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Happy Harbor: It Came From The Deep
Date of Scene: 24 March 2021
Location: Brighton Beach
Synopsis: Just a beautiful day at Brighton Beach and...that's a weird squid wave to ruin it!
Cast of Characters: Morrigan MacIntyre, Irie West, Hercules, Vivian Vision, Hank Pym, Michael Hannigan, Dick Grayson, Albert Rothstein, Damian Wayne

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
It is an unseasonably warm day in Brooklyn today. Temperatures are supposed to be near 80. Among the whole Eastern Coast actually. And people are taking FULL advantage of the situation. Happy Harbor High always did little excursions during Spring Break and this year was no different. Brighton Beach was a good place to visit as it was right next door to Coney Island. Which means the students were allowed to go on rides, play games on the boardwalk and all of that.

Supervision was a bit easier to do when you had supernatural powers. Or little supervision when you trusted the teens. Morrigan was the latter. She didn't think the group was going to be going and doing lines of coke in a porta-potty. The ginger had come prepared for the weather though. She's seated on the beach with Tyler, a pale black haired teen with big blue eyes. There's a black sun hat that shades her face from the rays and she's dressed in shorts and an old threadbare black t-shirt.

There are coolers marked for the school with drinks and snacks. Because they might need more energy when they get done running.

Irie West has posed:
This is Irie's first actual vacation! She spent most of her young life going on adventures with her dad, and now that she's going to school, taking a break from it actually means something! She's dressed in a yellow one piece swimsuit, with a pair of shorts to cover her so that she's decent when she wants to go on rides, and a pair of flipflops.

She's currently hanging back with Morrigan, unsure as what to do first. Go for a swim? Go to Coney Island and ride rides? Get a snack? Unclear. So she's going to wait to see what the other students are going to do before deciding.

Hercules has posed:
Hercules is here. Why? Ah but that is a tale that demands exposition my friend!

When the warm weather caused young and old alike to flock to the beaches and park ways, they found themselves in need of additional life guards... and someones sister used to date Hercules and they asked her as a joke.

It turned out that the Joke was on THEM!

There, standing atop a tall, 'guards chair was none other but the Scion of Zeus, The Lion of Olympus, Temporary Relief Lifeguard,

    Prince of Power!

There, armed with rescue can, the finest of European Swimwear, and Glistening like the Literal Greek God that he was, Hercules did stand watch over the Bright Beaches of Brooklyn, a smiling sentinel of safe keeping and security!

They even gave him a Whistle!

Vivian Vision has posed:
While it's hardly difficult for Vivian to fly all the way over to Brighton Beach there are some things on her 'Learn about being human' list which make tagging along on a school trip worth while. Such as the entry 'Go on school trip'. And while an 80F day in Brooklyn isn't exactly the sun drenched paradise of a Themysciran beach it's still perfectly pleasant weather for a synthezoid.

Besides it's a good chance for the other students to get used to seeing her real appearance out in public. Acting as normal as she can. And hopefully they'll quickly get over the novelty.

Her outfit for the trip is a green one piece swimsuit and a yellow scarf/sash tied around her waist. And her activity of choice? The perfectly normal human beach activity of building sand castles.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym trudges onto the beach. He has a large beach umbrella over his shoulder. He sneaks up behind Morrigan and... Tyler. With a snap he opens the umbrella and plunges its point into the sand. Bo the ant skitters behind him bearing a cooler and beach chair. He spares a rueful look at Morrigan but doesn't hold it long. As Bo snaps out the chair he sits down in it, not taking up any of the shade.

"You worry me at times Dr. MacIntyre."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Due to the warm weather, Mike has forgone the dark tee, jeans, knitcap, and jacket combination he is used to wearing during the March month. Instead he has traded those in for the thinner, but still modest white T-shirt and dark blue drawstring pants pairing. With no hat to hide his lengthier hair, the entertainer has pulled it back into a ponytail.

It was more or less a last minute invite. But being he had no intention of going swimming, he was perfectly fine with the clothing he got. It's not flashy, but it still works with the lean, fit frame. A lot of things work for him. The long old scar on the underside of his right forearm is in full show as well with no jacket to cover it up.

Seeming a bit better rested than normal. Mike gives a slight smile to the scenery about as he just strolls along the beach, stretching his legs.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick eventually makes his way to the area Damian told him the school trip would be centering on, and after a few minutes observation notices the marked coolers. Looking around for his brother, he heads over to the coolers and their guardians. He's dressed casually today, dock shoes, tan chinos and a dark blue polo shirt. He's wearing a pair of sunglasses and a nice watch.

Stepping up near the HH group, he waves and introduces himself to Morrigan, who looks to be in charge. "Hi, Dick Grayson, I'm Damian's oldest brother. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Albert Rothstein has posed:
Albert Rothstein shows up at the beach, and parks his car in the lot, before coming out to join the others, today the big red headed man is wearing a tank top, and knee length shorts. He makes sure to put on some of the strongest sun screen he could find and walks along looking for the others from the school, seeing who is about.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian had now two pairs of trunks to wear, thanks to a friend, he was given a very nice pair of trunks, royal blue with red piping, and a red Superman logo on the edge of one leg.

  Damian had asked his biggest brother if he had wanted to join, and of course, since Damian himself had no real concept of 'fun', the scientist in him thought it would be a good idea to observe and attempt this 'fun' for himself. Before arriving to the beach, the middle-teenager wore a crisp white shirt, emblazoned with the Gotham Knights logo. Part of his wardrobe that Alfred had procured for the young Master Damian.

  Eventually, he turned the corner, and saw Dick talking to Morrigan, and quickly shuffled to join them before he was embarrassed by either of them. "Headmistress MacIntyre." He says as he approaches the two.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's distracted by something. The sunglasses get slid down as she looks down the beach and there's a bit of a headshake, someone was going to get injured. She's so entrenched in thought that when Hank opens the umbrella behind them she almost jumps out of her skin, "Jesus christ, Hank..." she laughs as she tries not to look like she's frazzled. She was less crispy than she was last night at least! Tyler gives a look to Hank, "Not nice to sneak up on people." the teen states in a rather chilly tone.

Vivian's location is noted and she looks to make sure no one was bothering her. Others were gathering and that was a good thing. Mo's not directly in the sunlight, because half vampires still bake like potatoes out here. The sun shade is working though. She shoots a wave towards Alber because you can't miss the larger redheaded man.

She stands when others are approaching and she smiles to Dick as he introduces himself, "It's nice to meet you, Mister Grayson. And we're happy to have you along with us today." the Irish woman states. "Is Damian not..." she trails off, "Ah, Damian, there you are." she smiles to the teen when he shows. "Your brother was just introducing himself." she tells Damian.

Hercules has posed:
Hercules says, "breathed deeply of the salt air, chest swelling in ways that might almost be obscene, sunlight glinting off of oiled flesh and dark hair. He loosed it in a sigh, exalting in the anomoly of a fine, warm day! He drew breath, ready to launch into tale of his sea faring exploits... only to find no one interested in lending their ear! No matter! His role was not as a story teller but as a custodian to these fine people as they exalted in a meeting between Poseidon and Apollo! Beneath the sun, even the Son of Zeus felt his thirst rise up! Dipping...

The rest from here is just Hercules pouring a a bottle of water out over his head and shaking the water off in slow motion... Lets turn the page.

Scanning the crowd with an eye of careful scrutiny, Hercules is surprised and delighted to catch sight of a familiar face.

"FRIEND PYM!" A jovial bellow from the distance before the muscle bound spectacle leaps from his chair and begins to bound across the sands to join an old boon companion, long, loping strides seeming slow for the distance he covers with them, wet hair bouncing in the salt air-!"

Michael Hannigan has posed:
The footsteps from a few strides ago start their process of melting away as the slow flow of the saltwater climbs along the smooth beach sand. As he nears where the cluster of chaperones had set up camp earlier, Mike starts to turn. The change in position drawing to attention Hank and Bo's arrival. Annnnd some lifeguard taking a water bottle shower.

Blink. Blink.

Right. Page is turned.

The musician continues to walk over to where the cluster of friends are, lifting up a hand in greeting before the shouted one tunes out the visual.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Aside from giving Hank and his ant friend a little wave of greeting Vivian doesn't seem to be paying much attention to the rest of the beach. Certainly no-one seems to be causing her any hassle as of yet. Nor is she getting into any mischief that anyone can see. Although who knows what she's upto online right now!

Her sandcaste project seems fairly ambitious. At least judging by the area she has carefully marked out. Every now and again she projects a hologram of what she intends to build, a scale replica of Neuschwanstein Castle, just to help visualise the end result better.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym looks away from Morrigan and Tyler as he hears his name shouted. He can't help himself but smile. It's pretty odd his best friends in the Avengers were Hulks and gods. Not so much the human members. And Hercules' exuberance was just catching.

And exhausting.

"Excuse me Dr. MacIntyre. I know that gentleman from work. Oh hey Mike, I just want to say hello to an old friend." Heh, several millennia. He gets up to walk over to the lifeguard.

He waves to Vivian and says Neuschwanstein. Nice.

Baudelaire edges over to Mike, Tyler, and Morrigan and presents his head for scratches.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Looking up from his height to Dick, then to Mo, Damian nods. "Very well." He offers up, before looking at Beaudelaire, intrigued and unafraid of a giant ant.

  He squatted down, getting at eye level with Bo, and observed. Damian had a way with animals, he idly wondered if it would also work on insects.

  As to whom this creature belonged with, Damian was not unaware of Dr. Pym's teaching at the school. But the Doctor was busy at the moment, and it is not every day you get to observe the mesosoma of an ant this close without magnification.

Albert Rothstein has posed:
Albert Rothstein comes walking up towards the group from where he made a side stop after getting a cooler from the back of his car. He now has it full of ice, and is putting some more cans of soda into it. HE calls out "If you guys want a drink, dig for the bottom, they should already be cold." He offers pulling out a bottle of water for himself

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike gives a nod, watching Hank start to step over towards the lifeguard. Old friend. Come to think of it that guy does seem fam-


Nevermind that. A big friendly ant has come over. "Hey Bo." Mike greets, reaching his hand over to scritch the top of his head, "You having fun?" He glances down, seeing Damian try his hand at becoming the next ant whisperer.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Alright, Morrigan's staring now. Because there are plenty of other grown women doing the SAME thing. And men. Probably fish as well. This didn't really matter. Friend Pym registers though and she turns to look at Hank. Oh no. He was going to be over here soon. "Oh no problem. Go say hello." Morrigan manages to clear her throat and look away from that general direction.

Tyler gives Bo a scritch when he approaches, but after that the teen approaches Vivian and gives a wave, "You mind if I join you?" he asks as he settled down in the sand. "It's a nice castle." he adds.

Morrigan reaches out to gently pat Bo, "You live an interesting life, Sir." she tells the ant. Or maybe she's talking about Hank, who knows. She gives a look to Mike and a smile, "How are you doing?" she asks. Dick and Damian get a smile, "Feel free to grab a spot and an umbrella. We've got towels, beach umbrellas and everything like that. If you guys want to go enjoy the boardwalk you can. I know you guys probably don't need us, but if there is trouble just shout." she tells them quietly.

Albert with the cooler save makes her chuckle, "Thank you Albert!" she states cheerily.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick nods and smiles at Morrigan, "Ah, so you're really in charge, not just for the field trip." He looks over to Damian and greets him with a "Hey Damian, find anything interesting to do here yet? You've got a ton of options if you want to try out some fun activities."

Glancing over at the oncoming Hercules when he shouts, he just grins and files it under 'just another day'. The ant, on the other hand, gets a little more of a look before Damian's examination and several greetings shows it to be fairly harmless. SO what the heck, it isn't every day you get the chance... He reaches out to give the ant a friendly pat as well.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision glances up from her bucket and spade work and smiles at all the attention Bo is receiving. "If you have any fruit Doctor Pym might allow you to feed Baudelaire," she says loud enough for Dick & Damian to hear.

Her sandcaste project is perhaps far too ambitious to be completed within the time available, but it's not the completion which is important. More the act itself.

Hercules has posed:
Hercules is slow like a freight train, seeming sluggish and glacial in the distance only for his momentum to sneak up on you as soon as you dare blink!

He arrives like a squall, loud and blustering! There is a joyeous, thunderous laugh as he throws his arms wide and absolutely envelops Hank in a mighty embrace, lifting the Scientist Supreme from his feet as Hercules twirls on the ball of his foot in the sand, another moment of time seeming to linger longer than it should as the Lion of Olympus cuts that sharp circle into the sand. His smile threatens to overshadow the work of Apollo on this fine day!

His smile does not dim when he releases Pym, hands resting on his compatriot's shoulders before stepping back to take a good look at Pym, "Ah, you look well, Friend. It is good indeed to see you again on such a glorious day!" he begins lifting his gaze to note the gathered, He sweeps them with that big grin and those merry eyes! Measures taken, his eyes having to take that rare trip up when they arrive upon Albert. Hercules gave another delighted bark of laughter, clapping Pym on the shoulder mightily! "And in such Company!"

He stoops in, conspiratorially, "Tell me, friend, are there Heroics afoot? You need but tell me and we will see the day through as we have done so many times before?" the Demi-God stage whispered.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym for his part is smiling as he is set down. He knew enough to breathe out and relax when hugged and resume breathing when released and roll with the clap on his shoulder. He has dealt with gods and goddesses. Enchantress turned him into a toddler once. He slaps the Olympian on his head in what would be a painful ear boxing to a human.

"I've missed you, you big lug! Are you doing all right with the tech stuff without me? They helping you with your phone and laptop? Because if anyone gives you any grief, you come to me! We took care of that White Out on the monitors, remember? But come over here, I'm teaching at Happy Harbor, meet my students and co-workers..." He trials off a moment and then goes through with leading Herc, the pause being when he registers Morrigan's presence.


Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike redirects his attention and looks over to Morrigan. "I'm doing rather well this week. Reasonably well rested. Had a nice walk on the beach. And hanging out with friends. And you? Avoiding the sunburn?"

The sudden movement of Hercules putting Hank through the pym-cycle does draw a glance away from the other scientist and ant. His mouth opens, letting out a laugh at the sight. The friend of Hank's is definitely energetic. Seeing Hank being jovial in return, he looks back to Morrigan, trying to suppress further laughter.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian's green eyes look over the ant, into Bo's compound eyes. Really interesting. "I saw carnival games, and there's a roller-coaster. Among other things." For someone who's never done either of those, he doesn't sound quite as excited as a normal kid. "And the beach is nice."

  Fruit, huh? Guess that tracks for big ants and little ones. "Thank you!" Damian says to Viv, he didn't have any fruit, but still had to show some gratitude for the tip.

  Now, back to Dick. "What would you do?" He says in a low tone. Even a year later, he was still a bit...new to things. At least he's trying to acclimate now.

Albert Rothstein has posed:
Albert Rothstein nods to Morrigan, and says "Well I figured we should have some stuff there if needed. I got sodas, water and juice." He offers to Morrigan in explanation. He looks over to Herculese, and offers the other man a nod in greeting "Well me." He says to the other.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives a smile to Mike, "Aye, avoiding it as much as possible. Had some tests on it. Hopefully we'll see how it goes." she admits. "Is he passing those out to everyone?" Morrigan asks Mike in a low whisper when Hercules hugs Hank. Then she's looking to where Tyler got off to and there's a smile to him and Vivian. Making sure they are alright. Albert gets a grin and she digs into one of the coolers to grab a juice.

Meanwhile, underneath their feet there is the slightest tremble in the ground. Sand shifting as the earth rumbles. Off in the distance on the horizon the waves start to get rough and start moving towards the beach a little too quickly.

Dick Grayson has posed:
He smiles at Morrigan, "Thanks, I appreciate it, but no doubt we'll be ok. I think Damian will be right about here for a while anyway, Bo, is it?, seems to have engaged his scientific interest." He looks down to where his younger sibling is inspecting the oversized formicid with a little bit of a grin. Damian tries, but he usually manages to be more of an observer than a kid. Still, he's here, so points for that.

He looks over to Morrigan, then asks, "By any chance, would there be fruit in one of those coolers? Maybe we can get Bo a snack after all." When the ground trembles he suddenly looks around, any hint of relaxation gone as he scans the beach sharply.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
"I think Hank's getting extra special treatment because they're old friends." Mike murmurs back to Morrigan. "Don't really have to worry about that with my friends."

As Morrigan digs through the coolers, Mike looks to Albert, offering him a nod of greeting "Hey. N-"

He pauses, looking to the ground. "...did you feel that?"

Hercules has posed:
Hercules was cuffed by his Boon Companion, another grand peal of laughter "Nay friend, what technological woes I suffer now are not of my own making. A tell of a evil double that left behind him a trail of broken hearts and Terms of Service agreements. Fit for another time!" he insisted, treading the sand with Hank as his friend told him of his newest vocation. The Son of Zeus smiled, delighted... he had not stopped smiling. A lesser mans cheeks would have cracked by now!

Hercules was about to say something, extoll the exploits of Pym to his studious students at volume... but then his eyes met violet and Hercules was overcome with a Look.

Hair like the flames of the Heros own pyre, eyes that drove through even his own diefic hide... and an Adult! Be Wary Pym, you have seen that Look bef-

The earth shook, premature, he had just met her- No... something else. It prickled at the back of his neck. Hercules stopped in his track, toes curling into the sand as he turned, firming his grip on the rescue can while the other rose up to the whistle hanging from his neck like a warding medallion...

Vivian Vision has posed:
When the first tremor hits Vivian frowns. A portion of her mind begins searching online for seismometer readings for the area, checking to see if there has been a volcano or earthquake elsewhere in the world. As well as looking for any accessable cameras further out at sea.

Her head turns and enhanced synthezoid senses begin scanning the surroundings. She can zoom up to eighty times magnification without trouble, so if there's anything to see... Well she should pick it out pretty quickly.

"Headmistress MacIntyre if there is a problem do you want me to text or phone all students and staff requesting they return to the bus? Or perhaps another safe place like the nearest police station." Perhaps an overreaction. But it never hurts to be prepared.

Sadly what little progress she'd made on her sandcastle falls over. Never to be completed.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym notes the look in Hercules' eyes. Bo's thoughts have a little trouble coming through for /reasons/. //One moment Baudelaire... human stuff...//

//But Great Pym... //

//I said wait a minute... Oh nonononono...//

//GREAT PYM! He that foiled the evil magnifying glass! Tremor... big wave. Big wave coming!//

Hank looks out at the water. Then he grows. Ten, 20, 30 feet up to 60 feet and looks out to the sea.


Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives a little finger wave to Hank and Hercules as they approach. Then the earth shakes and she looks down to the ground and sighs, "Et tu, ground?" she whispers. She then looks to Mike and there's a nod, "Yeah. I did..." she trails off as she sees the rushing wave. "Ah fuck." the Doctor states ever so eloquently. "Vivian if you can do that, yes." she tells her. Meanwhile, there's a flaring of her hands, "That's odd." she mutters to herself. "Probably want to get off the beach and move people until this passes. The wave won't kill anyone, but it will make a lot of people wet and salty." she announces as she moves /TOWARDS/ the edge of the water. Apparently Hank has the same idea, "Let me see if I can prevent some of the crashing." she states as she places her hands down into the sand.

Albert Rothstein has posed:
Albert Rothstein will move towards the water line as well. He grows as well, about half the size of the other giant. He will drop to one knee bracing himself, preparing to be part of what seems is going to be a damn giant dam. He will will look out to the water preparing to stop as much as he can.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Strange. There seems to be marine life that would not normally be found in this region," Vivian notes aloud. Still staring out to sea. "I suspect something unusual has happened." Quite possibly the biggest understatement she'll make all day. "Small squid and other cephalopods."

A low priority portion of her mind sets to working out where they naturally live and how far they had to travel to get here. Perhaps this was a natural event? A subsea erruption could in theory cause large waves that carry creatures long distances.

A more significant portion of her mind begins making telephone calls and sending texts. If need be she can always spoof Morrigans phone number and replicate her voice to make a second round of 'official' calls to anyone who refuses to listen to a fellow student. For good measure she sends a summary of the situation to various emergency services.

She makes no moves of her own to run. After all she can just phase through danger. Or fly above it.

Hercules has posed:
Hercules found himself in a rare situation, one where he was in a position of official responsability. Surely the powers that be will think themselves fortunate that when they put out the call foraid, Hercules answered their call.

Hank's shadow passed over the Son of Olympus and for once, Hercules did not follow. For what few would not harken unto a titan telling them to clear the vacinity, Hercules hoped his whistle would serve! There was no slow motion as the Olympian returned to his stand, tooting his whistle for all of its worth, the bead near shattering within the confines of the thing as the Hero breathed into it.

"Clear the beaches! To shore and higher ground, go!" he commanded between authoritative toots.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Well with the shout about a big wave from several sources, there seems to be other beachgoers making their way further back. He sighs. Well...so much for being well rested. "What about the people already in the water?" Concerned, Mike's eyes scan along the waterline, looking for any heads that might be peeking out of the water, unaware of the oncoming wave or unable to swim out of the way.

The scar on his right forearm fades away, appearing on his left.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick looks to Damian and gestures inland, "Might want to get away from the beach a little, nothing you can do to stop big waves." He raises his voice as the people are starting to mill around and panic after several giants appear and Pym and Hercules both make their announcements, "Come on folks, no panic, but let's move." He starts gesturing to the crowd, putting on his 'cop' attitude and voice despite his relaxed clothing today. "Let's go, move away from the water." He's scanning the shore, looking for anyone who might be in trouble down there.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym thinks, nothing? He looks at the wave and draws a deep breath. Really deep. He's still growing as he approaches the water. Vivian would know, possibly Mike. Sixty feet was his usually max. But, he can grow much bigger than that. Fortunately his uniforms have equipment to regulate his breathing and oxygen. Unfortunately, he's wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. The pain starts in his ankles, moving up. Knees, back. One hundred feet. He's usually in pain though. Two hundred feet and he drops on one knee and slowly begins to lie down, still growing. Four hundred feet and he hopes the God that's enough. Black spots in the eyes. He gives the students and staff a thumbs up. His vision blurs a little but he sees flashes of violet and grins at Morrigan.


Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
That wave wasn't getting bigger, but it was about to hit. With the work from the students, Hercules and others they are able to clear the beach except for those crazy enough to stay and help. But those people can handle it. The area around Morrigan's hands glow, lighting the water eerily as she sits there. The few people that were on the beach one minute are there and then the next they are safely on the boardwalk near those watching.

The wave is quick, but not as powerful as it could have been. Morrigan is the only one that seems to disappear completely given the others are HUGE. When the water clears there is white foam and tiny squid and octopus left to slither and inch along the ground. One is caught in Morrigan's hair and using a diminutive arm to whack the Doctor in the forehead.

Which makes her laugh. That is until she realizes the situation, "How is everyone?" she rises quickly to look around. "Hank? Are you going to be okay?!" she calls up to her friend.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
As Mike watches, the giant ant nearby. works on building up his own sandy protection from the incoming water. Several of Bo's kicked up bits of sand seemingly passes through the musician.

Mike's scan of the coast line gets obscured a bit as Hank starts to become massive but the slightest movement of something peeking out the water before Pym's foot blocks the view is enough to give him cause for alarm.

He takes a running start bolting towards Hank. With a jump, he vaults to the top of Pym. Standing on the wall before he spots it again. F-

He dives to the other side, grabbing onto the poor swimmer obscured by the Great wall o' Scientist.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym is getting up even as he shrinks. He's 60 feet when he gets up, and Albert's size when he pats the younger man on the shoulder. He's human size again when he lets out a deep breath. "I think I'm gonna rest all the muscles in my body a minute." He lays back down on the hand. "Awesome... that was awesome." He rolls onto his back, shading his eyes from the sun.

Vivian Vision has posed:
When the wave gets close Viv just drops her density, makes the tiniest little hopping jump, and passes over it like she's playing jump rope. She even lands on the surface of the water, light enough the surface area of her feet allows her to float, and stands on the water like it's no real trouble.

She might be showing off just a tiny bit. Sadly no-one is likely to be paying attention with everything else that's happening.

Virtual Vivs continue to direct the other students to safety. Coming up with a list of everyone who might need tracking down and their last known locations.

Hercules has posed:
Hercules is watching, waiting... A tidal wave, surely a Sea Monster will follow! Moments come and moments pass... But no monster rears its head. There is no air shattering roar, no crack of ominous thunder... Posidon has played him for a mery fool!

Disappointment weighs heavily upon Hercules' shoulders as he looks up to take the measure of his friends, new and old... Only to find Pym laying on the sand, still! "Friend Pym, Nooooo-!" he cries, his over-eager imagination fearing the worst as he drops from the tower and begins to run... at a very deliberate speed!

Damian Wayne has posed:
     No mask, no danger. Them's the rules. Damian heads inland, as far as the school knew, he was just a normal highly intelligent teenager. So, he gets out of the way while powered people get to assisting.

  Damian just keeps watching and perhaps helping someone if they trip.

Albert Rothstein has posed:
Albert Rothstein will stay there on his knee for a moment, and brushes the creatures that happened to be stuck to him off, and looks about to see if anything needs help back into the water before he shrinks back to his normal seven foot. He looks over to Hank, and says "I gotta work on seeing if I can get closer to the 45 foot range or so." He comments.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan looks at the cephalopod covered ground and the one stuck in her hair is giving her a proper thrashing of the tiniest proportions. If it was bigger it MIGHT be scary. She has the audacity to reach up and TICKLE it's head. Witch! Meanwhile there are little eight and seven legged lumps all over the ground and looking to get /back/ to the ocean. The redhead is soaked and trying to take stock of children and teachers, "Vivian, are you alright? Everyone else accounted for?" she calls to the girl.

Then she's watching Hercules rush over to Hank and she takes a moment to breath...and to try to remove the adorable squid from her head. "Alright you, off, my name isn't Ariel. You go home." she mutters.

Irie West has posed:
Irie has been having fun on the beach for a while before venturing out into the water. She's very careful to keep things at chest level, sputtering when an occasional large wave comes by. After all, she can't swim.

Then the tidal wave comes and nearly drowns her. It caught her by surprise, so she got a lungful of water and she starts to panic. Then Mike gets to her and turns them intangible, allowing her to cough out all the water and catch a breath as they make their way to the shore.

"Th... thank you," she breathes, still coughing. "Sorry I panicked."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I believe the coolers and several towels have been lost to the sea. I am also no longer in possession of the bucket and spade I was using," Vivian informs solemnly. "I think everyone is accounted for. I have texted all the teachers who are not close by with the last known locations of any students yet to check in. I've also made the coast guard aware of the situation."

Her gaze remains fixed out to sea. It's not unreasonable to assume something is still lurking out there. The wave could have been travelling faster than whatever caused it after all.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
By the time the wave is gone and the pair are safely on the beach. Mike lets go of Irie. The scar upon the left forearm fades, moving back in place to the right as there's a flicker to his expression. Despite diving in after Irie, his clothes are dry.

"Happens to everyone." Mike assures, "...the panicking, not being caught between a doc and a large wave that is." He glances over to where he left Bo, seeing the ant peeking out from the makeshift shelter. Ok one accounted for... He turns his head to look for Hank, finding a very concerned Hercules running to him. His steps slow. "Sorry, I need to check on him." Adjusting his steps he walks over towards Hank.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan manages to get the octopus detached from her hair, it's little spindly legs angrily shaking at her. There's a sigh as she puts it back into the water and then turns to look over things. "Alright, get dry and we'll have the driver take everyone back to school if you guys want. Not much we can do really." she admits with a frown. Then she sees Mike and Irie and she heads over to the speedster, "You alright?" she asks her. "We can go find a dry towel and things. Need to call partents and things." she tells them. There's a mournful look at the towels and things floating off, but such was life.

"Bo, stay close to Mike!" she calls to the ant.

Irie West has posed:
"No, go ahead," she tells Mike. "I'll be okay." She starts wandering up the beach and frowns when she sees all the little cephalopods stranded on the beach. "Yeah, I'm good," she says, answering Morrigan's concern. "That sounds good but I think I'm going to do something for these poor octopuses."

With that, she disappears into a blur of yellow, and quickly, one by one, she picks up the octopuses, and drops them on the water. She runs on the surface of the ocean so she doesn't get wet and it only takes her about a minute to get it all done. "There," she says in satisfaction, nodding to Morrigan. "Good deed done for the day."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick is still up by the coolers and other assorted belongings, which by the dual protection of ant wall and the Pym Breakwater, did not end up getting wet. Seeing Morrigan and Irie dripping out of the water in his general direction, he collects a couple towels and heads over towards them, offering a towel to each.

"Here, I can at least pass out towels since I can't get huge and block tidal waves. Everyone ok? I think you were the only one needing rescue." he says to Irie.

Hercules has posed:
Hercules was trained -Strenuously- by his instructor and now very good friend, Gary. He had hoped to put some, but not all of Gary's imparted expertise to use on his boon companion... But to Hercules' slight dismay, Hank is fine. Winded but well! Mike intercedes and prevents a series of comedic misadventures. "Ah, very well! Tend well to my friend!" he bids Mr. Hannigan before he looks for others in need of aid!

Hercules swore an oath, an oath to keep safe all of those that would seek to enjoy the beach. He did not know that this did not extend the the invertebrate!

Thus... Hercules starts pitching tentacled beasties into the sea!