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New rank, new job, times two
Date of Scene: 17 March 2021
Location: Commander Morse's Office - Triskelioon
Synopsis: Daisy is off on a fateful trip to the mountains. Bobbi has a boat. Lance is down one 4k TV.
Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Daisy Johnson, Lance Hunter

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    The office is chaotic, to say the least. It's filled with boxes, numerous tablets, a laptop, a computer, the paraphenalia of Gonzales hanging on the walls and in the middle of it all is one Bobbi Morse wearing her business clothes and still has on a badge saying Dr. Barbara Morse PhD, CDC Biochemistry. She just got back from the law enforcement convention and she is pecking away at a keyboard half heartedly. It is clear this whole promotion thing is confuddling her considerably.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
It's been some interesting times now that they have left Afterlife. First the promotion, then someone messing with Matt's secret ID. It certainly gives voice to the famous adage: And then it gets worse.

But not all was bad, the secret warriors were starting to form up, recruitment being looked for, it was a start. And she already had her first member! Though today she was making her way over to Gonzales old office, and Bobbi's new one. She stops by the door, knocking before she lets herself in. "Hey.." she says, head poking through the door. She might had cheated, knowing Bobbi was alone by the use of her powers. A faint smile. "How have you been holding up?" the young agent asks, walking in and closing the door behind her.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi looks up when she sees Daisy. Squiggles and zigzags and large concentric circles. That's what she got when she touches Daisy. She takes off her glasses and rubs between her eyes. "Hey," she replies and motions her in. There's a chair on the other side of the desk and a shiny new placard that says 'Commander Morse' as if all the titles and labels were somehow meant to make it so.

    "It.. goes," she puts her glasses down on top of one of the least interesting tablets right now and says, "But really how are you? any clue where your mom might have gone? It seemed like we were really making progress for a hot moment there before HYDRA turned up and ruined it all..."

    She frowns as she remembers seeing the dead body of Nona and kneeling at the side of Reina as she died too. One she liked a lot, the other less so.. but it was a peaceful village. She can't help but wonder if they were followed by HYDRA, that they brought the metal men upon Afterlife.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy notes the tired look on the woman, some concern showing on her expression, lips pressed to a tight line. They had all been through quite the ordeal. "There will come a time it will all be natural and you won't even think about it anymore." clearly she is talking about the powers. And she does have experience with it!

She approaches, watching the changes being done, the new plaque, the keyboard being put aside. "Need any help with the decoration?"

Then the question. She shakes her head, "Not yet." even if her tone seems to imply she is hoping she will find her soon. "Not going to stop till I am able to though."

"But I think she will only be found when she wants to. The ones we brought from Afterlife are being safely relocated, but they didn't really want to share much on possible whereabouts of the others. They are blaming us for it." Which in a way she felt it could be true, sharing the same sentiment as Bobbi.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi smiles in appreciation at the words of support from Daisy. She is, quite literally, the Inhuman expert in SHIELD. "Why thank you Special Agent Johnson." Daisy's promotion was discussed in her very first staff meeting and the varied looks from delighted to horrified made Bobbi feel like an outsider, seeing such candour from the people she had always considered her bosses.

    "I'll figure out the decoration later. My things, Gonzales things. I want a blend. I don't want to forget the man, I really liked him. And yeah, I've been wondering that too - did HYDRA follow us? or did they figure out another way of finding them? ....Speaking of which. I need company to go on a field trip to a ship that apparently I am now in charge of. Interested? It's called The Iliad. A bit on the nose but hey this is SHIELD we like our puns."

    She lifts up a tablet and unlocks it revealing a picture of an aircraft carrier and several quinjets parked on top of its deck. "I mean, it's no helicarrier but heck it's a ship. I own a boat?" She smirks a touch and says, "What's on your plate?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Pfff, can't an Agent be promoted in secret in this agency anymore?" Daisy jokes about Bobbi already being aware of she having 'levelled' up. She folds her arms together and as Bobbi shifts the subject to this ship she quirks a brow in curiosity, approaching and resting her hip on the edge of the table to take a look down at the tablet. "An aircraft carrier? Hmmm, thought we were all about the flying machines now." so many helicarriers! "But yea, I can go with you. Maybe they will have some of those top gun guys playing volleyball on the airstrip." a girl can dream!

As to that last question she mmms, "Recruiting. I got Elena to help. She jumped in of course, as I knew she would. She has a good heart. Now going through other prospects."

"Also got some trouble back home, apparently someone has been messing with Matt while we were gone. It's serious, but we will get to the bottom of it." Of course that she was leaving it very vague. Walls have ears!

Lance Hunter has posed:
The walls do indeed have ears, and mouths, or at the very least the man on the other side of them does. Hunter knocks on the office door, "Bobs you in there?" he asks, before adding. "I've got food."

The man waits on the other side of the door with brown paper bag in hand, dressed in his standard 'uniform' of t-shirt, jeans and leather jacket, his orange and grey lanyard hanging from his neck.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    It turns out though, that SHIELD does have secrets. Who knew? a spy agency filled with spies has secrets. "Recruiting for what?," she asks with genuine curiosity. She puts her glasses back on and listens. "Hmm, messing with Matt isn't high on the list of things I'd encourage anyone to consider doing," she says with a grin. Can she take Matt in a fight? she thinks so.. she'd absolutely pay a high price for it though. But anyone stupid enough to mess with him.. well, they'd have to be supremely confident in their abilities.

    She picks up another tablet. Apparently there is some level of order to the messy madness. She unlocks it and then touches the 'Approved' button on Daisy's request to return to Afterlife. "What's this trip for then? And why Agent Croft? I mean, approved, but.. so soon? You're not going to go back for the dang sword are you?"

    Her eyes light up just a touch as she hears Hunter's voice and she says, "Pass phrase is correct. Come in babe." Food. No actual pass phrase, he just said the magic words. Oh how the tides have turned - now he knows where she is and he keeps disappearing on her. How long 'til she gets sick of this? it never took Lance that long to start getting upset about it.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Something you'll be having an active part in." Daisy says with confidence. This about the recruitment. "But it's a secret, I trust you will keep it so for now, until I am ready to speak more on it." she explains, leaning out of the table when she hears the voice on the other side of the door. "Ah, there he is." she says with a faint grin.

A look back to the tablet, "I am very much going back for that sword, yes." It's a jade sword, damn it! "But no, actually.." she shakes her head, "There was .., something up in the mountain. Something I couldn't fully explore due to what was going on. But it's calling to me, and who else better to explore the unknown with than Croft, mmm?" the woman's feats were legendary afterall.

"Hey, how have you been Lance? Been a while..." Not really, it's been maybe a couple of days since that CLANDESTINE mission of getting Vogel.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter peeks his head in. "Not interrupting anything super important am I?" he asks before coming inside fully bag delivered to Bobbi's desk. "Heard the head of R&D has horrible taste in Danish so I brought from that good place in Salem Center," he says explaining the bag before dropping into a chair. "And good to see you too, Daisy, how's life been with that lawyer bloke of yours?"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi shakes her head to Daisy, "You're going to have to work on it. Enjoy the joys of saying "It's classified" - it's an utter delight." She winks playfully and sets her curiosity of Daisy's recruitment project aside for now. As if she didn't have enough on her plate.

    "Huh. Well. Be careful. You know mountains are treacherous things. Good choice with Croft, she knows what she's doing in survival situations. It's her speciality. Don't do anything too exciting. Be careful - ice and snow can collapse at the slightest disturbance sometimes. May be try and avoid quaking too much."

    The approved trip tablet is put away and she motions to the tablet with the picture of the ship on it, "Going to check out my new aircraft carrier soon Lance. Want to come?" What better way to assert her new authority than to bring a bunch of agents on to the ship that the crew doesn't know. She's going to have to be tactful.

    Danish, yum. She smiles, "Oh, does that mean you've gone and gotten the tv then?" Another trip to Salem. To say that the itch to know what he's up to wasn't growing would be a lie. She takes a bite and relaxes in her chair. Closing her eyes, the vision of concentric circles wibbling like a wave has her open her eyes again and she stares at Daisy for a moment, then shakes her head and rubs at her eyes again.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"But see, I would *say* that line if it was supposed to be a secret to you forever, but nope!" Daisy replies, waggling her finger in Bobbi's direction. "But fine, it's classified. You can't know about it. Happy now?" she lets out a bit of a smirk.

A nod about mountains being dangerous. She knew that, specially when she got too emotional. Mountains could be a danger! "I might go nag her before going and see if we find something about those mountains. I mean, there must be *something*, even if it may be old tales. But many of those old tales often have a measure of truth to them."

"Apparently it's called the Illiad." She says to Lance about the aircraft carrier. Then a grin. "Are you ready to hear all about it?" one more thing to join in with the wings and the rest!

"Challenging." She then answers Lance's question. "Seems we got back home to a host of new problems. But .., nothing we can't solve." Or so she hoped. "And you? Taking good care of Bobbi here?" she sniffs, "What's that you got there?"

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Wait they're giving you an aircraft carrier?" Hunter asks with a grin. "Sure I'll come," he says. "Not a villa but it'll do," he says before answering Daisy. "Danish from the good place in Salem, cheese, lemon, raspberry the whole deal."

He reaches into the bag to score a raspberry one for himself. "And yep, TV secured and installed," he says. "The marbles will be nice and big again next time we watch a rally," he assures her either missing Bobbi's obvious curiosity about what's going on at his place or just pretending not to see it.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Yup. I've got a boat now. A villa would have been nice. But it's not as if we don't have heaps of safe houses available to us around the world anyway.. speaking of which Daisy, you'll be getting an updated list of safe houses to memorise with your promotion," she says and eats more Danish.

    "So this is a season 1 episode of Mythbusters trip then. Have the myth expert tell the tales and then you actually go do the thing, as opposed to all the other seasons of Mythbusters where they didn't have a myth expert.. Well it's your trip I'm not going to tell you how to do it," she jokes. "Agent Casey will be flying the quinjet. The quinjet is going to be too noisy and disruptive to move you around the mountains looking for things, so you'll have to go on foot."

    Bobbi grins to Lance, "Yes. Perfect. I may never give it back you realise?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"The marblelympics? Ugh..., I was introduced to it by Bobbi here..." Daisy mutters, letting out a sigh. Of course that then she had watched a bit more, and was waiting for the next event. But no need to share that! "And so, 4k resolution to watch the marbles, is it?" this about the 'Tv'. She knows where Vogel was stashed, but no way she will be compromising anything. Need to know basis!

"And what would you do in a villa anyway? Siestas? I mean, they are good for that. But you can have a few on a aircraft carrier too." Daisy states with a raise of her shoulders while her eyes look at the bag of danishes questioningly.

The talk about safe houses has Daisy nodding. "I will be sure to do so." then she smiling faintly about the details of the trip. "I didn't expect otherwise. But it's not exactly near the bottom so .., there may be a good trek to be done to reach the point." which meant a lot of supplies. A sigh. "I hate bureaucracy."

Lance Hunter has posed:
"True enough, and I've always wanted a yacht I could land a helicopter on, now we've got one that can land a fleet of them," he says. "Going to have to work on installing a hot tub though," he muses with a smile before taking a bite of his danish before nodding about safe houses. "Yeah that's definitely good info to know, also might be good to set up a couple of your own off the grid, come in handy sometimes when you need to be extra sneaky," he says. "IDs too, but figure that's not going to be an issue for you," what with the hacking skills.

"And no sighing at the marbles, and well if you could use your powers as a mighty level eight to give me a raise, you can definitely keep my TV."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Ahem. My aircraft carrier, not 'we'.." she smirks at Lance and says, "It's going to be a weird thing. I don't know much about navy protocol and when I land on that thing I'm the boss. I've got a lot of reading to do before we go there. The Captain is not someone I know, so I'll video chat with him before I arrive too just to help smooth things over a bit."

    "Look, 4k is the only true way to watch marbles. The worst part about it is Lance has claimed all marbles related to the commonwealth which means I can't cheer for New Zealand. The good part about that is my marbles pretty much always win. Go Orangers."

    "Psst, Daisy, you are level 5 now, there are heaps of level 3's and 4's that can do all the heavy lifting for you - _that_ is what Bureaucracy is for, organising all the dots in a row," she says with a grin. She waggles a finger to Lance, "Nepotism? already?"