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Power Play
Date of Scene: 25 March 2021
Location: Athletics: Triskelion
Synopsis: May and Daisy spar some and catch up a little on what's been happening lately. It becomes apparent May isn't really fond of having become a walking emotional sponge. But, Daisy's right: If anyone's able to control their emotions, it's May.
Cast of Characters: Melinda May, Daisy Johnson

Melinda May has posed:
It's... actually been a rough couple of days, if May is being honest. She's carrying more tension with her these days that she was immediately after Afterlife. That's telling, to those that know some of what's been going on with her. She hasn't necessarily completely shed that impassivity that settled on her after returning from Nepal, but she's certainly displaying more of her previous focus when dealing with larger groups of people -- and radiating more of that subtle 'do not enter my personal space' vibe most people are better familiar with. Strangely enough, it's put her trainees more at ease. And cut down their rumour mill considerably.

At present, she stands at one end of the sparring mats, in yoga pants and a black tank top, her stance a relaxed, neutral prepatory stance. Most of the rest of the room is empty, for once. There aren't any classes and very few people are crazy enough to offer to spar with the senior agent when they don't have to. This suits her just fine. She's become less fond of crowds, lately, than she already was. Go figure.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
And here comes Agent Daisy Johnson to get all over that 'personal space'!

Daisy has been having her own troubles, the stress of forming the secret warriors, the search for her Mother and even problems at Hell's Kitchen. It all boils up to the woman needing some release. And that comes in the form of some good old fashioned combat training. She has dressed up for it, tank top, tight shorts and just finishing to wrap a fist in linen before she eventually gets those training gloves on. But all in due time. Her eyes trail the room, finding it mostly empty and she quirks a brow before finally coming to rest upon May.

"May." She says, a soft smile coming to her features, "It is good find you here." because nothing better than facing the best when trying to take mind out of problems and focus on training. Because she better focus fully on this if she doesn't want to get her behind kicked. "Care for a spar?"


Melinda May has posed:
Courageous indeed. More than that, though... Welcome. May actually gives Daisy a hint of a smile, reflecting some of her own pleasure back at her. She guestures lightly in front of her, indicating the younger agent is quite welcome to join her. "Love to," she admits, her own hands already wrapped and ready. "And here I was thinking I was going to have to resort to a training dummy." They don't hold much challenge, really. Imagine that.

She rolls her shoulders and her head lightly, moving briefly to settle once again in that neutral stance. "Whenever you're ready."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
May is smiling. Something is up. Daisy gets briefly worried she may be on the wrong side of a whooping in the following minutes. But then again, it's what she is here for. Testing limits. She grins shortly after in return to the greeting, and the acceptance of the challenge. She pads across the grounds to get a pair of training gloves, slapping them on. "I will be your training dummy today." a beat, "Wait, no. That sounded wrong.. Your opponent." another grin and she moves to the center of the ring.

At the same time she is looking at the older agent, taking in her expression, the way she moves. She does appear 'better' than how she found her a few days ago, and how she seemed so deflated of emotions. "You have spoken with Jemms already?" she asks.

She falls into a ready stance, one foot in front of the other, balanced, hands defensive. Very much one of the stances May taught her a few years back.

Melinda May has posed:
May nods simply, starting to circle the younger woman slowly. "I did. She's running some tests. I need to speak with her again, though." Because things have changed. Are changing, really. She's not sure when they'll stop.

"Did you hear about the raid on Pacifica?" It wasn't as off-the-books as some of the other anti-HYDRA actions they've run of late. That one used SHIELD equipment and extra personnel. "We weren't able to nab List, but we did free some more of his victims."

Her right fist snaps out suddenly and she begins pressing a full attack.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"You look different." Daisy replies, perhaps implying she looks better. But then again, Daisy isn't exactly a DOCTOR, she is just meant to gather the other Inhumans! Or so her mother says.. Who believes in prophecies anyway?

The mention of Pacifica has a brief moment of fury crop up on Daisy. Which is right when the attack starts. She is caught off-balance, barely blocking the first with her arm before starting to be pressed back from the full-on attack. "I hadn't yet." she says between blows, rolling on the floor to gain some breathing room. She throws a few counter attacks of her own, using legs and fists.

"It is good that the place was shut down. Did you find any clues on where he might have fled to?" She questions.

Melinda May has posed:
Daisy's spike of fury, something May really should have anticipated, gives a sharp edge to May's own attack. She blocks and returns the kicks, dodging and sometimes absorbing the hits as they come. She lets Daisy retreat, however, to take the edge off of it for both of them.

"A helicopter bugged out just as we were breaching the facility," she says, resuming a careful circle again. "We're tracking flight plans. It's a good bet he was on board." And a good bet his experiemnts are still focused on Inhumans. Somehow, May has stronger feeligs about this now than she did before -- and she wasn't exactly a fan of it to start with.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"We will find him." Daisy says with that kind of certainty that one way or another she will make sure the man is brought to justice. Or worse. But it's a more tempered fury now as she enters into the rhythm of the fight, that game of parry and riposte, a few shouts here and there as she goes for an harder strike. "Think he may have been tipped off? Weird enough to have him fleeing just as you were getting in." or a BIG coincidence.

Fists hit blocking arms, then retreat, her breathing now a touch heavier as they get more into the fight. "I don't like that we always appear to be one step behind. That attack on Afterlife.., how could they know?"

A good rule of combat is to not bringing memories into it, keeping a blank state in your head. Certainly not bringing painful memories as Daisy is invoking right now. Which makes her reckless, for as she jumps back to dodge a blow she then immediately charges in, but her stance is just a tad too open.

Melinda May has posed:
May is quick to exploit that opening, flipping the younger agent around and putting a lock on her. "Focus!" she says, Daisy's own anger reflected in her eyes. "Control. Channel your emotions or you'll kill both of us." So says the Empath.

She releases her and retreats a few feet away, panting slightly as well. "I'm having to relearn control," she says, the fury abating as she gets farther away. Her expression settles into something that's more naturally her -- something familiar from before the change when she was always angry and always controlling it. "It's annoying. I get it." Boy, does she get it.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
There is a bit of a struggle from Daisy when the lock is placed on her. But she knows when she has been beat, fury subsiding some and she exhaling slowly. When May releases her she *is* better, or at least not as angry. Yet she certainly didn't imagine that look on May's eyes. That mirror. Rather strange.

She goes to fetch a bottle of water, "I thought you had lost all emotions, or something related to it but ..., that's not it, is it?" she corks the bottle open, taking a drink (without placing her mouth around the bottleneck because that's filthy) and then offers it to May if she wants one.

"What's happening to you?" She asks, chest heaving up and down at the exertion from the training.

Melinda May has posed:
May accepts the bottle pouring a distant mouthful into her own mouth before passing it back. She swallows and wipes her lips on the back of her hand. "I don't know," she says honestly. More honestly than she'd be with most people. But, if anyone will understand, May knows it's Daisy. "It's like I'm an emotional sponge." There's definitely a hint of irritation behind the tone, but only a hint. "I don't feel my own emotions at all, but I sure feel others."

That's not actually true. But her own emotions are so muted in comparison, she's largely unaware of them. And they're still blanketed in that impassivity when she's alone.

She shakes her head, inhaling a tight breath that she releases with a chuff. "When I went to Jemma, she described it as a sort of near-field effect. I could sense other people's emotions when they touched me or when they were within a few inches. But now..." She rakes a hand though her bangs, the rest of her hair tied back. "I think it's more than just a few inches. I can feel your anger at List from here." She grimaces faintly. "Which is actually problematic in a fight. Some hotshot kid took me down because her emotions were all over the map." A beat. A half shrug. "Well. And she had gloves that gave her powers something like yours." Yeah, it was probably the gloves that did her in, not the emotions. But the emotions didn't help.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The bottle is finally set aside, Daisy folding her arms after and listens. Brows furrow, her attention having turned fully from List to May's own troubles. Her concern is palpable, and more so to an Empath, but there's also that certainty that if anyone can get through this it's May. "An emotional sponge.." she echoes, lips jerking to the side in thought. "That explains it." a nod.

Yet the accusation that she can feel her anger towards List has Daisy murmur a, "Sorry." not that she can help it. That's just how things are! "If there's anyone that's always been able to temper her own emotions it's been you. It's a matter of getting used to tempering others inside you." easier said than done.

But then she lifts a brow. "Nothing like practicing though. And everyone knows I am this beacon of emotion all the time so ..., who better to train with, mmm?" a bit of a tease and she smacks a fist against an open palm. "Ready to go again?"

Oooo, now she's getting cocky.

Melinda May has posed:
May actually barks a laugh at that -- probably feeding off Daisy's teasing tone. "Oh, honey," she says with a fond shake of her head, "You have no idea." Peggy Carter has Daisy well and truly beat when it comes to being an emotional beacon. The British reserve is all a front. May's learned that the hard way, first hand.

Still, it's evident she's willing to continue. She steps back onto the mat and assumes a ready stance. One hand comes up and she locks eyes with the younger woman. Her fingers flick, daring her to begin.