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Guess who's cooking dinner
Date of Scene: 24 March 2021
Location: Level 4 - Kitchen and Dining - The Roost
Synopsis: Hope returns from an extended mission and cooks dinner. The kitchen does not burn down. This time.
Cast of Characters: Hope Summers, Conner Kent, Laura Kinney

Hope Summers has posed:
It's been a long while, longer than she had hoped for. But Hope has finally returned from her latest mission, a mission that dropped her into the middle of nowhere (like literally in the middle of nowhere) and really caused her to lose track of time.

Not like that's a surprise, given her rather messed up time skipping history as is, it's sometimes a little difficult to keep time straight. At least she has a practical, functional watch which...Kinda blew up during her last mission. Oops. Oh well. What time is it anyway?

Okay, so it's the middle of the afternoon and she's cooking dinner, because she's hungry, and doesn't really trust robo-cooks because honestly, they're ROBOTS. What's with that? So naturally she took it upon herself to attempt to cook some sort of gumbo stew, except that this oven is really not what she's used to back 'home'.

The big pot on the burner is way too high but she's not really bothered. It smells good, and the open flame kind of feels like camping fires, of which she's pretty used to. Oh, there's a bit of smoke too.

..Is there supposed to be that much smoke?

Conner Kent has posed:
It is probably not supposed to be so much smoke. Someone forgot to turn on the smoke extractor? He suspect M'gann. But it doesn't smell to cookies (lets call the 'overdone cookies', being merciful).

He better check. Ahab might have possessed by Ultron or something. It happens to robots every year or so, he heard.

A redhead, but not M'gann. "Hope?" She didn't even text him she was back. Then again, smartphones are early victims from heroic misadventures. "Hey, good to see you again?" He offers, trying not to be awkward. "What are you up to?"

Laura Kinney has posed:
Somewhere upstairs Laura Kinney slips into the Roost. Which is likely bad news for Hope because even upstairs X-23 can pick out the telltale hint of smoke in the air. So being up close? Well it's going to smell a lot less pleasant very quickly.

Given the recent arson Laura and Phoebe got involved in the scent of smoke elicits Laura's extreme caution entry protocols. In that she progresses further into the Roost like she's advancing into hostile territory. Slinking from shadow to shadow. Claws out and ready to strike.

Which makes her eventual entrance, by dramatically bursting into the kitchen claws out, a lot less welcoming than perhaps it could have been!

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope Summers continues to fiddle with the controls of the burner, and thankfully this time she manages to lower the temperature, lessening the flames and thankfully reducing the smoke before it causes a fire or sets off the sprinklers. "Phew.." she wipes her brow, tying her hair back into a ponytail as she inspects her work. Hey, it's a bit burnt, but gosh, does it ever smell good?

Too bad, that darned robocook will probably not be happy though, with her taking over its job and all. And..Heey, suddenly everything smells way more intense, which can mean only one thing..She glances around, arching a brow. "Laura..?"

And then moments later, she spots Conner, and breaks out into an even wider smile, taking a step towards him. "Conner! Hey!" uh. Well, this is awkward. She said she'd only be gone a couple weeks. Instead here she is, a few months later. Surely she has a good explanation for this?

"Um..You look well. Uh...I made..Dinner? It was supposed to be a surprise so...Surprise!?"

Conner Kent has posed:
Ahab is not going to complain, since it is not a real AI and somewhat lacking personality. Conner looks somewhat bemused, though. And even more when Laura burst in claws out. "Hey, relax is just... another dangerous cook."

On the other hand. "I am good, yeah. Uh, dinner, right. Dinner is good." A bit early, but he is not going to complain. Instead he checks for the contents of the pot briefly and turns on the smoke extractor. "Just maybe you used too much power, but it smells good."

Laura Kinney has posed:
"It wasn't long ago that someone tried set Phoebe and I on fire with a flamethrower," Laura points out, taking a slow glance around the room and a deep sniff before she retracts her claws. "Which is why for the time being I am treating any fires with an abundance of caution."

She glances at the pot, then at Hope. "It doesn't smell inedible." Another sniff. "A little hot sauce to mask the burning and it will be fine I think." Not that she's an expert on cooking. Her solution to every food problem is making it so spicy it also functions as a chemical weapon.

"It is good to see you are still alive."

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope Summers smirks, "Hey, come on, I know how to cook..Just not all that familiar with this particular..Device.." she wrinkles her nose as she glances back at the oven, turning it all the way off.

"Well, anyway, it's good to be back, I figured I'd surprise everyone and cook something special." she draws in a deep, tired breath, and there are some circles under her eyes. She probably hasn't had a good night's sleep in a while. "So why dont y'all sit down and I'll give you some gumbo stew? I hope you don't mind a little spicy!" For a moment, Hope is quiet, busying herself with pulling out some bowls and utensils, setting the table and pouring out a measure of gumbo for both of them. It's hot and spicy with some well cooked meat in there. And who knows what else..

Although she pauses as Laura mentions the flamethrower. "Wait, what? why? who did that? That's so not cool.." she does frown a bit, not happy in the least with people trying to kill her friends. But nods understandingly, "Heh, I'll promise to be more careful next time! I suppose you guys like to get your meals cooked by..That robot but..I dunno. Robots. Psh."

The last comment causes her to chuckle a bit. "Heh, of course. I've survived worse things. Although..I suppose I owe everyone an explanation.." a pointed glance is given Conner especially, as she says that.

Conner Kent has posed:
"If you want to catch the gang it is best to aim for a Friday or Saturday," offers Conner. He is rarely around the weekdays, but with the upcoming trip to Krypton he has been trying to help more.

"Tim programmed that robot," he points out. "Something about not eating pizza every day, and a guy he knows called Albert, or Alfred. I gotta admit Ahab can cook pretty well." Not that Conner is too picky about what he eats. Which was, usually, pizza.

"Anyway, sure. Tell us your adventures," he offers, helping to set up the table. "Laura has been... well, most of us have been a bit on the edge because looks like N.O.W.H.E.R.E. sent some goons to Gotham. They might still be around."

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura Kinney shrugs. "The individual who fired the flamethrower at us is dead," she points out. "Not by our hands. Cyborgs with kill switches. But they made the mistake of making this personal so..." A shrug. "Oh speaking of that attack.. If either of you see Gabby in Gotham without me can you escort her back to New York? I do not want her getting mistaken for me."

She glances at AHAB, then at Hope and her cooking. "Spicy is good. I rarely eat from the same location twice in a row. It prevents anyone from trying to track me." Ah yes the infamous X-23 paranoia. "I do not feel as if you owe me anything, but if you wish to give us a post mission debriefing that is acceptable."

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope Summers frowns and nods to Laura, folding her arms. "Good. Then I don't have to do the deed myself. Jerk." Cyborgs. Psh. Not as bad as robots, since there are some good cyborgs. But..

"Sooo..Gotham is still a danger zone. I'll get right on it." Well. She just got back today and is still pretty tired but. Hope's all about business. "Right, I'll keep an eye out for her."

The whole robot thing just has her smiling and shrugging. She'll never get robots but to each their own. "Nothing much to say really. Located an unstable mutant, did what I could to help him, but his teleporting powers sent us to some faraway place in the middle of nowhere for a while. Took us a while to get back to normal, and to convince him that I could be trusted. Ran into some crazies along the way..But everything turned out okay. Just didn't expect so much time to have passed. Still.."

Hope settles down into a chair, piling her bowl with stew which she hungrily sips. Mm. That really hit the spot. She's always on the run so it's good to relax for a bit and eat up.

Conner Kent has posed:
"Your little sister?" Rhetorical question. "Gabby was in Dick Grayson's birthday party," informs Conner, not aware she was not supposed to be there. "I went with M'gann. It was... uh, it was kind of too formal for my tastes. So, I think most of us would have been bored. Maybe we should throw him a normal birthday party. I mean, if Tim was around. I don't know the guy that well."

He tries the food and, unsurprisingly, finds it good enough. Conner is not particularly hungry, he never is, but he likes to eat tasty things.

Laura Kinney has posed:
"I have not told Gabby about N.O.W.H.E.R.E. as I know she would try and get involved," Laura notes with another shrug. She gets herself a bowl of gumbo and, without needing to taste it, throws in some extra spicy things from the refridgerator. "And that would just put her in danger. A party like that however should be okay. As there is a limit to how much trouble she can get into." This is perhaps ironic given how much trouble Laura has got into at parties in the past....

"It is good to know you were able to return with them. You missed quite a few events but we can catch you up on those later. I have been told it's rude to go into mission details while eating..." And eat she does. Given her ferocious metabolic rate any food is welcome.