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Food Science
Date of Scene: 25 March 2021
Location: Little Italy
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Atlin, Madigan Belle

Atlin has posed:
One of the best things about coming to 'Man's world' had definately been the food. Certainly the culture, the art and the people had been interesting, let alone her adventures in defending people from monsters and horrors as well as the occasional supremely unlucky mugger, but the diversity of meals from the world all over far dwarfed her hidden nation and Atlin was still experimenting with trying new things even months after venturing to New York City.

Tonight's trip had brought the blonde to Little Italy, headed towards an 'Authentic' restaurant she had witnessed in passing by after her last trip through here. Thankfully having relented and -not- wearing her armor out in public openly anymore, the woman was wrapped in a pair of jeans and a slim 'hoodie jacket' over the top currently zipped up. Normal enough to not make people thing Amazons were invading anyway...

Madigan Belle has posed:
At the entrance to the restaurant is a redhead who is talking with the person at the entrance and she's giggling, "What do you meeeaaaan I can't eat here tonight?" She questions and is scarfing down what remains of a slice of pizza from somewhere else nearby. She is mmmhmmming and nodding her head to everything that's being said, "But. Money?"

After a quick retort from the restauranteur and a hand waving at her, Madi quirks her mouth to the side, "Ah. So, you are going to keep me from entering this establishment because I find it difficult to get into a dress?" A crutch and leg braces help to make her point.

Looking around she reaches out to wrap her arm into the nearest single walking person. "Wow, so, like, the handicapped girl and her girlfriend aren't allowed in your place of business?" She gets wide-eyed and looks up to Atlin before looking back to the guy she's talking to with a name that says 'Manager' on it. "Wooooowwwee, well, that seems like, problem. For you, not me, I mean, I can eat anywhere..."

The manager instantly looks around and moves back inside to check how quickly he can get the red head seated. Meanwhile, outside the door, Madi looks up to Atlin with a big smile, "Hey. Madi's the name, and I'm getting us to the front of the line. Great food here, and wish I'd of brought a dress, way easier. But just roll with it, okay? Thanks!" Big grin teeth showing, then looking back toward the door to wait on the manager's return.

Atlin has posed:
To Atlin, this was rather sudden. Atlin herself is...a little caught off-guard. But thankfully that (slightly twisted) Amazon empthy wasn't picking up any hostility, instead the lightly tanned blonde simply turned with a look of suprise. Co-opted into a ruse, she wasn't exactly dressed in a dress either, but at least her clothing was somewhat neat. It probably helped that most of it was new and provided by a friend who repeatedly reminded her that civillians weren't so keen on 'casual battlewear'.

That and well...Madi was clearly trying to make the Manager nervous of making a scene.

A furrow of Atlin's brow makes it rather clear there's a bit of confusion for Atlin, her accented tones carrying her words. "I do not understand, you wish to dine here and they do not allow you because you are someone who wears pants?"

Yeah, Pretty, but very clearly not a local.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Turning her head, Madi furrows her brow as she looks right up at Atlin. Then she looks back to peer at the door and see if the manager is upon them. No, not yet. "Great, so, yeah?" There's quirk of her mouth to the side and she smiles, "Nice accent, cool. You know, not sure where it's from, but it sounds nice. I probably have an accent to you, funny how that all works huh?" A pause, then her eyes brighten and she seems slightly surprised, "Right, yes. So, they have a dress code, not so formal as some but definitely more formal than my usual fare. I've been here before, loved their food, but when my uncle isn't around I don't tend to dress up. Didn't think it was going to be that bad, play the ... crippled card, and usually most places let you in. Though... not -this one-." She rolls her eyes exaggeratedly before she waits another moment. Talking quickly is her near only speed.

"They have some great desserts, like, to die for, or kill, or steal a car and run it into their kitchen." A quick chuckle at that, "And out of all those options, I'd rather just ... you know, get in. And between your blondeness, and my planning. I think we'll get in AND get great service. Deal? Deal, great! What's your name? I should probably know that for this to work." Thinking, clearly, as she plots and chews her lower lip.

Atlin has posed:
More puzzlement, if only for the fact she apparently stumbled onto yet -more- rules and customs one could trip over. It was a heck of a lot easier living in an all-female militaristic warrior culture of immortals, clearly! Stilll apparently the food was 'murderously good', so curiousity had her...well, curious to see what was supposedly so great about it. "I am Atlin," she begins, a slight shift in breath suggesting there was more to the introduction that usually followed, but she -really- was trying harder to blend in of late. Really!

"Is this a...method you employ regularly?"

Madigan Belle has posed:
Mostly waiting on the manager, Madi is still kind of just holding onto Atlin, one hand on her crutch still and her leg braces helping to keep her steady. She peers back, again, and then looks back up to Atlin, "Atlin?" Big smile, "Nice'ta meet'cha." She emphasizes the 'ta and 'cha before looking back to the door. "Hmmmmm? Regularly? I wouldn't say regularly, I mean, unless you count daily as regular. I mean, what's that, 20, 30 meals? Probably, plus some snacks thrown in? I mean, can't go without snacks, that'd be ..." Her eyes get big and she shakes her head horrified.

"Shhhhhhh, he's coming back, let me do the talking till we get to our table." Confident, and sure enough the Manager is coming back, apologizing, explaining he has a free table, and then starts to escort Madi and Atlin into the restaurant. Quietly she leans over and says, "Alright. Atlin, be prepared to have your mind exploded. The La Dolce Vita and Cannolis are great, you should also get some biscotti with a nice espresso... basically on an IV drip!"

Then she is moving as quickly as she can to follow the manager, it takes her longer to walk as she has to swing one leg, plant it, let the brace lock then sway her hipp to get her other leg moving, as she uses the crutch to balance. She's also leaning heavily on Atlin at the moment for extra support.

Atlin has posed:
Atlin wasn't exactly a towering example of an amazon, looking closer to some dancer or fitness model than a professional body builder by any metric...but with Maddi being shorter it probably added to the effect the redhead was looking for. Soon enough they'd arrive at their table, Atlin allowing the other woman to sit and the manager to walk away before she speaks up once more. She was foreign after all, not clueless.

"If you say so...this has to be the strangest invitation to a meal I have ever recieved."

That was saying something too, given she'd once been invited to have hotdogs by a web-slinging superhero after fighting cultists who attempted to summon Set into their world.

New York really was a strange place.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Really!? Glad to make the list." Madi says with a big grin, seated and kind of rocking a bit in anticipation, "I'm soooo hungry." She had just finished a piece of pizza outside, and that was already minutes ago! Looking across the way she tilts her head to the side a bit, "So, Atlin. Where are you from? I'm from Ireland, well, by birth, I've been back a few times now, I really like it there, but New York City is fun. I go to Columbia University..." A pause to smirk, "NOt to brag, but yeah it is only like one of the top schools for genetics research in the entire country." A snort scoff laugh comes out of her as she smiles, and leans forward onto her hand, letting her elbow rest on the table.

"What do you do? Anything interesting? I mean, I hope, otherwise this could be boring. Though the food will -still- be great!"

Atlin has posed:
"I am from Bana-Mighdall," Atlin offers as she shifts lightly in her seat, eyes looking over the gathering and then turning back to the excitable Madi declaring her hunger. Well, she'd wanted new experiences, this night out was certainly going to be one of them. "It is...not a well known place." Certainly it wasn't on any maps, but then again she didn't tend to run into too many geography professors or types to try and call her on the hidden nation.

"But I have been in this city for several months now."

Madigan Belle has posed:
It is impossible for Madi to sit still, just about as soon as she was leaning down on her hand and bent arm, she's upright again and looking around. Then smiling as she watches people, staring right at them, then back to Atlin. She ohs and opens her eyes wider, "Wow, Bana-Mighdall. Sounds ... foreign. Which, clearly it is, but it could be interesting. Right? Do you get a lot of tourism there? I bet not if it isn't well known, duh, that's a dumb question. I've never heard of the place. What brought you to New York? Or are you just visiting? Do you have like one of those amazing vacation plans in your country where you get to go on vacation for months at a time? I don't really work, I mean, I do, but when you love your work, it isn't really work, and I'm pretty quick, so I just get done, boom boom and spend the rest of my time relaxing and doing schoolwork. You? You look really fit, do you exercise often? What's your favorite color? Disney Princess? Song?" Rapid fire questions.

Atlin has posed:
"It is...not a place visited by tourists, no. Most outsiders are not welcome." That and male intruders tended to be executed immediately, but she doesn't voice that bit aloud. It tended to get odd looks. Rapid fire onslaught of questions, Atlin actually leans back a little in her chair as if bracing for the verbal bombardment. The questions of her fitness? A moment's hesitation before she shrugs her shoulders, "I am physically blessed...and my people prize a physicality. We are a...martial culture."

And that was the easiest question. Color she opens her mouth to, but the poor errant Amazon has no idea what a Disney princess is!

Madigan Belle has posed:
A waiter comes by, as Madigan is listening to Atlin, and it maybe even saves the Amazonian from having to answer the Disney question. "I want ..." And that's when it begins, she orders about 12 things, and some espresso, all of them desserts, and then grins over to Atlin to let her give an order. If she needs help, or hesitates, Madigan will quickly speak up and get some more desserts and another coffee.

Once the waiter has left with the laundry list, Madi is back focused on Atlin. "That's amazing! Martial culture? That's cool, are there gang turf wars? I remember this one time when I was a teen, and wow, there was a big fight at my family's estate. Dynamite does not go in gas tanks. Who'd of thought a practical joke would start a big kerfluffle, who could've guessed that was a sign of war when they are 12? Huh? Not this girl. No way. But, it was fun to see how it all wrapped up nicely by the next Christmas. I mean, now, big laughs. Who hasn't done something similar when they were young and stupid?"

And she looks you over again, "Why aren't outsiders welcome?" Furrowed brows, scrunched up face, looking up toward the ceiling sidelong, "Is it because we smell different? Or is it one of those things where you all live in a religious cult led by one head person who has kept you all in slavery of the mind for so long you think it is good to keep yourselves untainted by the touch of evil " she brings up her hands and wiggles her fingers, going into a faux spooky voice, "OutsiiderrsssSssSssSS."

Atlin has posed:
Atlin had intended to seek out a pasta dish at a different restaurant, yet now as the evening progresses she finds herself apparently destined for a dessert tasting and some coffee. Oh well, at this point the 'Daughter of War' had to surrender to the bullrushing of Madi and just embrace she was merely along for the ride. Hopefully Madi could pay for all that, Atlin wasn't exactly rolling in funds!

Ironically enough, Atlin -had- done similarly disasterous things as a youth, though they hadn't quite involved explosives. Questions of her people's way and the slightly humorous take on her people's...well, paranoid xenophobic approach to their borders with only a couple exceptions brings a little frown.

"Tradition and history. We have our own secrets...and the last time our people were open resulted in murder and slavery." History could be pretty dark!

A pause, she tilts her head with a smirk. "But we have been insular for a very long time, that is why people like me have left our borders to see the world."

Madigan Belle has posed:
It's a fast ride, at least, as Madi is looking around again, and then back to Atlin, then around the restaurant, then back to Atlin. It is ongoing distraction central as she waits impatiently for food she just ordered. The frown either goes unnoticed or Madi doesn't pay it any weight, since you respond. "Interesting. Murder and slavery both have a lot of tradition and history, right? I mean, everyone's had slaves at some point. And murder? Basically one of the oldest crimes. It would be kind of interesting to live thousands of years ago when all that stuff was still in its infancy."

A pause, and then she frowns and shakes her head, "No internet. That'd be rough. Where else have you been? What's your favorite part of New York so far? Does Atlin mean anything in specific?"