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Holy ground is sacred
Date of Scene: 17 March 2021
Location: Holy Grounds
Synopsis: Harley brings Aimee to taste the best sandwiches in Gotham but they are attacked by Quallazaire's goons! Noone respects holy ground anymore...
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, Aimee Alexander

Harley Quinn has posed:
Gotham city by dusk. Which means it's gloomy as heck, just the perfect time to go out and enjoy a sandwich at one of Harley's favorite spots. No worries about being recognized, she will go incognito! And also, cops get out at six so what's the big deal?

Those, and more, were part of the various excuses and justifications Harley did to bring Aimee over to Gotham for dinner. But not just ANY dinner, it'd Aimee's introduction to the best sandwich in Gotham city! And also an excuse for Harley to eat one. It had been too long, she said. Maybe over four days. A tragedy!

Harley had met Aimee near the hyperloop and was walking the streets with the girl, dressed in dark jeans, a sweater and a very yellow jacket. Hair was, of course, in pigtails and painted. So much for being in disguise. But Harley assured her this was the perfect disguise.

"So..." Harley is saying while walking down the sidewalk, "I am tellin' ya. It was possessin' Ron, the bartender at our favorite karaoke spot! It was crazy! Some shadow outta nowheah..." she is going through one of her stories. Is it true? Maybe! "... Then this mage gal came outta nowheah and we had to sing it till we stunned it. Then a samurai cut off it's head."

Yes, such a believable tale!

Aimee Alexander has posed:
As beautiful as the architecture of Gotham is during the day, the evening gloom makes the city feel almost sinister. As such, both Aimee's arms wrap a little more tightly than strictly necessary around one of Harley's own as the pair walk along the street; hinting at the slight unease behind the empaths mask of nonchalance.

There's no such hint needed to see the disbelief she feels at Harley's story however, though after opening her mouth she visisbly stops herself from scoffing. It's never easy to tell when the clownette is being completely honest, exagerating, or just plain making things up; but having experienced a couple of those unbelievable advantures alongside the other woman Aimee feels compelled to at least ask "Did you read any unattended magic tomes or drink any magic beer?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
The question has Harley perk up, grin wide, "Well, depends if ya believe music can be magical. I did sing a special version o' boss bitch." she informs the other girl, winking at her. "Reminds me will have ta duet it next time we awhe theah. But might want to wait a bit, I am bein' blamed foh blowin' the place up! Well, the windows... Which I sorta did, but only cos Hermione amped up the sound so we stunned the ghost-shadow thing.." And yes, considering their adventures, including a dimensional-hopping one does it sound *that* farfetched?!

"Ya cold, Aims?" She then asks at the tightening of the woman's arm around her own arm, "Ya gonna love those sandwiches! I am partial for the egg one." she licking her lips as she says that, perhaps already imagining the taste. "It's like this orgasm o' flavors in oouh tongue, mmmhmmm..."

They take another turn and ahead there's a lit up coffee. And of course it was done in a gothic church. There's even a gargoyle atop it, giving it the more gloomy aspect. "Heah we awhe... the Holy Grounds!" her free arm gesturing grandly to the place.

They reach the entrance and she opens the door.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"Hmm? Cold?" Aimee's momentary confusion is replaced my an embarrassed grimace. "Sorry, am I being too clingy? It's just, y'know, your stories about Gotham don't usually paint it as the most friendly place."

The teen loosens her hold on the arm just a little and tries to calm herself before her head abruptly whips around to stare at Harley, her brain abruptly realising what the clownette had said.

"Wait. Wait wait wait wait. You're trying to tell me that a person using magic named *Hermione* helped you?"

She heaves a sigh, shaking her head and mentally scolding herself for giving her girlfriend's story the benefit of the doubt as she mutters "I've read Harry Potter, Harls..."

But it seems either way story time is over as they arrive at their destination, a cafe in a spooky looking church. She casts a glance up at the gargoyle as she walks beneath it, and murmurs a barely audible 'Well that's not ominous at all.' Still, being inside definitely feels safer than being outside and Aimee's grasp of Harley's arms loosens completely, hands falling to her sides.

She peers around the interior curiously, scoping the place out. "So you're like a regular here?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
With a shrug Harley replies, "The trick ta walk these streets is confidence, not givin' 'em no lip and just punch first, ask questions later.." clearly she has a lot of wisdom to share about Gotham. And then another smile. "Reminds me we still gotta go and get you trained up." she reaching over to poke the girl on the chest. "Put some muscle on ya!"

They walk into the place, a few baristas serving clients, old style tables and even some pews over to a side if people are feeling particularly religious while drinking their coffee or eating a sandwich. Not that this is a church anymore, but nothing like looking the part!

"Hermione was the name I gave her." She clarifies, "I mean, she was this girl with a magic wand, she was even blonde! Sooooo...." then she stops. "Don't think I even got her name in the end, nor of the samurai. Ah well.."

"And anyway, relax! This is holy grounds. Everyone holy ground is safe and neutral." Or is it if you are an immortal with a penchant for Queen songs? See, there's a reference there!

"And I am suwah am. Well, most o' the time when I can." She waves at the baristas and then approaches. "Mikey!" a devious little grin. "It's sandwich time, ya know what I want, dontcha? And anotha foh my gal." not even giving Aimee a choice!

The man goes over to start prepping it and Harley gets all starry eyed, leaning over the counter to watch it being made. Loooove is visible on those eyes.

For a sandwich.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Scowling a little at the chest poke, Aimee crosses her arms over said chest and huffs. "Muscles are overrated. I'm fiiine. Besides, I like bein all slender and delicate looking. Like a Blood Elf!" It might come as a shock to some that the normally fairly down to earth girl could sound so vain, but she *is* only 18 so maybe it's not so surprising after all.

"And I thought Hermione was a brunette?" Anything to get the conversation away from turning her into a muscle-girl. Though despite having read Harry Potter, she doesn't seem entirely sure of herself. "Unless I just assumed that because *I'm* a brunette..." She seems a little troubled and manages to completely miss the Highlander reference; probably fortunate, because she likely wouldn't have understood it anyway.

The teen looks rather bemused as Harley just waltzes up to a barista and demands a sandwich. "I'll take..." She trails off, the staff member already going to fix the sandwiches Harley has ordered without giving the empath any time to make her own choice.

"Oh. Harls? Please tell me your egg sandwich has more than just egg in it. Like, is there any bacon? Like, I dunno, a bacon & egg sandwich? Because that sounds pretty good!" Despite her hopeful sounding voice, Aimee's facial expression shows mostly resignation.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I will let ya know blood elves can be warriors." Harley notes, lifting a finger. And is that much of a surprise that she played WoW? Bloodpompons was quite the rogue ganker afterall... "And ya have 0 confidence in yourself, trainin' would help." she says that in perhaps rather raw manner. But truths are meant to be said!

The talk about whether Hermione is dark-haired or not just brings a shrug out of Harley. She doesn't care! Because there's sandwiches to witness being created, and then eat. The question on whether they have bacon has Harley start a low cackle. "Is there any bacon. Is there any bacon?!" she titters, wrapping one arm around the girl's shoulders to bring her close.

"Behold!" She pointing as the sandwiches are being prepared. Egg, then bacon. Generous quantities too. "Watch how the egg and bacon make such a pair..." she coos. And then as melted cheese is placed in-between she adds, "Envelopped in a sea of cheese, buttered roll..." a soft sigh leaving her lips. "And to finish it all.., a lil dash of hot sauce.."


Aimee Alexander has posed:
"Blood elf warriors don't really look like have any more muscle than blood elf warlocks though. I always figured it was some magic BS that let them wear all that heavy armor and wield those big weapons. Aaaand-" Aimee's expression becomes a challenging frown as she speaks her next words "I have *plenty* of confidence in myself. I successfully seduced the infamous Harley Quinn after all." Which, that might not be exactly how it happened, but it's the story she tells herself at least.

Her frown can't last though, not in the face of the clownette's sandwich enthusiasm. Despite her best efforts a grin tugs at a corner of her lips, and with lop-sided smile she concedes "But I guess the sandwiches look pretty good at least. Definitely worth all this lecturing. And if not I guess I can give mine to you and it'll keep your mouth to full to say anything else for a little while. It's win/win hey?"

A cheeky smirk stays plastered on her face for a few seconds before settling into a more gentle smile "So... it's not *too* hot right? I don't deal well with spicy foods."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"It's *just* hot enough." Harley states, still with that raised finger. "And ya complain a lot, dontcha?!" she hmphs and shakes her head a little. "No adventure! Nothin' wrong with some spice on the food. It's what gives life it's flavor." a sagely nod offered and then the sandwiches are being brought up to them. She picks up her plate and gestures. "Let's sit over theah.."

She starts marching to the table, a death march where the sandwiches are concerned considering the look she is giving hers. Oh yes, there will be blood. Of the cheese kind ...

"But enough about me. What ya been up to, mmm?" She asks, flumping down on a chair and stretching.

Outside a few cars stop, the 'ding' of new customers and a few people start to trickle in. Not exactly the friendly-looking type. Big and sturdy, jackets. Could they have weapons under those jackets? Maybe!

Harley seems blissfully unaware, all eyes on her sandwich and Aimee.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"I'm not *complaining*, I'm just sayin... But, y'know, if you'd let me order my own sandwich then I wouldn't even need to say anything." Aimee pouts, refusing to acknowledge that maybe Harley's words struck her so because there's an element of truth to them. "And believe me, dating you is *plenty* of adventure. You are a wild ride!"

Trying (and failing) to not look a little sulky, the teen nevertheless follows her girlfriend to the table and takes a seat opposite. In leiu of immediately answering the clownette's question, she picks up her own sandwich and takes a bite. She chews slowly, visibly contemplating the taste, before finally swallowing her first bite and declaring "It's good." She takes another bite, and once more chews slowly while secretly trying to imagine what it might taste like without the hot sauce. Better, no doubt, but exactly how *much* better?

"I've not really been up to much. I've been talking to Dad a fair bit recently, trying to make the case that he should publically oppose that anti-mutant bill and commit to not discriminating against mutants even if it passes."

She takes another, smaller bite of her sandwich, and chews and swallows at a much more reasonable speed this time. "Of course now he's mostly on board with it his argument is now 'It's your initiative so you should be the one to announce it.' Like, I don't own any shares and I don't work for him so what business do I have making announcements for him?" She shrugs a little, tongue flicking out to collect a little melted cheese sticking to her lower lip.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Might be that he's wantin' ya ta take the reins, start woikin' in the name o' the family. And who says ya need ta announce it *for* him? Just make it be you doing so." Harley states, taking a *big* bite out of her sandwich, egg and cheese going everywhere. She looks delighted, letting out a ihihi, as if it was all very usual whenever she ate this kind of sandwich. "So basically ya need ta take this opportunity by the balls and own it." she explains rather graphically.

Harley is continuing to bask on her sandwich when a shadow comes upon their table. A man has approached, broadly muscled, not looking that friendly. "Ya should had taken our offer."

The man starts reaching under his jacket for his gun.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"I'll be honest-" Munch "I'm not really sure what the distinction is between announcing it for him, and being the one to announce it." Though it certainly doesn't help Aimee that she's rather distracted by watching Harley eating. The teen smiles, always finding it terribly endearing how excited Harley gets over, well, almost everything.

Then that smile becomes slightly rictus when she can't help but feel that approaching hostility; hostility that only seems to intensify when the stranger speaks his words.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the man is going for a gun, and Aimee snatches at his wrist with the intention of freezing the man with fear and uncertainty. Of course it's about this time that she realises that hostility is coming from more than just the man at their table...

"Harls, we've got trouble... A big group of trouble..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
With Aimee reaching and taking the man's hand and giving him all that fear and uncertainty that often plagues the girl herself it means that the thug does pause, blinking once as if unsure on *why* he'd be here. Doing this. "Uh..."

It's not like Harley gives him much longer to run or explain himself. Nope, Gotham is Gotham and there are rules! She jumps up, no hesitation as she takes the man's head and drives it through the table they were peacefully having dinner at, causing it to break in the middle and the man's head to rebound from the ground. Unconscious!

"Holy ground is sacred, damn it!" And that's right when she notes the rest of the men that walked in drawing out weapons. "Ah, shit..."

She takes Aimee's hand and pulls her over. "We need ta get outta heah!" she gets ready to run right as guns are being aimed at them, her other hand tossing the sandwich in their direction to try and distract them!

See? She even sacrifices her lovely sandwich for Aimee!

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee audibly squeaks as the thug's head is sent through the middle of the table, and her chair is knocked over as she jumps to her feet.

"I don't think they care..." The words are nervously breathed out after Harley's complaint about the sacredness of Holy Groud being violated, though when the suggestion to run comes she has no clever marks in response. Mostly she just looks thankful that the clownette isn't trying to make her fight a bunch of guys with guns.

Hunching over the girl starts making a run for the exit, desperately hoping she won't get shot in the back. Her own sandwich is still in her free hand, though it wasn't really a conscious choice to bring it along and it's getting a bit squished with how tightly she's gripping it; The sandwich doesn't take the frantic pressure nearly as well as Harley's hand seems to be.

The first shot is fired, and apparently sacrificed accuracy for speed since it goes wide; smacking into the door frame in a small puff of splinters. Aimee's subsequent cringe has her stumble, but Harley's hand in her own helps her keep on her feet and keep running.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"They should care!" Harley continuing to complain about it all, "Because I will be findin' 'em again and --" a shot wheezes close by her head, making the clownette duck and start running faster, nimble as all heck as she jumps over pews, shots blowing up stuff all around them!

"Go, go!" Harley encourages the girl when she sees her stumble, one arm felt swiftly around the girl's back to prop her up, her strength even making her 'jump' a bit forward considering how strong she is. And then she stops, picking up an *whole* pew with her hands, holding it over her head and tossing it to the shooters. It makes them duck for cover, crashes a bit of the bar, but at least they aren't being shot at for a bit now.

"Take the door and a left! I am right behind ya!" Reaching the open door of the back reveals two corridors. From the one to the left, where Harley told Aimee to go steps are heard. Heavy steps, and approaching, along with the sound of weapons being cocked ready.

Clearly left won't be a good choice.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aims has already taken a step along the left corridor when she notices those approaching footsteps. She grimaces, looking behind her and considering the idea of going right instead. Then her gaze finds Harley, and the teen heaves a heavy sigh before pressing a quick kiss to her cheek.

"If I die, I'm haunting you. And if you die... well, I'll never forgive you. So you better not." She attempts to smile, but it looks more like a grimace and her words sound far more serious than the humor she was going for.

Despite the apparent danger of the left corridor Aimee makes the decision to trust in the clownette's judgement for better or worse, and takes off running towards the approaching footsteps. She's not a threat, certainly doesn't remotely *look* like a threat, so hopefully they'll assume she's just a terrified worker. And *hopefully* that means they won't just shoot her as soon as they see her.


Harley Quinn has posed:
This would be a good time for another Highlander quote. But heh, Harley is under stress! So no answer about she dying besides a devious little grin and a pat on the back. And then the sound of the pew crashing against the thugs when Aimee goes in. No more shots for now at least.

Going left, and persisting on going left with the footsteps coming is daring. And just as she takes a turn she comes across quite a group that's moving in to ambush the clownette. Three men, two with guns, another with a knife. "Time to take care of her. Quellazaire said the reward is going to be big." one of the other men smiles. "Oh yea..."

A gun is levelled to Aimee when she comes around, perhaps expecting it might be the clown. But good thing this isn't a trigger-happy thug. They don't shoot. "Pfff, get out of here girl." they start going past her, sound of footsteps heard of the clownette coming on her way to meet with Aimee at a run!

"Someone's coming, get ready!" one says. They level their guns to the end of the corridor. Ambush ready!

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee cringes when the gun gets pointed at her, very much expecting to be shot. She doesn't need to fake the terrified whimper when she's allowed to go past. Her hands lift into the air in surrender and she makes a show of nervously shuffling past the thugs.

For just a moment she contemplates just leaving, trusting Harley to handle the ambush herself. The immediate stab of guilt she feels in her chest at the thought ensures that's not an option however.

Fortunately, the ambushers are focused on the corner, on the sound of their approaching target. And the grace of a ballerina is great for sneaking up behind someone. Making sure to stand completely behind one of the men with the guns and, using his larger bulk as a human shield, she reaches around to place her hands on his cheeks.

Anger is pushed into him, violent uncompromising rage. She isn't sure if she can specifically target that anger, though she does try her best to direct his anger at the other thug with a gun. Not willing to leave things to chance, she uses the hold on his cheeks to force his head to turn towards the other men, both of whom have now realised there's a problem.

"You *know* they were going to kill you and take your share of the payout, right?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
The man certainly wasn't expecting the girl to come at him like that. So there's no resistance, or even a clue of what is happening. "What the hell..." it's what he says, but then he is feeling fury. He grits his teeth, first it's towards the coming clownette but then her face is turned to the others.

"You fuckers, I knew you were going to double cross me." and while he may be raging they are still his 'friends'. So he doesn't shoot to kill. Instead it's on a leg, sending one of them down and clutching it, screaming in pain. The other looks over, "What the fuck!" he throws himself to Aimee's victim and they start to scuffle with Aimee being the one atop the other. "It's the girl! She is doing something! Snap out of it!"

The second guy is reaching to put a hand on Aimee to pull her out when Harley finally appears, running with some kind of makeshift shield in front of her made of wooden pew! She doesn't want to see if she's being shot at or not, running like a freight train and against the men to send it all into a chaotic mess.

"Roller derby rules, bitches!" She tells them as she hits against the first!

Punch, kick. They are put out in a jam and then she reaches for Aimee's hand. "Let's go!" the door out is close now and they run to it, she jumping onto the street outside. No souls in sight!

Aimee Alexander has posed:
It's not easy to keep your hands on someone's face while they're having a fistfight with someone else, and Aimee resorts to jumping and wrapping her legs around the man's waist to keep herself from being thrown off.

Of course she's still in a dangerous position, and while she's controlling the thug's emotions she's completely unable to do anything about the panic beginning to bubble in her own chest.

Then it's Harley to the rescue. Aimee tumbles across the floor when her ride is knocked over, and she manages a sobbed laugh as she takes Harley's hand and continues running. The prickles of tears in her eyes are ignored, the empath too busy wallowing in the feeling of relief at having gotten out of that situation okay.

Out on the street the cool air feels like bliss against the heat of skin, but Aimee isn't keen to stop and enjoy it. Who knows how many more attackers there are.

"What's the plan?? Where do we go??"

Harley Quinn has posed:
They are out of the Holy Grounds now, out in the streets. And that's Harley's turf, specially where it comes to Gotham. She looks around a moment, seeing they have yet to be spotted by the ones inside the bar. "Dumbfucks still tryin' ta go around.." a bit of a cackle, she fully unaware at the nervous state on Aimee. But then she is pointing to an alley. "That way."

And that's where she starts going.

Mind was already racing though, it was time to prepare a counterattack.