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Revealing an Icon
Date of Scene: 20 March 2021
Location: Vacant Lot -- Queens
Synopsis: Abcde, Harley, Irons, and Rhodes battle a rogue water elemental summoned by fire and water at the last day of shooting for a streaming BBQ competition show which has sadly just run out of money.
Cast of Characters: Abcde Prescelta, Harley Quinn, Natasha Irons, James Rhodes

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    Catastrophe. For someone. For fans of Urban BBQ perhaps. A straight to streaming services TV show that was filming in Queens today. Each contestant has their own big BBQ, smoker set up and for todays challenge, a coal forge. The empty lot is brick lined with easy to film graffiti and the cement ground made for the perfect Queens filming location. An unused lot and very cheap filming rights.

    It would have been a nice simple endeavour, if one of the contestants hadn't started a fire. A big fire. The crowds had gathered, the firemen had arrived. High pressure fire fighting hoses were plugged in to hydrants and the block is being soaked. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of filming equipment - cameras, computers, audio equipment, the BBQs themselves and even some of the contestants suffering small burns. Let's be real, the fire started with a bit of a pressurised explosion.

    Abcde has invited herself to be one of the bystanders because something like this doesn't happen every day anywhere. The people are curios to see just what has happened. The firemen aren't quitting yet, they are pumping water in to the block and it is attacking the graffiti on the walls. Soon the bricks might be as good as new.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley was here for the foooood. And she had made sure to snatch a hotdog before the problems started. And for a change she hadn't been the culprit! So it made her all the more curious on what was on here.

"I am tellin' ya." She is saying to some random person nearby who had been unfortunate enough to be too close to her while she was oggling at the fire going on. "... it's good not ta be the one ta blame for a change!" a bit of a cackle given, the clownette with quite the good humor while she chomps through her food.

"This certainly gives a new meanin' ta Hell's kitchen. Ya know, it'd had been so ironic if they had been shootin' this on Hell's Kitchen wouldn't it?" with her attention on the fire she has yet to notice she is talking to herself, the person near her having escaped quietly while she wasn't looking.


Natasha Irons has posed:
Nat had not planned to stop by a BBQ show or anything like that. She had planned to make sure to inspect parts that Steel Works had ordered and verify they were what they wanted. Not to mention verify they weren't broken. She /then/ smelled BBQ and had headed over toward the smell only to smile as she saw a sign indicating what was happening nearby. Then she rounded the corner as she started to see flashing lights. Familiar flashing lights.

"Dammit." Nat said softly as she came around the corner and saw the fire, saw the firefighters and realized that the smells that were kinda nice were mixed with burnt smells and smoke as the fire started to overpower the BBQ smells. She idly looked around briefly, only blinking at the sight of Harley Quinn briefly before her eyes went back to the fire. No point in jumping to conclusions. Where there's smokers, there's fire after all. This could all be an accident. Right?

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    There's a whistling sound as one of the BBQ's filled with pressure and residual heat shoots up in to the air and then crashes down on the foot path next to some Firemen who scatter back from it. Another hose is being hooked up to another hydrant to try and contain this fire before it tries to consume the surrounding buildings.

    Abcde watches with a kind of abject horror, like slowing down next to a car crash to see if you can spot what happened. As the hoses move around, the almost clean wall behind keeps revealing itself and the strange looking cyclical piece of graffiti art behind it. Black, tar like and very ornate. Delicately constructed, and pulsing with energy. But, weirdly, dry.

    Abcde tilts her head a touch and steps past the pedestrian barrier and starts to veer in to the action zone trying to see that graffiti symbol, even as the water from the hoses start to curve through the air toward it. "Well that's really strange," she says to the police officer who puts a hand on her arm. "You can't be here lady, back behind the barricade for your own safety!"

    Abcde motions with a hand to the water and says to the office, "You have to get the firemen to stop. Something isn't right here." The police officer laughs and says, "Are you drunk lady? this is a fire, this is what firemen do they put fires out."

    Abcde cups his chin and turns his head, "The water's curving toward that magical glyph officer." The officer isn't happy with this and yanks her arm behind her back, "That's it lady, I've been patient but you don't touch a cops face, not in Queens."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I dunno, I vote for that stand as ta be the hottest in the contest..." This about the one that shoots up in the air and lands next to the firemen. Harley continues to chew on her hotdog, eyes dancing at the fire burning. It's just a normal fire, right? And firemen are doing their job! So what if she's here cracking some jokes? It's not as if it will hurt noone!

But then she notices Abcde. And she never forgets a face! "Hey Hermione!" a wave and she starts to approach. It's when the little altercation with the cop happens and she widens her gaze. "Hey, that's police brutality! She is just tryin' ta help. She knows her magic!" which probably doesn't help Abcde's arguments.

Natasha Irons has posed:
And then, of course, there's some kind of problem over where Abcde is and where Harley is going. Nat notices the thing exploding upward and she shakes her head, "What a day." She states and idly lifts up a shirt sleeve and shakes her head, "Well, hopefully this will work." She states simply and then pulls something from a pocket. She slides it up over her head and a moment later a mask flows out over here face. She pauses to look at her reflection.

"Well, that works." And then she looks at her hand and reaches out. She takes a breath, "Here's hoping." She nods her head as she closes her eyes tight even as a hammer begins to fly from a rooftop and start going over the city in her direction.

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    "Ow!," Abcde complains as the cop yanks her arm behind her back. The police in Huntington, West Virginia, were a lot more personable than these mooks! Her eyes widen when she sees Harley Quinn, eating a hot dog, of all people. After the Karaoke bar incident she doubted she'd ever see that clownette of crime again. The cop, too, notices Harley Quinn, "Holy Jesus!" That's the first thing that comes out of his mouth. He lets go of Abcde and says, "You're Harley Quinn. Stay right there." He goes to grab his radio <Central, do we have outstanding warrants on one Harley Quinn from Gotham?>

    One of the contestants, a robust looking man with a buzz cut and the kind of muscle growth usually attributed to roids and far too much time in a gym, bursts in to tears and approaches the gathering of police too and holds out their wrists dramatically, "I admit it, it was me! I sabotage the other BBQs. I didn't think they'd explode. I never meant for anyone to get hurt I swear. Arrest me, this is ALL my fault."

    Seemingly the only people paying attention to the lack of water hitting the wall are the firemen, whose water streams are refusing to hit the things on fire. They're breaking out in to argument amongst each other. But it's too late. From in front of the wall bursts a 13' tall creature made entirely of swirling water. Its landing on the ground sends out a 4' swell of water toward the crowd, police, fire fighters, everyone.

    The summoned creature holds out an arm toward the hoses and continues to suck in the water as it seems to be growing in mass. The other hand scoops up a BBQ still on fire and is tossed generally away from it, generally toward the crowd. It doesn't much like fire for obvious reasons.

    A cop still in his car, as his car is pushed by the sudden water surge, gets on the radio blurting in to, "We're under attack! send back up!? It's.. a.. a water.. monster? a water giant???" The magical sigil upon the wall melts away as its magic is spent summoning the water elemental.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"No no. I am Harleen Quinnzel. Ya must have mistaken me with the real one! I like cosplay, see?" A bright smile on Harley's face, doing a shooing gesture behind her back at Abcde so she can escape! See? Harley can do good deeds too! Even if she then gets in trouble.

Story of her life.

"Now about I get ya some tickets to the roller derby and we call it even, eh?" Now it was time to work on some bribes with the cop so she wouldn't have to run away from cops here. Didn't seem like it go well but ....

Saved by the bell? Or in this case by a giant water elemental. Same thing really. But when it starts growing is every man, woman and clownette from themselves. She reaches to the cop that was wanting to send her behind back to jail, pulling him down so he doesn't get hit by a water surge. "Careful! What the heck were you guys filmin' heah? And what's with the wicked visual effects?!"

Then a suspicious glance to Abcde, "Hermione! Is this your doin'..?" a tsk.

Natasha Irons has posed:
"Ok, wouldn't have picked out giant water monster at the BBQ as part of my day today but..." Nat, now sorta partially in her Steel get up races forward into the bad situation and shakes her haed, "Here goes nothing." She gets notification that the hammer is nearly to her and she races forward, leaping into the air to catch the hammer in her hands as it flies in, use its momentum to carry her the rest of the way and over the swell to land right in front of the water monster thing.

"Hey!" She calls out, gripping her hammer in both hands, "You missed the BBQ, Super Soaker, but you're just in time for clean up!" And she spins around and uses the dampeners in her hammer to swing and send a still burning smoker right toward the water monster, "Two birds, one hammer."

James Rhodes has posed:
Sometimes you're off fighting interplanetary threats to global safey. Other days you're on patrol when someone gets a little too crazy at the barbeque. James Rhodes -- WarMachine in this case -- is gliding over the skies of NYC, apparently doing Avengers patrol things when the call comes through the comms. <<it's...a...a water.. monster? a water giant?>> Rhodey's flick through his HUD as he says, "JARVIS, we have any eyes on this?" as he tries to pull up video of what exactly is going down. His armor turns in the sky, starting him in the direction of the plume of smoke coming from the fire festival, and then the cell videos start coming in. Thank god for livestreaming.

"oh...OH. That is...uh...ok then. JARVIS boost speed twenty percent, and link me in with Comms there." "Yes sir." Once he's linked in he says, <<NYPD this is WarMachine. I recommend creating a perimeter two blocks away from that being. All civilians out. Any powered individuals who want to stay and help, let them. We're gonna need it.>> And then, well, he slams down on the concrete a few feet away from where Natasha is swinging her hammer around.

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    Abcde has never walked away from a cop before. Then again, she's never been arrested by a cop before either. The shimmy away motion from Harley confuses her for a moment. Then it finally 'dings' and she moves away to look closer at the sigil.. until it explodes suddenly in to a giant water elemental. She starts running and yells, "RUN!" to everyone else right before the water surge hits. The cop takes cover thanks to Harley and he gives her a look of 'yeah okay - thanks - we're even'.

    The police hear their radios suddenly echoing a response from an Avenger and after the invasion by Loki they don't need to be told twice! they start helping soaked people up off the pavement and moving them back even further. Many are already finding their own footing and running for it down the street.

    The water creature's insides swirl about as it looks down at the tiny metal woman with hammer who seemed to want its attention. This elemental appears to have evolved since the last one - a fire one. As the smoker is sent back toward it, it hits the big water elemental in the chest with a *sploooosh*.. and an intense fog of steam erupts in and around the vacant lot blanketing the area in a fog of war.

    The now wet and cold smoker is ejected from the elemental back at Natasha - apparently it didn't appreciate the gift. Of course, War Machine joined her, that BBQ is not going to be discerning with its mass and velocity.

    Abcde rushes over to Harley and offers a hand, "Come on we need to come up with a plan and you're the only face here I know! I know you think I have all the answers on magic stuff and this _wasn't_ me, but I could use a bit of brain storming. How do we stop a gigantic water elemental??!" She does, however, draw out her wand and grips it tightly in her hand, "No suggestion is a bad suggestion."

    The steam starts to cool down rapidly and where the creature is becomes immediately evident as their vision clears and the particles rejoin the giant creature, who is now ripping off the metal cap of the fire hydra to get full access to the source of water.

Harley Quinn has posed:
You know, Harley could forgive the huge water elemental for appearing like that, as it saved her from the cop. But then a blast of water hits her fully which besides making her half-eaten hotdog fly off it also cramps her hairstyle. And that's just something you don't to Harley. So when the cop is put back and safe it's time to do *something*. "Now ya done, I hate it when they get me all wet without buyin' me dinnah first..." ugh..

"Well, ya could think like a water elemental." She suggests to Abcde, "What does it want? Ta find moouh watah, ta just destroy? Is it just a poor creature needin' ta go back to it's big ocean parents? What's the deal heah?"

She points to where Natasha and War Machine land at. "But seems ta me the cavalry is comin'", she then grinning at Natasha, "Go Thoritta!"

Natasha Irons has posed:
Unfortunately, she hadn't brought her full armor with her to go check on parts. Even though she had used it to fly here, she had dropped it off. Luckily, she can at the very least hide her face and did keep some gloves for just this reason. Of course, that also means a returning smoker sucks. She sees it coming and dives out of the way, rolling to her feet and shaking her head as she comes up, "No, I ate already but thanks for offering." She then blinks as War Machine lands and then sighs.

"Armor envy." She then races forward s she notes it is trying to drink up more water, "Hey! Two drink limit, this is a family event!" And she races forward to slam the hammer right into the hydrant, trying to slam it downward and use the hammer to block hydrant's flow before she tries to jump away and roll to her feet.

James Rhodes has posed:
The fog doesn't throw Rhodey one bit, "Switch visuals to IR JARVIS." And, then he can see all the warm bodies. And one very large cool one that seems to be moving in the direction of a fire hydrant, <<NYFD can I get you to shut off water to the hydrants between Sutter and Rockaway? Thing is trying to grab a drink.>> he calls out over the comms in response to Natasha's charge towards the elemental.

He lifts off again as she seems to be taking things into her own hands, and then zips over to where Harley and Abcde are, "You two ok?" he asks, as he sizes up the threat a little more, and then says, "Hammer girl there has the right idea, we need to keep it from growing and then I think I can shrink it down with my flamethrower. If you're here to help, figure out a way to do that, if not...I'll lay down cover so you can get out." Is he talking to Harley? Abcde? Both of them? It's unclear, but from the way he sounds, he's clearly used to people following his commands in situations like this. He then jets off towards the pillar of water, "Hey! Party's this way!" and shoots a couple of bursts of flame in the elemental's face. Which, really, only creates more fog.

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    The HYDRA is almost off its bearings when Natasha slams it down like a metal cap closing it off from the creature. If it could be said to be 'looking' at her, it is certainly doing so now as it lifts up its hands and then pushes them down over her, smothering her in the water trying to drown the annoying biological creature inside the armour.

    Abcde blinks a moment and then stares at Harley, "I Take that back. That was a bad suggestion. More water will just make it stronger." She looks over to Natasha and points, "See she has the right idea... no WAY," she says a touch star struck as War Machine lands in front of them, "Iron Man!"

    "Flamethrower.. that might be enough. Especially if we mix it with something to weigh it down, give it some kind of body..." She points to the brick walls backing the vacant lot and asks War Machine, "Can you blow them up? The dust and brick bits should be enough."

    She looks over at the water elemental trying to drown Natasha and her eyes widen again, "Oh shit." But Rhodes is already getting its attention with a burst of fire from his flamethrower. The creature responds by shooting at a gush of water in his direction trying to extinguish his flame.

    Abcde backs off a bit and thinks back to a week ago with Nessa and the symbol they found that created the fire elemental. She points out her wand and begins to motion to the wall, "eam mark" she says in Latin and glowing energy starts to paint the wall as she starts to recreate parts of the flame sigil. Abcde calls out to War Machine, "Iron Man I can heat up your flamethrower hot enough, give me a moment!"

James Rhodes has posed:
"It's WarMachine, but yeah I can blast a hole in that wall." Rhodey calls to Abcde, as he dodges the incoming swat from the elemental. He slashes another burst of flame across the being, and then dips and dives his way into a position where he can knock down the wall that the woman indicated. He steadies himself, and then fires a series of bursts from his flak cannon that does a really great job of pulverizing the bricks in the wall, kicking up a huge cloud of dust.

"Part one comple-" James starts, before the beast hits him dead on with a spray of water, sending him tumbling and rolling along the pavement, until his momentum is stopped by a light pole. He grunts, "My bad..." as he gets up, and then re-engages his thrusters, just dodging out of the way of another burst of water shot at him by the elemental. "I've got his attention now."

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    Puffs of myst waft off of it as the flames hit. The two firefighters hoses, abandoned, suddenly lose pressure entirely as the word got through NYPD. The emergency services channels are operating great in New York since the chitari invasion. The wall is left over from the old building that once sat on this now vacant lot. It's covered in old graffiti, is slightly charred from the bbq fire and drenched with water from the firefighters. The cannon makes short work of the old 19th century brickwork.

    Dust fills the area and Abcde has to shield her eyes as she continues to create her spell. The dust and brick begins to mix with the water creature and its movements become more sluggish. It now has weight and more of a structure than before. A chemical reaction to make heat would turn it in to cement.. but they don't have that. What they do have, is a flame thrower that is about to be fueled by magic.

    The water elemental loses interest in trying to drown the undrownable Irons and walks over to the fire truck and pushes at it trying to make more of the water come out. No more, so sad. One of the little metal people goes flying and it's not hard for it to come to the conclusion that these little metal people are stealing its water. Looking more like the Thing now than a water elemental it starts to swing its heavy stone water combined arm at Rhodes.

    Abcde motions with her wand and says, "viribus ignis fomite." Blue magical energy swirls from her palms, down through the wand, bouncing off of the sigil she has drawn and hits Rhode's flame thrower. The device glows with blue magic and Abcde gives him a thumbs up, "You've got this Ir.. WarMachine." Quietly to herself she says, "There are two of them? I thought it was just Iron Man..."

James Rhodes has posed:
James Rhodes is more nimble than his name might imply when he's flying through the air. While his suit is perhaps a bit more heavily armed than that of his boss, he's still in a technological marvel that lets him stay mostly out of reach of the creature. It's an elemental, not a SAM. When he gets the go ahead, well, that's when he turns on the juice, "Let's light it up JARVIS." he says to the computer, and after getting a bit of range, he dives in on the elemental, firing his flame thrower at full blast, starting to melt down the beast, evaporate it, get it under control so the firemen can come back and stop the blaze at the BBQ festival.

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    No doubt JARVIS has all kinds of alerts and warnings when the flame that comes out of the flame thrower is significantly hotter than what it should be. Enough to cause that necessary chemical bond of the particulates forming a sudden and unexpected solid stone piece of art installation in the unused lot of a giant faceless man with one arm raised and the other balancing.

    The glow subsides from the flame thrower and reality has its last laugh, balancing out the heat with the cool as the crushed fire hydra bursts off and water starts shooting up in to the sky. It, however, does not become animate.

    Abcde twirls her wand and slides it back in to its holster and then approaches. She's drenched. The street is drenched. The lot looks like a small warzone took place. There's the ruins of several smokers and bbq's strewn about and police cars flooded too. Down the ends of the streets, more police cars have blocked off access and the crowd has grown twenty fold to see WarMachine in action.

    Abcde slicks her wet hair back and wipes down her face. "Right," she says with annoyance, "whoever keeps tagging magical runes around this city has got to be stopped. This is insanity." The broken hydra mains showers the area like rain. Inexplicable considering the water is shut off. Magic has a way of balancing itself out.. no doubt pipes elsewhere have ruptured.

    "WarMachine? I didn't know there was more than one of you!," she says with a grin to the man. Her eyes search the area, Irons seemingly having disappeared - a mysterious stranger come to help and then gone. Harley too.. who definitely is not who the press make her out to be. Eventually she'll have to catch up with her again, thank her, and tell her her name isn't Hermoine.

James Rhodes has posed:
<<NYPD and NYFD you are clear to return,>> Rhodey says over the comms, before he lands after turning the giant water elemental into a pretty statue. "Any chance I can get that thing put outside Avenger's Mansion?" he asks, perhaps rhetorically, before he turns back to Abcde and replies, "It's ok. A lot of people make the same mistake. It happens." I'm not jealous all the ladies know who Iron Man is but not WarMachine. He asks, "Are you alright? Aside from drenched that is?"

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    Abcde laughs as he ponders taking it as an art installation. Then she is reminded that this guy is an Avenger. She folds her arms and smiles, "Uhm. Yeah I'm okay. This wasn't really what I was expecting to do today. I had intended to go antique window shopping. Now I guess I'm going to.. not." Articulate, good job. She walks over to the statue and places a hand on it, "It's still warm."

    On foot, fire fighters and police begin to approach from one side of the street when the all clear is given by WarMachine. "I'm just glad it didn't try to drown me, I don't wear a fancy suit of armour and I don't have.." she starts to say she doesn't have any special powers but there's no reason to lie. "I'm not like you Avengers, and the Titans, and the Justice League, and all those other heroes. So it could have been a lot worse," she adds, happy that that covers it.

James Rhodes has posed:
"It's...not for everyone. But you did great. I can't do any of that magic stuff. Strange tried to explain it to me once, I don't get it. Much more of a here and now kinda guy, y'know?" Rhodey replies to the woman, before he says, "I'd love to catch up, but, I gotta get back to base. Next time I see you around, beer's on me though. That trick with my flamethrower was awesome."

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    Abcde nods her head, "Sure..." she really doubts she's likely to run in to an Avenger ever again. But then again, she didn't think she'd run in to Harley Quinn again either. "Beer it is. I can try and explain magic to you my way instead, may be I'll make more sense."

    Though, she has no idea who Strange is - yet more mysteries in this city. She waves to him and then turns to face the music with the police. At least she can say an Avenger and a lady in cool armor with a hammer saved the day and pretend she was nothing but an innocent bystander.