5661/A Flash Family Heart to Heart

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A Flash Family Heart to Heart
Date of Scene: 21 March 2021
Location: W06 - Irie's Dorm - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Wally come visits Irie in her room, and they have a bit of a heart to heart about time travel, and secret identities.
Cast of Characters: Irie West, Wally West

Irie West has posed:
It's the weekend. For the first time in Irie's life this actually means something. In the past this used to be the day that cartoons aired on broadcast TV, but in the future where Irie lived most of her life, broadcast TV isn't really a thing anymore. The reason why this matters now is the very simple fact that Irie is now going to school, which means that the weekend is the days in which she is /not/ going to school.

That doesn't mean she can escape the responsibility of doing homework. Not even the fastest girl alive can escape /that/ responsibility. So here she is, sitting at her desk, staring at her laptop, rapidly typing up a an essay on the history of DNA. She's not going superspeed, though. She tried that once and broke the first laptop she was given. This time she's much more careful, but frustratingly slow.

Wally West has posed:
Wally had been wandering the halls of the Titans Tower for a bit, when he noticed something odd-- Someone was home on a saturday evening. Wally was in because ... well ... shut up. Also he has superspeed, so he could be waiting on line somewhere in town and just be here while he waits. And he is waiting here because... There is no getting around it. He is sitting in on a saturday evening when he could be out partying in town because he is a total square.

Well it just so happened that the person who was in was Irie. He was mildly shocked that she was here, but it occured to him that he had reccomended the tower, so that was a little silly. Well then it was time to ... do dadly things.

He knocked on the door. "Hey whats happening? I noticed we havent talked in a little bit."

Irie West has posed:
Irie looks up from her homework, relieved to have a distraction. Especially when it's Wally. "Hey, Dad!" She calls out to him. "C'mon in." There's a blur of motion, and suddenly the bed is made, the dirty clothes are in the hamper, and the Mach 5 matchbox is adjusted to sit /just right/ on the lonely shelf.

"Yeah, we haven't," Irie admits, giving him a warm hug and stepping back to let him in. "I'm just doing homework. Why didn't anybody tell me that homework was going to be such a drag? Note for your future self. You never gave me homework."

Wally West has posed:
Ahh homework. Kid things. Thats considerably more reasonable than what he had imagined. What he thought she would be doing he couldn't tell you. Given the life of a student that was also a large portion of what had been happening to her. Question answered he supposed.

"Ahh the ol homework. We didn't want to scare you. (Also most people get to the selective memory stage with school as soon as they leave. I guess we forgot.)" He was trying to think about giving a teenager with the speedforce homework. He did not think it was something he would recomend. "Also weren't you basically five back in the future?" He had had the timeline of events explained to him several times, but he still struggled with it.

Irie West has posed:
"Well, if you're talking linear time, yes. Basically five," Irie admits. "But we were, like, ten physically and mentally so...." she trails off with a helpless shrug. "Speed force. What're ya gonna do?" She shakes her head and goes to sit on her bed, pulling her legs up underneath her. "I mean. Homework isn't the end of the world or anything. It's just a new experience for me. And high school. There's just so many kids there, it's kind of overwhelming."

"Hey, I wanted to talk to you about that," she says. "Future stuff, that is. I've been thinking about it a lot."

Wally West has posed:
Wally never had to go to a Metropolis highschool, so he can't exactly say what that is like. "I can see that especially if you grew up in the country. -- I dunno maybe you shouldn't tell me about that. -- I guess this is also your first time in school too. That is a lot to have at once." He does not envy her. "Made any friends?" Wally sits down next to her.

"What is this future stuff?" He isn't sure if she is about to give him some version of 'the talk' about time travel or something. You rarely get something small when someone says 'I wanted to talk to you about...' and 'I have been thinking about it a lot.'

Irie West has posed:
This is, indeed, The Talk. Irie fidgets uncomfortably on the bed and says, "I guess you've heard all this before but I think I need to speak my thoughts out loud." She absently smooths a wrinkle on the bedsheet. "So, if we find a cure.... /when/ we find one, you're gonna have to hold off on using it on me when we're born." She blinks and realizes that she hasn't told Wally about her brother. "We being me and my twin, Jai. He's still in the future."

"I've thought about this a lot, and I'm going to have to disappear for five years because otherwise I'd have known about me." She shakes her head, "This is gonna be hard."

Wally West has posed:
A TWIN? well he pities his future wife. Even in a fast pregnancy he assumes that twins would be uncomfortable at a minimum. He now considers the worrying thought that his son has travelled forward in time and dissapeared that way. A fourth dimension to lose children in! Its hard enough with only the normal two and a half. At least Irie is thinking like there will be a cure. Maybe he was just worrying for nothing, but he was worried that she was resigned to her fate.

"Is the future that bad? I would think that is the obvious place to dissappear to. Its not that I want to get rid of you, I just keep thinking about what it would be like to watch you vanish and never return. I don't want to do that to ... well your mom for starters and future me."

He sure is whining alot. "I don't want to be such a downer (I do hope you enjoy your time here.), but thinking about what being a dad means makes it hard to not ... I guess just see what could happen or what other people involved would think. Usually when kids disappear, there isn't a happy ending, but this one could have one."

Irie West has posed:
Irie's eyes go wide as she shakes her head and holds her hands up. "Nonono. The future isn't bad at all. I'm just thinking in case I have to get to the future the normal way, I don't remember an adult me hanging around, which I would *definitely* do."

Her head bobs when Wally starts talking about worrying about his kids. "Yeah. But you'd know exactly where I went when I disappeared, right? So I wouldn't be lost at all! I believe in that happy ending, and I'm just saying these things to make sure that it happens."

Wally West has posed:
Wally hadn't really considered that future him might know where she had gone. He was still concerned what future Mrs. West might be going through, but Maybe future him could tell her about it. Ah well, that is in fact a problem for future Wally. He does enough nice things for him. "That is good to hear. I just had to be sure."

Irie West has posed:
Irie nods. "Oh! I wanted to ask you something else!" she says, her mind skipping around to the next topic. "Have you gone public yet? I was thinking about going public so I don't have to try to hide my powers when I'm out and need to help somebody, but I don't wanna do that because that could compromise your secret identity."

"Also," she hastens to add, "Do you have one of those cool rings that Barry has? Do you think I can get my hands on one? That'd be awfully handy to have around."

Wally West has posed:
This was not a request he had expected from her. She was already thinking about preserving the timeline, so radical alterations like revealing the flash's time travelling daughter caught him off guard.

"For better or for worse, I have gone public. I even have my business going, but we were worried that your presence would disturb the timeline as it was without you going about brandishing your name as a famous person. Not having to hide your power from people does seem reasonable though."

Maybe this is an early appearance of the ultra rare stern dad Wally? "I haven't really bothered with hiding a costume in a ring. I can wear speedforce rated clothes in my everyday life, and I can get to somewhere to change if I need it. My costume is thin enough as it is. Those ring costumes are thinner than paint." He is ofcourse exagerating. The ring costume expands into a thicker foam-like layer when deployed. Wally just prefers his costume ultra heavy duty.

Irie West has posed:
Irie nods. "I didn't mean going public about where I'm from. I'm still working on a cover story for that. But... I don't want to have to sit by while a disaster happens and I have to worry about finding my super suit in order to save people." She chuckles, "It's not like I want to go out in public and announce who I am. Just... not trying to hide it as much." It says much about Irie and where she comes from that she's more concerned about helping innocents than she is with preserving her own timeline.

"I should probably get me some speedforce rated clothes, too. Don't want to zoom too fast and be naked."

Wally West has posed:
Wally hasn't ever had a clothes shedding incident, even before he got his updated wardrobe. He does understand her concern though. He got them because of the same worry after all. "I will be sure to set you up with something. I don't have anything meant for young women at the moment, but these things are all custom jobs anyway."

"Have you been getting involved already? That is a whole different type of speed." Wally shouldn't talk. As a former president of the Flash fan club, he got busy heroing the same day he got his powers. "I do hope that you don't just involve your self in heroing. I hope you do get time to just be a kid too." Wally remembers all the times he told Batman that you didn't have to drive your kids so hard, and that as a dad he would do so much better. It was twice, but he still remembers.

Irie West has posed:
Irie nods rapidly, "Yeah! I've got friends my age, and I'm going to school, and I get to play video games and I've got a cell phone and everything!" She purses her lips in thoughtfulness, "Now I just need to discover boys... or girls... and then I'll be set in the whole 'normal teenager thing."

Wally West has posed:
"Well that is good to hear." He is NOT going to be one of those overprotective dads. It helps that he has only known his daughter about a month, and that he is not that much older than her. "Well the homework sucks but atleast something is going well."

"Wait. What is 'normal teenager' supposed to mean?" Either everyone Wally knows is 'normal' and it is the world that is strange, or he doesn't know any 'normal' people, and quite frankly he pities them.

Irie West has posed:
"I..." Irie pauses, thinking about Wally's question. "I guess I don't know? I mean, when I think about it, all those things that I mentioned comes to mind." She chuckles, rubbing the back of her head, "I guess it's mostly stuff that I've seen on TV, which I suppose probably isn't a good thing to model my life after. I mean, I know I'm not going to be a 'normal' teenager, but you want me to get experience /some/ of that at least."

"And, yeah. Homework sucks," she adds. "But at least I can usually get it done in a matter of minutes. One of the benefits of being a speedster." She chuckles and gets up off her bad and moves to her dad to give him a big hug. "Thank you for stopping by and talking with me."

Wally West has posed:
Wally chuckles at her suggestion that TV people are normal. "I don't know anyone like that. As long as you aren't imitating Ferris Beuler's day off and crashing my car, go live life to the fullest." The fact that he doesn't own a car is besides the point.

"No problem. Anything for my daughter." ~Shiver~ ooh boy. That is still hard to say. He still thinks of her as someone else's. He returns her hug. "Don't be afraid to ask if you need anything."