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Old Friends And A Fully Stocked Bar
Date of Scene: 24 March 2021
Location: Warren's Penthouse
Synopsis: Rogue and Storm get an invite to come meet up with Kitty in the city. A bottle of wine and a pot of tea, and lots of talk.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Ororo Munroe, Rogue

Kitty Pryde has posed:
With Warren having work that left Kitty unsure when, or even if, he would be making it home tonight, she and Lockheed had sat on the couch at first. Fiddling with her laptop, but it didn't take Kitty very long to close it up. "I don't feel like sitting in alone tonight," she tells Lockheed.

The little dragon looks back at her. "Not that I'd be alone, but you know what I mean," Kitty tells him, reaching over to scritch the top of his head. He doesn't seem to hold a grudge.

Kitty glances around. Over at the wet bar. She pulls out her phone and snaps a photo of it, and sends it as a text to Rogue and Ororo:

> Looks like just me and Lockheed tonight. But the bartender apparently isn't carding. So if you two want to fly over and drop in, I can order some food and we can have a nice evening sampling the bar?

Kitty then sends a picture of the building's penthouse, with an arrow drawn to the balcony on which they can land rather than going through security.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
It only took Ororo a moment to decide she was going. No coat, just her slacks and tunic style shirt with a belt at her waist. No shoes. Stepping outside to the roof of the mansion, she just flies. Lifts off the ground and goes.

Landing lightly on the balcony that the arrow pointed to, she looks around to make certain nothing is going to shoot at her. "Kitty?" She calls, though not nearly loud enough to really be heard very far.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was already in Manhattan, she went there on slow nights in her various X-Men uniforms to provide super hero cover for law enforcement. Using Police ban radio monitoring, Rogue was able to get to most in-progress situations before Cops could, with the intent of subduing any dangers that might be on-going, let alone any that the Cops might face... she doesn't want anyone getting hurt.

Except the criminals.

In fact, when Kitty sends the message out, Rogue is in an industrial plaza area near the Meat Packing district, literally throwing someone over her shoulder to slam them in to a stack of boxes while two more of the gangsters are firing guns at her, their bullets just bouncing off of her back as she spins around to lunge at them and take them out...

Needless to say, she's late to the invite.

Ororo has time to be met by Kitty and greeted, before Rogue is even in the sky.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde spots Ororo and heads over, a little jog in her step as she goes to the glass door that leads in from the balcony. She opens it and takes the other woman's hands. "Ororo, glad you came!" she says, lighting up. "Come in, come in. I wish Warren was here too. Could be he'll make it home sometime soon. But they had some meetings going on that were likely to continue until they resolved whatever they were about," Kitty tells Ororo as she leads her inside.

Lockheed hops up onto the back of the sofa, his wings giving a few little flaps, just to draw attention rather than to fly. "So this is Casa de Warren," Kitty says, looking around the penthouse. "It still kind of amazes me. Though it's really come to feel like home now," she says, her face lighting up. That smile of someone who is truly happy. "Would you like a drink? I haven't heard back from Rogue, hopefully she'll make it by too."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo gives her hand, but she also leans in to give Kitty a brief hug. "Thank you for the invitation," she offers, already looking around as they head inside. She knew Warren had money, but this... this was slightly more than expected and way more than her brain wants to deal with. For now she will settle on just looking at Lockheed.

"Evening to you Lockheed," she offers to the dragon then looks back to Kitty. "I did not see Rogue, but that does not mean she is not coming. You know how she likes to make an entrance. If you have some tea, that would be nice, but not required."

Rogue has posed:
The sound of police sirens is distant to the west, but that's not really abnormal in this city...

A few moments go by before another figure sweeps out of the sky and arches down on to the balcony of the building. She'd been to the building before but hadn't come up here. She'd flown past it a number of times though...

Rogue generally preferred to fly around NYC at night, when people couldn't see her up in the sky as easily. Tonight, she was just out doing her thing and arriving now after dealing with the thugs at the warehouses.

She drops down on to the balcony and takes a few momentum-canceling steps before she puts her green gloved hands on to her hips and releases a heavy exhale. "Whew." The Belle announces herself, her white scarf flowing behind her shoulders as she looks back to the west, then over toward where she spots Kitty and Ororo.

"Heyas!" She calls out, walking across the huge building-spanning balcony to meet up with the three of them. Lockheed gets a grin and Kitty and Oror get a big smile, Rogue dressed in her green suit with white trim and white (X) on the chest.

"Wow, get a load'a this place..." She states, scanning her eyes around.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty moves over to start some water heating in a teapot. "Certainly. Though Warren this delicious after-dinner wine. Very sweet. I don't think it's port actually, but something near to it, if you'd like to try a bit," Kitty offers.

She looks up as movement out on the balcony draws her attention. "There's AM," Kitty says with a grin. She trots over to the door in the glass wall, opening it to usher Rogue inside. Once she's in, Kitty bestows a side hug to her friend. "Glad you made it. And you know, if I could fly like that I would totally be doing a superhero landing every time I touched down," she teases.

Lockheed gives a few more flaps, and this time takes off, flying over to land on Rogue's shoulder. He knows, of the two guests, which one is most likely to be carrying cheesy poofs with her, apparently.

Kitty glances about the penthouse again. "Yeah, it's really something, isn't it? First time I saw it, it was decorated for Christmas. Just, holly across the ceiling and lights and a tree. And there was the blizzard outside. Just an amazing view," she says.

Kitty moves back to check on the water for the tea. "I can give you the tour if you want. Rogue, making tea for Ororo. What would you like?" she asks, motioning to the bar.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
At the arrival of Rogue, Ororo turns slightly to watch her landing then offers a nod and wave as Kitty lets her inside. "Evening Rogue," she offers, then let's Kitty go about her introduction the place and how she first saw it.

"I will pass on alcohol, but thank you. I am flying tonight." She offers a coy little grin at that, then once again takes a moment to look around. A little easier the second time, not as much screaming in her head about the flaunting of wealth. "It would be a lovely view," she comments quietly, perhaps more to herself so as not to interrupt anyone speaking.

Rogue has posed:
Lockheed finds a sturdy place to land in Rogue's left shoulder. She does tilt her head a bit so as not to get slapped by wings though. But then her hand dips in to a pouch on the side of her white belt. She plucks out a plastic wrapped fortune cookie and she snaps it open in her fingers then offers the two halves to the dragon before holding up the slip of paper to read the fortune for she and Lockheed. "Your fortune Locky... is... 'Don't panic'?" Rogue griamces. "That's a weird one." She smiles to the dragon before looking to the other two.

Walking toward the bar now, Rogue roams her eyes around before grinning. "I'll take some wine. I imagine he's got the best kind here, yeah?" She glances at Storm. "I'm flyin' too, but it takes a ton t'get me drunk, so I'll be fine!" Not that Storm would mind, right?!

"Christmas here would be amazin', I'm sure." She further adds now leaning one gloved hand and arm on the bar's edge. "I mean, I like the more classical Americana Christmases, but still, I get the impression this video and all was pretty damn epic."

"So what's the occasion?" Rogue then asks. "Ya just finally get bored up here in your crystalline tower above the world?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde chuckles at the fortune. "Worked on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," she says of the motto that is one of the things that makes the Guide better than the Galactic Encyclopedia.

Ok, wrong audience for that.

At Rogue's desire for wine, Kitty selects a bottle from behind the bar, getting out a bottle opener. "'Ro do you want to pick out the tea you'd like?" she asks, gesturing over towards a cabinet in which Ororo will likely find a tea selection to rival her own. With a few that she possibly hasn't had before, whether due to price or just difficulty in obtaining.

A warm giggle is given as Kitty pours two glasses of the wine. "Warren had a work thing. Some issue that they've been meeting about all day. Not sure when he'll make it in. So I figured, what better way to spend the night than with you two?"

Kitty brings the glass of red wine over to Rogue, carrying her own. "It was a little intimidating at first, the penthouse," she says. "But, you know, it's really just a backdrop when it comes down to it. I'm so happy with him, I don't care where we stay. Though, you know, hot tub doesn't hurt," she says.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Turning back to Kitty from her slow turn of looking around the place, Ororo nods with a smile. Moving around the bar to the cabinet, she opens it to look over the tea selection. Most she has seen or heard of, but there is one that doesn't ring any bells so she picks it up to read about it. Interesting though it may sound, she wants something familiar and settles on oolong. Taking the box over and setting it by Kitty, she says softly, "It is a simple kind of night. Some very good choices in there, a few I have never tried, but the old stand by is best in new surroundings."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has an expression of not understanding what the Don't Panic thing was referring too, but she lets it slide. Kitty talks about a lot of stuff she doesn't really get like that, she's used to it.

The wine ie accepted and sipped, she shows a pleased expression after letting the taste settle inside of her mouth and then turns around with one hand on her hip now to meander around the interior of the Penthouse. "Important meetings, fancy homes on top of giant towers, Warren is quite the guy." She comments before sampling her wine again.

Pausing in her strides, Rogue looks over to Kitty and Storm again. "Are you two goin' out a bunch and enjoyin' the city's offerin's or are you just stayin' in this fancy place and enjoyin' each other?" She questions, before snickering. "I mean, enjoying one another's company in this fine home in the clouds?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty sips her own wine. It's heavenly. The difference between a super expensive bottle and just a very good one may not be much, but the difference between the expensive bottle and the things Kitty usually had had before, was tremendous.

As Ororo brings the tea over, Kitty prepares it and lets it steep for a few moments. Having lived in the UK for two years, she's grown quite proficient at making tea to a level acceptable to those who live for the stuff. "Oolong it is," Kitty replies to the African X-man with a smile.

She glances up at Rogue's comment. "He is quite a guy. But not for all of that," Kitty says, her smile private and warm. As Rogue offers the two options on how she and Warren spend their time, Kitty replies, "Oh, a little of this, and a little of that. Maybe a lot of that," she says with a laugh, and just a slight blush. "We do get out though. To places we both like. I took him by Katz's. Got my friend Becky to get 'the table' for his first time there," she says. Which may or may not make sense to them, the reference to the table.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just smirking at Kitty's response and nodding her head softly before she turns back to the bar and walks back toward it. "Well it sounds real nice. Glad the to'a you have been givin' this a go. Though it's a lot harder t'find someone to pester with you not around the school as much as ya used t'be." Rogue states then with a smile.

As she reaches the bar again, Lockheed digs around in Rogue's scarf on her shoulder and pulls something out of it. He chews on it for a second then spits it on to the counter top, it clattering around before rolling to a stop.

A bullet.

"Rogue, in mid sip, looks down to it and she smirks. "So that's where that one went. Damn thing hit me right in the ear!"

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo snerks softly, shaking her head with a slight eye roll, "Rogue..." she chides, but the gear in her tone shifts as she says, "Of course they are enjoying each other, they are adults. She is beautiful, he is handsome, it is only natural that they do the dance between the sheets."

Collecting her tea, she holds the cup between her hands as if the warmth is needed, but of course it isn't. She merely enjoys the sensation. "Joking aside, I am pleased to see you are happy and healthy." She moves to find herself a place to sit down and curl her legs up under her body comfortably and that is when Lockheed spits something out. As she was sitting, she didn't see it but she heard it. "Rogue dear, you really must stop being shot at."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde breaks out laughing softly as Lockheed finds the missing bullet. "And my friends have trouble understanding how unique my life is," she muses aloud, shaking her head. "This needed as evidence?" Kitty asks before disposing of it.

And just when Kitty thought no one really had the ability to make her blush too badly about Warren, Ororo goes ahead and proves her wrong. It's how matter of fact the elegant woman makes it, plus her choice of wording.

Though Kitty ends up laughing, even as she covers her face. "Yes, please, lets talk about Rogue's propensity for drawing gunfire instead," Kitty says, still laughing. She picks up her wineglass and motions the other ladies over to the couches and chairs, which Ororo is already heading for.

"Lockheed, want to do the honors?" she asks. The little dragon flies over to the fireplace, sticking his head through the gap in the wire mesh hanging down to catch sparks, and blows a stream of fire on the wood there. No kindling, none needed with Lockheed for a firestarter.

Kitty sits down on the floor, on the rug before the fireplace, but over next to the coffee table. "So who'd you tangle with?" she asks Rogue.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue picks up the bullet on the counter and takes it over to what she thinks is either a trash can or a piece of art... oh, no that's a trash can. Good. She drops the bullet inside of it and then sips her wine again while the other two are on the way to the sofas.

She grins at Storm's words and shakes her head. "I mean, I didn't wanna say it outright, cause people get tired'a me bein' the one t'ask. But hey, now you've let it outta the bag, so I'm free." She says with a big grin before she steps around the sofa while Lockheed is blazing it in the fireplace like a good little dragon should.

Rogue takes her white scarf off and drapes it over the back of the sofa, then lowers down to sit in the corner space of one of them, leaning her right shoulder in to the back while she shakes her head. "Some drug gang, tryin' t'steal chemicals from a warehouse. They've been hittin' all the same places over the past week, so I knew they'd likely hit two locations. Fifty fifty odds? I guessed right." She grins at them before sipping again. "They're in jail now though."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo takes a sip of her tea, savoring the flavor and warmth. Tea really was the best of beverages, no matter what others think. "Does this mean we have completed the 'who was shooting at Rogue' portion of the conversation and get back to what Kitty and Warren have been doing?" She smiles over the edge of her cup as she looks at Kitty.

"You really did not think I would just let it go did you? After all, I am a single woman, I need to live vicariously through my sister."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde's cheeks still have some reddish spots on them, but she's shaking her head and laughing. She and Rogue have talked about far worse, the pair having roomed together. And it was probably only a matter of time before in their friendship Kitty stopped being Ororo's underaged sister and instead became another woman in the eyes of the African woman.

She does find it funny. She avoids details, but says, "Well, I'll just say that dating an older man when I'm 19 is much better than longing for one when I'm 13. For, reasons you both seem to be aware enough of," she says, shaking her head and grinning.

"Nice job," Kitty tells Rogue about her capturing the gang responsible for the thefts. "I was doing a lot of patrolling in Bushwick and Chinatown, though haven't been as much of late. There is a ninja clan known as the Hand that has been an issue. I kind of stumbled into them fighting some others, including the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. I've been helping them out a bit there," she says.

Kitty looks to Ororo and says, "you're about the most beautiful, vibrant woman there is, Storm. No need for /you/ to settle for vicarious!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue nods her head gently to what Kitty replied to her with. "I was just south'a the Devil's stompin' grounds t'night, though I haven't ever run across him. Still tryin' t'make a name for myself. Mighty Woman and all." She says with a growing grin for the Media-labeled name for Rogue.

At Storm rerouting the conversation back to Kitty and Warren, Rogue is left still grinning as her wine glass comes down again. "Dear Penthouse, inside of a Penthouse." Rogue laughs after saying this.

"Ya know, Kitty, if you're not careful, ya might have some little winged ones runnin' around here before you're even legally aged up enough t'drink in public." The Belle then teases with as she puts her right arm on the back of the sofa and props her head up in her hand from there.

Her eyes go to Storm then. "You should go t'some'a these high society parties here in Manhattan. You'll be snatched up by some richy-rich in no time, Stormy."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Another sip of tea is enjoyed before Ororo looks over to Kitty. "I am perhaps a bit too picky," she begins. "My choice in men has been limited by the very thing that makes me unique, most see the hair and eyes and know mutant, and thusly avoid me. That leaves me to search among mutants and super powered, and most appear to be paired off."

The cup of tea lowers to rest on her leg as she looks from Kitty to Rogue, head tilting only a tiny bit, "I have no interest in man of money, nor in being a trophy wife. Only a very few with money are worth the air they breath, the rest are spoiled bratty children with too much money for their own good. Besides," she offers a smile. "I do not like high society parties. They are choreographed affairs of deceit and mind games, keeping up appearances, and wearing masks to conceal who you really are."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty takes a sip of the wine. Savoring it. The wines that Warren picks are absolutely exquisite. She's slowly learning which are which, and each new bottle they open is a treat. Getting to share this one with Rogue makes it extra special.

A little cackling laugh is given to Rogue's comment. "I'm being careful," she assures Rogue as she laughs. "One day that might be nice, but god we're so far away from even thinking about that," she says. "I bet his children would be gorgeous though. If they had wings I'd be happy with that."

Kitty glances over to the fireplace, the logs are shedding a warm cheery light, and a warmth in the air that combats the coolness outside the penthouse windows. "You know, ah..." she says, a finger moving to trace around the rim of her glass. "I'm sure I'm not the only one who had the... white wings wrapped around you fantasy. And... yeah. Even better than imagined," she says. And then she blushes and hides her face. About as much detail as she's going to give there.

Kitty sips her wine again, after she's able to show her face. "There are definitely plenty of mutants out there. Just need to take your time and find the right one. Not like I'm going to say that Warren's money doesn't have advantages. But, really it's who he is. I mean... I just want to be with him. I'd share a room at the school with him happily. And I think he feels the same about that with me."

Kitty looks to Rogue. "So, speaking of guys. How are things with Remy?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sets her glass down on top of her left thigh and just stares between the two as they speak. To Storm first, Rogue smiles softly. "Well you're welcome t'come hang out at Harry's with me, if fancy parties aren't your thing. Jean and I were playin' pool there last night with Remy, it was a bit quiet, but hey... Mondays in a bar!" As if she'd know, she only just turned 21 two months ago! Never been in a bar before that! Nope.

Her eyes glance over at the fire inside of the fancy fireplace, before she looks back to Kitty then and shakes her head. "We had a nice Christmas together." She says about Remy. "Then he vanished until like a day after my birthday. Gave me some super expensive watch as a gift, then vanished... for a month anda half?" She softly sighs. "Remy is Remy. Never know where he is, where he's been, where he's goin', but while he's here, he professes his adoration for me. It's... somethin' else."

She raises her glass up for another sip then, thinking about that wing thing now, thanks Kitty!

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo had never actually thought of the wing thing, until now, thanks Kitty! She blinks a few times and half smiles, then takes a sip of her tea to cover it all up, nope, she was not just thinking about that at all.

"A relationship cannot be maintained when there is distance all the time," she offers quietly. "All the best intentions and wonderful fleeting moment are not enough." Her eyes shift toward Rogue. "You can love a man, be faithful to him, adore him even, but if he is not there when you need him and only there when he chooses, he is not there and you would be wise to consider expressing your feelings to him."

Now she falls silent, another sip and more thinking. "I have never played pool, but would be interested to learn. It has always seemed an interesting game."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty sips her wine as Rogue shares how things have been going with Remy. "Well, if he isn't going to be there, he can't really complain should you find someone else that you want to be with," Kitty tells her friend. "Not that you have to be looking. But you deserve someone who will give equally back to you," she says, nodding over to Ororo in agreement with what the other woman said.

A glance to the bar leads Kitty to rise to her feet, walking over to get the wine bottle that was left behind there. "Ororo, do you want to try a glass?" she asks. Kitty returns, with an extra glass or not, and will top off Rogue's glass and her own.

"I do miss being around the school as much. But not enough that I'd change how things are now," she says. "Though I'm trying to be there as often as I can."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue listens to both of their sage advice o nthe subject of Remy and his wayward ways. She shows a smile for a few seconds and then just shakes her head. "Doesn't really matter. Not like I have a buncha other suiters linin' up in his stead. I mean everythin' the two'a you are sayin' is on-point, but still. If I meet someone better, I'd probably fall in with'em quite easily, especially in these long absences, ya know? But that hasn't happened. When he's gone, it's pretty much just me'n a buncha random people that aren't out for a relationship, are just out t'find out if they're like King Arthur and I'm the Sword in the Stone."

She smirks, and clarifies that. "Are they the one that the sword will deem worthy, and avoid my deadly touch? Some wanna find out, but for all the wrong reasons." She waits for her glass to be refilled.

"Or the right reasons, I guess, dependin' on what you're lookin' for." More wine is enjoyed, and Rogue smiles at Storm. "There's a pool table IN the mansion, but... I guess I don't see ya in the rec room all that much."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo again shakes her head in regards to the wine, "No thank you, Kitty. I prefer the tea." She then looks to Rogue and listens as she talks. She can't fully understand the situation, because she doesn't have to live it, but she can empathize all the same.

"I have dealt with many 'all the wrong reasons' in my life," she comments. "There will always be those, looking for the chance to test what they can get away with without giving anything themselves, but no, I do not go to the rec room often. Perhaps I should."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty settles back onto the rug, the wine bottle set nearby on the coffee table. "Or wanting to be the Sword, in the Stone?" she asks towards Rogue, having to give back a little of the teasing that they gave her earlier.

"Hey, the time you're not looking for it is when it hits you, right?" she says of relationships and finding someone. "As long as you aren't closed to it. When the right one comes along, and it's the right time, then it'll happen, I figure."

She raises her glass in toast. "But here's to having fun finding out until then, hopefully." Kitty sips her wine again and then looks over to Ororo. "You should probably try Betsy's club. I bet the place is filled with eligible mutants every night. Heck, just the ones chasing her," she says, obviously teasing. "Until then, hey there's always pets, right? And they are generally better house trained."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue smiles to them both and just shrugsh her shoulders inside that green jacket she's wearing. "Eh, all'a that just leads t'negative thoughts'n'emotions. I'd rather focus on happiness, which was my goal since livin' at Xavier's. T'focus o nthe positives and not dwell on the bad shit."

She does offer a small motion of toast to Kitty's offered gesture. "Jeepers has been a fountain'a positive emotions since I got him, for example." She says of her pet dog who is happily in the care of some of the students back in the school, the ones she trusts.

"Betsy has a club?" Rogue asks. "I didn't know that... should go see it some night." She adds with a grin before running her gloved fingers through her hair.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo laughs softly with a nod as she says, "Pets do not leave their socks all over the bedroom." and lifts her cup of tea to the toast offered.

"Betsy offered to have a student's and young person night only, which I will be chaperoning." She starts off saying first then continues with. "As for me going to the club. They are all looking at Betsy, even I look at Besty, and I do not swing that way." She takes a sip of her tea. "I should practice my 'party girl' impersonation then?"