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Going deep
Date of Scene: 20 March 2021
Location: Saints and Sinners Club
Synopsis: Mystique and Quake finally meet up at a Brotherhood club where an agreement of minds is struck.
Cast of Characters: Daisy Johnson, Raven Darkholme

Daisy Johnson has posed:
To say that the last few days had been a handful was an understatement. The rising crisis between mutants and the friends of humanity, the events at Afterlife, the renewal of purpose.. Daisy had barely stopped for a breather as of late, busy with the forming of the secret warriors. So busy that she had neglected to check that phone she had given to a certain teleporter. A teleporter which instead of delivering it directly to the Brotherhood had spread it around Bushwick. Clearly a different outcome than Daisy had expected.

Of course that she had dreaded checking it up considering how many troll messages would be there. And while indeed there was quite the vivid messages, including IMAGES which she chooses not to describe there was one that called her attention. It seemed authentic enough that it merited consideration. An invite to the Saints and Sinners club.

And so here was Daisy tonight, dressed in a black and red top, tight jeans and a leather jacket atop. Not exactly the most glittery of them all but enough. She knew how to have her fun afterall, even if she was a SHIELD agent for a few years now!

Arriving at the entrance she offers but a smile at the bouncer before stepping in, blasted by the dance music through the speakers. She gives the place a cursory glance before starting on her way closer to the bar.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
The Saints and Sinners, at this hour, is open but it's obviously open for a very specific purpose. There's a bouncer out front, obviously mutant with his razor sharp moose horns and slit cut snout with black lips making him look like a huge muscled deer. There's people milling about drinking, but there's not huge crowds of people coming to party.

The thirty or forty individuals inside, on balconies, behind the bars, on the dance floor, and around the VIP area, are all Brotherhood members...

All obviously mutants.

And all obviously defering to the woman sitting in that VIP section. A redhaired, blue skinned, glowing eyed Mystique is seated in an oversized chair with her arms laid across the rests. She's wearing a black tanktop and black leather pants with boots up to her knees.

As soon as Daisy enters, it's pretty obvious that this is either the afterpart or the pre-game for tonights busy evening. And that she's on the list... Fred Duke is laughing with some woman who looks like she might be made of Jello down at the stairs leading up to the raised dias where Raven is sitting.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Some of the faces Daisy can recognize, be it from SHIELD reports or even through her own investigations. The one that does stand out is Mystique though, dark gaze immediately resting on her once she spots her. Yes, this was clearly the right place. Which was a relief, she really didn't want to go skim through the messages on that phone AGAIN. (In fact she might just destory that SIM card with FIRE).

Still, she was going to the bar and so she does, tapping on the counter and producing some money. "Can I have an Earthquake?" the drink! It doesn't take long to get it done and armed with it she begins on her way towards that VIP area. But first, she had to go through Blob...

"Hey..." she greets the big guy. "Want to go talk to your boss up there." her eyes straying to Mystique when she says that before focusing back on Blob and his date. What a curious pair.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
The Bartender has more metal than flesh. She leans forward with her small iron spines and a row of sharp metalic teeth and stares at Daisy with eyes that look like pools of quicksilver. Nodding to her request, the drink is dished out quickly, and then the SHIELD agent is off to speak with Fred, the keeper of the gates.

The big man is chortling, hand on his gut at something the woman beside him said or did. All that dies immediately when Quake steps up, "What?" His voice is booming, if for no other reason than his massive size. "Oh, yeah, we get a lot of that. You got a name?"

Glancing back at Mystique who lifts two fingers at him and taps them on the arm of the chair.

"Nevermind, Ms. You enjoy your visit huh?" Opening the velvet rope, metaphorically anyways, by stepping out of Daisy's way.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The booming voice has Daisy grimace just so, perhaps too attuned to vibrations right now. It does remind her to notch it down a bit and ease up, even if she was still in the 'learning' process of how her powers worked now. It did feel weird to do this without her trusty gauntlets. They had become a part of her almost. But then the 'velvet rope' is opened and she is being allowed in. She still offers a nod at Blob though and being polite as she is she replies, "Quake. And you have fun now." an easy wink given at Blob and Jello-girl before she steps past.

She begins on her ascent to the VIP area, taking in a breath. And perhaps considering she *could* had brought some backup. Not bringing Elena with her might had been a mistake, but in a way she had to show she trusted this invitation.

Or how would she able to be trusted back?

She finally arrives at the landing, a quick survey of the various mutants about before her focus goes fully to the blue-skinned Mystique. She dips her head in a greeting. "Evening. I trust you know who I am. We finally meet." gaze levelled with the other woman's.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
"I always have fun, girly. I'm the life of the God Damn party." Duke says with a grin as Quake passes, immediately going back to his conversation once she has.

Up in the VIP area, there is only Mystique. She has a drink, of course, but doesn't keep company aside from those most closest to her. Even the rank and file of the Brotherhood are kept at a distance. To say she doesn't trust many people wouldn't be a stretch, but for a woman who can appear to be any other person on earth, she's certainly cavlier appearing as herself when wanted by the US government for murder.

Then again, attacking this club full of mutants loyal to the Brotherhood in Mutant Town where they're one of few groups helping protect the citizens there... That would require a whole lot of backup.

"Quake." Raven says with a charming (enough) smile and a hand extending out invitingly to any of the chairs around her. "We do.. I trust you're not here to try and arrest me."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The smile is at least returned by Quake even if some tension is visible on her shoulders. Perhaps out of respect about the danger of the whole place, and those within it. Yes, she has seen Mystique's 'accomplishments' in the name of mutant freedom. She walks forward, over to one of the chairs opposite Mystique and settles down, drink placed in the small table in front of her.

"I don't work for the government." She says, "I am not here to arrest you." Daisy then leaning slightly forward, elbows on her knees. "Besides, you have been under SHIELD arrest before." a beat, "It didn't last." just the faintest of smirks coming to her expression.

A shake of her head later she then adds, "But no, I am here to help. I believe we have some enemies in common. Those that try to pass themselves as 'friends of humanity'"

Raven Darkholme has posed:
"I remember." Mystique says of being arrested by SHIELD, or more specifically, how little good it had ultimately amounted to stopping her. Raven is a very difficult woman to lock down, always has been. And many agencies over her hundred plus years have tried to accomplish what the last seemed incapable of.

At the mention of the Friends of Humanity her demeanor changes to one of contempt. Rattling the ice in her glass with a little twist of her wrist before taking a drink, she snorts at the moniker they've chosen for themselves. "In so many ways, they might be friends of humanity, which sets the tempo for how humanity views mutants... as they're no friend of ours." Pointing around the occupants of the club.

"For once, I didn't start the fire. I'm just fanning the flames."

Her attention is fully upon Quake now. "How do you plan to help?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Not all humans want to take us down, Mystique." The words are said in quite the firm manner. She did have her family with SHIELD afterall, many that were simply human. And even if she had found her actual mother it didn't mean her feelings had changed about people. Or at least .., not too much. Just enough for her to be here on a semi-unofficial manner. "Make no mistake, I am not here to help a war against all mankind. But that group..." she exhales, "... it needs to be put down."

"I have seen what they tried to do at the school, the attack. They have friends in high places, very high places. And those people need to be taken down, but for that we will need to get proof. Which means investigation, which is where we can help with our resources." she explains. "The high-ups at SHIELD know the situation as is cannot continue to evolve as it has, they have given me freedom to investigate this and help in any way I can." a pause, "Disregarding any criminal ties those I deal with may have."

She reaches for her drink to take a brief sip, savoring the 'earthquake' before adding, "Do you have any leads so far?"

Raven Darkholme has posed:
"No, of course not. Nor are my anamosities directed at the general human population, I have no interest in subverting the population." Even though she probably thinks she could. Given enough time anyways... Mystique is nothing if not patient.

"But there were Germans during World War Two who weren't nazi's, that does not absolve the conditional attempts to lock away an entire race of people. A few good eggs aren't enough to forgive the atrocities we've faced as a species." She shakes her head slowly, then glances at her glass. "I'm sure you're not here to receive a morality lesson and I'm not going to change your mind, but what I do is necessary. As much so as what you do-" Pointing at Quake.

"For every Sitting Bull, there has to be a Crazy Horse."

Now considering, she adjusts her shoulders in her chair and stares at Quake. "I know who pulls their purse strings... I know where they get their weapons and structure of their martial arm... I know where some of their local chapters are located, but not their headquarters. If I could find that, I could cut the head off this snake... and the only people hurt would be the ones even you agree are evil."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Indeed it doesn't seem as if any of them would have success in changing the other's mind. If anything the two of them seem quite rooted in their ideals, "We all fight the battle in our own way." which appears to be an agreeing point between them. Daisy's own gaze strays to her amber-colored drink, considering it. "I have felt in the skin those atrocities. Very recently actually." her eyes hardening just a touch as she allows herself to go back to what went down at Afterlife, the drink inside the glass shuddering and moving of it's own volition, "So you will never hear me say you are not necessary..."

The saying has her quirk a brow, looking up at Mystique, head canting to the side. But then she finds herself smiling just so, offering a nod.

"That's a lot more than I expected you would know." She admits about the Friends, thoughtful. "Sounds to me some hard interrogation on a few of those members could work wonders. Someone in those local chapters may know where the main headquarters is. But before destroying the place would be imperative to find links to the higher-up people. Those are the ones that are never there physically, but pull the strings." she ponders a moment and then suggests, "I have been forming a group to help, those like me that won't be fully affiliated with SHIELD. We could join forces in this."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique was, quite openly point of fact, involved with Genosha before it was destroyed by Brainiac. She did not renew her membership under Lorna, but she knows well the loss of something better. Where even she, warlike as she might be, and full of anger besides, was able to find something akin to peace. She nods to the agreement of her necessity, raising a brow at just what kind of event might have caused Quake to say such a thing at all.

She doesn't pry.

Right now...

Instead she takes a drink from her glass and considers, "A group willing to work with the Brotherhood... Understanding of course that some of the members who will be there are even more violent than I.. Victor, for instance. It's one thing to have no love for the Friends of Humanity and quite another to openly defy them."

She taps her finger against the side of her glass thoughtfully. Golden eyes drifting off thoughtfully, "No." That finger points to Daisy, "Your group, while quite advantageous as an ally, would not benefit from an open alliance to the Brotherhood..." She is, easily, one of the best tacticians alive. At least for schemes, there's a reason Magneto kept her around.

"And your group will have the weight of law on it's side and probably more secreative members than I can boast. What I propose is this: The Brotherhood will continue to smack the hornets nest, keep the Friends of Humanity looking at us, while your group finds their headquarters." She flips her hand over, "When we go after them there, my people will attack full front, yours will look for ties to string pullers... And in that way, your hands remain clean while still having a leg in the fight."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Quake re-focuses herself, setting all those other thoughts aside and now fully in the now, of what's in front of her. She watches Mystique, mannerisms and way of being, perhaps wondering on what would had made her tip to such anger and radicalism. Was she headed in the same direction? She drains the rest of her 'earthquake' in one gulp, putting the glass away and leaning back on her chair.

She listens to the alternative, considering it, running one hand over her chin, "That proposition has merit." she admits with a nod of her head, "We can do so, act in two fronts. They won't expect it, we pincer them in and then ...." she lifts one hand, closing her fist after.

"Send me the info you got on them so we can get started." She says, reaching inside her jacket for a card, "And please, use this number instead... You have no idea the spam I have been getting on the other.." she sighs, placing the card on the table and sliding it across.

She then finally gets up to her feet, extending her hand to the other woman.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique's past is as mysterious as she is. It might be that she barely knows what's true anymore after being so many different people for so long, but she's amassed quite a reputation in her century of years and it's universally reviled by most of humanity. Mutants have a different opinion, but that's the way of finatical radicalism, isn't it?

She sees a lot of herself in Daisy, however.

And that's one of the only reasons she's willing to field this.

Accepting the offered number with a nod, "I can imagine. You gave it to a trouble maker.. which is saying quite a bit coming from me." A grin plays across her face, lips red as her hair, as she extends her hand to take the inhumans.

Draining her own drink, she doesn't stand from her seat. "To the future, then. Shall we swiftly cut the head off the serpent and see where this partnership goes."