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Casing An Angel
Date of Scene: 17 March 2021
Location: One Madison Park
Synopsis: Kitty meets Rogue at the lobby of Warren's building, and the two run into Felicia Hardy. Who unbeknownst to them was casing the place. They all go for lunch.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Felicia Hardy, Rogue

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty was texting with Rogue, and finding out the Mississippian was in the vicinity, invited her friend to meet for coffee down in the lobby of the building where Warren's penthouse is at. Kitty heads down, wearing a pair of jeans and a Chicago Cubs World Series Champions sweatshirt. She emerges from the elevator, crossing the lobby in tennis shoes, and her hair in a pony tail.

One of the guards who restricts access to the elevators to residents smiles over at her. "Afternoon, Miss Pryde. How are you doing today?"

Kitty flashes a smile back to the handsome black man. "Jerry, I'm doing good, how about yourself? How's Lorna and the baby?"

The guard's smile lights up even more. "Doing good. She's working hard to lose the extra weight, though I keep telling her she looks fine just how she is."

Kitty grins over to him. "Right answer!" she says, waving to him and then going over to take a seat near the little coffee kiosk, to wait for Rogue's arrival.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
The luxury building is not super busy, because luxury of this magnitude is a rare quantity, even in NYC. It presents a challenge, because no one there can be truly anonymous: security serves precisely that purpose, of restricting access to residents and their guests. Mostly, this has more to do with keeping annoyances at bay: salespeople and solicitors, religious missionaries, any the vaguely defined 'undesirables.' But it has the side effect of also keeping out perfectly innocent cat burglars!

So this all requires some finesse work.

Felicia arrives, dressed for the area and for unpredictable weather. This is the time of year in the city when it can swing from freezing temperatures to the seventies in the span of a few days. So she sports a layer-y look, a white tunic top over black leggings and high leather boots, and a black Burberry peat coat. It's a lookt to fit in with the wealthy crowd, as much as anything.

This striking arrival quickly makes her way to the desk, where she starts sweet-talking the concierge. She's here to meet a friend, but they're running late. She has a name (that doesn't seem to draw immediate suspicion - he even calls up, but doesn't get an answer), but not an apartment number. The man is duty-bound not to let her up, and she makes big eyes at him over this fact, before relenting to go and have a coffee while she waits!

Rogue has posed:
Kitty might have to wait a few minutes before a ruckus outside may draw her attention. Some people are shouting, but not in a bad way, in a celebrity sighting kind of way.

Rogue had been flying through the city, something she didn't do very often. Whipping between the buildings at high speeds until she swept out of the sky and came to a landing outside of the fancy skyrise. Her eyes go high to look up way in to the sky to the building's peak, then back down to the entrance.

"Hey!" Someone calls out. "It's Mighty Woman!"

Rogue freezes her mid-step.

She's dressed in her green and white suit, whit trim and a white scarf wrapped around her neck with a white (X) on her chest in big and bold font. The Belle just stops and turns to smile to the tourists who are all rushing to take pictures of her.

"Wow! A real super hero! She just dropped right out of the sky!" They say as they all hold their phones up.

Rogue smiles for the cameras, her flowing white bangs waving in the wind as the rest of her hair is tied up in a nice and fancy bun, becasue Super Heroes have to be fancy and presentable, right?

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty entertains herself with her phone. Of course. Though instead of social media she's doing some research into one of the newer students, seeing what the media, social and otherwise, had to say about the events in Kassandra's hometown.

She glances up as someone comes over and takes a seat. Felicia is just stunning and Kitty gives her a quick smile if they meet eyes before she goes back to focusing on her phone.

Soon something going on outside is enough to draw her attention back up again. As Kitty recognizes the object of attention outside, She lets out a sigh and then a chuckle. "Might as well get my drink, this might take awhile," she murmurs to herself with a grin.

Kitty goes over to the coffee stand and greets the man with a smile. "Hey Kitty," he offers in greeting. "Cappuccino, extra sweet?" he asks.

The young woman grins back to him. "As always," she tells him. She uses her phone to pay for the beverage, taking it when he serves it up, and then going back to her chair to sit and wait for Rogue to finish fulfilling the celebrity superhero fantasies of the small crowd outside.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
Felicia gets her coffee right away, a something-or-another roast with, as she puts it "oh, plenty of cream!" Figures! This means she's waiting for her drink as the sudden kerfluffle of Rogue's arrival is semi-visible through the front doors. Kitty escapes notice at first: she's young and not someone even Felicia would peg, right off, as a likely resident and target for any scheming! But she does notice when she orders. Maybe it's because he knows her name, invalidating that initial assumption about what time she must spend here. Or maybe...

"Your name's Kitty? Well, that's just adorable."

Yes, she really can't resist, offering that not -quite- purring compliment. As she does, she traces the young woman's attention back to the spectacle out front. She's a regular in the building AND knows some super-celebrity? That's far more interesting! "You live here? You're not Ms. Rakoczy's... younger sister, are you?" she wonders, pulling out the name of a model she happens to know resides at the lavish address as well!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue wasn't a super Super Celebrity Hero, but she did make a name for herself last summer for a number of different things, the biggest of which was when she was said to have 'defeated Magneto in Mutant Town'. All she'd really done was talk to him and he asked her to fly with him to Xavier's.

That's also where they news media had dubbed her 'Mighty Woman'. She hated it at first, but now she just considered it a decent public persona. The result had been a fairly respectable internet following, because well 'Girl Super Hero!' generally didn't have to try that hard to get followers online.

She's out front for now, dealing with the 6 tourists-- all one big family --who'd come to New York to see the sights before the Spring season really set in and the city got even more busy.

"Ohio, really?" Rogue is saying to the father of the group as she is posing with some of their kids for photos. "I've never been t'Ohio, but I'd sure love t'go."

One of the kids looks up at her and asks. "Why is your hair that color?"

The usual stuff, you know.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty gets her beverage and glances back outside for Rogue again. Still at it. "Probably going to show them pictures of her dog," she comments to herself as she takes a sip, smiling the the barrista as he gets the sweetness just right for her.

The younger woman turns towards Felicia as the beautiful woman addresses her. A soft chuckle is given along with a confirming nod. "Nickname anyway. Katherine, to Kat, to Kitty," she replies to Felicia.

Kitty moves back to her seat but attention still on Felicia as she mentions the other resident. "No no, but /thank you/," Kitty says with a warm laugh as she takes it as a compliment the implication she resembles the famous model. "Are you here to see her?" Kitty asks as she takes a sip. "Yes, I'm up in the penthouse. Not my place. Boyfriend," she says, and the small smile she gives there has not much to do with it being a penthouse, but speaks of her happiness with the one who dwells there.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
"Oh, hmm. Well, it's very cute. Fitting," enthuses Felicia, her smile all bright and pearly. She doesn't even seem to take Kitty's reaction to the implied compliment as anything special or noteworthy. "Oh, it's nothing really, you just look a little like her, so I thought-" And she continues along at a quick pace without fully finishing the thought. "-yes, well, I was -supposed- to meet her for lunch. But I think I might have been stood up!" She laughs, as if it's nothing terribly serious.

"But I can't be too mad, you know how that industry is. She's probably jetlagged from a flight and slept clear through. Let her get her beauty sleep, I say." And with that, she's put her supposed lunch date aside and is ready to consider the rest of her day, conspiculously pulling out her phone and flicking through some sort of calendar app that seems to list a variety of appointments. Possibly all entirely fake! But again, she pauses, very dramatically, to do a double-take on one particular detail. "Boyfriend, you say? Oh, well, good for -you- darling. The penthouse?" She pauses, as if going through a mental who's who gossip column. "Wait, that's- oooh. That's a GOOD catch, dear. Bravo."

And amidst all of this, she can't help but peer out again toward the front. "She a friend of yours, too?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is finishing up outside, after getting pics with the four kids and then the mom and dad too. She's on her way inside when an old woman pauses to stop Rogue and asks her.

"Do you know where--" in one of those insanely old old old lady voices. "where the Wallgreens is on this block?"

Rogue-- standing beside the old woman --smiles brightly to her and spends a bit of time to point her toward the pharmacy that is down the street, and the old woman thanks her, compliments her, then tells her to put on a less slutty costume and starts to waddle off with her walker.

Rogue just exhales as she shakes her head and glances down at her costume. She mutters something as she walks toward the front doors and smiles at the doorman as he smiles back and opens the door for her.

Striding on in to the lobby, Rogue is moving with a skip in her step, her green boots clopping quietly on the polished stone floor. "Kiiiiiiitty, Pryyyyde!" Rogue is calling out across the distance between them, as she's already spotted her friend.

She spends a second while walking to look around,a nd whistles loudly. "Get a load'a this place..." Sounding like a right country girl outta the barn and into the high life. Green Acres style, except reversed.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty chuckles about the modeling industry. "Well, good to not take it too personally. Especially until you hear what happened," she agrees. "I've only seen her twice, haven't really spoken to her. Just on my way out when she was coming in," Kitty says of what she believes to be Felicia's model friend.

The cappuccino is good. Not quite as good as what Warren has in the penthouse, but then she's not up there. At the mention about a good catch, Kitty's smile just grows a little. "He is, though, just for who he is," she says, and her smile such that one could believe that Kitty believes that.

She looks up as Rogue comes in, just as Kitty is telling Felicia, "Yes I do, matter of fact. She's a big time super hero," she says, making sure Rogue hears that last part as she flashes a grin to her friend. "Hey, there you are. You just made someone's day it looks like," Kitty tells Rogue.

A glance around the posh interior of the high end building is taken before Kitty returns her attention to Rogue. "It is a little nicer than where I grew up, sure. But I mean, you have to share the lawn with everyone else," she teases.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
"Life's too short to stress those little details. Very mportant rule."

Brushing that off, she turns to young romance. "Oh, well of course. I'm quite the romantic too, you know- I'd give it allllll away, for just that one special person." Felicia, too, conjures a rather wistful, almost dreamy tone as she says this, as if said person might truly exist, just out of her grasp... (and no, she's definitely not maintaining any secret shrines to such a person, possibly of the swinging menace variety, thank you very much!) When she looks back, it's with another flash of teeth and a knowing look, "But it's always a nice bonus when you don't -have- to, hmmm? We all want to love like Mimi, but we'd rather not end up like her." Tuberculosis is not a common concern in the present day! But a little operatic metaphor fits her guise.

When Rogue finally arrives, having bested the gauntlet of tourists and judgmental biddies, Felicia turns toward her, setting aside their relationship-y girl talk. "You don't say. She did look a little familiar, and not from the society column." Maybe she saw one of those overblown news stories.

"Isn't it something?" she coos after Rogue's appraisal. "Oh, I'm Felicia, by the way-" she now offers, since the newly-arrived Super Lady might be wondering who this vampish socialite hovering around her friend is. "Your Kitty-cat was so kind to keep me company after I got stood up."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was in a good mood, flying through Manhattan was really stupidly fun... like it should be illegal because of how fun it was... but she didn't do it often because of how much attention it got. One flight through midtown at the right time of day and you've got headlines all over the internet.

... so it's kind of a devilishly fun thing to do for that reason too. BUT, Rogue did want to be less popular than other Heroes out there...

Rogue just grins at Kitty as she approaches her and stops to put her hands on her hips. She glances back to the doors and then snickers and shakes her head. "Nah, id was wearing a Cap shield on his back, one'a those backpack shields? The other one had hulk sneakers on. I don't think none'a them are gonna be wearin' Mighty Woman stuff any time soon." She grins as she looks back to... well.

Felicia now.

Rogue whistles quietly. "You're pretty." She just throws it out there. "You fit right in here, for sure." She states, adding a grin to it to make it seem just as sothern of a complimentary gesture as her accent is from that region of the states as well.

"Ya'll must be one'a Warren's neighbors?" She asks, looking between the two Cat to Kat. A grin given to Kat. "Yeah, I'm soooo famous." She smirks at her before looking back to the Cat.

"Kitty here is just about the nicest girl in the whole damn world. LIke that small town girl kinda nice thing, ya know?" She slowly nods her head, and sweeps her white hair out of her eyes with one gloved hand. "So what are we doin' t'day, Kit Kat?" She asks the Prydeful one now.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
As Kitty gets Felicia's name for the first time, she says, "Really nice to meet you Felicia. And, well, yeah. I mean it definitely doesn't hurt having that nice view and all," she says. "I've kind of seen women chase him though. We've known each other for a half dozen years. Never thought we'd end up together though," she says, smiling still at that.

She isn't shy about adding to what Rogue said, "You are beautiful, Felicia," she says before telling Rogue, "She's here to visit someone else in the building actually. Though looks like her friend might not make it."

A thoughtful look is given as to what they should do. "We could go out and grab a bite while you're here. Felicia, would you like to come with us?" she asks.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
"Why thank you," answers Felicia, making a show of giving Rogue a bit of a once-over in return, in the wake of her compliment. "You've definitely got quite the 'look' yourself. Not that I'm much of an expert on heroic fashion, mind, but- mmm, there's /quite/ a bit to work with, here." Work with? Well, maybe the costume doesn't -quite- fit the zipcode, but it's still pretty much impossible to miss the overdose of suggestion in her tone. And given her prior chitchat with Kitty, she keeps things vaguely in that fashion realm.

"I don't live here, no," she continues on, bobbing her head in agreement with Kitty. "Yes, it seems I've been stood up. But I was lucky to bump into your friend getting coffee. One thing led to another, and here we are, talking -boys-."

She makes it sound both a little juvenille of them, supposedly such well put-together, go-getter city gals, but also so terribly -fun.- "Oh, I bet they all chase him. In fact, full disclosure," and she holds up her hands in defense, "I've -probably- made a pass at him at a party at some point or another, not that I could say. Just good odds. You know how it is at those things, hmm? But old friends. That's even better. When it's really -meant- to be. Ahh. Young love. So utterly blissful."

The suggestion to accompany them meets no resistance. "Ooh. Yes, let's!" Whatever her recon operation, she's either gotten the information she needs, or... has grown bored with it.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just stands there with her green gloved hands on her hips under and over the white belt wrapped around her waist and cinched over her lower stomach with a white and green (X) buckle that matches the one on her chest. She just grins at what both of the women say, even glances back to the coffee guy when Felicia indicates him having served Kitty a dosage of caffeine.

Rogue sweeps her attention back to Felicia then, smiling at the woman. "Well then." She says. "This will be fun. New York meals are the best, right? Sure beats the Burger Joint back near home."

A grin is sent to Kitty before Rogue turns toward the front doors then, assuming that the three of them are gonna head out on to the town to find a place to eat. "Warren is the best, yeah. Best of our circle'a ffriends, far as the men go, anyhow."

"Ya'll ready then?" She asks, motioning to the door. "Oh! We should stop by Wallgreens on the way. There's this woman there I wanna heckle for dressin' like a slut." It's a thing. Rogue is grinning, clearly kidding. "It'll be more fun with the three of us."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty grins and says, "Food it is then. There's a tremendous Indian place just around the corner. Also a great Chinese one. And a Thai down the other direction. Plus, all sorts of American and Italian places. Yeah, really, this place is going to make me fat is what I'm saying. I think I'm learning the menu from all of them.

The three women head out to lunch together, settling on the Indian place. The meal is delicious, though they could have just had the naan and that would have been a fantastic meal. By the time it's over, they've exchanged numbers with a vow to meet up again sometime.