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Dressing Sara
Date of Scene: 18 March 2021
Location: JVD Fashion house, Manhattan NY
Synopsis: Dick Grayson brings Sara Pezzini to visit Janet van Dyne and get fitted for an outfit for his birthday celebration.
Cast of Characters: Janet van Dyne, Sara Pezzini, Dick Grayson

Janet van Dyne has posed:
The uniquely privileged of the world have one substantial but rarely-defined luxury: a lack of inconvenience.

Toll roads, special garage access, employees glad-handling them at all steps and whisking them past 'official' reception desks. This is all part and parcel of being a member of the socially influential and wealthy.

Which is exactly what Dick Grayson and his date Sara Pezzini get when their car pulls into the private garage under JVD Fashion House. The garage guard buzzes them in and a valet is present to offer to park their car for them. Another employee wearing a smart doorman's outfit that looks hand-fit escorts them to an elevator that is behind smoked glass doors and out of view of the actual lobby. Up they go, and when they step out on the top floor, Janet's social secretary is beaming a welcome smile at them from a post near the elevator doors. "Mister Grayson, Miss Pezzini," she greets them. The efficiently-posed brunette wearing a three-piece suit in emerald green that is worth a couple mortgage payments. "I'm so glad you could make it. Please come in," she beckons, and opens the door to Janet's studio loft. The open, uninterrupted workspace is huge and occupies a significant portion of the uppermost floor. It must once have been a machine shop or factory, and the part they're in is painted from top-to-bottom in eggshell white. Janet's desk and office space on the right is brutally minimalistic to the point of being spartan; soft sky-blue accents and inlaid gold give it a somewhat ethereal quality. To their left, preserving part of the open-air concept, are a set of low stainless chairs and a wet bar. Black leather accents and fresh flowers provide a splash of contrast.

"Miss van Dyne is just finishing up a project, and she'll be right with you," the secretary says. She gestures at heavy floor-to-ceiling drapes in mute beige that cut across the cool aesthetic. "Please make yourself comfortable." She gestures for them to pick a seat from those arrayed around the low table in the middle, and moves to a serving position near their chair with her hands clasped in front of her hips. "Can I offer you anything to drink? Mimosa, coffee-- something stronger?"

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Have a party I would like you to come to, he said. Let's go shopping, he said. Sara had agreed, and why not? She liked shopping. In her mind she had imagined Dick taking her to New York Garment District filled with haute couture stores, that sounded like something he would do given who he was and was already making her nervous to think about. She shopped at Salvation Army, for so many reasons, so she was prepared to be nervous.

What she actually was went waaaaay beyond nervous and into the realms of totally freaked out. Janet van Dyne. THE Jane van Dyne. Only the most renowned fashion designer in the world. What the hell was she doing?! This was soooo above her pay grade that her mind was just plain blown.

Even as they were arriving, being greeted by the well dressed and friendly personnel and going into the elevator her brain was screaming at her in Italian and English, at the same time, that she was out of her element, seek escape, but a smile remained on her face. When the elevator doors open and they are greeted by Janet's assistant, the smile remained on her face with a polite, "Hello." offered

It wasn't until they actually went into Janet's office the panic started showing in her eyes. Look at this place, this is amazing, don't run, smile, always smile.

"Oh wow, this is amazing," she stammers and immediately regrets opening her mouth. "Um... coffee, please?"

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick ushers Sara out of the elevator, given that the woman was looking a little... overwhelmed? freaked out? Well, definitely out of her comfort zone, anyway. He's got his arm around her waist in a reassuring manner, and his usual easy smile on his face. The various attendants and employees all got friendly smiles and greetings, he's not the type to ignore people just because they aren't rich. He's been here before, so the greeting dance isn't new to him.

Politely seating Sara first, he then takes a seat next to her and nods to Janet's secretary, "Yes, coffee would be fine for me as well, thank you." He looks over at Sara, then smiles and murmers, "Breathe, Sara. It's just a dress fitting."

Janet van Dyne has posed:
The coffee service doesn't take long to set out. For a secretary, Janet's aide has that long-practiced facility for setting food and drink out. Coffee, several kinds of sugar-- creme, not milk-- and what look like a variety of chocolate truffles in paper cups. She then steps out of the way into her office, leaving the two alone.

They're not left long; the heavy curtain rings rattle and slide against one another and Janet steps out from between them with an energetic if slightly harried look. "Oh my god, I was /drowning/ in silk swatches," she informs the two apropos of nothing. "I almost had to send up a cry for help." The socialite's outfit could *almost* pass for business attire; a collared blouse and matching mid-thigh skirt in a subtle shade of ocean grey, exposing just a little midriff when she moves. Black high-heeled booties click across the floor and she's already reaching to offer Dick a familiar handshake and embrace by the time she's closed the gap with the two of them. Gold loop earrings and bracelets look to be an entire set from Tiffany's or Cartiere; a much-loved pendant sits just beneath the top button of her blouse, the patriotic emblem a familiar splash of color.

Even in heels she's shorter than Sara, let alone Dick, and is obligated to stand on her tiptoes for a polite society cheek-kiss.

"It is so good to see you," Janet bids Dick, and beams up at him. Her gaze transfers to Sara and she immediately pastes a smile on her face, offering Sara an equally effusive but slightly-less-familiar embrace. "And you must be Sara," she observes. "It's so nice to meet you. He will *not* stop texting compliments about you, blowing my phone up," she says. A flick of her wrist sends the compliment winging away before anyone can challenge it. "Are you two good with coffee? Need a beignet or a fresh crueller, or something?" she inquires and darts her gaze back and forth between them.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
For the briefest of moment Sara looks like a stone statue frozen in terror, but it passes as she makes herself a cup of coffee. Everything in her life was easier with coffee that had a splash of cream. She didn't have very long with it before the fashion goddess made her appearance... and what an entrance it was.

Staring now, but trying very hard not to, Sara watches the woman approach and listens to her speaking but all her brain can scream it 'OH MY GODS, IT'S REALLY HER!' over and over again. It's not a fangirl sort of moment really, just complete shock and awe.

She watches Janet greet Dick with familiarity, which is nice to see, friends are always a good thing but 'Oh my god it's her!' How many people has Dick brought here?

At her own greeting, the hug is unexpected but accepted, and all the while that smile stays plastered to her face. "He's been texting about me huh?" she manages to say without too much reverence or worship in her tone. "I really wasn't expecting this, so I hope you can forgive me. I'm out of my element here."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick adds just a splash of creme to his coffee, then a bit of sugar before taking a sip. When Janet enters, he of course rises politely to his feet, moving over to return the socialite's greeting. Manners, of course, are a part of any Wayne ward's training. Must fit in while rubbing shoulders with society's elite after all.

He's not wearing anything remarkable, a pair of dark blue dress pants and jacket over a grey button down shirt, no tie today. "Janet, always a pleasure. You're looking as lovely as ever." He chuckles at her compliment to Sara, "Now, stop giving my secrets away, she's not supposed to know how taken with her I am."

A quick shake of his head dismisses the need for any further refreshment, "I think we're fine, thank you. We're both cops, after all, so coffee is our lifeblood."

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"Nonstop texting," Janet confirms to Sara. Whether or not it's actually true is probably not material to her confidence in her words. Janet's reality clearly orders itself around her expectations, rather than vise-versa.

The compliment from Dick provokes a beaming smile of approval and she gives his arm a squeeze. "You're so sweet," she says with a fond expression.

"Okay!" Janet's tone diverts the topic quite deftly. "So you're looking for a dress, right?" Janet moves to a seat partially facing the two occupied by Dick and Sara, smoothly tucking her skirt behind her knees and crossing her legs as she does. Her secretary appears behind her and offers over a sketchpad and a few charcoal pencils, freshly sharpened in their little black silk wallet. Janet balances the pad on her knee and picks through the pencils for the tip she wants to start with. "Is this for a specific event? And are we looking for something a little more avante garde or classic eveningwear, black tie?" She's already sketching in the pad while she talks, as if her hands and mouth are disconnected from one another.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara finally decides she can sit, since Janet does, and settles herself into one of the chairs. Her clothing is extremely simple, perhaps even a tad on the boring scale. A simple suit jacket of charcoal grey, matching slacks, and a white button front shirt. Her feet are encased in sensible lace ups, the perfect picture of a New York City detective.

"I..." she looks over at Dick as she says, "I honestly have no idea. It's for his birthday party. Dick?"

Dick Grayson has posed:
He also slips back into his chair once Janet and Sara sit down, picking up his coffee cup again. He nods at her first question, as a dress is indeed the goal. He watches as the tools of the trade come out, glancing over at Sara before turning back to Janet.

"I would call it.. somewhat formal? I've rented out the Lady Lovelace, that old ocean liner that's permanently docked in Gotham. It hosts events and parties. It will be a catered affair, with a DJ, not a band. I am only twenty-seven, after all, still young enough to enjoy a bit of a party. So I see myself in a nice suit, not a tux or anything like that. So a nice dress, but we're not looking for ballroom formal or anything like that."

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet wrinkles her nose at Dick. "Really? A suit? For a yacht party?" Eyes flicker to Sara, then back at Dick. "I mean, it's your birthday," she says with a dubious tone. "But you only get so many occassions to bust out the white linens in New York. Y'know?"

"Anyway--" Janet waves off her own words again and drums the rear of the pencil on the sketchpad. She stares pointedly at Sara, propping her chin in her palm and resting her elbow atop her knee. The socialite's eyes narrow as if taking mental measurements of the detective, irrespective of how that penetrating gaze might make Sara feel.

"You're like...what, thirty-five/twenty-four/thirty four?" she hazards. "And like, a buck thirty? Buck twenty-five?" Her hands are already moving over the sketchpad again, rapidly tracing out some idea. "Hold that pose for a second, I need to get this idea down. Turn your chin a little towards Dick. Up a hair."

It takes less than thirty seconds for her to get her idea down on paper and she flips the sketchpad around. It's a romper-style one piece with harem pants, slit long sleeves, and a portrait-style neckline. Even the rough outline of the framing sketch seem to capture some essential element of Sara's poise and athleticism. "Is this your card?" she asks with a humorous twinkle in her eyes.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara freezes, coffee cup on its way to her mouth for a sip. She honestly has no idea what Janet just said, other than her measurements which were so damn close she blinked.

"Uh... what?" She asks, still not moving, she was told to freeze and she is being stared and after this there had better be some alcohol Dick!

Then there is the sketch, and it is her turn to stare, but at the picture not the woman. "That's, doable. Not at all what I expected, but I like it, rather a lot actually." She seems surprised, probably because she was expecting some dress that she'd needs to strap parts down to get into.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick laughs, "Never really thought of myself as the yacht club type, Janet. Just rented the ship because it seemed like a nice, spacious area that I could have set up the way I wanted. I don't know that white linen is the look I'm going for at my birthday. I'm looking to be comfortable and a little fashionable, not Cap'n Richard."

He takes a sip of his coffee, glancing over at Sara before looking at the drawing, "You know, that does seem to fit her. Which should be no surprise, I suppose, it's you. You do tend to just pull the perfect thing out of the air when you're dressing someone."

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"Hey, I don't make the rules of fashion," Janet protests. She pauses a beat. "Okay, well, I technically do, but traditions are a thing, too," she adds. Still, she's beaming again at the praise from Dick, and shifts in her seat to recross her legs and tuck one under her to support the sketchpad as she finishes fleshing out the design.

"Anyway, this is just a first idea. There's always the Fifth Avenue location," she reminds the two of them. "It won't break my heart if you're not, like, -feeling- it," she says. "The staff there will help fit you something from the production line. We've got some great stuff coming down the pipe for this year. But I'm really feeling the whole, y'know, post-modern Barbara Eden look."

She eyes the notepad and drums her pencil against it, then looks up at the two of them. "You know normally I'd recommend aquamarines or emeralds, but it might be kinda cute to pair off some sapphires," she suggests to Sara. "Maybe a silver bib or art deco necklace. Earrings to match, of course," she adds. "And go see Rafaello for heels, I'm thinking, like, a cute set of strappy sandals? But he might have some other ideas," she allows. "You'll love him, he's just adorable and he is so good. He made these," she says, and points her pencil at the booties she's wearing. "All my favorite clients go through him."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara's face starts twitching slightly as she stares at Janet. It's like the woman is speaking a the foreign language of fashion and she has no idea what is being said. She does smile, that smile has not left her face once, she she looks much like a smiling deer in headlights.

"I really do like that design," she offers, not picky normally but it really was nice and she could see herself wearing it. "I don't have that sort of jewelry, but I do have this family heirloom that I wear always."

Pulling up her right sleeves she reveals an intricate silver bracelet with a ruby in it. "I can't see myself not wearing it."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Looking from Sara to the sketch, he nods, "No, I like it, I'd love it if you could have her in that for the party. I'm sure we can find some jewelry to match the bracelet, that won't be a problem at all." He considers the sketch again, "Yeah, I like it a lot."

Turning back to Sara, he reaches out to pat her hand, "Trust me, you'll look great. I know I've dragged you way outside your comfort zone, but it will all be worth it when you see what Janet turns that sketch into. Then we'll do a little accessory shopping and you'll be set."

His attention returns to Janet, "I might as well ask, considering I've got a moment of your time - Besides white linen, what would you suggest to compliment the lady's outfit?" He chuckles, "I remember my younger self's idea of matching outfits going down in flames, so what would go well?"

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet nods approvingly when Dick offers to take Sara fashion shopping for accessory wear. It doesn't seem to cross her mind that she's talking outside of Sara's comfort zone. "Definitely always go with the heirloom," she encourages. "Stick with silver and you can use the ruby as a power accent against any other gemstone. It'll look awesome, I promise," she urges with a reassuring air-pat of her hand.

The question puts to her provokes a sideways cocking of her head. "Well you're the birthday boy," Janet reminds Dick. "You could rock the double-breasted white jacket and matching trousers. But if you want to keep it simple...." She chews on her lower lip, thinking and starting at Dick.

"You know, go with the easy look. Loafers, dock shorts, maybe like a blue polo under a tennis sweater?" she suggests. "Go with something like a Hamilton or Lange & Sohne mariner's watch instead of a Rolex or Omega. You know, play up the whole 'relaxed and casual' vibe," she encourages.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Grateful to be out of the spot light, Sara takes a drink of her coffee and attempts to relax. Coffee sipped, relax ain't happening. So she settles for appearing relaxed and listens to the fashion guru make suggestions for Dick. Inside, yes she is excited about this new outfit, it was beautiful but she wondered if she could pull it off.

Dick Grayson has posed:
He tilts his head, considering, "Shorts might be a bit _too_ relaxed, but the rest could work. Don't really need a suit since we're not putting Sara into a dress. Yeah, I can work with that." He chuckles dryly, "And if I don't have an appropriate watch, no doubt I can borrow one from Bruce. He's got about a million or so."

Looking back to Janet, he's obviously made some decisions and is down to business. "Ok, so we're going with your idea, when do you need her for the fitting? I'll need a little time after for the accessories, we'll want to see the outfit first to make sure the shoes and jewelry match it properly."

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet looks back at her secretary, who brings over a cell phone and shows her a calendar. It only takes the socialite a few moments to mull it over.

"I'm booked today, but I can move some things around tomorrow," Janet promises the two of them. "It won't take me long to do the fitting and I'll put my fastest tailors on getting it flipped around. Fortunately it's a lot of muslin and silk, so we won't need to spend hours making brocades or something. And let Rafaello know you need him to rush the shoes and put it on the van Dyne ticket. He'll take care of you."

She looks from Dick to Sara, and smiles warmly. "I think that about covers it?" she suggests. Janet gets to her feet and hands her sketchpad over to her assistant. "I'll get my people on the framework so all we'll need to do tomorrow is confirm measurements and drape," Janet promises Sara. "And we won't keep you for long if we can help it," she adds. Both hands are offered to Sara for a squeeze of fingers in lieu of a handshake, and then she turns to Dick. "And tell your dad I said 'hello'," she bids him. "And that he needs to come see me for a new fitting before the summer fashion lines drop. Okay?"

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara's fingers are squeezed and this is completely new to her as well, she doesn't know how to respond to that, so she just let's it happen and keeps smiling.

"Thank you," she offers. "However long it takes, is however long it takes. I'm sure we'll be back when needed, just let Dick know."

Dick Grayson has posed:
He stands with a smile, "Thank you Janet, I appreciate it. Sorry to be so last minute, but things have been a little crazy and it all just came together suddenly. Have your folks send me the time and we'll make sure she's here to be fussed over."

He reaches out to take Janet's hand lightly after she releases Sara and again does the polite cheek kiss, saying, "You know how he is, but I'll nag him for you, it's the least I can do since you're doing a favor for me. Besides, he knows you always dress him perfectly for his events."