestations from his back yard or bathroom. You know how these things go." The 'infestations' comment is made with a bit of a heavier emphasis. Maybe Bobbi will get it. Maybe not. But Peggy isn't discussing it here.

Then she's arching a brow about the level 7 comment. "...difficult job, feel like you're in command but you aren't really. Always torn in five drections. I... am sure you'll find the right person." Peggy keeps her voice as neutral as possible about that. and then Koga is approaching them. Peggy looks the new agent up and down curiously. "Don't mind at all, but just a warning, I have to eat and dash. It's not you, I promise."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    There's a raised eyebrow. Vampires. Again. "Wow, are vampires going to be a thing WAND has to deal with regularly now or has it become so common place it's now just all of SHIELD territory? Because I did not expect Count Orloff would be high on the Most Wanted list."

    Bobbi lifts up a bit of fish sandwich and waves it as she says, "Oh no. He's up to something. I can always tell. He gets all squirrely and cuddly and starts to smother me in platitudes and kindness. Believe me, he and I have done this kind of dance many times before. No, that man is hiding something and he knows he's going to get in trouble."

    If she got the clue, it's hard to say. But then, she's well trained. Perhaps she's laying it on against Lance a bit too thick, or may be she is genuinely getting annoyed with his recent behaviour.

    "I really liked Level 7. You have so much freedom but when things get sticky, there's this older more experienced sometimes legendary Level 8 right there to offer you a hand back up. I'm going to miss that support. Hill and I have been friends for a long time and I know I can go to her with.. clerical issues. And Fury, well, he is still a mystery on top of a mystery to me. I think he likes it that way," she says.

    Her eyes turn to Koga and she smiles, "Hello Agent..," she says and searches for his lanyard, "Miura, nice to meet you. Please, take a seat." She motions to him and his lanyard, "See. WAND. They're who you should be calling when you find vampires hiding in your basement. They probably have carefully written poetry to read them that'll make them wish they'd never been born."

Koga Miura has posed:
    "That makes two of us. I mostly came in to get a new acquisition refitted." Koga admits, then blinks as he gets pointed out as WAND. And vampires? That has him looking thoughtful, then he shrugs, "Um, which type?"

    He looks between Peggy and Bobbi, then at his lanyard. "Oh... I keep forgetting everyone can tell who I am. Nice to meet you?" He looks for their lanyards as he seats himself, then blinks as he notes Bobbi's. "Um... am I supposed to salute or something? Still getting used to protocols here."

Peggy Carter has posed:
Looking over Koga's badge, Peggy smiles a bit more as she sees the WAND designation. "Ah, so you're the one I should put the massive vampire roman orgy report on the desk of, hm? You'll get it by the morning. We still have a few more of them to hunt down, but the priority was getting innocents out of there, not staking vampires last night. And they were the... hypnotize you with food and drink variety, then drink your blood when you are a willing participant. I ddn't imbibe, Jemma snapped out of it before she did anything wild. But they definitely had an uncomfortable amount of mind control over that room. Even of the dead bodies." Peggy does NOT seem to be joking to just get one over on the WAND agent, but dead serious, and the exhaustion behind her eyes says she was probably up late enough to have been at a vampire orgy. She at least looks in one piece, no bite marks on her neck. That's always good.

Then it's back towards Bobbi, the subject of Lance entirely dropped with other people at the table and being in SHIELD official spaces. She smirks at the salute question, "I suppose I could have asked the same thing now. But I suspect I know your answer." And promotions still seem decent talk. "...Anyone in mind for it? I can keep an eye on them. I did promote a good number of agents in my day... still might have the touch, you know."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi's eye brows raise and her eyes widen at the prospect of easy mind control and blood orgies with vampires. She shakes her head, "You know, may be it's a good thing I'm not doing strike work anymore." She smirks a touch though because she is going to miss going out on her own and doing the wild things.

    "You certainly should not salute anyone in SHIELD. That's how people get killed. The enemy is watching, who do they shoot? the person being saluted of course." So this is going to happen more often isn't it? Being a Commander is a big deal.. so, she throws Peggy under the bus,

    "And don't think too much on it, I'm just a spy. This here, however, is Peggy Carter one of the three people who founded SHIELD and made everything we know about it possible. I think she even designed the Triskelion right? A living legend and spy goddess."

Koga Miura has posed:
    That has Koga facepalming. "... that is... Kami, that is weird."

        He looks at Bobbi, then at Peggy. "Nice to meet you? I apologize for not knowing who you are. Native Japanese."

    He does look to Bobbi, "Good point. If my other form was tougher, I could probably play decoy like that. I do not want to test it against a sniper rifle, however. Grenades already hurt."

    Then it finally hits him fully what Peggy said and he looks at her, "You can't be serious? I have to be one of the lower ranking ones. I do not think I even meet level 5 requirements with my ties to the Japanese government. I do admit I am curious if I can take on a vampire, however."

    He sighs, "Bad enough I just came here to get that bus outfitted so agents can use it, now I have to deal with some vampires?"

Peggy Carter has posed:
A little groan escapes Peggy's lips and she shakes her head as she's put on the spot. "I'm a boring old level six now, thank you very much, and a luddite to boot. So, not much special beyond an embarrassing amount of photos around." Peggy admits gently. And then her phone is going off in her pocket. Meeting alarm! She takes one last bite of her food and is getting up.

"It'll be in the report, Miura, I promise you can get a copy, at least. See what you can fight. But I've got another meeting now and then maybe can sit down and write the thing for you all in WAND to read." With that, Peggy flashes them both one more smile and gives a little wave. "Good luck with everything, Morse. And welcome aboard, Miura." Then she's dashing away her tray and double timing down the hall. The only weird thing is, if Bobbi would look at Peggy's official SHIELD schedule, there's no meetings at all this afternoon. Maybe just a hiccup

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "I'll pick your brain about Level 6's who might be good Level 7's later..," she says as Peggy rushes off and then she looks back to Miura, "Welcome to the Triskelion. Spy central. And don't think about pretending to be a superior office to draw fire. The goal is to look like we're meant to be there. Where-ever there is. Someone is watching us? they should get bored and move on concluding nothing is out of the ordinary," she says and taps the side of her nose.

    "And now it seems you're going to be assigned some vampire related work. Well I'd say I feel sorry for you, but you are in WAND so I'd get used to it.." she says and then in fluent southern Japanese she says, "My door is going to stay open, you can come talk to me if you need to even if it's about WAND stuff."

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga gives a small wave at Peggy, "Nice to meet you. And see you around, I guess?"

    At least doesn't look surprised at the Japanese suddenly. He smiles, switching to his native language. "Thank you. It is nice to have such a supportive organization. I mostly joined up because it seemed like the right thing to do, that and I was getting tired of the tests that the Jingiin were always wanting to do on me. In any case, is there anything I can do in the mean time? That bus being retrofitted is supposed to take all day. Hidden ammo cases and some other things, I am told."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi considers for a moment and then nods her head, "Go to the gun range and get certified in SHIELD armorments, specifically the ICER - when and where it's appropriate to use and not use. It's our go to weapon for de-escalation these days." She finishes off her sandwiches and then scoops up her things. "Sorry but i have another meeting I need to attend now," she swipes on her tablet and looks at the time table.. curious where Peggy is going. There's nothing listed. Hm. "Good luck Agent Miura," she says with another smile and heads off.

Koga Miura has posed:
    Koga looks considerate, "ICER? Interesting. Thank you, Commander." He gives a nod before turning back to his food. The idea is interesting at least, but also that he needs to check out other armaments if he is going to be running in a bus full of them possibly.

    That being said, he finishes his food first, but after that! SHIELD training it is!

    He probably wonders how the hell he is going to handle vampires that seem to like to have orgies, however, in the mean time. Since that's one thing his foreign culture probably doesn't prepare him for at all.