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Bizarro Destroys Metropolis
Date of Scene: 19 March 2021
Location: Midtown - New Troy
Synopsis: Manipulated by Mister Mxyzpltk, The Bizarro Superman confuses the Fifth Annual Giant Robot Appreciation Day Parade for an invasion! Sweeping in to help save the day, Bizarro must be stopped before he ruins the nice day out...or gets someone killed.
Cast of Characters: Clark Kent, Natasha Irons, Terry O'Neil, Ted Kord, Hyperion, Xi'An Coy Manh, Thor, Arthur Curry, T'Challa, Donna Troy

Clark Kent has posed:
The city of Townsville!

No, wait, it's Metropolis. And on the Avenue of Tomorrow, it's a very special day; giant robot appreciation day! The hard working, well adjusted scientists of Metropolis's busiest street take this opportunity to show their stuff, and pay tribute to the entirely responsible science that's brought them where they are today. This tradition was carefully negotiated with a skeptical Science Police and a publicity starved city government on the traditional basis of 'who wants to try and stop us'? But the nerds get to have their parade and no one's been hurt so far, though Dan Turpin is going through his brand new set of cloned lungs awfully fast from stress cigars.

"Funny man was right." A strange visitor from another world says, arms crossed, cape flapping in the breeze. No one has noticed that it's flapping in the wrong direction, considering the current direction of the wind. "Robot monsters have invaded home! Where friend Superman? Is he in cahoots with forces of evil again?"

"Who knows?" The reflection of a funny little man in a purple suit and bowler hat says, grinning like a litter of Cheshire Cats. "Perhaps he went to Krypton to dig through the dirt, huh? Hope he didn't leave anything behind, hah!"

"Your implications are reassuring." The strange visitor says, "If Superman gone...Metropolis safe from army of robots! Even now they do march of defeat down city street, just like those movies funny man gave me!"

"Yeah, I think I see Vandal Savage in piloting the robot made of wood." The funny man says, his eyes turning into a parascope so his bizarre friend can see better.

"You right Jimmy!" He's getting into the spirit now, a fantasy coming to life. "If Superman not here...Bizarro must act! Bizarro doom Metropolis, ruin nice day out for everyone! Show better than Superman, great taste, less filling!"

"Quick!" Mxyzpltk crows, slapping a tiny knee, "There's only seconds to act!"

"Not enough time at all! Better go AROUND WORLD!" The Bizarro Superman claims, and then flies directly towards the Avenue of Tomorrow.

Some poor soul sees. "Look, up in the sky! It's one of them killer wasps!"

"No, stupid, it's a derrigible!"

"It's not Superman!" A woman runs for cover as Bizarro punches a hole through a giant, Art Deco looking robot, ripping the iron giant dead in half with a noise that sounds like the end of the world. Metropolis civilians don't screw around; no one's hurt yet, people quickly rushing to nearby porta-shelters and other defenses, but will that last!

"Futuro!" Doctor Takashi says, climbing out of the ruined cockpit. "Futuro! Oh, all you wanted to do was crush the human race beneath your iron boots! Why didn't anyone understand you?!"

"Professor." Futuro groans, "It's...cold."


The Bizarro Superman, a strange creature with the rough shape of Superman, but with a twisted, pale face that looks like it's horribly scarred, or shaped out of a rougher clay than the origional model at least. "I am here!" Bizarro says, clapping his hands together and delighting as half a dozen pressure resistant steel-glass windows shatter like candy floss. "Here to save the day!"

Natasha Irons has posed:
"This is just nuts." Natasha states from within the confines of her armor. She stands on the edge of the building and stares down at the parade that is going on. She shakes her head and sighs, "What were they even thinking with this? Like someone isn't going to cause trouble." She states even as she puts the head of the hammer on the edge of the building, the chrome mask mimicing her face perfectly. And then, she is proven right as a red and blue blur of Stuporman flies right into the robot.

"It's like clockwork." She shakes her head and floats up casually into the air. Unlike her uncle, she lacks the cape he liked to wear, instead just sporting the S. She casually drops the top of the handle of the hammer into her left hand while holding on to it with her right hand at the same time, making a solid thud of force as she does.

"Well, play stupid games." With that, she's off like a shot, flying right into the blast created by the clapping of Bizzaro's hands and then halting before him and dropping her hammer to her shoulder, "Hey, Picasso Superman, how about we leave the poor robot nerds alone and have a nice calm talk about why we don't break other people's windows."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
And /somewhere/ in Metropolis, the Cheshire Cat's chaos magic senses go *twing-twang*, and his whiskers curl. Just like Clara Clavel, he intones "Something is not right!" - probably to the great puzzlement of those occupying the break room at the Daily Planet. More puzzling still for them as he leaps through a Rabbit Hole, blindly following that sensation, leaving his perfectly great lunch behind (Intern Gary will see to it).

When he arrives at a rooftop overlooking the scene from a distance, the Titan curses and reaches for his comm.

"Titans, Vorpal on scene at the Avenue of Tomorrow. Need backup. I am spotting Biazrro-" and the his voice cuts out at the massive boom that shatters windows and gives him a /splitting/ headache. "-&$*#@(% my ears! Ungh... Bizarro on scene. I'm going to need some muscles here-" he pauses. "I also see Steel here. I'm coming closer. If those two clash we're going to have to evac people in the portable shelters first!"

He goes invisible and Rabbit Holes down to street level to assess the civilian situation.

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord shouldn't try to take a day off. Ever.

Ted was watching the parade start, churro i hand, terribly vested in his nerdiness and now... this? He tugs at the running suit he wears and it breaks away to reveal his Beetle uniform. The aero disks fly off his back and onto his feet as he leaps to fly down the street and grab a mother and her daughter out of the path of a truck with a shattered windshield, the driver blinded. "Hello ma'am! Next time try flying. It's the safest mode of travel!" He turns to shield them from shattered glass they can't avoid.

"Hey kid that's my churro Oh go ahead."

Hyperion has posed:
    I mean it's not like he's going to make folks say, 'Look! Up in the sky!' Hyperion is wearing the wrong colors for that. Black with golden yellow trim? So unlike either Superman -or- Bizarro. Either way, Hyperion drops down out of the sky. He was entering the atmosphere having been out in orbit. And as he aimed for New York... he caught sight of the giant robots in Metropolis, and so he diverted out of idle curiosity.
    And then... things get bizarre. His eyes narrow and he drops down to land on the sidewalk... going into a burst of motion to start defending the civilians as they move into shelters.
    He doesn't really speak at all. He is too focused on snatching debris out of the air, and imterposing himself between damaging items and the fleeing civilians. His own cape -does- flow the way the wind goes. Take that Bizarro!

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh has come to Metropolis on a Monday day trip for several reasons.

1. Buy some new battery packs for her dumb leg because the old ones were dying and she won't let them take her with them
2. Giant Robot Parade! Excellent funny photo fodder for currently-not-present siblings. Also, parade food.
3. Bars?

Phase 1 of OPERATION: METROPOLIS has been completed. The fruits rest in a nylon bag slung over her shoulder.

Phase 2 was proceeding without interference and Shan had even thought, hey, I think I'm getting over the faint anti-Sentinel flinch response since these guys are all so adorable and goofy, UNTIL

Shan drops her half-of-an-elephant-ear in absolute shock at the impact of the flying Bizarro. She blinks once, stunned, as the wave of emotional distress ripples out from the impact, an object lesson in the collective processing speed of the human brain! By the time she has gotten to her feet, Hyperion is on the scene.

"How many Supersman can there be!" she exclaims in wonder, before someone jostles her hard enough for her phone - held in her other hand - to go flying up in the air. "Fff--"

Thor has posed:
Thor is a difficult man to pin down, ping-ponging as he does between the various realms, quests, and realm quests he has gotten himself caught up in. But today, his long-suffering handler at ARMOR managed to catch him when he was in Midgard and between quest stages and notify the Asgardian prince of a dimensional breach in Metropolis. The power scale of the interloper is off the charts, and once he was informed that his particularly heavy-handed response might be warranted, Thor was only too eager to prove his valor defending Midgard against the invaders in question.

So it is that with a roll of... well... you know... that the god of thunder enters Metropolitan airspace at supersonic speeds, dragged through the air by the momentum of Mjolnir, the brick-headed hammer held in front of him by a long-suffering strap of leather.

The sight of a crimson, blurred cape in these skies is familiar enough, and even as Thor drops to sensible speeds and descends into the streets, his familiar, grinning face ought to set the citizenry at ease. All except Bizarro, who almost certainly has no idea who the buzzed beefcake dropping to the street in front of him is. "Hail, stranger!" Thor shouts merrily, impressed by the noise of the clap and seemingly pleased by it. "You look like a hero type, yes? You haven't happened to see a sort of dimensional breach near here? Like a portal into another world with evil things pouring out of it? Doppa-somethings." He lifts up his hands, fingers in a clawlike curl, and makes a scary snarly face. "Like: 'rrrrr!' I'm here to hit them with a hammer, if you could just point me in the right direction."

Arthur Curry has posed:
Aquaman was visiting the Metropolis Hall of Justice when the report of trouble in Midtown comes in. It's the work of only a moment to put his armor on and grab his trident. Moments later he's in the sky over a wrecked robot. "Ok, this probably isn't good." He flips on his Justice League comm and reports

<<Ok, got Bizarro in Metropolis, anyone who can lend a hand would be useful>>

After that, he comes down to Bizarro's level, thinks about it for a moment, and then in a move that Diana would be proud of, actually tries talking.

"Hey there big guy, that robot do something to you? Maybe you shouldn't break things."

T'Challa has posed:
Science. T'Challa certainly has a vested interest in science. It plays a major role in Wakanda's place in the world, much of which is still a secret to many. The King, flanked by Dora Milaje guardswomen, only had enough time to begin striking up a conversation about a potential project with one of the scientists when /Bizarro/ showed up.

As a robot is attacked and windows shatter from the thunderclap, he excuses himself for he knows it is time to switch gears. He ducks into an alley and his costume takes shape, replacing his finery. Over comms linked both to the Justice League and Avengers, he relays, <<Black Panther reporting. I am on site. We have Bizarro attacking Metropolis. Repeat: Bizarro attacking Metropolis. I will look after the citizens first.>>

Then, the man rushes out of the alley, leaping to land atop a SUV for a better view of the immediate area, scanning for dangers nearby. His security move to flank him, prepared to aid as needed.

Donna Troy has posed:
    It had been a great vacation. A week and change back home on Themyscira with a bunch of her Titan friends, and to Donna's enormous surprise, the Titans who remained home didn't seem to have completely trashed the Tower in her absence, and don't seem to have faced any particularly notable incidents while she was gone, either.

    Three minutes. That's how long it had taken. Three minutes from arriving back at Titans Tower to getting the emergency alert. from Vorpal. It's a conspiracy, that's the only explanation. "On my way, Vorpal" she sighs into the T-com before grabbing up her shield, sword and lasso, and taking off from the roof of the tower.

    "There are giant robots," Donna continues through the T-Com as she draws close just moments later (it's a short flight). "Why are there giant robots? Why am I asking. Of course there would be giant robots."

    Seeing Aquaman below, Donna drops down to the ground close by to give him back-up. Diana may not be around to witness his attempts to open dialog, but at least her sister is - though Aquaman might not notice the difference, he's mistaken Donna for Diana before, much to Donna's amusment. She readies her lasso, but holds it unthreateningly and lets Aquaman do the talking.

Clark Kent has posed:
The parade itself has been held up by Bizarro's attack; several giant robots, all made of strange materials in the great scientific tradition of showing off, are kind of standing listlessly as an old man cries in the steel guts of his giant, deadly robot son. Bizarro is preening like he's the belle of the ball, and then a bunch of weirdos in tights show up.

"Bizarro doesn't have this." Bizarro says, visibly irritated at all of the words and speechifing. By a bunch of blondes too! Hyperion's ginger which might as well be blonde, Bizarro decides. "Don't respect Bizarro! It makes him happy! Robots invade Metropolis, Superman fights robots. Bizarro fights WORSE. Is rocket science. You go be blonde elsewhere."

Bizarro doesn't notice anyone running around helping people; in the pink clouds of his mind, these things sort themselves out. That said, someone else DOES, and snaps an invisible finger. Terry, T'challa, anyone else assessing the situation; things are a bit wild; this is the Avenue of Tomorrow, already the most unstable place in metropolis. A group of stable-we-swear scientists just had the best day of their year ruined, and Freezclops is already charging its ice beam. The MCU are slow in arriving because as part of their deal with the Avenue, they don't patrol the parade in exchange for everyone's promise not to NEED a patrol, which sounds ridiculous until you realize how many of these people have time cannons and radioactive knees. People are running to temporary shelters; force fields, planks of steel-work, and other places away from the potential carnage, but glass is everywhere and its getting worse.
    ed, you have a more direct problem as you save the child. Your aero-disks suddenly start going out of control! It looks like they've shorted out...but that's impossible! More immediately, can you repair them mid-air while dodging debris?

Meanwhile, the main attraction is getting irritated at Thor because he just parsed 'Doppleganger'. "Bizarro is no spirit!" Bizarro says, and Thor can feel primeval chill coming from the monster's eyes. "He is no bad parody of Superman! Bizarro number one! Bizarro show you, golden man!" Bizarro then moves fast enough to cause another sonic boom; he has none of Superman's reserve or control, and every movement of the Bizarro Superman is a threat to people around him. He grabs for Thor's cape and aims to hurl the Thunder God through the charging freeze-robot and at Hyperion! "Bizarro real! You all the fakes! Nuclear man, golden man, hammer man, all just bad reflection of Bizarro!"

There is an awful moment of recognition, Natasha, as he sees your symbol. "Hammer Man."

Natasha Irons has posed:
A blink as the others arrive and Natasha rolls her eyes as she looks to Thor, "Hey, pretty boy, I'm pretty sure you are talking /to/ the problem." She gestures to Bizzaro and then shakes her head before suddenly Bizzaro is off like a shot right into Thor and huring him at Hyperion. She watches this happen only barely and only becaues the armor does allow her better senses than normal. Jeeze, he is definitely no joke but then again. Neither is her armor.

"Hey!" Natasha attempts to bring the hammer down right on to Bizzaro's back, "The name is Steel and last I checked, I'm not built to be an anything /man/." And once she finishes her swing she immediately uses a reverse thrust away from Bizzaro and up into the sky, firing a quick blast from her left arm at him, "Come on up and bring that backwards S with you!" She grins, "Fights up here!"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Aquaman, Hyperion, Troia, Thor and Steel. Vorpal is squishy- he knows better than to get in the crossfire of the mighty fist-people. The main priority right now is to get people out of direct harm's way. Steel is taunting Bizarro to join her in the sky- good move. It'll buy the rescue team downstairs some time.

Spotting T'Challa on top of the SUV, and Blue Beetle ... in the air, but having difficulties. There's not much /he/ can do about Beetle, but the Black Panther seems to be keeping an eye out for the civilians. He is about to turn his attention to the civilians when he /stops/ and feels that tingling sensation again.

Someone is /interfering/. He frowns and looks around- but he can't see anyone who fits the role of a sorcerer, so they must be invisible- like him.

Or, you know, scrying and acting from a distance. That's likely, too. There's only one way to find out.

"Donna, I'll be right back. I'm sensing something /screwy/ but I need to get... supplies," He speaks into the comm.

A Rabbit Hole, and he is gone from the Avenue of Tomorrow. For now.

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord feels the disk controls going pear shaped. He has no desire to be known as Willie Augerin. He still has throttle controls. His disks glow blue and roar as he soars up.

"Hang on," he says to the girl and he sticks her on his back, through the straps that held his disks. The mother goes over one shoulder.

The Blue Beetle grabs a flagpole. They're great for catching heroes going up or down! He twirls around it twice as his disks fly off and are lost to sight.

"Again!" the little girl shouts. Her mom says, in a more solemn tone, "I think I peed myself."

"Ourselves," the Blue Beetle corrects.

Thor has posed:
"Excuse me, Ugly Superman, Fish Boy, Iron Lass," Thor says, casting Bizarro, Arthur, and Natasha an apologetic look before putting one finger into his ear and continuing, "King Black Panther? Is that you?" He holds up one finger to signal his conversation partners to wait. "Who is Bizarro and where is he attacking the city? I'm at a sort of Midgardian festival with robots and clapping, but I can be where I am needed at a moment's notice!" He's already twirling Mjolnir in one hand, but not idly: he's getting ready to launch himself into the air and find the danger that threatens Metropolis.

He's distracted enough by this conversation to utterly fail to notice Bizarro's building anger or Natasha's warning... until, that is, the faux Kryptonian's difficult-to-parse soliloquy comes to an end and he grabs Thor by the cape. "Hngk!" the Asgardian chokes out, eloquent as usual, then he's being dragged and flung bodily, colliding backward with the robot, then Hyperion. He decelerates quickly after those first couple of impacts, though: Mjolnir was already spinning, and it's a simple matter to catch Hyperion's wrist with one hand and build a little whirlwind with the other. This slows them both down before they slam through any buildings.

Moments after his boots touch back down, the Asgardian storms angrily back toward the spot he was thrown from. "That was uncalled for!" he bellows at Bizarro. "I had to take a call from a fellow Avenger! You shouldn't throw people in a city; someone could have been seriously hurt!"

In spite of his clear frustration, he notices as Natasha tries to bait Bizarro into the air. If he takes the bait, Thor stands ready to grab his cape, yank him back down, and slam him down into the pavement. Turnabout is, after all, fair play.

Hyperion has posed:
    The strange thing for Thor is that when he strikes Hyperion, the impact is far less than it oughta be. This is because the sound of the 'Hngk!' got Hyperion's attention, and the reason Thor's hurled body struck him at all is because there were civilians behind him, and he made sure to stay in position to be struck. At the same time, he surged backwards in that moment of impact to absorb it without being an anvil for the Thunderer to hammer against. Pun intended.
    Either way, Hyperion sees how things progress, and he keeps his focus on the bystanders. "Focus on the fight. I'll protect the civilians." he says before accelerating into Hyper-Speed. Yes, it's Hyper, not Super because duh. Trademark infringement is a thing. But he's in total bystander mode.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Other heroes arrive, and in their vigor and glory, Shan is briefly awed. A moment later, being used to this sort of professional situation herself, she glances over her shoulder. It is an obscure feeling, but the speed and publicity of this... it makes her suspect a feint.

A moment later Bizarro bursts beyond the speed of sound. "Gahk," Shan says to herself, cupping her hands over her ears as she grimaces. Spared an eardrum rupture, she nonetheless grimaces at a flinder of glass scratching her bare shin, leading her to regret wearing a sporty dress for a day out.

And yet. Someone in the downed robot... is sobbing. Grimacing for a moment, Shan runs opposite of the flow of the crowd, out into the street. Once she is near the leg of Futuro she crouches down, using the advanced tactical technique of 'placing large metal objects between you and the strong flying people' while muttering to herself, "They seem to have this in hand, but even so..."

A thought is sent with glimmering violet quickness through the mighty torso of Futuro. <<Sir!>> Shan addresses the concealed Takashi. <<Are you injured? Is there an exit you can take?>>

Arthur Curry has posed:
"Yep, that's about how I expected that to go." is all Aquaman has to say as Bizarro blasts forward towards Thor. "Now I try it my way."

Catching sight of Donna from the corner of his eye... Amazon, armor, lasso, "Diana, thank God. Let's get this guy!" He leaps forward, trying to grab one of Bizarro's arms. You never know, maybe enough folks will go for the tackle that they'll be able to pin this guy down while they come up with a plan.

He tries to use any momentum from Natasha's hit on Bizarro to drag the guy down to the ground where hopefully he can be handled a little more easily.

T'Challa has posed:
Black Panther's attention snaps toward the robots as civilians begin to mostly flee for safety. Many of them appear to have experience with this sort of thing. <<Yes, I am here,>> he relays, giving a quick rundown of the Bizarro threat before Thor arrives. <<I am concerned the people operating these robots may panic and cause more trouble. I will do what I can to get them out of harm's way.>>

This results in he and the Dora Milaje rushing in ahead of the big robots and the scientists running them. He amplifies his voice through the mask he wears, to ensure a better chance of them hearing him. "Follow me! We must get you to safety! It is for the best! We have people who can deal with the threat!" He's directing them toward a side street, away from the biggest threat, but there is already damage taking place around them and the ice beam that's coming perilously close to being shot off is a cause for concern. "Do not fire!" he shouts. "This way!"

Donna Troy has posed:
    Honestly Donna's about as confused as Thor by what is going on, but her comm conversation is briefer and less distracting. "I'm /seeing/ something screwy, Vorp" she says into her T-Com. "Hurry back." If Vorpal, of all people, things something screwy is going on, it's a good bet that things are weirder than they seem.

    Not having been one of the people to actually address Bizarro, he seems to be paying her no attention at the moment, so she takes the opportunity to circle casually around the faux-Kryptonian while he's distracted by attempting to use Thor as the ball in a game of Hyperion-bowling. Eyes flick briefly upwards towards Steel as she thrusts skywards, then narrow in Bizarro's direction.

    Her lasso, glowing golden, starts to spin.

    "Troia," she remarks to Aquaman, smirking slightly. "We're not /that/ alike! She's taller."

    The lasso lashes out, low, timed to go with Aquaman and Thor's attacks, as Bizarro reacts to Natasha's hammer-blow. While Thor goes for his cape, Donna aims to hook him by a leg -- hopefully he'll end up being pulled two ways , giving Aquaman a perfect target for the body-check.

Clark Kent has posed:
Doctor Polar was a Metropolis scientist back when anyone with a personality was 'mad', or working for Luthor. He's seen the city go from being embarrassed of its population to embracing them as its ticket to future relevance; and it's always ticked him off. But he went with it, because it was the right thing for Metropolis, and science, and because Superman would punch his lights out if he didn't.

He takes a long look at Bizarro, and then a long look at Black Panther. "Alright. Come on, you lot!" Polar shouts, and the brightest minds of a generation reluctantly follow. Hope you know where you're going, T'challa!

Ted, you manage to save yourself and your cargo. Good job! Fate has no more cruelty for you...for the moment.

"Hmm." The presence says to itself, and snaps a finger.

Xi'an, it's a rough path inside of the machine. Bizarro did a number to it! The old man has gone from utter grief to fear as he realizes he is in the middle of a combat zone. The doctor struggles with morality for a second, before reaching out a hand to Xi'an. "<Please, help! My legs are stuck! I do not want to die!>"

"Doppleganger." Bizarro says, brushing the dust off of his cape. And then Natasha smacks him in the face. Bizarro isn't bothered any more than Superman would be by a light hit by Steel's hammer, but he is irritated, and falls for the fient, falling into Thor's grasp. "Bizarro is very ugly! Golden man pretty! Must put off friends at dinner! Maybe wear bag over head, ha ha!" Bizarro says, because 'ugly Superman' stung. He's then dragged to the ground, hit with a magic lasso, and the iron clad grip of Aquaman. It's a rough spot.

Bizarro is furious. Has the little man abandoned him? The magic of the lasso burns him and he isn't sure why, but all of these people are here, infurating him, and as much as Bizarro truly wants to help, he won't tolerate being dogpiled.

Bizarro takes a breath, and FIRE happens, a blast of Super Breath igniting upon contact with oxygen, sending a nightmarish blast of heat and force all around Bizarro! He's focusing on Thor and Troia, because Aquaman's behind him and he doesn't want to burn himself. Muscles that could crack a moon in half strain against the dogpile, as Bizarro piles heat and pain onto the situation. Can the heroes hold out?!

Natasha Irons has posed:
"Tough bastard." Natasha states as she floats back up out of reach and Thor takes the opportunity to yank him down. She then blinks at the fire burst and flies up higher, "Damn, that's different." She shakes her head and speaks inside the helmet, not out loud, "Computer, find out all you can about this guy and also contact Uncle Henry. He might know what this guy is or how to stop him." She then shakes her head as she calculates the distance and then calls out.

"Hold him!" And she flies straight up, hitting 100 yards pretty quickly and then spinning around a couple of times and aiming her hammer for release. Right toward Bizarro. The computer in her suit and in her hammer helping to calculate just the right trejectory.

THing about her hammer is, well, the farther it goes, the faster it gets. Intertial dampeners mean that once her hammer builds up a head of steam, it doesn't let little things like wind friction, gravity, or physics get in the way of a good time.

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord sitting on the flagpole with a woman and child clutching him tightly finally get s a hand to his mouth and lets out a piercing whistle. A few moments later there is the quiet thrum of engines and the Bug flies overhead. It lowers a line to Beetle. Sometimes you need to do things the old fashioned way. Once aboard he points the two passengers to the seat in the back and...

... notices the freeze ray sweeping towards them. The Bug deploys its thermal beam. With a flash and sizzle the two beams meet.

Onboard the Bug Ted manipulates power flow and beam colimaters. The outer hull of the aircraft turns dark blue, then black as it uses every bit of the solar power it collects.

"Yah want a giant robot! I'll show you a giant robot!"

Thor has posed:
Thor pounces, lightning-fast, when he sees his opportunity, and does his part to help wrestle the strange being down to the pavement. "I believe I have encountered the knave!" he growls through gritted teeth, presumably continuing his earpiece conversation with Black Panther. He doesn't really do the 'lowered voice on the radio' thing. He doesn't do lowered voices, generally. "He is an unruly fellow, to be sure!" he continues, demonstrating his considerable mastery of understatement as the entire area turns into a miserable inferno.

"Surtur's farts, is all of this //really// necessary?" he says, holding up Mjolnir and a gauntleted forearm to shield himself from the blast of fire. His Asgardian constitution can bear a lot, but Bizarro's... bizarre constitution is happy to dish it out. "This seems less than tenable, my friends," he shouts to the heroes helping with the dogpile, even as he can feel his grip weakening. "Mayhap a more direct approach?"

And here, his conversation stops. It's hammer time! WHUNG after metallic WHUNG resounds through the plaza as he batters the alien 'knave' with Mjolnir, softening him up for Natasha's airborne strike.

Hyperion has posed:
    Fire blasts.. breath? Hyperion inclines his head. He's managed to defend the civilians long enough that the battlefield is pretty much clear. Except for those giant robots. He glances towards them and then he spots Ted and his incoming freeze ray. He surges into motion and suddenly there is a golden yellow cape in front of Ted as Hyperion intercepts the freeze ray on his chest... the cryo-beam striking him and dispersing along his torso. "I have this." he states. "Get those people out of here." he suggests.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Shan starts crawling up the side of Futuro. She wonders if the robot is in a sense alive now. Was its core processor or memory blasted by whatever-the-fudge that blast was? Is there a backup? If it got emulated on a cloud computer, would it be 'the same person'? All interesting questions.

Shan peeks over the blast zone and waves once. "I've got you," she assures the trapped doctor, before twisting round and lowering herself down into the space, using a tragically-emptied cup holder as a foot rest. (She thinks it's a cup holder.)

"Me neither," she answers the doctor's imploring desire to not die.

Inwardly, Shan thinks: Did I really just say that? I am so glad nobody is looking at me right now, save the wounded man. Her eyes sweep up now that she is almost entirely inside of the robot, which should be a shrapnel shield if nothing else. The erupting flame of -- that strange copy of Superman. The shouts of a god. The radiant rays of a flying machine -

Karma ducks into the cockpit. Wild, she thinks. She reaches down then, gritting her teeth as she pulls on -- "Is this a leg thing, like a roller coaster? I mean I would not expect it but it is certainly sensible for this," she says aloud, looking up and meeting the pinned super-scientist's eyes. "I will help you up top and then back down, though -- here, sir, pull your legs free if you-- can:"

She peeks back upwards. "That creature that looks like Superman is enduring everything they can throw at him!" After this she crouches back into the cockpit. "There's also a lot of broken glass. Be sure to slide left once you're out."

T'Challa has posed:
Black Panther runs a quick scan of Doctor Polar's robot, just in time to see the cyclops shoot off an icy blast. "Don't fire!" he shouts, but after a quick exchange with Polar, who denies doing it, T'Challa works out that there is a sort of rudimentary AI in play here. "I am going to need you to lock the weapons immediately, before you make this any worse! Trust that our people will keep the area safe! My concern is for you and the other civilians around us!"

He continues to direct them down a side street, after calling over to Karma in order to fill her in on what he's learned of the robots in regard to the matter of the AI. Caution and control is going to be a must. Right now, limiting the potential for unexpected variables creating chaos is paramount.

Arthur Curry has posed:
Aquaman is fairly good with the position he's in, but when the fire starts, something has to be done. "Ok, this guy's getting on my nerves." Exercising one of his lesser known abilities, ice forms where his hands hold onto Bizarro's arm and starts creeping up towards the strange being's head.

"Yeah! Hit him again!" Apparently the hammering meets with his approval, but then, he does have a somewhat simple view of this sort of thing. Diplomacy tends to be something other people do.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna hunkers down, head turned from the incoming blast of fire. She holds on as tightly as she can to the end of the lasso, grimacing with pain. She begins to play out the lasso, keeping it taught as she moves around the street, edging towards a fire hydrant. When she's in kicking range, she demolishes it with a foot.

    The jet of water has minimal impact on the flames - in fact it's fairly quickly turned to steam - but she's providing 'fuel' for Aquaman to do his thing, because you get more ice when there's a plentiful supply of water around. More immediately, the dousing Donna receives gives her a few moments respite against the heat.

    Looking back , Donna sees Thor winding up to hammer-time Bizarro. She pulls hard to tension the lasso low, then jerks the rope upwards and down again with all her strength, sending a sine-wave ripple moving down the length of it. She times the motion with the aim of flipping Bizarro up and slamming him ribcage-first into the ground again just as the first blow of Thor's Mjolnir-frenzy hits. She hopes that the double-whammy will knock the breath out of his lungs enough to put an end to super-breathing fire shenanigans, and have him thoroughly dazed for the /other/ incoming hammer Steel is hurling down at him.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
The Rabbit Hole opens once again after a little while, and an enormous container drum falls from the sky. In a scene rather reminiscent of Doctor Strangelove, Vorpal is sitting astride it as it falls. It is quite an enormous drum with the letters "MEADOWBROOK" stenciled wide on its side.

"Let's smoke that rat out!" Vorpal says, slamming his hands down on the drum. A spark of chaos magic and suddenly the container glows a bright purple, and then erupts.

Into glitter.

Massive quantities of pink glitter, animated by magic, swirl around the area in a maelstrom, splashing everywhere and sticking to... well... everything. Everyone, potentially. There is a method to Vorpal's madness, however, since the glitter bomb is likely to reveal any invisible presences of the sorcerous kind, hopefully. The empty drum falls on top of a downed robot (not the one Karma is at, fortunately), and the Cheshire leaps at the last moment, landing on top of an SUV to see what is revealed by his improvised Glitter Dust spell.

He is aware that the rest are tussling with Bizarro, but he can't worry about that right now. If there's a sorcerer around here, that may be even the greater threat... believe it or not.

Clark Kent has posed:
"Oops." Doctor Polar says, winking. Somebody gives somebody a high five, but the mad doctors otherwise comply with the Black Panther for the moment. No one wants to be at ground zero of whatever's happening with Bizarro and half the Justice League, and the giant robots have a surprising amount of speed when pushed.

Karma manages to get the old man out with a little work, and then glitter hell goes everywhere. There's a strange little form, about three feet tall, vaguely human shaped, and Karma, Terry, Thor, and anyone else with weird wizard eyes can feel a terrific pulse of power for just a second, like the universe flicking your ear. "Oh no, I've been revealed!" The glitter-man shouts, holding his glitter-hand in the air and failing, "Whatever shall I FREAKING DO, being covered with the decorations budget of my local GENTLEMAN'S CLUB FOR A WEEK. It even tastes like vanilla, my God."

A strange little man walks out of a window, again, three feet tall, in a little suit and bowler hat. "Have some SELF RESPECT, friend. This is an important place, full of important people! Observe!" The little man brushes the glitter-man off, revealing himself. "The most important person in the universe!"

"You flatter us, sir!" Mister Mxyzpltk tips his hat at himself, and then procedes to shove his double entierly into his mouth, swallowing himself in one go. "I despise flattery! And I can't stand a happy ending! Hat-cha!"

Futuro, under all that glitter, starts to move. Dr. Fubuki's eyes widen. "It's powering up?! But...something's wrong, the generator..."

Glitter falls, revealing the face of purple death: Futuro has been transformed into a Sentinel! The deadly robot pauses, confused, and decides to focus on what it knows: killing. "Aberrant genetic structures detected." It groans, raising a fist, energy swirling in Karma and Terry's direction. It's charging to fire. "Eliminating."

The doctor is desperately pressing his remote control. "No, Futuro! You're built to help, not hurt! Oh no no no!"

Mxyzpltk laughs, floating in the air. "This scene is getting dull, but I'll take a little family drama before I go. Oh goon!"

But something strange is happening. Bizarro's panicked, and doesn't have Clark's battle-cleverness anyway. He's flipped, hurt bad by Thor and flung into the air, where he smashes directly into Steel's superpowered hammer. The further it flies, the harder it hits, after all, and there's a terrible CRACK.

And after a moment, Bizarro stands up...and up...and up...the hunch in his back straightened by the dual hammer blow. "Bizarro...I...can...think? What am I...doing?" The monster asks, sounding hauntingly, for a moment, like the Superman most of you know.

Natasha Irons has posed:
Watching her hammer fly, Natasha smiles as it connects and then stares for a moment, pausing as she stares. She slow blinks as what appears to be glitter falls on basically everything. Her included. She looks at her hands slowly even as Bizarro appears to be, well, normal for the moment. There's a slight beeping in her ear and then a moment later a familiar voice comes on the line.

"You get the hell out of there right now, Natasha! Bizzaro is as powerful as Superman and-"

"Covered in glitter. I got this. Later, Uncle."

"-What the hell did y-"

And then Natasha ends the call and shakes her head as she looks down to see Bizzaro taken care of before she recalls her hammer to her hand and then shakes her head as she looks at Mr. Mxyzpltk and then just mouths out 'What the f**k' a moment later before sighing.

"Computer, prepare a bath for the suit when we get back to clean this glitter off. I think we're done here." She sighs and nods her head. A moment later she gets a response.

"Preparing cleaning procedures. Warning: No amount of cleaning will fully remove glitter. It is a scientific fact." Natasha sighs and shakes her head slowly.

"Not sure if the computer is learning to be snarky or if that is true."

Hyperion has posed:
    Ice crystals melting off of his body, falling off with glitter attached to them... Hyperion still has glitter in hair, on face, etc... but a lot of it got stuck in those frozen crystals of ice. His body heated up to melt them off almost instantly. The ice boiling before it manages to fall away.
    But that is when the robot transforms. "How strange..." he says before he's moving through the air. With one fist glowing... an obvious energy weapon, Hyperion rams into that fist just as it discharges.

    There is a super bright flare and flash of light and energy... and when it fades, that entire hand appears to be missing, blown off by the feedback of striking Hyperion as he was embedded -in- the metal of the fist.

    As for Hyperion himself, he's over there. Yeah, on the other side of that Hyperion shaped hole in that building. Well, not in that building, he's resting in the -next- building after making a few more holes.

    "Ow." he mutters as he lies there. "Did not expect -pain-."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal narrows his eyes at the imp-like creature. Oh, so /that/ is the way it's going to be. But any snarky rejoinders he might have up his non-existent sleeve have to wait, because a Sentinel has suddenly been magicked into existence instead of poor Futuro, and he's going to have to roll up his sleevies.

Which he doesn't have.

A Rabbit Hole puts him right in front of Karma, presenting a very nice and open target. "Aberrant genetic structures? Your programming is faulty, computron- /Fabulous/ genetic structures! So you can--" and his illusion magic kicks in, and suddenly he's Pat Benatar, holding a microphone:

~Hit me with your pet shark*!
I said hit me with your pet shark!
Fire awaaaaay!~

As the beam flashes towards Vorpal, a Rabbit Hole opens to intercept it, its sister opening to show some serious disrespect to Mr. M-

Pew pew!

Footnote: Actually one of the most misheard lyrics in pop history. Look it up, true believers!

Thor has posed:
Thor needs little encouragement from Aquaman, but grins broadly at it nevertheless. "Yes, have at him! Together we will vanquish this foe before he can visit any more destruction on this world!" he says, filled with the joy of battle. Not that Bizarro has done all that much destruction, really. Thor's going to sit and have a think about that ...later.

For now, there's a fight to be had, and for a moment, the four of them seem to have the creature on the ropes. For a moment, anyway -- just before some kind of horrible pink tempest envelops him, and he's suddenly gagging on a cloud of sharp, shiny shards. He releases Bizarro's cape, hand going to cover his mouth as he coughs out mouthfuls of the stuff.

"What foul sorcery--!?" he shouts, staggering back from the fight even as Bizarro straightens into a more genuinely heroic posture. Stooped against the onslaught, he swings his hammer in a grand, overhead circle, quickening its pace until he has created an grand whirlwind, slow enough not to be a devastating tornado, but enough to keep his immediate area clear of glitter.

Fortunately for Vorpal, as Thor launches about fifteen meters into the air, blue eyes filled with cold fury, Mxyzpltk appears and he naturally assumes the newcomer is behind the glitter bomb: just a sorcerer making an entrance. Typical of that sort, really.

He raises Mjolnir, and a rapid sequence of blinding, deafening bolts of lightning strikes it, coursing through his body and out of his other hand to blast at first Mxy, then the sentinel. The bolts will magnetize the glitter around them, causing clumps of it to rain out of the sky.

T'Challa has posed:
Black Panther glares at Polar from behind his mask. The expressionless visage is difficult to read aside from casting a generally stern image with the solid white eyes themselves narrowing or widening to an extent.

Then, it happens. Lots of things falling all around like snow, except not. It shows in the HUD behind those lenses, and it begins to stick in a few places. "...glitter," is all he says, and he has to physically shake some of it off before a subtle vibration through the suit takes care of some more, but there's a lot of it and some of it is just not going to go away yet. That means the King of Wakanda, regal in his costume, has to deal with looking /sparkly/ for now.

However, with the scientists and their robots moving further away, the reveal of the Sentinel draws his focus, and his ire. Whichever way it was created - he's missed the source of it so far - that is also a top priority to deal with.

Racing back into the thick of things, he slows at the sight of Vorpal and..whatever it is the cat-like creature is doing. That is one of the Titans, according to his data files, but with a shake of the head he presses on and uses a few vehicles that increase in size from a car to a box truck in order to get a better angle. Leaping at the Sentinel, vibranium claws come out and slice into the side of the Sentinel as he digs in to hold on, seeking to tear out much of its inner workings. "Not this day!" he shouts.

Then...Thor's lightning bolt strikes, with him close enough that a heavy amount of power from it is absorbed by his suit, now glowing purple along various lines and patterns. Needing a release, he lets out the briefly-stored energy as a concussive-force blast directly at the Sentinel. Those nearby can see the wave as a pulse on the air, and any glitter in the area is simply forced away as well. A fortuitous side effect.

Arthur Curry has posed:
As Bizarro takes that tremendous hammer hit and straightens into an almost heroic figure, Aquaman decides to go against type and try the talking thing Diana keeps going on about again, "You're hurting, not helping. You should leave!"

Now, staying true to type, he's got the Trident of Poseidon gripped low in one hand, ready to try it against the creature's toughness if it doesn't decide that the time has come to leave. Little arcs of lightning start to race up and down the tines as he prepares for a final blow if needed. "I am not letting you break Metropolis when Diana left me in charge!"

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Shan looks over towards T'challa as she is addressed. At the moment, in civilian clothing, she is nothing more than a curiously fearless passerby! But then, good things, nondescript packages, etc. But as she heeds the King, someone else comes in.

Or something else.

Pink glitter fills the air. Shan shifts herself to take the brunt of it, to spare the injured man this indignity! With the result of, naturally enough, getting three tablespoonsful of glitter in her hair and on her back. That sounds like very little. Shan knows exactly how much it actually is.

But despite all of this. She is succeeding. The old man is out and if she can at least get him to one of those pop up shelter thingies he should be fine. Great success for Xi'an Coy Manh, random passerby and good citizen. It's a shame, she thinks, before she raises her head at a sudden throbbing pulse of power.

And she gazes upon the face of Mxyzpltk.

A moment later, Futuro's form is changed, and the looming form of the Sentinel declaims DEATH TO ANOMALOUS GENETIC STRUCTURES. Shan straightens upwards and tells the man, swiftly, "Run!!" She turns to face death itself in the form of transmogrified robot -- and before her, far closer, is the emerging form of the feline force of fury that is Forp-- Vorpal.

"... We are even for the glitter but don't go shouting this so loudly," Shan says to him, hastily, before turning with wide eyes to gaze upon the funny little man with a bowler hat. Her brow knits as she reaches out with the arrogance of innocence and finds -

"NOM DE DIEU," Shan declaims, eyes rolling back in her head. "That -- CREATURE -- it is no mere man, little or otherwise -- ghh -" She presses the heel of her other hand to her nose before taking exactly one step forwards. The batteries in her leg choose this moment to explode from an arc, thankflly pointed away from her still-flesh leg. This makes her slomp forwards like abandoned laundry, as she sucks in a deep breath through her teeth.

"Little - devil - put it BACK! This is no joke! Do it or I will --" At this point she falls silent with a choking noise, although a moment later she spits on the ground and continues to glare with malice at the entity. And then: "What?"

Her lips form as if she is reading something in a runic language, slow and with dire intensity. "Do not - under any circumstances - say... is this a demon??" Her eyes water, but then she tightens her grip. To force the chaotic entity's mouth to form that horrible phonetic phrase!

Donna Troy has posed:
    Is it more or less bizarre that Bizarro is speaking like Kal now? Donna can't quite decide, but the fight appears to be knocked out of him either way. She's about to remark on this fact when she becomes aware of the rain of pink glitter falling out of the sky.

    Donna straightens, blinking, and dabs a finger across her face. She stares at the glitter-daubed tip of her finger, then raises her face to the heavens and yells --


    ...And gets a mouthful of glitter for her troubles.

    Donna sighs, spits out glitter, and tries to dunk herself in the stream of water from the hydrant, just as Thor creates a whirlwind which spares her more glitter, but also blows the stream of water into a fine mist that does little to remove the glitter already present.

    "Hera give me strength," Donna mutters to herself. Ignoring the glitter for now, she faces Bizarro, stares at him thoughtfully for a moment, and releases the lasso from his leg with a flick of her wrist.

    Striding up to stand by Aquaman and reinforce his point, she tells Bizarro "You have been causing great damage to the city. Perhaps that was not your intent, but it has been the results of your actions. We do not wish to fight you - please leave."

    She glitters slightly with a fine dusting of pink.

Clark Kent has posed:
The Sentinel is confused. Its creator made it so; Mxy taking a bit of delight in the synthetic fear of the monster as it's weapons are redirected or destroyed, and it gets an Alpha Strike from the Avengers. "Cannot-cannot compute."

The Sentinel explodes, but its chest bursts apart to reveal a final attack: a bomb!

Weapons are nothing against the Fifth Dimension. Mxyzpltk understands that he is being manipulated while being shocked at the cheek; he is briefly tempted to let Karma feel the pain his physical form 'endures', as it's blasted by the lightning of Thor and a full Sentinel death ray, being reduced to cartoonish ash. But instead, the sorcerer simply rewrites time, rebuilding his body backwards, delighting in any disgust his grizzly rebirth causes.

"Now now, look at you with your big girl pants." The sorcerer says, and there's an edge in it, this time, Karma. "At least you have a little brains, here. Do you know how many times the guy with the hammer got tripped up by a problem he couldn't smash? Hah! And you can even pick up what I don't want you to, this is good, this is very good!"

Karma, you see your own body move on its own, and the imp's voice come out of it. "I'll have to visit this School you're trying not to think about, if there are some minds worth playing with there. It's no Superstoop, but-ah hah. Dekken's people. How amusing! And now, I think, to make you watch yourself suffocat..."

Bizarro looks up at Troia and Aquaman, gently moving the trident aside. "I know what to do. Thank you."

"For a few minutes of sanity." The Bizarro Superman winks, smiling, and is off like a shot!

The Sentinel bulges, being picked up, and Mxyzpltk squawks as he's grabbed by the suit. Flying is WILD at these speeds, Karma.

"What...what are you doing? You know you can't do this! You can't hurt me!" The imp wails, suddenly realizing something, "Superman would never?!"

"But I'm not Superman." Bizarro says, as they break the atmosphere.

The mad imp makes a decision, and suddenly, Karma, you find that your power worked after all. "Ktlpzyxm!"

The glitter says, since that was Vorpral's fault, but the sense of...dread, of insanity, of fear lifts, as the influence of the Fifth Dimension is banished for another ninety days. The day is saved, and despite the property damage, no casualties! Superman would be proud. And as for Bizarro?

He just kept flying.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Donna's voice resounds like the rumbling roar of a thousand thunders. "Lo, what cry through yonder window breaks? 'tis the glitter, and Troia is ... a veritable disco ball. Sorry about that..."

The cat looks at Karma, "You okay, right? Is everybody okay? Sorry for the sparkly. I sensed someone doing magic on the sly and it was the only way I could think of, to make him show himself..."He glances over at Thor and thinks about apologizing for the glitter a second time, but he thinks it actually rather suits him. And one shouldn't apologize for someone if you're doing them a favor, right? "Looking smooth, your Thunderness!" Vorpal finger-guns and grins, trying very hard not to look at Donna. Or Aquaman. Or Hyperion. All of whom might have strong objections about having been turned into a walking Lisa Frank poster. Steel has left, and he is probably going to get a very irate visit later on and an explanation of what glitter does to propulsion systems, maybe.
Sliding off a roof of the SUV, he approaches T'Challa. "Aha, a fellow feline- your highness!" That's right, Vorpal, put the King between you and Donna.

Hyperion has posed:
    Getting up, Hyperion peers through the multiple Hyperion shaped holes he flew through. "That was interesting." he states as he lifts up and flies around the building he blasted through. No sense causing any further damage.
    "Was anyone harmed?" he asks. "I can help transport any who need aid." he adds. Still showing glitter in hair, on his cape, boots, chest..

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Karma's mind, in simpatico with the Thing, reels! She is being addressed but she is not the senior partner here. She is not in charge. It is worse than the handful of other times in which her power has been seized and turned against her, in some obscure ways; in others --

More vivid?

Her mouth moves, the words not her own! A moment later, something subtle happens - the breathing reflex suppressed!

She tries to withdraw her power, but -- it's too fast! The creature... the - Bizarre Superman? No, Shan thinks as her mind reels. It is some other name. She hears words slip away and the air thin around skin that has too many angles to it on some subtle level, a jagged high-resolution polygon that is too complex for normal reality to fully--

-- and then it vanishes.

Shan is laying face down on the ground. Her leg did not catch fire, thankfully. She answers Vorpal wordlessly by raising her left hand and making a victory sign while attempting to convince her nervous system to resume the suspended breathing -- "hhhhhhk" -- there it went.

"If you could help me to the curb, sir, I would appreciate it very much," says Shan, still face down on the pavement. "I think that I can take it from there."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna coils up her lasso and hitches it to her belt, before looking around at the scene of devastation and glitter and shaking her head. She rests an hand gently on Arthur's arm. "I'm a couple of inches shorter," she says. "And she has blue eyes. We're not /that/ alike. Besides..."

    Her eyes scan the roof tops, seeking the perpetrator of this most heinous of glitterbombings. "...Besides, you can tell it's me not Diana because of the glitter. Things like this don't happen to her, they happen to me. She says you guys in the League can be a bit over-enthusiastic at times, but compared to some of my team-mates in the Titans..."

    "Let's just say we have invested considerable resources into creating a small army of miniature cleaning robots to deal with glitter situations, but it's probably not a big enough army to make a dent in this mess."

    Donna picks a piece of glitter off her tongue and shakes her head before looking over at the simmering Asgardian. "Goes well with your beard, Thor!" she calls out. "It's a good look for you. You could make it a thing, part of your look. Maybe purple rather than pink though, I think that would suit you better.

    "Minor casualties," Donna calls out in response to Hyperion. "Probably best to leave it to the medical professionals. But if you happen to have a giant broom..."

T'Challa has posed:
Black Panther rises slowly after hitting the Sentinel with everything Thor helped to charge him up with, and the day...is saved, even if the way they arrive at the conclusion is very strange.

This leaves him to assess the area around him, in search of anybody who may be injured or in need of further assistance, and the claws retract back into their housings with a brief action with his hands.

The aftermath sees him approaching Karma to offer a gentle, supportive hand along to the curb. "Do you need further help?" he asks of her, not privy to everything that was going on with her and the imp, only knowing that something was not right.

Nearby, the lady of the Titans in Donna, and the gaudy-looking cat known as Vorpal. He takes in the sight of them, looking them over before addressing the pair. "Well done, even if you - and all of that glitter could have only come from you, I suspect - are quite unorthodox. You have a chaotic aura about you." And he doesn't need to be able to see that to know it. His hands rest at his sides, and behind the mask a brow arches very high indeed at the sight of Thor. "The look becomes you, God of Thunder."

Arthur Curry has posed:
Aquaman watches Bizarro go, then looks over to Troia with a grin, "I dunno, the pink kind of suits you. Besides, sounds like you guys have more fun than we do." He shakes his head and a cloud of glitter flies out of the wild mass of hair and vaguely piratical beard. "Oh man, this is gonna be a mess."

He goes over to the broken fire hydrant and holds his hand out, pushing the water back and down far enough to be able to reach down and crush the pipe closed so it stops spraying everywhere. Looking around, he flashes Thor a thumbs up, "Good arm, man. But she's right, purple would be better."

Thor has posed:
"So I have been told," Thor answers Vorpal as he touches down amidst the ruined automatons, his landing kicking up a cluster of glittery dust devils. He grins over at Donna, once he touches down. "The readers of Us Weekly deemed me Midgard's Sexiest Avenger, did they not? I can 'pull it off,' I think." He's actually freer of glitter than most; the magnetic charge of the lightning running through his body clumped and cleared off quite a bit. But as ever where glitter is concerned, there always seems to be more, and bits of it still cling to his eyebrows and the roots of his hair and beard, not to mention the seams of his outfit.

He hears Xi'an's request for help, and assumes it is directed at him; he sort of assumes any request for assistance is directed at him, because that's what heroes do. He rights her easily, one hand supporting hers, the other at her waist. His strength is considerable, but he's also gentle and possessed of courtly manners when the situation calls for it. "Are you well?" he asks her, once she's upright again. "Your prosthetic seems to be malfunctioning. I can recommend some excellent craftspeople, if you wish." He probably means Tony Stark or somebody. He really doesn't understand how money works.

He lifts one fist toward T'Challa, holding it still and level. "Aye, mayhap I'll work it into my look," he answers with a grin. "I saw that move with the lightning in your suit. Quite effective. Shall we 'fist bump'?" With his other hand, he returns Aquaman's thumbs up. "I will ask my more fashionable friends their opinions."

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
As T'challa helps her up, Shan seems to be recovering some poise. "Oh... thank you, your highness," she says to him, hazily. "I should be well enough, and if I am not... well... I would have to get to home anyway. Do not worry about me! I hope the, uh, Futuro? Is safe. That's his," she says, pointing out Dr. Takashi to T'challa.

And then: the Odinson. Shan goggles at him for a moment. "Ah! Uh. The batteries," she states. "If you would recommend someone I would be honored!" Shan is hoping for like, dwarfs here. She will likely have to live with Tony Stark.

("May I get a selfie? I have little siblings," Shan asks the two Avengers, parenthetically.)

T'Challa has posed:
"It is not my preferred method of attack, but they say to use what you have at your disposal," Black Panther answers, and he is not hesitant in meeting the offered fist. He hasn't lived his entire life in Wakanda. He has a little sister who is very in tune with the world, just as he is. He knows a fist bump when he sees one. He remains for any other matters that need tending to, any other discussions that need be had. This includes photo ops.