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Dark Red
Date of Scene: 16 March 2021
Location: The Darkweb
Synopsis: Daisy decides to log into the darkweb and visit old haunts. Someone finds her there, but who could it be?
Cast of Characters: Daisy Johnson, Friday

Daisy Johnson has posed:
It has been a while since Daisy stopped being known as Skye, close enough to when she joined SHIELD a few years back. The moniker stayed though @DarkSkye, her hacker persona who was once fabled to even had been able to hack into SHIELD. She was an hacktivist for Rising Tide, an organization focused in rooting out the truth, wherever it may be, without regards for morality!

And while those days were long gone she still kept an active eye out in the darkweb, mostly for information that flowed through, be it related to SHIELD or not. And considering the rebellious side of her had never truly disappeared she still entertained a job or two from time to time.

If the cause was worthy enough. Or just for the fun of it. Yet was once a Blackhat is now mostly a White one.

Friday has posed:
It's a lovely day in the old haunts. Numbers and text, often interspersed, with all the usual swag. People bragging about their achievements, code being shared or sold. Only the occasional new toy to play with though. Honestly new code is nice, but it's never really revolutionary.

There's a ping then, happening when @Darkskye is online. A small alert, someone has put out a challenge. Might be interesting, since it actually took a piece of very illegal code even to notice it. A glance tells her that it's blocked, protected.

What is inside? It seems to be called 'Rabbit Hole', so...well, cliche, but not a bad way to waste a day online.

It's flashing, open me.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
'Skye' is roaming through all the usual she has grown to be accostumed to in the darkweb, a brief eyeroll at the braggers. So typical. But no, just because you are in your basement with a stash of dope doesn't make you a kingpin on the drug business. And you know what, Kevin? Let me just alert the authorities to go to your house. I am sure your mom will love it---

She is just in the middle of doing that when there's that alert. A challenge? Brows furrow, this is not the usual. And more, whoever did this went to the trouble of doing such with quite the elaborate code.

Daisy turns with more attention to your laptop, typing quietly as she studies it, making sure it's not some kind of trojan or other virus before she finally opens it.

Time to delve down that rabbit hole.

Friday has posed:
It opens.

The screen doesn't change. Whoever is on the other end isn't interested in drama, or is doing subtle things, but the heat controls don't show added CPU work, so it's likely not a major trojan. Something small, perhaps. However, a moment later text appears in the command prompt. Simple, but definitely not generated text. Because what it says is:

Well. That was fast. Hi.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The answer doesn't come right away, Daisy aware of monitoring all those little things that could tell this is a trap. But would she care too much? It's not as if she has anything personal on this laptop. Any hacker worth their salt keep a laptop scrub clean for these purposes. Of course that having to replace it *would* suck. But maybe that new promotion at SHIELD will come with a nice pay too. Mmmmm.

Eventually she does reply with a, "Hello, Rabbit."

Friday has posed:
Text responds quickly. The person on the other end can be seen typing, their typing speed is being translated realtime. He, or she, is fairly quick. But not exactly at receptionist quality.

Friday, actually. So you're here to take my challenge? Proceeds as the usual - to your chosen charity.

Then it pauses, then adds, Should I call myself @Friday? I'm not really the hacker, that'd be your job.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Don't play coy. The kind of coding needed to do what you did doesn't match with someone not knowing about internet monikers."

Skye's own typing is just as fast, not exactly lightning speed, but fast enough. Of someone used to typing for long times in a row.

"And you can call me @DarkSkye. What's this challenge you are talking of?"

Friday has posed:
Lol. I'm allowed if I want to. Sending file. It's PDF, you can open it safely. And no, you don't get to know who I am. Sorry!

A moment later a file becomes available. .pdf, as stated. Antivirus calls it safe...

And then the person on the other end disconnects, but leaves a single choice on screen.


Inside, the file says: I am a thief. I am a very good thief, so good that I have become hugely bored. So, choose me a target. Your choice, I don't care who or what or where. CHALLENGE ME.

If you're good enough to be reading this, you can watch. Help if you wish, I often need a hacker to succeed at times.

ALL PROCEEDS GO TO A CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE. I'm not in this for money. Let's have some fun together!

Yes? No?

It waits for a response, quietly.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Skye takes a look at the file, a brow arching up the more she reads. A thief eh? And bored? She lets out a snort, specially as it appears she is to choose a target for this 'Friday' to attack. She can't help but to laugh. But she rubs at her chin, thoughtful. She might be able to 'use' this.

If the thief wasn't all mouth and could actually deliver.

"I just know I am going to regret this." But Daisy is also impulsive so she shifts the answer to Yes and sends it.

Friday has posed:
The speaker on the laptop activates. A laugh on the other end, feminine, is audible. "Where? And yes, you get to laugh if I get caught."

She's into the speakers! No hacker, indeed. Her voice is sultry, adult. "Call me Friday."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Now, now. Getting ahead of yourself aren't you?" The voice answering is feminine too, and sounding all too amused.

"But now it will be *your* time to wait up." she announces, "And you can call me Skye." she leans forward to her laptop, the sound of keys heard clacking. "I will be in touch." that smug tone of a hacker who knows she's good.

And then the connection cuts.

Friday has posed:
On the other end, a lady sips her glass of wine, feet up, as she closes her own screen. A dark red coat hangs on the wall next to her, and she smiles at it, as her new best friend hangs up the connection.

"We're going out to play soon, darlin'," she says to the coat. "Won't be long now. I can feel it, this one's going to be FUN!"

Then she closes her eyes, and waits.