5712/Lucky With Lost And Found

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Lucky With Lost And Found
Date of Scene: 24 March 2021
Location: A Gotham nightclub
Synopsis: Harvey Dent loses his phone at a party, stopping back and finding the item has been found by the cleaning crew.
Cast of Characters: Viola Fiore, Harvey Dent

Viola Fiore has posed:
The party had been for Maude Powell, a member of a prominent Gotham family. An up and coming attorney in her late thirties, the party to celebrate her birthday was an upscale, fun affair. Held at one of Gotham's better nightclubs that had been completely rented out for the evening, Maude had brought in a party planner from New York that had handled an event there which Maude had found impressive.

It was a night of drinks and food and entertainment, headlined by a singer with a smoky voice who had enraptured the audience. The drinks were kept flowing and the food was fantastic. No theme for the party, just tasteful decorations as Maude wanted. As far as parties went, it had been far easier for the planner, Viola Fiore, than costumed or themed events. A chance to just focus on the music, the drink selection, having quality staff there.

Now the club is cleaned up. Viola had brought her own crew down from New York to handle that, and they were already on their way back to the HyperLoop for the short trip back to New York. The club had cleared out, Viola the last person there, having been given a key to lock up by the owner. Though the doors are currently unlocked having let the cleaning crew out.

Viola goes over to the club's music controls, picking a play list of her own. Not intended for parties, just something full of music she likes. Fleetwood Mac's song 'Landslide' comes on as Viola gets a bottle and a glass and takes a seat at the bar. She pours herself a glass of the brandy and then takes a sip. "Mmmm," she says at tasting the aged beverage. A few of her things are sitting there on the bar nearby, and Viola spots one. "I'm going to have to get this to Ms. Powell, whoever's it is will probably contact her. Unless they just call it to see where it is," she says of the cell phone that the cleaning crew found, someone at the party having lost it.

Harvey Dent has posed:
The door to the club opens, and in strides Harvey Dent. He'd been friendly and charming at the event, but hadn't had a chance to speak to Viola much, if at all. He's dressed in the dame, dark, well-cut suit he was wearing to the party, his cornflower blue tie really bringing out the color of his eyes. He sighs softly as he glances about the empty entry area, and he wanders past coat check and into the main part of the club.

"Hello?," the man calls out. "Anyone still here? Might have left my phone at one of the booths!" Someone still has to be here, since the music is playing. He shoves his hands into his slacks pockets and sighs, glancing about before he spots the beauty at the bar. "Oh! Hey! Sorry, I know the party is over and all, but my phone has some important stuff on it, and I think I lost it here. At least, I hope I did and I didn't drop it in the cab or something..."

The man crosses the empty dancefloor, heading in her direction.

Viola Fiore has posed:
At first only the sound of Stevie Nix's voice greets Harvey's call. Viola swivels the stool around to see who is calling out. If she had any concerns about being here alone with a man coming in, they fade as she recognizes the face of Gotham's district attorney. Like most of her parties she handles, she'd gone through the guest list to learn as many faces. Though her duties had kept her focused on running things, so she hadn't really met many of the guests at this party.

Viola slips off the stool. She's wearing a pencil skirt with a slit partway up one side, and a low-cut white fitted blouse. Something that walks the right line of appropriate yet stylishly appealing. "Mr. Dent is it?" she calls back to him as he starts to cross over towards her. "We did find a phone. I was just thinking I'd need to get it to Ms. Powell before I head back to New York," she tells him.

She picks up the phone, but lets Harvey cross to her to receive it. The bottle of brandy on the bar is a fine one, indeed, he'd recognize. "I hope you enjoyed the party," she tells him.

Harvey Dent has posed:
"Ah, great," he says, clearly relieved. "Yeah. Harvey Dent. Harv. You're the party planner, right? I'm sorry, though, I didn't catch your name during everything." Harvey admires her as he approaches, because how can he not? Soon he is standing before her, and he reaches out to take the phone from her. He slides it into the pocket on the side of his coat.

"It was very nice. I'm always looking for an excuse to get out of the office, too, but I normally sabotage myself on that front. So, it was well needed." His gaze lands on the bottle, and he grins a bit. "Excellent taste."

Viola Fiore has posed:
The young woman looks in her early twenties. Dark hair currently with brown highlights that don't quite do enough to hide her Italian heritage, or at least something from the Mediterranean in that area.

She offers him her hand after he takes the phone, saying, "Viola Fiore. Very nice to meet you sir. I am not as familiar with Gotham politics, but what I've heard of you? Well, very impressive sir. You have a lot of people inspired," she says, giving Harvey a warm expression as if she is impressed by that as well.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," she says, glancing around the club. "This is a wonderful space to work with," she comments, before her gaze goes over to the bottle of brandy. "I was just relaxing a bit and unwinding. Would you like to have a glass with me?" she asks. If he accepts, she goes around behind the bar to get another glass, returning to pour his drink before taking a seat again, another empty stool beside her.

Harvey Dent has posed:
"Also, a lot of people pissed off," he says with a soft chuckle. "But it comes with the territory."

He lightly shakes her hand, and then nods to her offer. "A drink sounds superb right about now, thank you." He slides onto a seat at the bar and takes his glass once it is poured. He waits for her to be seated as well, however. Once she is he smiles and raises his glass to her in a silent toast. He takes a pull and sets the glass down.

"Mn. Good stuff. I have a bottle of old bourbon in my office. Saving it for a rainy day. Well, rainier then usual in Gotham, anyways." Harvey chuckles softly.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore raises her glass as well before taking a long sip of it. "Mmmm. Yes it is," she says. "One of the niceties of a party like Ms. Powell's is getting to sample a few bottles I don't get as often," she says, picking up the bottle to look at it briefly before setting it back down again.

The young woman sits turned most of the way towards Harvey, rather than just facing the bar. "Glad that you came back for your phone. I know I feel when I'm without mine it's like I've lost one of my arms or something," she says with a quiet chuckle. She takes another sip, glancing over and noticing Harvey's lack of a ring. Perhaps explaining why he didn't have a +1 tonight according to the guest list. "So you don't take the time to get out to things like this very often? Are you a workaholic then, or just find other ways to spend your freetime?" she asks.

Harvey Dent has posed:
"Workaholic, through and through," he says with a small smile. He takes another sip of his drink. "Always kind of have been. When I'm not working I'm usually working out, or struggling with the never-to-be-finished novel." He grins a bit. "I even have one of those annoying old typewriters. I love that damn thing." Harv takes another sip and then sets his glass down.

"There's just a lot that needs to be done, and the last time I tried anything extracurriculur it ended...well. We're still friends, but.." She shrugs.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola takes another sip of the brandy. The liquid warms her down to her toes, reminding her that she hasn't had much to eat tonight. Sampling all the food going out often ends up being nearly a meal, though this party had a little less food than normal to need that.

The young woman can't help but steal a glance as Harvey mentions working out. The man's fitness is noticeable even with the suit, especially across the shoulders. Viola's rather keen eye for fashion seems to approve of the man's selection in regards to the suit.

"Ah. Yes, I understand how that can be," she says with a musical laugh. "Well, her loss then. I try to not let it hold me back. Remember the good times instead of the other, and all that," Viola comments to Harvey.

The previous song ends, and a sax starts up. Frank Sinatra's song 'Last Dance'. Viola glances upwards, as if she could see the music up where the speakers are. "I can turn the music off or change it if it bothers you. A playlist of mine. Dad's a big Sinatra fan. Love this song. He taught me to dance to it," she says with a smile.

Harvey Dent has posed:
"I have a better idea," the man states. He finishes his glass and rises to his feet. "I'm not in a rush to get home right now. How about you show me?" He offers his hand. "How to dance to this song, I mean." His smile is charming, and it's easy to understand how he won the election in a landslide. There's simply an addictive energy to the man. A charisma.

"Been a long time since I've had a chance to dance with a beautiful woman," he explains. He's absolutely noticed her lithe form, but he's doing his best not to stare. No, he's keeping that smile and casual tone.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Harvey offering to dance with her draws a big smile from Viola. "I'd love to," she tells him warmly, finishing off the last swallow and a half left in her glass and then rising gracefully to her feet.

She slips her hand into Harvey's and lets him lead her out onto the dance floor. They have the place to themselves. The main lights that were on for the cleaners, she had already shut off. Just a few of the club's lighting effects for the dance floor shining a soft light on them as they move out onto the hardwood surface.

Viola moves to Harvey once he turns back to her, free hand going to his shoulder as she moves to dance with him. "It's been awhile since a handsome man asked me to dance," she tells him, eyes shining softly to the district attorney. She lets Harvey lead, the song perfectly paced whether to dance slowly, or travel about the floor a little more. "Thank you. This was unexpected. And, very, very nice," she tells him, smiling at the man.