5654/Another You: The Face of the Enemy

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Another You: The Face of the Enemy
Date of Scene: 20 March 2021
Location: Security: Triskelion
Synopsis: Matt and Daisy go to SHIELD to discover who their mystery guest was. When it's revealed to be a Doppleganger plans are put in motion to find him.
Cast of Characters: Daisy Johnson, Matthew Murdock

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The mystery behind who had lived in Matt's apartment while he was gone was deepening. Whoever it was knew intimately about Matt's habits, of his secret identity. And worse of all there had been no scent to follow, no fingerprints to lift. All results had returned false positives, only their own prints had been found which would be the normal considering it was their home.

With some B&E they had retrieved footage of someone going into the Royal Dragon restaurant to buy food, around the same time they had found receipts in the trash. The image was fuzzy, but first analysis showed it was something similar to Matt. Maybe Stick? They had to dig deeper. And what's the next natural step after breaking into some shop in Hell's Kitchen to look at security tapes?

To break into SHIELD.

So Daisy had brought Matt, along with the footage, the objective being that they ran SHIELD's image enhancers on it. With some luck they might be able to figure out a face, or an identity.

Cover story? Daisy was bringing Matt for a tour. And she was amazed what a promotion to Special Agent brought. A lot of doors opening, a lot less questions. It's as if people didn't question her at all. Besides Agent Koenig, who was standing guard like a hound near the security rooms that led to the workstations she knew had the software needed. "Special Agent Johnson." he smiles that deep smile of his, hands on his belly and approaching. "... and friend. What are you doing here today, mmmm?" his attention more focused on Matt than anything else.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Right in the belly of the beast. Not that some in SHIELD didn't know he was 'gifted' he just didn't want to end up on a list or exposed as Daredevil. Though by the same token he didn't want Daisy sneaking around on his behalf alone. If they were going to get in any trouble they'd both take the rap. Still, it was something else to get a sense of the place where Daisy worked, the Triskelion practically hummed with activity, the sounds of conversations cutting in and out as people move in and out of soundproofed rooms or through areas covered by white noise generators.

Still for all that played with his senses, he still could feel the vibe of the place. It wasn't the scary monolithic government agency of his nightmares but a workplace like any other, maybe better than most. He could feel the stress wafting off some of the agents they passed but in general the people who worked here were at ease, Daisy too despite the sneaking, which made him smile.

Though when Koenig approached them, Matt smiled in the man's direction, "Daisy was giving me a little look around," he says, the little joke about his disability meant to break some of the tension. "It's a really great place you've got here by the sound of things, I can see why Daisy pulls such long hours," he says nudging his girlfriend with a little grin.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Koenig looks Matt up and down, still smiling that typical smile of his, gaze then going to Daisy, "You know this could be reportable, right?" he tells her, to which Daisy lifts her brows. "Wait, what?" is Koenig aware of the ruse? He always could read through people with more ease than most.

"Every guest needs a guest pass.." He sighs, fetching one from his belt. "Just because you are a special agent now you think you are above all rules.." he is complaining, but it doesn't have that bite, he is mostly joking in a way. "Take this, slap it somewhere visible and get on with it."

Daisy only smiles, the tension that was growing vanishing. "Sure, Koenig. And this is Matt, you know-" "Yes, of course I do. I'd have to be blind to not see the way you look at him and- Oh darn, sorry." now the man is a bit embarassed at his faux pas with words. "Anyway, good to meet you. I am Agent Koenig." he gives Matt a little pat on the shoulder and moves on.

That leaves them alone to continue their 'infiltration', Daisy saying, "That went well..." she walks towards a pair of double doors, opening them.

The change is immediate, as if they had entered a soundproof room. Servers were heard running, a 'boom' to more sensitive senses. But they were clearly in an high tech area of the Triskelion. "Alright, let's find a workstation." she spots a more secluded booth and starts walking there. "Koenig is a good agent." she says while putting the guest pass secure against Matt's jacket. "He does like his rules though!"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt tenses as Koenig says what Daisy is doing is reportable, that was the last thing he wanted, but he does breathe a whole lot easier when it just comes down to the guest pass. He offers an easy smile to Koenig with the blind faux pas, "It happens," he says letting the man off the hook. "And I'm Matt Murdock," he says letting the man pat his shoulder. "Good to meet you Agent Koenig," he says before the man moves on.

When they enter the server room Matt's nose wrinkles at the smell of ozone and he shakes his head as the soundproofing messes with his senses as he heads over to a work station with Daisy. "Seems like a nice guy, and I understand liking rules," in a perfect world that would be Matt, but life and circumstance had taught him following the rules didn't always mean doing what's right.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The sound of a few people in other boots is heard, even one booth where there is the sound of ..., is that space invaders? *pew* *pew* Clearly good use of SHIELD resources... Or maybe someone on a break!

Daisy doesn't notice it, sliding into a booth and tugging on Matt's hand to bring in to sit. "Alright, here we are..." she murmurs, sneakily.

"Now it's time to get the magic going. Out of my way Doctor Strange!" She cracks her knuckles, the sound of the workstation heard booting up. It's fast and then she inserts the tape in to bring it up. "Just a litle time to run the footage and then we can start enhancing it." she explains. The image is on the screen and she looks at it while the program does it work, the quality slowly getting enhanced.

She lets out a sigh, "What do you want to do when we find out who it is?" she asks, glancing up at Matt.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Yep. Definitely Space Invaders, Matt knew the sound well from the game at the bar in college. Hearing it here makes him smile. Turns out SHIELD agents are people too. Who knew?

Then it's time for Daisy to do her magic, Matt takes the offered seat before considering her question. "I am not sure," he admits honestly. "He knows a lot about me, things I can't have getting out. My hope is I can find something out about him just as damaging to keep him quiet." Because the other option, murder, was not on the table.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I don't understand their reason though... But maybe if we find who it is we will discover more on what's going on." Daisy's attention turns to the screen as the image gets more defined, "Okay, we are getting something here. Let me see..." she fine tunes the software, leaning towards the screen. "Mmmm, what the..." she stops on a frame of the footage.

On the screen is someone that looks like Matt, dressed like him because of course the Dopple-Matt stole his clothes to wear, using one of his canes. Just the longer hair being different. "Okay, this is weird but ...," she looks up at Matt again, "... he looks exactly like you, maybe a difference in the hair but the rest." she shakes her head. "It's as if it was a mirror of you." she blinks once, thoughtful.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Wait. What?" Matt asks when she tells him what she sees. "Like he looks a lot like me, or EXACTLY like me? Is that even possible?" he asks suddenly more concerned than he was when he just thought it was one of his enemies who stole his things. "I hate to ask this of you Daisy, but is there anything here that could track him down, you know, facial recognition and all of that? I've been out of town for weeks and I've only really been home, to the office or to the court house since I got back. Do you think we could track down where he's hiding?" As much as he hated the scope of government surveillance, he had to admit, right now with the current situation it came in handy.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Exactly like you.." Daisy then squinting her eyes, "One moment..." she is heard taptapping on the keyboard, fast, turning the image around so she can get a 3d enhanced version of it. Miracles of technology. "Yea, I know your face quite well by now and ..., it's exactly like you." as to who could be behind it though.. That makes her furrow her brows, leaning back. "I am going to imagine you don't have a long lost brother and ..." she pauses, "Oh, crap..." as if she had just remembered something.

"So, there's something that's been going on. Classified." A beat, "Apparently there was a disturbance that opened a breach to another dimension." she explains, "It'd be a lot to explain right now, but the important to retain is that *some* people came in. People that can be you but from that universe. A universe that was corrupted by an evil entity." it's a quick way to explain it but there it goes.

As for the question. "We have facial recognition, but would be hard to track him down regardless. And it'd need a lot more access than the one I am using now to use this computer." She says, "But I can try."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt blinks behind his shades when Daisy tells him about the doubles from another dimension. "Wait? There are other dimensions? And people are coming over from it who look exactly like us? Like that episode of Star Trek?" he asks, his tone sounding skeptical. "There's actual proof of this or is it just a rumour?" he asks.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I wish I was joking..." Daisy letting out a soft sigh. "But no, I have had direct confrontation against them. And against the creature that was behind this... And trust me, you don't want to know about that one..." cthulhu horrors anyone?

"The important part is that the people that come here from the other side have had their experiences ..., skewed, tainted by this creature. So they may look like you but they won't be like you. There is a madness to them." a beat, "If my theory is correct, that is."

"And if it is we'd be looking at someone with your skills most likely, but unhinged about killing..., or doing anything else." a worry in her voice.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt leans his head back and sighs. "You guys need to tell people about this stuff Daisy. There could be people going to jail for what their copies have done, and without people knowing there's doubles nobody's going to believe it isn't them," Yep. Matt, always thinking like a lawyer. Then he gets to his problems. "And that's not good. My skills but without any restraint," gee what would that be like? looking at you Elektra? "So he'd look like me, he might have my skills and he would be corrupted by some sort of creature from the other dimension?" he asks, frowning a little. "Are they intrinsically evil, or is it the corruption? And if it's the corruption can they be cured?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"There's only been a select few crossing over, and it's being handled." Daisy explains, "Imagine if this was widespread knowledge though, there could be panic." which she didn't like it. But she understood there had to be compromises done from time to time. Seems she was growing up.

"And yes, that'd be the gist of it." She explains, "As for the corruption, it cannot be cured. Not with anything that we figured out so far. Their objective is to shift the people over. Either killing their doppelganger or sending them to their dimension. The two can't exist in the same world." she gestures vaguely with one hand. "So they are drawn to it. But that said, I do not believe they were evil before. It was the corruption that caused it."

"It's the kind of corruption that can even affect a Kryptonian, Matt." she says this last part in a low tone.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Compromises had to be made, sure, but Matt had built his life around the principle that it's better that a hundred guilty men go free than one innocent man suffer, he frowns deeply. "No denying it'd be chaos and everybody and their uncle would be claiming it was their doppleganger if they get caught for a crime, but, sometimes we have to do the hard thing so the innocent don't suffer, and I'm not just talking about me here, either Daisy," he says letting out a breath. "Something has to be done to help anyone caught up in this, either now or after the fact." His own problem seems to be falling to the wayside for the moment in the face of a much larger legal conundrum.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"It's what we are trying to do, Matt." Daisy insists, then giving an elbow to the ribs (A gentle one). "Focus on what's affecting you first though. And that is finding out about this doppelganger." she murmurs. "But I agree, after the breach is closed there will be a lot to be done still..."

The young agent saves the new, enhanced footage to a pen before retrieving it, along with the tape. "What's the next step you think? Should I try to get further clearance to track someone with your face down? It may raise questions though..." SHIELD didn't use those resources without heavy monitorization to stop unruleful use. "Or should we go and investigate on our own?" she ponders, "It's you. You might be able to get in his head and figure out where he may have hidden up."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt oofs at the elbow to the ribs but the little gesture draws him out of his head and he smiles his thanks to Daisy. "Right, one thing at a time," he says, giving her shoulder a squeeze by way of thanks.

"Good to know," he remarks about the use of the facial recognition programs, it didn't help their situation but it made him feel a whole lot better about SHIELD. "Guess you looking for me on that would raise some awkward questions all around, so let's save that as a backup plan," he says before trying to think like his double. "How like our world is theirs do we know? If it was me I'd go to someone I know, or somewhere I was familiar with," he says. "I know Foggy hasn't seen me, but I should reach out to the Defenders and Karen too to see if they've seen me while I was gone, then it's down to us checking out the places where I'd hide if I was a doppelganger from another world."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"It's a start. Someone you trust. Maybe Stick?" Daisy suggests since the man had been in her mind when they were first looking at the footage before. "Could mean whoever it is might be in danger too." she points out, a frown forming on her features. "But it all depends on how different their story might be to yours. He may not even have met Foggy in their world, if he wasn't a lawyer there. But from what we have observed a lot remains common, particularly those marking points of someone's life. Until the corruption." which could mean anyone else could be a target.

Daisy gets up to her feet, a glance over and she spotting the space invaders player. "Good lord. There's Jason playing the game again..." a roll of her eyes. And while some would expect her to chide him for being unprofessional she says in a lower tone to Matt, "He will never beat my record..." because of course she plays too!

"Come on, it's time to start calling your friends. Or meet them in person. See what's going on."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"It'd have to be a very different world if he reached out to Stick, but I bet Stick would love this guy, a version of me who might not care about killing," Matt says, feeling a little ill just thinking about it. "Shit. Elektra," he says, That would be who he'd go to if it were him especially if she was anything like she was on this world. "I should let her know he's out there, same with the other Defenders."

The distraction of Jason and the video game does allow him a second for a weak smile. "I should bring you by the 1020 Bar by where Foggy and I used to live, he's still got the record on their machine."

He nods then, they've done all they could do here it was time to pound the pavement. Stil when he gets up he leans over and kisses Daisy's cheek. "Thanks for doing this with me Daisy. It means a lot," he tells her, squeezing her shoulder again before he reaches back for his cane in preparation to leave.