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Interview with a Emmapire.
Date of Scene: 16 March 2021
Location: Centinel Hotel - Mutant Town
Synopsis: April O'Neil gets an exclusive interview with Emma Frost at the new Centinel Hotel in Mutant Town.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, April O'Neil

Emma Frost has posed:
    It's a rather hum drum sort of a Tuesday, the air is muggy and cold as the streets dry off from a rather abrupt off shore shower flying in and passing over rapidly earlier in the day. The sun is up behind a few contrails from passing flights, and the city is humming.

    In Mutant Town, things have been popping off rather rapidly as of late. Emma Frost has moved in with an outrageous work force and a plan. The part she's working on is in near non-stop chaos, and yet, she's taking it all in stride and without concern.

    The woman made herself available for an interview after being contacted and is now making sure she meets the appointment. The Former White Queen walks into the room the magic happens and steps up to April.

    "Pleasure miss O'Neil." The former CEO greets as she reaches a hand out to get the introductions on. She's polite, but firm, she's well versed in manners and yet there's a curtness to her, as if every second is valuable but she does seem rushed or in any sort of hurry as April has Emma's entire focus.

April O'Neil has posed:
April had pitched this interview to her station chief at Channel Six. She still pulled shifts there a couple times a week even though her podcast had blown up last year and she made more money there than she did at the legacy media company. But still, it had been her dream to be on TV and she was wanting to maintain it because of that.

Plus, it helped get her face and name out there to the people of New York, of which there are a lot! It's a symbiotic relationship, her dual careers.

Here and now, April had come to the specified location with her camera man, Vernon Fenwick, they'd setup and were waiting on Emma herself to arrive. Dressed in a white and black hoodie, with her yellow leather jacket draped over a chair, a pair of dark blue jeans and a black tshirt on under the hoodie, April looks casual but the clothing is all fresh and new, shiny and clean.

She greets Emma with a big smile and returned offered handshake. "Miss Frost. It's a real honor." April says. "You've been making a real splash around here the past week." Was that a rain joke?? A glance is sent to one of the windows by April, then she looks back with a small grin.

"You seem to have a plan around this place, of which is real close to my own home... I'm eager to find out about it."

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma turns to face her chair and makes sure she sits on it carefully. The woman smoothing the hem of her charcol suit pants as she claims her own seat across from April. The button on her coat comes undone, showing off the simple blue blouse she's chosen to wear today. Simple, but perfectly cut and tailored suit. Emma isn't holding her punches. She's coming out swinging with class and style.

    "We're starting this with puns?" Emma asks, her icy blue eyes moving from the camera, back to April, and surpressing a full smile, showing off a subtle hint of one at the corner of her mouth. "Well, I'm eager to talk about it." Emma winks at April and sits up fully in her chair, and almost, presenting herself as a prey might to a predator to fool them into something worse.

April O'Neil has posed:
April seats herself when Emma does, and Vernon is behind the camera that he had setup on its tripod. The tall man just remains quiet as the ladies speak to one another, though he does seem to keep his eye son Emma a lot, as Vern is a bit of a 'ladies man' (in his own mind) and Emma is like a dream woman to him. BUT, he keeps it professional, because he also loves his job.

April just showcases a grin at Emma's catch of her pun. "I wouldn't be me, if I didn't throw out a few bad jokes here and there." She tells the woman of the hour, the day, the week? Maybe more?

A glance is given down to her tablet computer that she'd held in her left hand, but she never really needed it for her notes as memorized almost everything anyway, since she wrote it all.

"So you're just coming in to the Bushwick area, often refered to as 'mutant town' these days. A lot of people are wondering what your motivations are? You're considered a bit of a mysterious woman, even for having the wealth you have."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "We must all be true to ourselves, in the least." Emma retorts, no jab or hidden snide comment, simple honesty. The woman presses her shoulders into the back of the chair, making sure she's sitting up prim and proper like her teachers taught her growing up. This is an important moment.

    The first question isn't easy, and it's one Emma was very much expecting. "Altruism." Emma says, a glint in her eye while looking towards the camera. Like she knows that's not believable. "I'm actually wanting to get back on top, and I do want to help people better themselves and their community too, but I'm not opposed to making a name for myself once again." Honest, she'd likely have someone shoot her down for being 'too honest' if she hired people to coach her like some politician, but she's not trying to be one.

April O'Neil has posed:
April's interviewing skills have come along way since she graduated college almost 2 years ago now. She'd had a wealth of experience hit her like a fire hydrant blast of water to the face. Between C6 news and her podcast, she's done more interviews than easily counted even in just that amount of time.

Including politicians. She'd interviewed a number of the local NYC candidates for various official positions in the last election.

"I see." April says to Emma. "Well you're a big name, coming to a part of the city that has... to say the least, had some troubled times. If it isn't aliens, it's dangerous mutants running afoul, and if it isn't that it's...." April shakes her head, her dark auburn hair gently drifting about the sides of her face. "Any number of other issues."

"Are you looking to... help with the community in any specific ways? Outreach programs, chairty events, or is this just a... personal thing? What you're doing here that is." Clearly the reporter wants SPECIFICS!

Emma Frost has posed:
    "I've got plans for more traditional outreach, but that's not here nor now." Emma says with a smile as she adjusts herself in the chair to make herself more comfortable without slouching. "But I am reaching out to mutants within the community to have them help me build this hotel, not without pay of course. But there are other opportunities I'm going to be providing with this hotel." Emma answers rather forwardly, but still a bit guarded, obvious she expects some sort of negative press or reaction to what she's doing. Mutants are always a hot button item lately, and she's working with them openly.

April O'Neil has posed:
April is coming at this whole idea as just seeing a wealthy mutant, with looks and... well, a silver spoon in her mouth since birth by all rights, even if some might consider the 'mutant' part of Miss Frost to be anything but such a thing. April didn't see it that way, she was a mutant rights advocate, even if she knows it's a complicated topic.

"By which you mean, bringing jobs to the community?" April asks. Her eyes are quick to dart around the room they're conducting this interview in and then darting back across the distance to Emma's own stare. "This is quite a place, and you've only just begun. It could trigger a landslide of new businesses coming in to the neighborhood, if you can make this place a success-- which I assure you a lot of people are rooting for that."

"But." April adds with an exhale.

"Crime in this neighborhood is a real big issue. Mutant on mutant violence is even a thing here. People are scared, angry, and looking to focus that on something. What if people attack your fancy new hotel here as a way of ... voicing their outrage at the state of things?"

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Crime is absolutely an issue, it's an issue most everywhere you look." Emma says, lifting a hand to gesture vaguely as if pointing out examples of crime being visible everywhere she's pointing. In the room it's impossible to see where she's pointing at, "Trust me, Manhattan is just as bad or likely worse than around here." Emma says with a lift of her blonde eyebrows.

    "I expect people to try and attack my hotel, but I think I've found a way to keep that from happening." The telepath says with a devious smile, and a shine across her eyes with a knowing look within her eyes. There is a plan in that head of hers, there is.

April O'Neil has posed:
April sits back in her seat while Emma offers her response, her legs coming up to cross at the knees and the tablet computer laying on top of her lap now. She stares over at the White Queen mutant woman and just softly nods her head two small times to what is said.

"You'll forgive me, I hope." April starts her own response. "But the people who live near to this new endeavor of yours will likely want more specifics on that." She says. "I mean, not to say that you should give away security secrets, as that would be iresponsible as one could get. But, yeah, you'll have a hill to climb to convince the locals that this hotel will be good for the community here, rather than just the wealthy elite that you're known for rubbing elbows with."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Well, it's simple. I'm giving away rooms for free." Emma explains rather calmly as if it wasn't some outlandish and wild idea. "I'm setting up a reward system that will pay rent on appartment style rooms for what we're essentially calling a 'good deeds program'." Emma nods rather assuredly as she adjusts her own legs to sit more comfortably, lacing her fingres to rest on her thigh as she addresses April.

April O'Neil has posed:
April's eyelashes flutter a bit when she hears that the plan was to give rooms away in this otherwise considred 'high end' hotel for 'free'.

"Free?" She asks. "WEll that is a bit ambitious, isn't it?" She shows off a quick smile before she gathers herself and shakes her head lightly from side to side to sort her thoughts.

"I assume that offer is for the community, rather than say... outsiders? Or are you looking to bring new people In to the community by making such a bold, if possibly reckless, business decision?" Essentially, the reporter seems concerned about who qualifies for this deal.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "I figure we'll start with the community, but depending on the success, we'll certainly branch out to help more people who again, the goal is to better the community through outreach and setting forth an example of mutant inclusiveness and charity." Emma says, slightly rehearsed but also full of meaning and heart.

    "I'm hoping to get help from more known mutants in the beginning as far as construction and launching the hotel, but the more established and famous persons I do believe already have their housing situations solved."

April O'Neil has posed:
April keeps her eyes on Emma's her posture casual and even leaning a bit to the right in her chair to put her elbow on the arm of said chair. She nods again to the other woman's words and listens closely to the details shared.

"I would imagine so." She says about those who have their housing situation figured out. "But you might have a valid point in that a place like this could draw in such people to help keep it safe, and let others who need a helping hand... have someone to actually offer one."

April has a sly grin slide over her lips. "But." She throws another one out there.

"You might be underestimating just how many people need a place to live, especially a free one." Her smile turns into a grin. "Hell, I wouldn't mind not paying rent myself."

"So how are you going to decide who stays and who doesn't?" She asks then. "Because I imagine you're going to see a line forming about five seconds after thsi airs."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Oh, the need for free shelter is greater than this simple project for sure, but with a solid and safe haven within the heart of Bushwick, the community itself will have a greater chance of rising up and flourishing into the great flower we both know it can be." Emma responds, looking only at April, and lowering her leg off her knee only to lift the other leg up and switching her cross and putting her hands back down on her lap.

    Emma sits with a regal air almost, like she knows not only how to help this community, but to help all communities. "Like I said, I've got a system for determining how people are actively helping the community or not. But first I need to finish the building and seeing if this experiment can truly survive the real world, and with the right people around, with the right attitude, I believe we have a chance."

April O'Neil has posed:
April adjusts the tablet computer on her lap and reaches to the screen to slide it down a bit. Vernon is keeping the camera setup primarily focused on Emma, though he does snap over to April now and then when she's speaking too, but he does seem biased toward the pretty blonde lady, cause he's Vern.

"Well this is all very interesting, and ambitious. The kind of thing that you'd expect out of a wealthy entrepreneur like Elon Musk, or Tony Stark. But... slanted more toward helping the poor than anything I've seen from those two." She shows a smile then for Emma before she nods once slightly.

"Then you have a lot of building to do." She says. "Are there any super hero types you'd like to get word out to specifically to ask them to step up and help with this project?" April motions to the camera. "Anyone you wanna call out on air?" She asks with a grin. "Potential investors...?" She has a playful side after all.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Nope, not on air miss O'Neil." Emma says with a smirk and lifts her hand up to tap her nose with a knowing look in her eyes, "Calling out people is a good way to owe more favors than I'd like, and giving names to the money behind the deal, that's just bad business." Emma shows off a few of her teeth in that smile.

    "You can certainly feel free to call names, I don't have the celebrity you do. We both know you have more clout with the viewers." Emma gives April a compliment and a smile towards the camera, or was that to Vern?

April O'Neil has posed:
April shows a wider smile at the idea that she has more celebrity clout than the much more well-to-do Emma. "One can dream." April lightly replies to that before she shifts the focus back to Frost, the interviewer always must!

"So back on the hotel and it's renovations..." April glances around quickly. "It seems you have these initial areas of the building well underway, but I haven't had a chance to see what lies above, or below." She glances upward even, blue eyes rising, then coming back down. "When do you expect to have this hotel open? I'm sure that depends on who all may come to help, but again, once this interview goes live. well... you're going to have a big influx of people wanting to ask about these free rooms."

April shows a sly grin again then.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Ideally, if I can get everyone I'd like to get in and work on the project. We could open as soon as friday." Emma says with a fair ammount of confidence, so much so she even leans into the back of the chair, and crosses her arms beneath her chest with that infamous Frost smirk of hers. "If not then, the week after." Emma says, acting as if she's never heard the idea of Rome being built in a day.

April O'Neil has posed:
April's eyes widen at the revelation that the hotel was in good enough shape to open that quickly.

"That quickly?" She says. "Impressive. Exciting, really. For the community." She draws in a breath then and sits up straighter in her chair. "Well, Miss Frost. I'm going to be keeping an eye on this project, and I'll do my best to boost the signal on it. In fact, in a bit of time -- once the place has been open and operational for a bit -- I would love to come back for a follow up interview."

There-after, April will move to wrap up the taping and offer a few finishing moments with Emma if permitted to tlak a bit more off-camera.