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They Say It's Your Birthday
Date of Scene: 18 March 2021
Location: Recreation Room
Synopsis: Noriko's birthday gets her a cake and some presents. Even though she had to be tricked into showing up.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Rachel Summers, Warren Worthington, Kassandra Pagonis, Noriko Ashida, Henry McCoy, Xi'An Coy Manh

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty sent around a discrete email. She and Warren were coming by the school with some birthday stuff for Noriko, in case they couldn't make any things later that evening that anyone had planned.

Kitty heads to the Recreation Room with a couple of boxes wrapped in colorful paper and tied with ribbons. Also there's a cake, but just a medium-sized one as she figures there may be something bigger later. It has frosting lines as if something was moving really fast across the cake, with one edge just having a part of a person visible, a back leg as if running and a bit of their back, already leaving the cake.

Also ice cream. Of course they are a few of the newer flavors from Worthington Industry's frozen confectionary line. There's a cherry cheese cake ice cream, a mango passion-fruit sorbet, a maple bacon flavor, and and also a Jack Daniel's chocolate chocolate chip.

She gets everything set up, a lone candle in the cake but not lit yet. Then Kitty sends off a text to everyone else she's down here. And finally one to Noriko asking if she's about and can meet up in the Rec Room.

Rachel Summers has posed:
Birthday parties! Rachel hasn't been to an actual birthday party in ... ah ... well ... how exciting is this! An actual birthday party! For one Rachel Summers, the email Kitty sent was a prime time to experience such an event. Who wouldn't want to experience happiness, joy and cake! Mmm. Cake. They have cake, right? No matter what kind of cake, it's still -cake-. Now Rachel doesn't know Noriko all that well, so it was time to do some searches online for gifts. Thus a few hours before and in the little town of Salem Center, Rachel was idly flicking through her cell phone doing a very important research. What to give someone you don't know on their birthday. Wine bottle? Too young. Headband warmer? Card games? A hydroflask water bottle? Mike's Hot Honey? No, no, no. A whisk wiper? Does she cook?

By the time the text arrives that Kitty and Warren are here, Rachel has chosen a gift and a small bag that simply reads 'Happy Birthday'. It is this that Rachel discretely enters into the Rec Room with. Dressed in jeans a simple t-shirt and of course, red-leather jacket (with fringe!). Rachel's steps take her towards Kitty, idly setting the bag down next to the brightly hued ones of Kitty's.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren tags along after Kitty, carrying a couple of those packages in for Kitty and setting them down onto one of the side tables, "Did you remember to tell Jubes this was a surprise party, because if you didn't Nori likely already knows. Hell, knowing Jubes Nori likely already knows anyway. Somehow I don't think those two keep anything from each other..." Warren says with a side-glance towards Kitty. "Regardless I am sure she will be happy about it. I don't think she got many parties as a kid."

Warren starts to set up the ice cream bar, taking the tops off the ice cream buckets and setting out bowls of various toppings one can use to make a messimeana...sundae, tossing a gummy bear over towards Kitty.

Kassandra Pagonis has posed:
The last birthday party Kassandra had attended was Judith Ramsay's at Chuck-ee Cheese's when she was twelve, so getting an unexpected text message on her newly-gotten phone was a little bit of a surprise but, thanks to the system synchronizing with the school directory, 'Unknown Number' came up as 'Kitty Pryde.' That means that there's a party, and where there's a party, there's cake and comraderie and who knows what else.

And with her birthday coming up in a few weeks, it's an excuse to see what might be coming her way. Will there be singing? Maybe....so held carefully in her right hand is a guitar case and, inside, her guitar, to accompany the song (and potentially drown out poor singers).

Leaning in to peer at the room and the gathered folks, she slips in quietly on soft-soled shoes that barely make a sound as she walks. "I really feel like I should have got a gift..." she says to no-one in particular, wandering closer to study the cake with its unlit candle, looking to Kitty and Warren. "Really cool of you to plan this for...who was it?" She checks her phone. "Noriko. Hmm. I don't think I've met her just yet."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko has been wearing a bevy of disguises to ward off the 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!'s today.  She's even foraged some friends' accessories...mid-day...off their bodies.  People are smart and tend to catch on quickly though so the day has been a little acrobatic in flavor.

It's been unraveling quickly and has led her to retreat to the rec room, not out of any intelligent decision making, but to avoid someone asking why she's avoiding them...and someone else, and now they've realized they are both simultaneously being avoided and now Noriko is simply here.  The worst place to be.  Nori's phone well, she stopped buying phones some time ago.  The text was promptly forwarded to Jubilee's phone where it lived, breathed, was relayed, and forgotten until this very moment.

So Nori appears, the scarf that wraps up her head like a wasp hive disguise is unraveled a scarf from her head and face in a blur as she mutters, "Fuck I'm bad at this," to herself before brandishing a smile.  A little puddle of accessories is formed before she rushes over to get some snacks and tries to outright live in denial of the things around her.

Henry McCoy has posed:
He got the text! It had Henry scrambling to complete a project in his lab - finally boxing it and wrapping it up and making it look nice! Galloping through the halls, box in hand, Henry makes his way to the rec room. Scott's rules be damned, the Beast bounces through the halls like an over-bouncy pinball. He bursts into the room, skidding to a halt and glancing around. "Er... I am not late, I hope?" He offers with a cheesy grin.

As he pauses to admire the decorations, Hank gives a wave to everyone. "Afternoon! And Happy Birthday, Noriko!" The box is set down with the other gifts. "Nice work, you two." He offers to Kitty and Warren.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh has history with the topic of birthday parties. Of course, she has the advantage that the two younger people who she has had to mind are twins - so there's only one of these a year.

"Don't worry about it," says Shan to Kassandra. She got here early, assisted with set up, and is now sitting down, probably to avoid breaking their stealth possibilities by banging her leg on things. "They say it so much it sounds like a cliche, but it's true: It's the thought that counts."

She seems to sense something, and then -- she comes.

<<Birthday girl sighted,>> Shan reports telepathically even as she leans forwards in her seat, eyes slowly widening as if to wordlessly (and without psionic power) report to Noriko that she is SEEN. But then, Hank takes the plunge, and Shan springs up from her seat to declaim in counterpoint: "HAPPY BIRTHDAAAY"

(Her contribution to the gift table is wrapped in delicate patterned tissue paper. It is absolutely some kind of book, or possibly two books. She has done that trick a few times.)

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde greets everyone as they arrive. "Warren, that chocolate chip one is really good. I wouldn't have thought whiskey would add to the flavoring," she comments, having had a few spoonfuls from a pint the night before. "So I have to know, how much of a hand do you have in the flavors? Do you taste everything before they come out with them?" she asks, knowing it isn't like he can oversee everything at the huge company.

She catches the gummy bear and tosses it in her mouth and then greets everyone as they start to arrive. "Oh good Rache, you made it," Kitty says, moving to give her a quick side hug of greeting. Kate Pryde of the future was more of a straight up hugger, but then they had a little bit more of a maternal relationship than do the two young women now they are of similar age.

More greetings are given, waves to Kassandra, Xi'an and Henry. Kitty tells Xi'an, "I won't be surprised if her friends have something for her, so I figured I'd keep this low key. Sort of a staff and school one."

And then there's the birthday girl herself. Kitty laughs warmly as she sees how Noriko has dressed herself. "You blend into a B-52s video perfectly," Kitty tells Noriko with a grin.

Kassandra Pagonis has posed:

Finding a place to put her guitar in an out-of-the-way corner, her attention jerks from Shan at the telepathic poke to the walking beehive that just wandered through the door. On unwrapping, it's a familiar face she's seen zipping through the halls but has never been close enough to put a name to a face. "So..." She leans over to Shan in a stage whisper. "That her?" She likes getting confirmation before clapping or anything like that.

Rachel Summers has posed:
For Kitty? Rachel returns the warmth of the hug, a quick embrace and genuine, "Thank you for the text. I haven't had the opportunity to be at a birthday party in .. a long time."

Shrugging off her jacket, Rachel settles into a chair, legs crossed right over left, bent at the knee. It's there she sits and quietly watches. People watching is quite fascinating. It is this reason Rachel inclines her head to those she doesn't know, and offers a greeting of 'hello' to those she does, at least those that happen to glance her way, of course.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
What is Hank doing up-oh god.  Noriko's speedy brain has enough time to be mortified at being caught here and seen and knowing what it it is...well so many times over.  The Happy Birthdays are like dominos.  This whole day has been fighting a Rube Goldberg machine whose pacing was just out of reach of sabotage.

"I don't know what B-52 videos are but they aren't working," the Japanese girl explains with a slightly disappointed expression.  "You tricked me here...Okay I fled here because I heard Jubes say something about the rec room, but you tricked me here," she accuses Kitty with a little tilt of her head and a squint.  Then a small grin.  "I will get you back."  Your 'kindness' will be repaid Kitty!

Hank's birthday greeting actually startles the speedster, causing her to appear a few feet back behind a couch before she ends up right back where she was like nothing happened.  "Who are all you people?" she actually asks the room, not caring that some of the people who know her are swept up in it.  They know who they are, she concludes.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The reaction of Noriko is amusing to Hank, the big man grinning even wider. "Who are we? I suppose we're your friends, Noriko." The big man chuckles, hand motioning to the others assembled. "New and old, we all came out here to celebrate another revolution of yourself around the sun." He motions to the decor and treats. "And sing happy birthday, eventually." He assures.

He nods to Kass, overhearing her whisper - keen ears. "Norkio, this is Kassandra - she's a new student here. Kassandra, this is Noriko - one of our resident students."

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
<<Yes,>> Shan confirms to Kassandra while breaking into a smile. <<You can spot her from the hair.>>

Noriko asks them who they are.

Shan puts a hand to her heart and says, "I am a mind-controlling witch from beyond the veil of time. However, I can't take credit for the ice cream bar - or for time itself." She smiles at Kassandra with some encouragement as Hank does the introduction, before clapping her hands together with evident delight. "Ah! The song!"

Kassandra Pagonis has posed:
Kassandra Pagonis has taken the time to perch on one of the chairs near the edge so, when she's referenced by the big, blue Beast, she squeaks and straightens, offering a shy wave. "I've seen you in the halls." she says softly. "Barely. You're so fast. One end of the hall to the other in a blink. It all must be so slow for you sometimes." She glances to Henry, to Kitty and Warren, and stands. "It's nice to meet you, Noriko. And happy birthday. I...I brought my guitar. I can play the tune, if people want music to go with it."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde's grin for Noriko grows. "You'll have to wait for July if you want it to be the same," Kitty says. "Last time we had a beach party. Bobby made ice ramps for jet skis. And Thor came by it. I don't know how we're going to top it this year." Kitty motions towards the sundae station that Warren set up. "Did you see the ice cream? Bunch of new flavors they are coming out with," she says.

She lets Noriko meet the others she doesn't know, Kitty turning back to Rachel and smiling to her. "So, I don't think I've heard you mention when your birthday is? We need to do one of these for you when it's time, too," she says.

Kitty moves over to put the candle on the cake, though she doesn't light it just yet. But the talk about the birthday song, she figures she should get it ready.

Rachel Summers has posed:
Sitting quietly in the chair, Rachel's gaze flickers towards the Birthday guest of honor. Should Noriko's gaze move towards Rachel, well, Rachel will offer an incline of her head. "Rachel Summers. I'm an old friend of Kitty's, and I'm here for the cake and ice-cream." At least Rachel is deadly honest here. Food is something she's come to enjoy a lot, especially ones that she never had before.

Rachel's grin only grows as Kitty mentions Rachel's birthday. "I can honestly say I don't even know when my birthday is, Kitty." Which is amusing to Rachel, as her head tilts to one side, pondering if it was ever celebrated. So much of Rachel's memories are clouded, on purpose mind you, on purpose. It's best that way.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"You're weird," Noriko tells Hank.  It's free of actual Nori-level barbs, so this must be a compliment.  "All the credit really goes to this mud marble we're on.  I'm just hitching a ride," the speedster says with a blurry shrug.  These little hiccups of speed are kept generally at a blurry level, presumably out of respect, like slowing down to talk.

Dark brown eyes flit toward Xi'an, unconcerned.  "Yeah I know you're the creepy librarian," she says without hesitation as if this were some name that Xi'an has already earned.

Nori's attention hops to Kassandra.  "You're the new student.  Yeah, resident just means I'm an orphan or a bum. I'm faster than that, but I try to be polite, whatever that is.  Yeah, cool," to meet you, but Nori's not holding her hand out to anyone new she's meeting or /finally/ speaking to.  "Whatever gets people distracted is perfect...What grade are you in?"

Aaand she's already moved on.  Noriko just sort of appears near the next person, which is Rachel this time.  "Oh hey.  I think I saw you once on the grounds.  Yeah.  Pro move."  Noriko nods in total agreement.  "That's why I'm staying.  Plus the presents.  I thought today was another day."  She gets it.

"Then fine I'll wait for July Kitty.  As if I can't be patient," Nori can't.  That's definitely the punchline.  "People keep telling me people are more important than ice cream because people make the ice cream so I guess I'm prioriti-"  Now she has ice cream, more accurately a bunch of small scoops of each flavor.

Henry McCoy has posed:
When he's dubbed as weird, Henry gives a bow to Noriko - though she's already gone. "We are all passengers, more or less. It is none the less an accomplishment, as the mudball is fraught with danger and obstacles." He assures Noriko, moving over to fetch himself a bowl to sample the ice cream with. Sweets, after all, are a temptation that are too good to pass.

A smile to Kassandra and Xi'an. "She's fast." Understatement! "And I missed that you play guitar, Kass. Good to know! Perhaps for the next talent show?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde laughs warmly at Noriko's comment about her being patient. Though Kitty isn't sure if Noriko is more likely to have forgotten it by Kitty's birthday, or just will choose some other way to get at her.

She looks to Kassandra and says, "I don't know if she won't zoom out of the room if we sing. But if you want to play something anyway, would love to hear you on your guitar." Kitty moves over to slide the cake over nearer to the edge of the table as she pulls out a lighter. She lights the lone candle and says, "But whether we sing or not, Nori you need to blow out the candle. Preferably without blowing past and sweeping everything off the table," she says with a grin. Yes, she's seen speedster birthdays before.

Kitty moves to the side, looking thoughtful towards Rachel. "Well, could pick a day for yourself that you'd like to celebrate it. Could pick a favorite figure and share their birthday too," she says, glancing towards Hank and Shan. "I'm sure with everyone here could come up with some interesting people to share a birthday with."

Kassandra Pagonis has posed:
Kassandra nods to Henry, gesturing to the battered case sitting in the corner. "Yeah, I do. Something I picked up. Kept me fed during my travels across the US. I'm not going to say I know every song, but you hum a few bars I can probably play along. And give me a loop pedal and I can do some really crazy stuff, too." She actually smiles at that, blinking at Noriko's assertion and line of questioning. "Um...tenth grade. Eleventh? Something like that. Sophomore. It's been a while."

     Kitty's suggestion, and Henry's comment about a talent show, earns a small shrug, the guitar case tugged over, the brass catches clicked open. Bending at the waist, the case is opened and the well-used acoustic is drawn out, laid across her knees and, with a wiggle of the fingers of her left hand, she plays a couple of chords. "in the key of C, everyone."

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Inwardly, Shan thinks to herself: /Am/ I creepy? Do I spend too much time lurking around books just out of a sense of relief, a desire to escape the onerous obligations and expectations of society? Do I need to-- okay, she concludes to herself with a brief closing of the eyes, self-doubt after social occasion. Maybe I'll go do it on the roof.

Opening her eyes again, she laughs. "Is there a particular style you like to play?" she asks Kassandra as she loosely folds her arms. And then she looks up, towards Kitty and Rachel, raising her eyebrows. "That IS a pretty good way to do things. You could always use January 1st, but that gets a little busy, and a lot of people are partied out that day."

But then, a threat appears. Shan hums a reasonably-close C to herself, in preparation...

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren makes it back from the other room carrying in a couple more tubs of ice cream, a few more new flavors that his people have come up with, and what better market research then letting unsuspecting teens try them at a birthday party. "Ok, I've got pineapple-orange-coconut, rum cake, lime gimlet, and...cherries jubilee. Let's see how these work out. The boys in that department have way to much fun," as he sets them down onto the table with the other tubs of ice cream. "Nori, don't let me leave before I forget to give you your pony for your birthday..."

Rachel Summers has posed:
To Noriko, Rachel's head inclines. Rachel gets it. "I have gifted you chocolate, it is in the bag next to the brightly wrapped packages. I have been told chocolate chunks over ice-cream is quite divine." These are very important revelations!

It's to Kitty, however, that Rachel's brows furrow together in a thoughtful manner, idly pondering Kitty's words with careful consideration. One hand lifts upwards, running splayed through her red locks as she ruffles the curls slightly, before lowering again to her lap. "I will have to contemplate that." She could - take her mother's birthdate, or her father's.. she could take the date she arrived here in this timeline, all have special meaning to her.

With a shrug, Rachel's nose wrinkles upwards. "I'm up for suggestions, of course." Turning towards Xi'an, Rachel considers that date, "The first is actually quite good, yes. The start of a new year, or perhaps the 31st, the ending of one. Either have good meaning behind them."

Kassandra Pagonis has posed:
"You could go with a holiday. February 1st, for Chinese New Year, or March 2nd for Texas independence day. Just look at a calendar and pick a day that might mean something to you." Kassandra strums her guitar idly, changing chords as she warms up. "Be sure to look to see if any major holidays are close, though. To maximize present getting, you'll want to avoid anything like Christmas or Easter, 'cause people give gifts then. There was one boy who had his birthday on Christmas and always complained about 'combo gifts.' Like this gift is for your birthday and christmas. HE thought that they should be separate entities...." She shakes her head with a giggle and starts to play Happy Birthday. (copyright)

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde moves over to see the new flavors that Warren brought. "Oh, Jubilee's going to have to claim that last one. I mean her name is literally on it," she says with a soft smile. Kitty gets a cherry from the toppings, spearing it with a toothpick and offering it to Warren.

She turns back to Rachel and gets a thoughtful look. "It can be nice to have a birthday away from other holidays. Especially a huge one like New Years. That way you aren't lost in the bustle of the other." The young woman continues to look thoughtful. "I don't know, if it was me, I'd probably pick a day that is meaningful to you in some fashion. Maybe a day your life changed in a good way?"

As Kassandra starts up the song, Kitty begins singing along. "Happy birthday to you..." She smiles over at Noriko and stage whispers when it's over, "You get the presents after the song."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Nori looks at Kitty with a disappointed you-pooped-the-party look for a half second.  She might have done something similar last year's celebration when she was even /less/ talkative.  "Ruining a perfectly fine tradition."

"Maybe you should figure that out before you end up in classes," Nori says to Kass with a smirk.  "You could end up with baby mutants."  The smirk broadens an iota but then she hears 'jubilee' and she quickly scans the location for some kind of acrobatic entrance.

False alarm.  "I get a pony?"  Noriko leans and flashes a quick smile Warren's way.  Not in a second does she believe she's getting a pony, but the thought of chasing a pony around does bring an amused look.

So...the candle just went out.  Hank might feel a very very very brief hug from behind and Noriko starts to appear in front of people to hand them cake, because she already cut it, like Kitty, "It's already cut.  Just take the cake," she says as she juts the plate out to Kitty.  "And everything lived!" she adds as she steps aside to reveal everything in its right place.

"Yeah I like the wrappers," Noriko replies to Rachel and pulls one of the little individually wrapped wafers out, this one swathed in a brilliant cobalt blue.  She sets a slice of cake down for Kassandra.

Nori appears in front of Xi'an and silently offers her a slice of cake too.  After that though, the rest of the deliveries are more stealthy.  Cake just appears here, there, serendipitously when turning to randomly zone out at...hey, that's cake!

Henry McCoy has posed:
Ghost hug! "Rachel, I would find a day that meant something to you - something that you can associate with good emotions." Hank smiles, offering a nod to her. "You get the gift of being able to pick your day - most of us have no choice in that." He winks. "So I'd make it special. Some might suggest sharing a birthday with a holiday, or a historic figure you admire - but I am of the mind that you make it yours." The man offers by way of advice.

As the song starts, Henry is all about the singing. He's got a deep baritone voice, and he's not afraid to belt out Happy Birthday!

Rachel Summers has posed:
Hey! That's cake! Hot D@ err.. Dog! Rising up only long enough to try a small bit of every, single, ice-cream flavor there is, Rachel settles back into her chair, munching down on the delicious delicacy with joy. To Warren, Rachel offers, "Thank you for the ice-cream, so far, they're all delicious."

Each suggestion that is offered for a birthdate is considered seriously, as Rachel grows quiet. She can not sing. She barely knows the song, and carrying a tune is out of the question. So. Instead. Rachel just stuffs her mouth full of sugary delight.

To Kitty, at least between bites, Rachel bobs her head up and down. "Something special and full of meaning." Personal. Rachel quietly slips into silence, contemplating all that means something to her - while enjoying her cake and ice-cream, naturally.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren sings along with the other before he plucks the cherry from the toothpick with his lips and chews on it as he turns his head back over to Nori, "Yeah? She is out in the stables. She's got a blue roan coat and is in stall number 5. I don't have a nameplate for her, since I didn't have a name...figured you would want to name her yourself. Upkeep and supplies are paid for, for the year. After that you need to take over the upkeep and if you can't let me know and I will take her back. Or I'll take her back now and give you a trip to Japan for two instead. You let me know."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde takes the cake as Nori is suddenly there with it. "Thank you," Kitty tells the Japanese girl with a warm smile. She takes a bite of it. It's from one of the better bakeries in the city, someone she knew would do a great job with it. Nice and light, white cake and frosting. The speed lines and the partial person that decorate it are chocolate frosting.

Another bite is taken as Kitty grins at Warren's present to Noriko. "That's like, every girl's dream. Next year he'll make you a princess," Kitty teases. She slips an arm around Warren's waist. Smiling at him as if he done good.

"There are more presents to open," Kitty says, glancing at the table where a few wrapped boxes can be found. She sets down her cake to reach over and give one to Noriko if she's ready for it. It's a small box not much bigger than a large envelope, and only an inch or so thick. It also has an airtight seal on it though there's a 'pull here' sort of bit that Noriko can use to open it.

Kassandra Pagonis has posed:
Kassandra finishes the song and, hey, cake. so now shes' there with a guitar across her lap and cake in her hands and just listens and watches and munches her cake. Yeah, she's kind of observing right about now...being careful and quiet.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Whaat?"  Noriko asks between cake slice deliveries.  Quite a few of those deliveries are set aside, which she finally digs into.  "I don't even know if I should believe you Warren.  And why are you trading ponies for trips to Japan?  I don't think you're getting good deals," she teases between speedy bites.

"As long as I can hawk the crown I'm down," Noriko says with a lift of her fork.  "This is good cake!  Thanks!"  This is the most important part of the celebration given how much she eats between present opening.  "Wait.  More?"  She takes the little box and it blurs as she inspects it before stopping to gently pull the tab.  Ksh, the seal is broken.  "Is it going to take off?"  Then she's reading something in Japanese and smirks.  When the symbols fade, some English, some Japanese, she looks over to Kitty and points, "Do I get to learn that skill?"

"Thanks guys...Kass, your Happy Birthday accompaniment made it way less annoying.  Thank you," it's perhaps comically heartfelt in that small moment.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington shrugs a shoulder, "I heard women like ponies. But if you don't want her, I will have someone come to take her back, Nori. I'm not trading anything, either. I've giving you a choice. A week in Japan all expenses paid, or a pony." The winged mutant shrugs, "I was torn between the two and figured I would let you pick which one you wanted." He looks over to Kitty with another shrugs, "Want to go to Japan? I'd offer you the pony, but I don't think the building would let me keep her there. You would have to keep her here."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Finding a seat near Kass, Henry grins as the song is sung to completion. "Always a pleasure to have a compatriot in music, Kass." He grins, finding his plate of cake - sneakily delivered by Noriko. He then looks to Warren, chuckling. "Did you get her a pony? For real? You're going to make her the envy of the other students, Warren." The man teases.

Then it's on to cake! Delicious cake and ice cream - the Beast is quite enjoying the sweet confections.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty gives Noriko a little smile and a nod. "Yes, that's one of the small parts of it," she says. "But it's work. Realize that before you decide," Kitty tells the Japanese girl as she picks up her cake again, getting a forkful and taking a bite of it.

She looks over to Warren. "Hey, I'll take either she doesn't want. I've always wanted a pony. Though Chestnut might get a little jealous," Kitty replies, naming the chestnut mare that of the horses in the school stables, is her favorite. Though she rides all of them, helping make sure they all get activity.

As Henry isn't sure if Warren was telling the truth, she grins. "Yep, he did. Pony's out in the stables now," she says. "Just adorable."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I'll...go visit her."  Noriko doesn't give an answer.  "I need to think about it," the birthday girl says way too seriously when she realizes a pony is on the line, truly on the line...and a trip to Japan.  Japan.  She may have been born here but her only connection to this country up until 5 years ago was through media.

Thankfully, another present is handed to her and she unwraps it with the care of letting people watch her do it.  She's still tearing into it mind you.  "Hank?"  she didn't even look who it was from, but she already knows, and she's bending over to try on the new unstable molecule shoes, running shoes of course.  "Who helped you?" she teases and then he gets another big sneak hug.  "Thanks."  This is quite a different display than last year's awkward birthday celebration.  Maybe Jubes is to blame, which means Jean and possibly others are to blame for the positive influence and engineered roommate situation.

"I...really want to stay, but I want to go see the pony," Noriko suddenly announces without any sarcasm.  "Seriously," she tacks on in case no one believes the historically acerbic girl.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren looks to Kitty, as if asking some sort of telepathic question and shrugs his shoulders, causing his wings to raise and the feathers to ruffle before he looks over to Nori. "Well, never let it be said that I have to make things difficult, if you need to think about it at all Nori then I'll make it easy...just take both. Since you and Kate are going to be studying together, maybe you and she should go...or I just tack on another ticket so you and Jubes can go, and then Kate can join a couple days later to take you around to places she has seen."

Warren looks to Kitty again then back to Nori, "Happy Birthday."