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Backyard Shenanigans
Date of Scene: 19 March 2021
Location: Angelo's Carriage House
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Achilles, Sara Pezzini

Achilles has posed:
    Homecoming is strange for Angelo. At least homecoming when it's Sara. Before her injury, she lived in her loft in the city. Since then, she'd lost the loft and moved in here. Now mind you, he'd been debating asking her to move in anyway. He just thought she'd prefer to remain independent.
    Of late, he has been seeking a new hobby to put energy and focus into. Mainly to try to stop thinking about Sara so damned much. He's spent a good amount of money while Sara was off at the convention, and this morning was the delivery of his backyard forge + shed.
    And so in the early evening, when the sun is still in the sky... low in the sky, but in the sky, the sound of a hammer banging out back can be heard from the front yard as he works steel back there. Yes steel. He can't make Celestial Bronze like his great great uncle... or was Hephaestus some weirdly removed cousin? It's all weird. If Zeus is his Great Grandfather, and Hephaestus is a son of... oh right, son of Hera, not Zeus. Nevermind. It's all weird in Olympus anyway.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
The convention had been educational, entertaining, and lead to an interesting new relationship for Sara. The weekend she was supposed to returned turned into a party on a massive yacht that went from Saturday evening into Sunday afternoon. With some regret, she said her goodbyes for the time being and headed back to New York.

Arriving to the house in the evening, exiting the cap with her suitcase, she can hear the metal on metal clang and a brow raises. Taking a moment to put her suitcase in her room, she collects a bottle of water from the fridge and heads out to backyard.

"Evening," she offers, dressed in her usual work attire. "What's all this?"

Achilles has posed:
    In the shed out back, Angelo has been working all afternoon. This means he is hot and sweaty. He has an old style cooler filled with ice-water nearby because he doesn't like being dehydrated. But he is also wearing a leather apron for working in the forge... bluejeans, and no shirt.
    Since he was working, he didn't hear Sara come home. And when she speaks up, his hammer pauses as it's raised, and he turns his head to offer a cheery smile that goes right to his bright green eyes, "Well hello there, good time at the convention?" he asks. "I thought I'd try my hand at something constructive and artistic that seems more suitable to my personality." A pause, "It was this or sculpting, and this is something of a variation on sculpting."
    He lifts the tongs in his left hand, and shows the red-orange glowing billet of metal he's been working to draw out into a blade length.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Opening the water as she walks toward the shed, Sara offers a bright smile of her own. She has no artistic talents like this, nothing to fall back on in that regard, do seeing him working with red hot metal and it actually doing what he wants is impressive.

As she moves, her eyes shift from the metal to him, his lack of a shirt does not go unnoticed, nor that he is pretty damned handsome. For a moment she pauses in midstep, just staring at him, but shakes her head as if clearing it and continues.

"I'm sure your neighbors just love your new hobby," she says sarcastically, but in a teasing tone as well. "What are you making, which type of sword?"

Achilles has posed:
    "I'm not exactly sure really. Right now I am just lengthening the billet. We'll see what comes of it but.. in my mind's eye, I am seeing a Xiphos. Maybe because I've owned one for so lonng." (To note, Xiphos is that Greek short sword that he summoned the other day. For visual: https://cdn.webshopapp.com/shops/32318/files/306851480/deepeeka-greek-xiphos-sparta.jpg)

    And then he goes back to hammering. He's not using a high tech power hammer. He's doing it by hand. I mean he has the physique for it for sure.
    "Unless you have a specific request for a different kind of weapon you'd like?"

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara finds herself staring at him, not the metal or what he's doing, but him, the man. The way his body moves, the ripple of the muscles beneath the sheen of sweat and again has to shake her head to clear it. Something keeps nagging at her, on the tip of her tongue as it were, but try as she might she can't get through the fog to see it.

"Oh no," her eyes snap back up to his face as she smiles, "no specifics, I was just curious. I've never actually seen a sword hand crafted before. Mine's just... there."

Achilles has posed:
    Grinning, Angelo shrugs, "Well, keep me company while I work?" he asks. "It's actually an interesting process."
    He goes back to banging away, stretching the metal out longer and more narrow before he slips it back into the forge to heat it back up. It's a whole process.
    When he has nothing to do with his hands, he steps over and picks up a cup to dispense himself some cold water and gulps it down.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
"I was hoping you'd let me watch," Sara responds, finding a good place to lean and watch the process. There's no way she could ever do something like this, but it was amazing to watch the process.

She has no idea why, but a thought crosses Sara's mind and as he moves over to collect water to drink, she takes the open bottle of water in her hand, steps over, and pours it over his head.

"There you go, all cooled off," is offered with a laugh and a wicked little grin.

Achilles has posed:
    The cool water over the head makes Angelo tense up for only a moment. But then he turns his face skywards to welcome the flow onto his forehead and the bridge of his nose. His eyes close and he savors the cooling feeling of it all.
    Afterwards, he reaches a hand up to run his fingers through his oddly blonde hair. Who knew, Achilles was a blonde... and he grins towards Sara, "Thanks." he exclaims. "Remind me to do that for you the next time you get all sweaty on the Krav Maga mat."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara laughs a little more, moving back over to lean in the spot she has chosen. "I think there's a bit of a difference," she comments with a slight waggle of a finger at him. "Krav Maga doesn't involve a furnice at a bagillion degrees."

Achilles has posed:
    "Hey now, fair is fair. It also works up a sweat. And... it's closer to two thousand degrees, give or take." offers Angelo as he picks up his tongs and walks over to the forge to reach in and pull the glowing red billet out, "You wanna take a whack at it?" he asks with a grin as he sets it on the anvil and hefts his hammer.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Moving in a little closer as he pulls the billet out of the flames, the heat of the furnice already starting to make her sweat, Sara shakes her head.

"Oh no, not this time. I want to see how this turns out and if I touch it, it won't be fit for a decorative kitchen knife. Maybe next time, when I've seen what you can do and watched you at it alittle more."

Achilles has posed:
    Smirking, Angelo shakes his head. "As you wish." he says softly. Then he grimaces as a memory comes back to him. What? It's a memory of a movie.. Princess Bride if you must know. But then he looks up to Sara's face and smiles, "I hope you enjoyed your time in Gotham." he says as his eyes turn back down to the anvil and he lifts the hammer to start working the metal once more. He's drawing it out longer and thinner right now. "I am trying a style called Damascus. Layering the steel to get a cool pattern in it. It's been some time since I tried this." he adds.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Shifting back to the leaning spot Sara smiles, not having missed the grimace, she assumes it was the beat of the hammer that caused it. That smile though, it's almost got a dreamy quality to it.

"I learned a few new techniquies to take to the captain, as well as a more efficient way of doing paper work." Taking a moment to unbutton her jacket, she pulls it off and tosses it aside. Beneath is her white shirt, as well as her shoulder holster and gun. On her left wrist is what looks like a new watch, only there is more to it than just a watch.

"This was a gift from Wayne Enterprises, or more directly, Richard Grayson. It is a personal recorder linked to the law enforcement system that will allow me to speak to it and file reports directly," Her eyes light up as she says Grayson's name. "It's a prototype, but I'm hoping I can make it a hard sell for the department to use."

Achilles has posed:
    Bang bang bang. "Did you have the chance to meet Commissioner Gordon?" asks Angelo as he works. His eyes flicker up at the mention of a gift from Wayne Enterprises, "That's cool... and I thought the purpose of paperwork was to -be- inefficient. Otherwise, why would there still be paperwork?" he asks as he works.
    Only a few more minutes though, and the metal goes back into the forge. "This usually takes hours or days." he explains.
    But at the explanation of the wrist device, he nods, "We do have similar systems at ARMOR... but that is not exactly surprising when Stark tech is in use there."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara unfastens the holster now, but it is not just set aside, just loosened and left where it is. "I didn't get to meet him unfortunately, he was overwhelmed by people and I didn't want to be a fangirl, but he did the opening introductions for Bruce Wayne."

The heat was getting too much, so she moves a little bit back, but kept talking. "I'm sure there are similar gadgets all over the place, but this one is... well an introductory gift." She chuckles. "We need to get organized in the departments and across the country. This type of device is exactly what is needed. At the seminar on Cutting Through the Red Tape, Dick and I were talking about just what you said, that it seems the whole purpose of paper work was just to slow things down now. Unacceptable. I may be planning to leave the force, but that doesn't mean I can't help make some changes before I go."

Achilles has posed:
    Nodding, Angelo says, "As I have heard Americans say.. Gordon is good people." He worked alongside the man and hopes he made a good impression by putting his SHIELD credentials beneath Gordon's authority, not usurping it.
    A shrug is given and he steps closer, "May I see it?" he asks. "And you realize that if you are in SHIELD, you could still -be- on the NYPD, right?" he asks, turning his head to look at the side of her face. He pauses, licks his lips and then continues, "SHIELD could be a covert thing for you. Giving you access to it, and still being a cop as a cover. That is, if your superiors trhink that's a good idea."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
She offers him her wrist, the one with the new toy, "It's an amazing little gadget, only reacts to me," she explains with a smile, eyes sparkling. "Dick helped me get it working, cause it was a little above my head. I think that was while we having a drink, or might have been at dinner." She ponders a moment.

"Yeah, that was at dinner. The only work related thing we permitted, though funnily enough, we talked about work related stuff. He's a detective in Gotham, but I'm sure you knew that." Another chuckle. "I intend to talk to my captain, see what he thinks. I'd like to be able to do both, but I don't know if that will be possible. If he thinks it will work then hell yeah I intend to, but I also don't want to run myself ragged, I might actually have a social life a head of me."

Achilles has posed:
    Nodding slowly, Angelo shrugs his shoulders, "You might want to talk to SHIELD first. It is possible they'd prefer your captain not be aware of your agent status. That is, when you get in."
    And the mention of a social life makes him go a bit more quiet. "Glad to hear you're getting out and having a life." he says as he returns to the forge to pluck his billet out. He places it on the anvil and strikes it ... a little harder than previous whacks, but he's needing to do something to channel the negativity in his head.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
She hmmm softly, taking her arm back to fold across her chest. "You're right, I'm getting ahead of myself with that. SHIELD hasn't even contact me yet. I'm just excited I guess

A soft sigh rolls past her lips, a mixture of impatience and happiness at once. She doesn't notice his tempo has changed or that the metal is taking the brunt of his emotions. "I have a lead or two I think should point me toward the location I was found in. I was investigating the disappearance of two children when I went MIA. But it's a lead, so I'm going with it, well I will be, tomorrow.

She picks her jacket up to fold over her arm, not wanting to leave it just laying around. "I have a date on Tuesday night, so I have to get as much done tomorrow and Tuesday morning before heading back to Gotham. Thank gods for the Hyperloop."

Achilles has posed:
    "Well.." begins Angelo, "I'd be happy to accompany and assist in your investigation." he offers.
    And then the word 'date' comes up, and his hammer strikes a bad angle, and the billet snaps. He actually loses his grip on the hammer, and just stands back as it flies off to strike the floor a bit away. And the superheated metal bit does the same thing.
    Wordlessly, he shrugs, "I mention it's been a while since I've done this, right?" he asks, trying to go for lighthearted humor, but his heart isn't in it. "But seriously, if you need help, you know you can ask me any time, right?"

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Jumping back, just in case, Sara blinks a few times. "Whoa, everything good? You should grab that metal before it starts a fire." Yeah, she's clueless, his announcement that it's been awhile is enough of an explanation for her.

"You did that say. I'm sorry that didn't work though, it looks like a lot of work. Can you salvage it?"

Achilles has posed:
    "It's not the product that is the reason for this. It's the process that I enjoy. I mean, I'm never going to make anything anywhere near as good as what I use in a real fight." offers Angelo as he goes to crouch and grab the billet piece off the floor with a heat resistant cloth.
    Standing back up, he grins, "I can forge weld this and get even more layers. So... when forging, it's difficult to fail entirely. At worst, you learn what not to do."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
    Sara seems greatly relieved to hear that, having actually been concerned his hard work was wasted. "I can use your help. I don't think going into this alone again is a good idea. The case I was working is still unsolved, so it might be linked to what happened to me."
    She watches him collect the billet with the cloth, surprised it didn't catch fire. "I know we likely won't get much accomplished in two days, but we might be able to find out /something/. I'd move the date, but Dick has limited time just like I do, and that's when matched up for the both of us."

Achilles has posed:
    Nodding, Angelo shrugs, "Well, you shouldn't have gone alone the first time, but.. I can't change the past. So I would appreciate the opportunity to be there for you in whatever capacity you require or desire..." Yes, implications well beyond working a case -are- included in that statement, not that she might realize it.
    Placing the broken metal pieces onto the anvil, where they've already cooled quite a bit, he turns to regard them, if only to -not- let her see his face and eyes, "Well, if you feel the need to shop for the date, I am sure we could investigate afterwards. Maybe you could get a new outfit to surprise him with?"

Sara Pezzini has posed:
    Sara's head cants slightly, there's something in what he said that sounds familiar, but also very odd to her ears at the same time. It feels exactly like something he would say and that he has reason to say it, but at the same time there is no reason in the world that her mind can find that he should say it.
    "There aren't enough senior detectives to go around," she says in response to going alone. "Matherson was on sick leave that day, and I had a lead... at least, that's what in my notes. This time around though, you'll be there, so I'm certain nothing will repeat itself."
    At the mention of new outfit however her face lights up, "Gods you should /see/ the outfit Dick got me for his birthday party on Saturday!" She practically sings. "I have never in my life owned anything like this, I mean it's worth more than your house! It's an original Janet van Dyne, I watched her sketch it, right before my very eyes! I was so out of my element though, but she's amazing and the people she sent me to for the jewelry and shoes, christ... I think I entered an alternate dimension for a short time."

Achilles has posed:
    "You might be surprised what property in Brooklyn owns when you buy it flat out, rather than get a mortgage.." admits Angelo, his back still to her. But his voice sounds amused at the very least. "But funny, I didn't think a little thing like extravagant spending would make you sound like a middle school girl with a crush." he offers... enjoying having a chance to get a little zing in.
    But then he turns and folds his arms over his half-bare chest, butt leaning against the nearby counter. "But you are right. You will not be alone. That much I can promise."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
    For a moment Sara looks wounded, like someone just took a pin and poked her in the arm but she lets it pass. "It's not the money," she states flatly, the excitement gone from her. "I've just never owned anything like that before. I was surprised."
    She swings her jacket over and slips it back on. "I think I'm going to go shower and change. Anything I can get you while I'm inside?"

Achilles has posed:
    Aside from company in the shower, nothing he can think of comes to mind, so Angelo just shrugs, "I'm fine. I'll be in in a bit. Need to shut this down safely and all." Yeah. There's a bit of a puckered bruised ego and pride there. What can anyone expect?