5632/This isn't Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

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This isn't Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Date of Scene: 18 March 2021
Location: 2C -
Synopsis: Bobbi goes to find out what Lance has been hiding in his apartment. They argue. History may repeat itself with their relationship.
Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Lance Hunter

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Peggy said 'infestation' and Lance parted with his prize possession: the shiny new 4k tv. Whatever he was up to lately it was connected to Peggy and it was bad. She found the file for Peggy's new Paperclip investigations. An almost botched operation in Italy, a surveillance operation in Washington DC.. HYDRA quinjets. She was on to something. Her final note in the file so far: Kirk Vogel is HYDRA.

    The keys rattle in the door as Bobbi unlocks the apartment. She's not sure Lance is home but she's expecting the walls to be painted with blood and plastic tarps covering everything to make it a kill room. No immediate bad smell - she enters the apartment.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter was indeed home on babysitting duty. He had a sandwich and a beer and was watching the game on a tablet and not his giant 4k TV. The things he does to save SHIELD. Or HYDRA or whatever it all really was at this point.

The keys in the door has him out of his chair and drawing his ICER from his shoulder holster. "Bobs is that you?" he calls out, he'd given her a key after all, but at the moment, he almost wished it was HYDRA.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    He has his ICER out and sure it wasn't pointed at her for long but it was pointed vaguely in the direction of the door. He was expecting trouble. The look of doubt on her face is evident as her eyes sweep over the room. Towels. Duct tape. Dishes for more than one person eating here. TV is gone. One of the stash guns is missing.

    Slowly she enters the apartment, stalking for clues and holds up a finger warning him not to dig this hole any deeper. No knives in the kitchen. Her eyes swivel toward the bathroom and then back to Lance. She starts to walk toward it thinking this can't possibly be what she thinks it is...

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Easy there Bobs," Hunter says putting the ICER away but stepping between her and the bathroom. "You really don't want to go in there," he says. Not exactly a lie and also not the full truth. "Trust me, better for everyone." Especially him, though at this point he figures Bobbi has clocked more than a few hints of what's going on from around his small apartment.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi presses her lips together and starts to shake her head, "Get out of the way Lance." Hey, she's still calling him Lance, it hasn't gotten too serious yet. "Don't make me make you," she warns. Okay may be it is a bit serious. Her best guess - they've captured some HYDRA mook and have been torturing him for information about Pacifica, List, Vogel. Why he would offer up his own apartment for that, she's not sure.

    She's not even waiting for him, an unfriendly barge from the shoulder which is -way- harder than he ever remembers it being and she opens up the bathroom door. She turns on the light and sees Kirk Vogel handcuffed to the sink pipe and a bandage on his arm. She shuts off the light and closes the door before she gives away her emotional state to a prisoner.

    Bobbi turns angrily and gives Hunter a shove. "Kirk fucking Vogel is in your bathroom," she says in very angry, very whispered tones, "Are you out of your fucking mind?!?" She curls her lips and asks, "Did Peggy put you up to this? tell me this wasn't your idea!?"

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter flinches as he's shouldered aside. "No seriously Bobs-" he says before she's opened the door and he falls quiet so Vogel isn't aware of any discord with his captors. When she's had her look and lays into him in a harsh whisper. Jerking his head towards the bedroom he heads in that direction to give them some space from the captive to talk. Or while, more likely yell.

Once inside he says, "I wouldn't go grab a bloody head of HYDRA on my own, Bobs," he says. "And nobody put me up to it, it was a mission, we grabbed him and we needed somewhere off the grid to stash him."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    The bedroom it is. The door is shut and Bobbi throws up her hands, "Oh it's only a HEAD of HYDRA. My bad. That makes it SO much better. So this is the mission huh? kidnap a head of HYDRA and hide him in your apartment. No one will miss an international business man of a multinational aeronautics engineering company with ties to the US Military, SHIELD, and who knows what else.. right?"

    She throws her arms up in the air as she yells with exasperation. "I can't believe you'd be this stupid! This isn't some rando merc job for $50 bucks Lance this is one of the heads of the biggest criminal conspiracy the world has ever known. Do you have any idea what kind of hell you've unleashed?"

    She starts to pace, her mind is working at a million miles an hour. So is her heart, the little heart rate monitor on her wrist peaking up and down all over the place. A hand goes to her forehead as she starts at him with utter disbelief and anger.

    "I can't believe you complain that I always keep things from you and then you start running off on these missions. I didn't say anything, it's fine - I asked you to come to SHIELD. But then you bring a bloody prisoner in to your own home. This is beyond amateur hour. What are you going to do when you're done with him huh? Either he's on your side or he disappears _forever_. Which is it going to be? are you going to execute the guy because he's a moustache twirling supervillain. Oh wait, he's not! the world only sees a successful businessman with a wife and two kids!"

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Yes, a bloody head of HYDRA that we cut off, now bringing him here was not my first choice but we needed somewhere off grid to question him and stash him and this was what we had," he says.

As for what will happen to him, "Wife and kids or not, he's the one who bloody built the qunijets that attacked Afterlife and almost got you, so if he needs to vanish, I'm alright with that. Honestly the world is better off without him." There's some hesitation there, but then the dark side of SHIELD never sat well with Hunter before either.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Her arms fold across her chest tightly. She stares down at the floor for a few moments. "The head's not cut off yet is it. You want to sanction a man? I have no report on his HYDRA activities. Let's say I take your word that he's HYDRA, that he built the quinjets that attacked us in Afterlife. Great. He also built the quinjets that flew us there. You're really so quick to just put a man to death?"

    From behind her back she pulls out a pistol and pulls the barrel back to chamber a round. "Fine, let's go do it. Sanction a man without any oversight. That's what you think SHIELD black ops does.. right? Let's cut off a blood head of hydra, may be two more will grow back who knows. I sure as hell don't." She opens the door and starts walking back to the bathroom as he trivialises the dark ops missions she's done.

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Course I'm bloody not, Bobs," Hunter says moving to cut her off again. "But the man is a danger, he's a member of HYDRA's board, the real HYDRA not the ones that wear the funny suits and raise their arms in the air, but the ones behind the scenes," he says. "The way he tells it, they're the one who bloody built SHIELD, these bastards play both sides of world events so they can always be on the one that wins. So, yeah, it comes down to it, I don't have a problem with putting a bullet in his head, especially since we can trust anywhere else we put him is going to hold him, but not before we have all the information we can get out of him, he's our main lead on all of this."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi presses her lips together more tightly and shuts the door. "You've got to be kidding me. You're selling me the idea that 'the real hydra'," she says using finger quotes, one of which is a hand still holding the gun, "are stock brokers. That's the stock exchange Lance. You just described the stock exchange. And every betting parlour in the world." She does unchamber the bullet and put the gun away.

    She swallows a moment as even she feels her heart getting a bit out of control. She grips the door frame just a touch tighter and says, "I can't even think about this right now.. you want the man in your life, fine, you can sleep here. I can't believe you've done this. If you're seriously going to keep a man like that here you'd better let him out of the bathroom and treat him like a VIP or he's going to carefully craft you in to a horrible death."

    She opens the door and resumes whispering, "I thought we were in a better place than this Lance. You lectured me about doing stuff like this and then turn around and do it yourself." She walks toward the front door of the apartment, pauses, grabs her favourite jacket, and then heads to the door.

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Bobs, would you just stop and listen to me!" Hunter calls after her, what Vogel can hear be damned. "That is what they are our investigation shows that, and it's what he Vogel gave up when he thought he was going to die," he says, though the less they go into that the better. "And I'll deal with him when the time comes, he won't get a chance to craft anyone's death, mine or anyone elses'"he says as Bobbi moves towards the door and grabs her coat. "And I'm sorry to keep this from you Bobs, I vouched for you with the others, but things have been so crazy since I linked up with them that there hasn't been time to come back to it since the first day. I /wanted/ to tell you Bobs, but these people are trusting me with their lives, so I figured I owed them at least waiting until they signed off officially before I brought you in on all of this."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Right if you're so convinced he's HYDRA would you believe any of the crap that comes out of his mouth huh?," she says. "How many heads are there? where do they meet? what is their agenda? I bet the guy hasn't given you a single piece of useful information. I bet he's given you some leads, made some promises and strung you all along. The Lance Hunter I know would have put a bullet in the man the moment he had him alone because he knows.. he _knows_ those Nazi shit bags can't be trusted."

    "He's already got his hooks in to you, you're defending him and buying all his crap about building SHIELD, playing both sides of world events. HYDRA is evil Lance, they do evil stuff and they're run by evil people. This guy is a business man messing with you. You might as well have captured HYDRA's accountant. Stop listening to his revisionist history crap, you're meant to know better than that."

    She yanks her jacket off of him and glares at the bathroom door for a moment longer. "You'd better be right about this. One wrong move and all of SHIELD is exposed. They'll blind side us and we will never see it coming. If you've made one single little mistake when you grabbed this guy we're all done."

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Bobs, I /hope/ he's putting us on, and that he's full of shit, but my gut tells me he's not, and we need to find out the truth, so as much as I and some of the others would be happy to put a bullet in his Nazi skull and call it a day, we can't right now, not while he's a potential source of intel on the whole bloody thing. As for the whole HYDRA conspiracy? I hope he's bloody lying but what we've found suggests otherwise, so for now we need to keep him off the grid until we can find out more, no point in locking him up on the Raft or in the Fridge if he just gets sprung by his buddies. And we were careful Bobs, the extraction went smoothly."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi glares at Lance, "Stop trying to sound reasonable and level headed Lance. I'm angry with you right now. You don't get to kidnap one of the heads of hydra and stick him in your own bathroom and tell me you've got your operational security all wrapped up in a nice little package with a bow on top. This is meant to be personal space, for you and me. Remember? leave work behind? ring any bells??!"

    She opens the door and steps outside the apartment, then looks back at him, then the bathroom. She opens her mouth to say something, but shuts it and she shuts the door instead. The sound of her foot falls can be heard as she stomps her way down the hall.

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Damn it Bobs, what part of we didn't have any other choice are you not getting?" he demands. "I didn't /want/ to bring him here, but between the future of SHIELD and a little peace and quiet for us both, I went for the future of SHIELD. After we're done with him I'll move, or we can burn this whole building down for all I care, but this /had / to be done and had to be done quick. So don't get mad at me for something you'd bloody do yourself if you felt you had to."

Then she's leaving to the sound of a slamming door and as he listens to the sound of her stomp away, he goes back to his beer and food pushing the sandwich away and draining the rest of his beer with one swallow. On the way to the kitchen for more, he pauses by the bathroom door, glancing to where he'd stashed the last of his real guns in the apartment. Dark thoughts playing in his head before he thinks better of them and continues on towards the kitchen.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Vogel stirs in the bathroom. The handcuff clinks against the pipe after the door has been shut to the apartment. He calls out, "Heeey buddy." More shuffling as he changes his resting position. "Sounds like you've got a hell of a woman there."

    A few muffled coughs in to his hand, "I'm a real good listener, want to share a beer and talk about it? just you and me, bro code, anything you want to talk about at all. Been married 17 years and the only way I've gotten through it is by talking to my guys. And hey, we've been through things together now - that makes you one of my guys."

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter listens to Vogel for a moment before he kicks open the door and raises his ICER. "Shut up," he tells the man as he fires two ICER rounds into his chest. He was lucky he didn't have the other gun handy, he wasn't sure he he wouldn't have done the same thing.

That done, he closes the door again and goes to go get that beer. He was going to need it.