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It's good to be 21
Date of Scene: 24 March 2021
Location: Harry's Hideaway (Bar)
Synopsis: Jean cheats at pool, and one of logan's kids is like 'LOGAN, WHERE R U?!' Remy gets lost in a bathroom and Bruce Willis wants us OUT OF HIS BAR.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau, Rien D'Arqueness, Jean Grey

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had told Remy to meet her at Harry's tonight if he wanted to play pool and drink with her, now that she's legal and of-age to drink without being hassled by any would be ID checkers...

So here the Belle is, it's evening and she's wearing her leather bomber jacket with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows and clipped off to keep them rolled. She's got a green tshirt on underneath it that says 'ROGUE' on her chest, a birthday present from one of the students at Xavier's who found the shirt online. Blue jeans and leather boots make up the rest of her outfit.

Rogue is by the pool tables, holding a pool cue that she leans on with her gloved hand wrapped around it, watching one of her friends play pool in front of her. She's beside a table with some glasses of booze on them already.

The rest of the bar is calm, music playing, it's a casual atmosphere.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Who's late to the first date since returning back to Xavier's?

    You know who.

    Remy opens the door to the bar and pushes his way in, and gives Harry a calming signal, he knows that the man and he have butted heads before, but then Remy points a finger and with a flourish, aims it towards Rogue, with a knowing nod and he places his hands together as if he was praying and aims that to Harry, asking for some silent forgiveness.

    The cajun, wearing a brown peacoak with tuxedo tails over his backside, and sleeves rolled up to his elbows. A vest with a silver chain hanging out from a pocket hooked onto the button hole of the other side of the vest, gives the man the look of a traditional billiards shark as he steps up towards Rogue and her friend with his hands flairing out wide. "Ah, mon ami! I swears you look beautiful in every kinda light." Remy compliments as he shows up, lowering his hands, one going behind his back.

    With a new flourish towards Rogue, he presents the woman a single red rose he must have been hiding. "Ah must apologize, traffic was 'ell."

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Into the bar steps a blonde woman dressed in leather, black leather pants and a leather motorcycle jacket over a simple cotton tank top. Not overly tall, but definitely muscular, her long unbound hair forming a wild mane down her back.

Looking around for a moment Rien stops and seems to sniff the air for a moment before wandering in the direction of the bar, "Beer." She informs Harry, "Whatever is on tap." and then proceeds to lean with her back against the bar while she waits for the drink to be poured.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has her hands on that pool cue and her eyes on the table up to the point where Remy approaches and presents her with the compliment and the flower. She looks at him, down to the flower and then back up to him to smile softly. "Least ya showed up at all." She quips back at the man. Her right gloved hand plucks up the flower and she gives it a sniff then twists it around in her fingers some before nodding her head toward her friend shooting the pool, another young woman.

Remy knows her, her name is Melanie. Or Mel. She hangs out at Music Center a lot too, is in a band even.

At the bar, Harry gets Rien her drink and gives her a 'look' because she's new in here. He's an aging man, bald and has a hard edged stare like he's former military. He's... also good friends with Logan, but that's neither here nor there!

Rogue hasn't noticed the leather clad blonde at the bar yet, as she and Remy are across the regular tables standing in the pool hall area where there's two pool tables.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy raises his hands up to clutch at his heart over dramatically, "Ouch Anna... my poor 'eart can' handle your stabs." He doesn't dispute them, or refute them, but he does say with a hint of truth that she does sting with her truths.

    The man lowers his hands back to his sides and shift his frown to a smile as he picks up one of Rogue's drinks and takes a sip of it, carrying it away as he moves over away from the table to allow Mel to take her next shot, with a look of his red eyes towards Anna, "I think she's gonna win." The cajun teases but lifts the stolen drink up in salute towards Mel. "Kick her butt. It may be one-a the few times someone could say they did." His accent thick and dripping with southern charm and sass.

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien turns back to take her beer and placing some money on the bar. She meets Harry's gaze with her own. Eyes that have seen many battlefields. "I'm looking for someone, he's about the same height as me, hair like this." She gestures with her hands in the manner of the haircut few in human history save for Logan have ever sported. "Any chance you have seen anyone like that?" She asks him, taking a long swallow of her beer.

Her eyes do stray around the space out of habit, noting the other patrons present, including the trio playing pool, and keeping a careful watch of her surroundings.

Rogue has posed:
Melanie is a rock'n'roll kind of girl, wearing a black tanktop and with spiked hair and tats all up both of her arms. She's got a cigarette between her lips and is taking her next shot when she hears Remy and snaps the pool cue, missin gher shot. She stands up straight and plucks her cigarette from between her lips, blowing out the smoke.

"Thanks, Cajun." She says sarcastically to the man across the table. "Your shot, Marie." She says in her husky voice as she walks back to their table to drink her beer and check her phone.

Rogue grins to Remy and just shakes her head. "I'm just teasin' ya, Sugah." She tells him as she turns to put the rose in to an empty beer bottle so it can sit all artistically isnide the amber glass bottle while she goes to take her shot.

While Rogue is leaning over the table to do this, lining up her pool cue, Harry is replying to Rien.

"Maybe." He says gruffly, tiredly. "We get a lot of people with funny hair in here." He motions with his head toward the southern belle taking the shot. "Look at hers for instance." He's joking, dryly. "What's your name?" He asks Rien whilst doing his bartending duties behind the bar.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy takes a seat, obviously so he can get the best look of Rogue playing with her balls, but also, so he can better listen to the patronage within the bar. You don't stay alive on the lamb from one of the unhappiest, ragiest, sons a bitches in New Orleans without learning how to listen and observe without looking like you're observing.

    Remy's eyes linger on Rogue and he can't help but blow her a kiss before taking another sip of her swill that he pilfered, next he leans towards Mel and speaks, "Your welcome... Punk Rock Girl? I don't have a catchy pithy remark for ya." He says with a shrug, but still, he's trying to pay attention to what Rien is saying, that description is nearly too spot on for it to NOT be Logan...

Jean Grey has posed:
As the best? Only? Certainly nearest bar to the school, Harry's sees plenty of Xaviers faculty stop in after work, looking for some low-key down time and relaxation in a setting that is a little more adult oriented. Some are already present! For Jean, even the small amount of physical distance adds an extra level of plausible deniability: if no one can find her around the mansion, no one can make her handle their most recent catastrophe!

The headmistress doesn't look the title as she strolls in, having grabbed a moment to change before strolling over. Harry's isn't fancy, and it's finally getting warm. So slim-fit jeans, a snug olive shirt and heeled sandals works nicely, with a flanel shirt worn as a jacket but taken off and tied around her hips as she gets inside.

Then then redhead looks around briefly, and starts for a table. Who knows if she'd planned to meet someone or not, but it's Harry's. She's bound to know someone. She looks over to greet Harry too, but sees him chatting and just flashes a smile again.

So, to the pool table. "Mariiiiiiie." Pause. "Hi." A beat. "Melanie, right?" And another. "Behaving yourself, Cajun?"

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien finishes draining the beer and makes a hand gesture for another. Her gaze follows Harry's gesture towards Rogue and the others playing pool. "Yes, lots of kids dye their hair." She smirks.

"My name is Rien." She tells Harry looking back in his direction again, native French accent showing through as she pronounces the word. A name other French speakers might find a bit odd since it means 'Nothing'. "Rien D'Arqueness." An English speaker might swear she just said darkness.

Rogue has posed:
"Rien Darkness?" Harry questions. "What are you, a mystery writer? A stage magician?" He asks in good humor. But Jean's arrival has Harry's eyes leaving Rien and going to her, he likes Jean, what's not to like. "Miss Grey." He says to her stoically while moving some bottles around behind the bar. "What'll you have?" He asks the redhead before she can get too far away.

His eyes dart back to Rien though. "This person you're lookin' for got a name by chance?" He further asks her.

Rogue, takes her shot and sinks a ball, then stands up to rob Remy of his lecherous view as she moves around to the opposite side of the table to take another. She laughs a little at his comments to Mel.

Mel looks up to reply to Remy, but Jean arrives and she nods once to her. "Oh hey, good to see you again. Jean, yeah? Love the hair." She'd told Jean that before, but probably forgot. "Hey, Marie, I'm gonna head out. Decklan hasn't paid his mom rent for like six months, and she's apparently throwing all his drum stuff out on the lawn. I wanna go grab some pics before he gets it picked up." She says with a grin to Rogue.

Rogue, grinning at Jean's arrival, looks to Mel and nods once. "Share'em with me when you take htem." She waves to Melanie who grabs her jacket and finishes off her drink before waving to everyone else and moving between Jean and Remy with a grin on her dark red painted lips.

Mel moves past Rien as well on her way out and gives the French woman a 'once over' before she moves to the doorway, having already paid Harry for what she was drinking tonight, by which her band plays here for free drinks every so often.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Evenin' Jeanie, an non, Ah wasn' ever taught 'ow to behave myself." The cajun winks, and makes a show of lifting his drink and taking a sip as Mel moves past and Rogue repositions herself on the table, smirking at how she thinks she's depriving him of some scandalous show, when he could drink her up all night and day. It's obvious how smitten he is.

    Remy turns towards Jean and lowers his drink back onto the small counter height table he's claimed next to the pool table, "Ah, think it'd be best if you finished in Mel's place, Ah don't wanna crush poor Anna's ego." Remy winks and then makes a motion with his eyes towards the blonde woman at the bar, followed by a small flex of one of his eyebrows.

    HOPEFULLY Jean understands he thinks something suspicious might be up, but not enough to vocalize it, but enough for him to feel she might want to know.

Jean Grey has posed:
Melanie can compliment Jean's hair every time they meet, as far as she's concerned! It earns the same smile this time as the last. "Thanks-" she starts, but promptly holds what might have been a follow-up thought or bit of chit-chat as the woman mentions her emerging family drama. "Wouldn't want to miss that."

Which leaves her a free spot, although she does pause by the bar to get Harry her order: she gets a beer! A lite beer, admittedly, one of the standards he has on tap. Jean's not quite the epic drinker as some of the present company, but it's a nice trying-to-be-Spring day and she's getting into that spirit. Once she's got the glass in hand, she meanders over toward the table and around to the space that Melanie had been occupying.

"Sure, why not?" she answers Remy. "I think I'm a little outclassed here, though. Unlike the skating pond, this feels a little more like her home territory." A throwback to some prior sporting rivalry! It's on! Possibly with excessive cheating!

And because Jean has better options at her disposal than eyebrow signals, she wonders at the both of them: <"She someone we should be worried about?">

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien is halfway through her second pint of beer when she answers Harry, "D'Arqueness.." She starts to correct and then just decides to let it go, she's been down that road so many times and it is rarely worth it in the end. "Just French."

When Harry's attention returns to her and he asks for a name she sets down the pint glass on the counter again, "His name is Logan," she pauses a moment before adding. "My father."

She glances back at Mel as the young woman walks buy before taking up the glass again and finishing its contents.

Rogue has posed:
Harry of course gets Jean her drink and has it ready for her to grab off the bar whenever she so desires. His eyes go back to Rien's as she gives furhter information on what she's looking for. Who, rather.

Harry just starts to laugh. Like, it's one of those laughs that sounds soft at first but starts to get louder the more he thinks about what is causing him to laugh. He keeps working behind the bar as he does this.

At the pool tables, Rogue is on the opposite side from Remy and Jean, she's sunk one ball and is paused waiting to see what's up, waving to Mel as she left. She puts her eyes on Jean then and just grins at her. "No mind games here, if we're throwin' down on this here pool table, ya gotta play it clean an' fair." She warns Jean, much like Jean had warned her about cheating while ice skating last Christmas.

Rogue starts to pace around the pool table to line up for another shot, but this one she misses and curses. "Your turn." She tells Jean glumly as she moves to stand beside Remy and shoulder bump him while she reaches for her drink to take a sip....

Back at the bar...

Harry is still laughing and he motions toward the pool players. "You better go tell them all about that." He says. "They'll tell you everything you need to know." And after he says that he throws the towel over his shoulder and turns around, still laughing softly to himself.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy shoulder bumps Rogue back with a toothy smile crept back upon his lips as he faces Jean and watches the woman move with her flannel jacket sit down. "What do ya mean by cheatin'. I don't understan' you twos sometimes." He says sarcasm dripping from his lips as he allows Rogue to take her drink, but he does want something to wet his whistle.

    Standing up with a squeeze of Rogue's waist as he moves away to go get his own drink, <I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure she's askin' about Logan.> Yes. He even THINKS in cajun. What else would he think in?

    Standing against the bar, choosing not to sit, he raises his head and asks for "Surprise me wit' an IPA, Harr'." Remy smirks but turns his head after placing his order towards Rien and says in French, "<Pleasure meeting someone that speaks the proper langauge around this classless city.>"

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean's turn! She looks all cocky, tossing her hair as she approaches the table and passes Rogue as she steps away. "You have to -catch- me," she taunts, taking a sip from her glass before setting it aside on another table. She grabs an abandonned stick, circles examinining the table, and seems to consider her shot. At one point, she's right in front of Remy, ready to lean over... and then decides on a different ball!

And there, she leans in again, aims, and... shoots!

CLUNK. One goes in!

Did it wobble according to strange, esoteric forces? Hard to say, but the shot looks relatively clean. "Woo!" In celebration, she reaches bag to grab her drink, lifts it to sip-

And then nearly chokes.

Whether it's Remy's answer in her head, or just overhearing Rien at the bar... well, it doesn't matter. Harry starts laughing, and Jean's mental reaction is... sort of similar?

<"Oh for fuck's sake!"> Hey! She's allowed to curse like a sailor when it's only in her friends minds! <"-Another- one? How many kids does Logan- Nevermind. I really don't think I want to think about this.">

Rien can see she's already looking over, exasperated. And then Jean just takes a long drink.

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien gives Harry's sudden peals of laughter with a bemused expression, "Thank you." She tells him, before almost running into Remy as she goes to push off from the bar herself at Harry's direction.

<Oh hello, this is indeed a surprise.> She replies to Remy switching easily to her native tongue. In one of those peculiarities of the ties between language and culture, her demeanor changes a bit when she is speaking French, becoming a bit more proper for lack of a better word. <The good bartender before he was lost to laughter was just telling me you and your friends might be able to tell me where I can find Logan?> She asks curiously, glancing in the direction of Remy's compatriots noting the shift of attention in her direction.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has been unaware of the whole Rien thing since it started to unfold, Remy had been the one who picked up on it, not her. She wasn't really 'like that' as far as skill sets go.

She's grinning at Jean and stepping out of the way to let the woman take her shot. She watches her sink that ball and shakes her head. "No faith, no trust." She tells her friend and BOSS. "Now I'm gettin' all worked up here, havin' t'uphold my honor or somethin' by makin' sure not t'lose to ya."

Remy slipping away has her looking over to him and she watches him sidle up to the bar with the pretty woman in leather. She catches a bit of French spoken before she rolls her eyes and considers going to dumpa drink on his head before she hears the mental words shared between them all now. "Huh?" Rogue says outloud, savvy . like. "How many damn kids does he have?!" She just calls out back over to Jean, though anyone can likely hear her.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "<Logan... Ah, y'see, there's a sorta problem with that, he's often one t'just up and leave, ah'd help ya if I could, but I can't. Certainly feel free to ask m'friends over there.>" Remy invites with a motion to the girls at the pool table.

    A moment later he gets his drink from Harry who didn't seem to make a special selection for Remy, but that's alright by the cajun and so he takes his drink and toasts it towards Rien, "Ah got someone special t'be with, if you'll excuse me." Remy says before he turns and walks towards Rogue with intent eyes only for her. Even if she doesn't buy it, it's what he's selling.

    "Seems blondie wants a word wit' Logan... Too bad Ah ain' seen 'im."

Jean Grey has posed:
Already, the much-hyped pool game is a bit sidelined. Because it's hard for Jean to put a lot of focus on the game of clacky-balls with this new problem suddenly in mind! She stands there, holding the cue upright in one hand, her glass in the other, while looking across the table toward the woman at the bar, as if trying to sort out what to make of the whole situation. And then Rogue -shouts- back, spoiling any sense of subtlety about the whole thing her prior mental communication might have encouraged.

"Shhhhh! Jeez, were you raised in a barn?" Maybe Rogue oughta plead the 5th on that one!

At the same time, this all possibly reminds Jean to be a little more subtle about the whole thing herself, and be cautious not just to stare at the other woman across the room. Since she has to play it cool, she does in fact turn back to the pool table now, again circling to figure out a shot. This one proves a little trickier. Eventually, she settles, hitting one ball into another, and that one rolling, rolling rolling.... and stopping just short. No wait, it tips over the edge!

Jean maintains a look of pure innocence.

As Remy returns, she spares another look over. "Well, I guess we can give her the school as a potential contact, maybe get some information from her, too. Not that it's like Logan will just call her up if we pass on her number." What, he's not the father of the year sort?!

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien raises an eyebrow at Rogue's outburst, before glancing back to Remy, it would seem the proverbial cat is out of the bag. "I am not sure." She answers Rogue matter of factly from across the room, "I haven't seen him in many years." Though why she doesn't say.

<Thank you sir, I will do just that.> She replies to Remy resuming her course towards the pool table where Jean and Rogue are playing.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is holding her pool cue in one hand and watching Remy return while she sips her drink. She smiles at him lightly but the situation at hand has her attention mostly. She does look over at Jean's comment and glares at her BOSS. "Oh my god, rude. I didn't have access t'a barn until I was six. And it was a nice barn! Red and white, with horses..." She mutters as she looks back to the pool table when Jean sinks another.

Rogue narrows her eyes....

"I'm on t'you, tricksy Hobbitses..." She tells the telekinetic pool shark.

Rogue steps back over to the table and leans back against one of the tall chairs, looking to Remy again, then back over to Rien. Logan had baggage, to say the least. She saw him just the other day at Kassandra's BBQ, but he'd been scarce since then.

She leaves it to Jean to decide what to, and not to, tell this lady...

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy has decided the same thing, allow Rien and Jean to talk, anything else would be Remy over reaching his boundaries and limits.

    Reaching over, Remy takes the flower out of the empty beer mug and turns it's carefully pruned stem around between his finger and thumb, looking closely at the petals, before putting the end onto the tip of his nose and he looks back at Rogue, then he points with the flower at the table, "Did she cheat you already?" Remy asks, trying to keep the situation a bit light and friendly.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean gives Rogue what is very much a challenging 'you can't prove nuffin' look, full of smug satisfaction. Yet as it turns out, as she surveys the table, she may have run out of options. There is a limit to how crazy a shot she can take, how far any potential ball can wiggle stray of its path and appear remotely believable. She lines up another, but as the balls clack off one another once more and then roll on their merry way, hers is definitely well off course... and so nothing happens. It rolls to a stop and she gives a helpess shrug.

"Your shot."

With that, she takes up the obsever's position once again, able to enjoy the rest of her beer. Rien, for now, she leaves to make her own introduction rather than accosting her right off. Maybe it will play out a little more smoothly if they don't hit her dead on with how much they already know, let alone how common an occurence it might be! But, since she's not busy shooting, it's an easy approach.

Meanwhile, Remy's question provokes an oh-so-sweet protest: "Little old me?"

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien steps up to the table where the others are playing and accusations of cheating are flying back and forth, carrying a fresh beer. "Excuse me, this gentleman," She gestures to Remy, seemingly at least making a modest effort to be polite in this case (Maybe she's not related to Logan after all...). "Said that you might know where I can find Logan?" She asks curiously attention mostly on Jean now. "My name is Rien and he is my father, though we have not seen each other for many years." That's it, short, simple, and completely lacking in details.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is watching Remy play with the flower he brought her and it makes her grin at the sight of it. "Ça sent bon.." She says in fluid French, a flirty voice for the man no less. Of course all she's saying is that the flower smells nice too, and Rien can likely hear that quite easily.

It's her turn to shoot now and after a quick drink, Rogue grins at Jean and steps over to the table. She throws her hair back over her right shoulder so she can lean down and take her shot without the hair falling down in her way...

Whilst she shoots she listens to the bit about Logan and Rien's connection. Her pool cue zips forward in her gloved hands and the balls go clicky clacking around the table, one of them dropping in to a corner pocket. She's got 3 left on the table.

When she straightens up, Rogue looks over to Rien. "That man is a tough one t'nail down." She says in a somewhat somber voice while moving around the table to prep for another shot.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "S'why Ah got it for ya, mon ami." Remy notes and places it back in the mug. Slowly he rises to his feet, and with a flourish, he spins the watch out of his pocket, around his hand, and slaps into his palm, before clicking the face shield open and glances at the time like an old school train conductor.

    "Hmm." He says to no one before clasping the watch closed and slipping it away into the pocket before he walks past, a hand brushing against Rogue's shoulder as he makes his way towards the bathrooms. "Don'chu go tiltin' the table again either." Remy teases before he walks too far away from the trio of women that could easily line up in a modelling shoot and sell hair dyes.

Jean Grey has posed:
They've had plenty of time when Rien finally makes it over, so Jean doesn't do any spit-takes with her beer this time around. Rogue is shooting and Jean is watching (we'll see if the Belle's good luck on the table keeps up...), the collective demeanor rather relaxed by the time the stranger makes her approach. Of course, the two love-birds have conspired that this weight should fall mostly on Jean's shoulders, so it's she who turns to offer a smile, as well as slight sigh that acknowldges Rogue's brief summary on Logan's elusiveness.

"Hi, I'm Jean. We all work," that's a stretch for Remy and Rogue! "at a school nearby, and there is a man named Logan who works for us as a groundskeeper." She treats it a little more professionally, too, not instantly conceding the assumption that they're necessarily the same person (even if she hardly doubts it!). But technically, vaguely, she's his boss and employer and in the normal world shouldn't just be giving in to such an abrupt request so quickly.

"But yes, he's... only part time, so it might be a little difficult, getting in touch with him. You're sure this man is your father? Do you have any other information about him?"

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien gives Rogue a nod in seeming agreement at Logan being a difficult one to pin down. "I've done my own fair share of wandering." She adds taking a long drink of the beer.

Her attention then returns to Jean. She doesn't seem terribly surprised at the mention of Logan and the rest working at a school. "Groundskeeper? Low profile, pays the bills." She nods. Jean's follow-up question is certainly a valid question for one who doesn't know certain things about her. "This place," she gestures around, "It has his scent. So yes, I am fairly sure. The last time I saw him, he was serving with the Canadian army in Europe." When was the last time the Canadian Army had a presence in Europe? There are definitely things she is not saying.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue Rogue is tryign to pay attention to her game here, as the balance of the world depends on her sinking these last 3 balls in to these here pockets... but the conversation is just a bit too distracting and she misses a split shot and just murmurs under her breath.

When she straightens up again she walks around the table toward her drink once more, glancing in Gambit's wake as he'd vanished to the restroom. She looks back to Rien though. "You know he's got a lotta enemies too, right?" She asks the woman. "It's tough for us t'really give ya direct ... directions... on how t'find the guy, cause'a this. He is a friend, technically, not that he ever calls or texts either of us." She gives a glance and a grin to Jean.

"Your shot, Daphne." She says to Jean in a teasing tone of her voice.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean really doesn't need convincing: knowing ANYTHING about the man at all, just about anyone could tell her they were Logan's kid, and she'd take the odds as pretty high! But certainly, layering on talks of scents and anachronisms reinforces what is already a familiar-sounding tale. "Scent? Oh, I didn't think he really smelled that-" Rogue's shot cuts off her attention, and she flashes a grin.

It's also clear that Rogue isn't really taking the whole playing dumb thing quite as far as she is, and that makes her look over at the Belle and roll her eyes a bit. "Oh yes, groundskeeper work is very... dangerous." Yet it means, at a certain point, that there isn't much use in Jean holding up more of a charade. Still, there's a modicum of caution she employs, because there is some truth to the very forthright comment about all his enemies. "The easiest thing might be that if you can give me your contact information, and the next time he's around I can give you a quick heads up? I can try and pass it on too, of course, but being honest I think the odds of him reaching out would be pretty slim." There's care, in how she says that, even if it's honest: she doesn't know anything about this woman, but re-uniting with an absent parent can be stressful enough in normal cases. And Logan is far from normal.

Having offered the best she seems to think is possible, she glances back at the table and dramatically 'oooohs.' "You missed, hmm?" Jean stalks the table for a bit, then sets up another. No tricks! One at a time. Well, no tricks of one kind at least. Clack-clack. One more down...

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien glances at Rogue with an expression of sober acknowledgement, "I have a pretty good idea. Plus ca change pluse la meme chose, as we say in French. It's hard to live a long time and not make a few enemies along the way."

She nods to Jean and scrawls down on a napkin the number for the simple prepaid brick of a phone that she carries, about as up on current tech as grandma, but a concession for the ways of the times. "He's better than most people give him credit for, or even he gives himself." She says offering the napkin with the number to Jean. She then finishes drinking down her last beer. "Thanks for the help, I appreciate it." And with that prepares to take her leave.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is watching Jean's next shot and how it goes IN of all things! She exhales and shifts her weight from one heeled boot to the otherr, nervous? Uncomfortable. A smirk is shown TO Jean though and Rogue just shakes her head. "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha." Rogue says in taunting tease before grinning and starting to walk around the table to not get in the redhead's way when she has to take her next shot.

Rogue looks over at the restrooms, but... he must've fallen in, apparently. With a light sigh, Rogue's eyes shoot back over to Rien's as she says those last wordsa bout Logan. "I'm in debt t'him, he saved me, I just never see him very much anymore t'keep pesterin' him with 'thanks'." She says with a slight grin before the woman starts to go.

Now then, Rogue just stands on the other side of the table from Jean and decides to take a seat on the table's edge, putting one leg up on the edge of the table while she holds her pool cue between her knees and stares down at the remaining balls. "This one's gonna be tough..." She says to Jean in a super serious tone of her southern hued voice....

Jean Grey has posed:
After taking the number, Jean keeps her expression fairly passive, as regards the hidden goodness of a certain X-man. She knows! But it'd be a little strange gushing about the 'part time groundskeeper,' right? So, other things. Like, for instance, rolling her eyes at a certain pool partner. "Ugh. Pick a TV show and stick with it, Velma." The two of them sure have some running jokes, from sports rivalries to Scooby Gang identities. Meanwhile, the table has gotten pretty sparse, with just a pair of Rogue's left. Jean benefited from Remy's presumably THOROUGH pool sharkery to begin with, and she's taken advantage of a few bits of good luck here, ending up a little less blocked off than Rogue.

Until her last ball. Which Rogue perches, taunting her over. "Hmm, yeah, kinda looks like I'm screwed." She starts lining up a shot waiting until Rien is gathering her things and ready to go.

"Don't mention it. And you can call us at the school if anything comes up." And as soon as the departing woman turns to go, she leans in, shoots...

And makes the cue ball do a LAUGHABLY OBVIOUS 'u' bend around another ball en route to her own. Clack, clunk. Jean looks up at Rogue and winks.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is left gasping at the sight of what she sees on the table, and what unfolds next is the Belle standing up off of the table and walking around it toward Jean with a big smile on her face while she's pulling off one of her gloves and speaking in French. She's talking about whether or not she has her touch power on or off, but either way, they're gonna find out soon. Jean doesn't need to speak French to pick up the translation of it out of Rogue's mind. It's madness, of course, pure pool hall cheating madness.

Within moments after that and Harry is scolding Rogue from across the bar, telling her to behave herself and keep her hands off of his customers.

Another night at Harry's Hideaway.