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Vacation snaps
Date of Scene: 24 March 2021
Location: Pym Technologies - The G.I.R.L Labs.
Synopsis: Riri stops by Vivian's GIRL lab to catch up. Viv proceeds to show off her recent holiday photos from Themyscira.
Cast of Characters: Vivian Vision, Riri Williams

Vivian Vision has posed:
Of all the lab space in use by various members of GIRL it's pretty easy to figure out which belongs to Vivian Vision. In that it's the neat and tidy one, free from any doomsday weapons or plans for a seemingly innocent invention that will probably end all life on Earth. There's just a selection of cook books, some sketch pads and some sheet music for the flute. The top of which is for a piece called 'Chant de Linos'.

Vivian herself is in the process of cleaning said instrument. One of those tasks that even a synthezoid needs to carry out. If perhaps less often than a typical musician might.

All the while something in the lab is baking using the kitchen equipment donated by Doctor Pym. Bread probably judging by the aroma.

Riri Williams has posed:
     With Riri having a lab of her own in the Silo in New York, she really doesn't need to make the trip out to Pym labs unless she really has a reason to. Reasons to visit have included 'check out this cool bug,' 'I've got some questions on the molecular makeup of this ancient alloy,' and, probably most importantly, 'I was bored and wanted to see what was going on.' This, probably, is the reason she's visiting today. Irornheart 1.9 has been parked in its bay, a few of the GIRL's giving it a once-over as a sort of peer-reviewed study of sorts, which leaves Riri able to wander the labs. Nadia gets a hello if she's around, but the smell of fresh baked bread in the lab - normally a sign of something interesting - catches her attention so she quickly migrates thataway.

     "Viv?" she calls, peering in the door. "Hope you don't mind a visitor? The bread attracted me, like a moth to a flame!"

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Oh, good day Riri I was not expecting to see you," Viv says, her attention still focused on her cleaning. "Most of the bread is intended for the members we recently brought back from Russia. Although I am unsure if SHIELD will allow me to send them a food parcel just yet. They are probably being debriefed."

She finally looks up and flashes a quick smile.

"How have you been? I brought you back a little something from the trip the Titans took to Themyscira but.. it's still in my school dorm room. There are however some high definition holo recordings of the views." A beats pause. "Although I appreciate seeing vacation photos can be very boring for people."

Riri Williams has posed:
The door sweeps closed behind her with a soft hiss as Riri makes her way inside, looking at the ordered meticulous placement of everything in the room. Her lab didn't look like this for more than a few seconds after she got it set up, and SCIENCE doesn't work nearly as well as it does for her if the place isn't a little chaotic. Dressed in a comfortable set of pants and a loose-fitting shirt, backpack over her shoulder, Riri sashays into the lab with a smile.

     "I've been okay. Busy, like everyone is, really, but okay. Almost ready to debut Ironheart 2.0. Iv'e got some ofthe other girls looking over the programming to see if there's anything glaring that's missing and, yes, I have the waste control set up properly too."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I did not see any programming issues when I took a look," Viv assures. "Although I had to refrain from doing a fully detailed check. As I did not wish your suit to acquire any of my opinions or sense of embarrassment regarding your biological functions." She makes a polite little cough when Riri mentions the waste control system. "Exactly that yes."

"Hmm I would not say I am super busy. Although I do have a school trip coming up. You should try find time to meet our newest GIRL member, Irie. I don't wish to share her personal situation without consent but it's quite interesting. From a scientific point of view that is."

Riri Williams has posed:
"I'm sure you didn't, but there's always a way to do things more elegant. Less memory overhead, less space taken up for the executable, less ways to make the armor do things that it shouldn't be able to do without short circuiting...you know, the basics like hardening and anti-jamming." Sliding off her backpack, Riri leaves it by one of the tables, hops on one of the rolling stools, and slides across, spinning idly as she gets closer. "Thank you for checking, by the way."

     Stopping herself with one hand on the edge of the counter, Riri looks thoughtful. "A school trip? Where are you going? And tell me all about Thymescria or, at least, what you can share. I really find looking at places I haven't been to be interesting." And yes, she did hear the mention of 'gift,' but she hasn't said anything for fear of appearing too eager. "Irie, huh? Sounds interesting. Can you give me a little rundown on her, too?"

Vivian Vision has posed:
"It's always worth investing in advanced firewalls too. You never know when Ultron or another AI threat might attack your systems," Vivian points out earnestly. "It was no trouble to check. If anything I should be thanking you for the diversion. School can get very boring at times."

"Irie is a new student at Happy Harbour High School, which is the school I attend, and is new in town. So doesn't know many people. She's about your age or my subjective age." She blinks a few times. No doubt reviewing the schedule for the school trip. "Brighton Beach is the location currently listed. But that could be subject to change depending the weather."

She motions for Riri to hold still, then projects a holographic bubble around her head. The inside of which displays a pristine Mediterranean-esque beach, carefully cropped to remove any of the people or anything that the Amazons might find sensative. "That was the beach we visited most often. I've also scanned various interesting buildings. You can navigate the holographs with hand gestures." A selection of various buildings appear in sequence. Again cropped so nothing that could cause an international incident is removed.

Riri Williams has posed:
"Norton Antivirus isn't going to cut it when you have Ultron trying to crack your encryption." Riri says with a smirk, nodding. Her first thought is something hardware based, that requires a physical connection of some kind, that can't be spoofed or copied. And it only gets more complicated from there. "The problem that I might run into though? Things that are complicated for humans aren't very complicated for computers, and vice versa. I may need to borrow some cycles on the supercomputer you have between your ears to figure things out. If you don't mind, of course."

Remaining still, Riri's head is encased in the holographic bubble of non-moving images, and Viv may see she's smiling brihgtly at the sighs. Turning this way and that, she giggles. "Almost as good as being there. I'd love to visit sometime. Walk the markets. Try the food. See the beaches."

Vivian Vision has posed:
As Riri explores the various locations Viv adds in ambient sounds. The roar of the waves, bird song, wind blowing through trees. It makes your typical home VR experience look like it was made for the Virtual Boy.

"The markets were quite interesting, although I am not really sure if they operate on a principle of currency. We were sort of guests of state I think. Did you know they have some sort of Kangeroo which is able to support a rider? They're trained and capable of jumping absurd distances. So much so that I think there must be some sort of magic involved."

She blushes a little when Riri mentions the beaches. "I am sure you look nice in a swimsuit." She blinks a few times. "I mean.. the beaches there are wonderfully unspoilt. No litter and the water purity was exceptional. As for the matter of help working out software feel free to contact me at any time."

Riri Williams has posed:
Spinning on her chair, Riri seems like she's having a wonderful time reliving the experiences that Viv had on the island. AFter a moment, though, she waves her hands in an effort to wipe something away. "I guess the blurs are to keep secrets from being spilled?" She would lean over but the bubble is kind of there keeping her in the image.

Settling back once the spinning ahs stopped, she taps her lips in thought. "So if you were to go back, where was the most impressive place you could go? I'm sure tourists aren't really a thing there, so it'd have to be kept quiet, and we fit the demographic of the place." Cute girls, obviously.

She looks down at herself and giggles. "Well, thank you, I guess. Usually just wear some shorts and a t-shirt when I do swim, but taht hasn't been done in a while, sadly. Too busy with ironheart. Maybe once we get done, you and I, we can go on a trip if it's not something that'd be too boring. Make it a field trip, even. Research of some kind. I don't know."

Riri Williams has posed:
"I bet you fill out a swimsuit fairly well too, Viv." Riri winks.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Any blurring is to protect the identity of an individual or privacy of a location. And only when those elements could not be removed from the image entirely," Viv explains with a nod that Riri can't actually see for the holograph. "As for returning.. I would be tempted to learn more martial arts there. But the views themselves I can just revisit in my memory. When I think about a place I've been I recall it in as much detail as I experienced when I was there. Right down to the temperature of the sand under my feet."

"The Palace was quite an impressive building though. And as far as I am aware this was the first time an entire group of outsiders went there. Up until now it's just been one or two people from the rest of the world. They might not even really understand the concept of tourism yet..."

She drops the holographic display when Riri has seen every location in the holiday snaps folder. "I would recommend you acquire a two piece swimsuit but I would not wish to sound unduly forward." She tilts her head forward so her hair covers her face. "A trip would be nice. I'd have to make sure I was not required in school though. As for my own swimsuit I would say it is filled out exactly. Because it was custom made to my specifications and, like most of my clothing, is made of the same materials as I am. So it can withstand attacks or phase."